Introduction To The World Of Lust – Part 3

Please accept my sincere regrets for writing another story after such a long time. I lost access to my email account, and for some weird reasons, I recently got my account back.

I had many emails requesting the third part of the story, so here we go.

I lost my virginity to Hetal back in 2019, as you all know.

Now, after the resort scene, we meet a couple of times at different locations in Mumbai. We enjoyed a lot of sex which I have now lost count of.

One night we were chatting about our fantasies. I had none, but she reluctantly told me about her interest in BDSM. I was shocked and taken aback by her answer. But I thought, why not give it a try? I later wished I had known her intentions before blindly signing up for her misadventures.

She told me she wouldn’t explain anything to me. She would just do things with me. I never imagined it would make me horny, and I had to masturbate to relieve myself.

Now she had all the control, and she made all the decisions. She booked a hotel room for 2 days in Panchgani, and we left Mumbai for our session the next day. I was driving, and everything was normal. She wore a salwar suit that hugged her 34-30-36 figure perfectly and looked gorgeous as always.

I was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt. We reached our destination after a four-hour drive. We checked into the hotel, and things started to change as soon as I entered the room. I saw a different version of her. She ordered me to bend on my knees, remove her sandal with my mouth and kiss her dirty feet

To which I obliged by saying yes, mam. Then she ordered me to lick her feet. So I did all that while on my knees like a dog. After that, she told me to follow her into the washroom.

She instructed me to remove her salwar with my hands, then pulled her red lacy panty down with my mouth. I pulled her panty down but found it difficult to do it with my mouth alone. Consequently, she slapped me hard, and I fell to the ground.

I somehow gathered my senses and was able to pull her panty down in one go. Then she made me lay on my back. Then she squatted a few inches high on my face. I was told to open my mouth and warned that if I let one drop of urine out, there would be consequences.

Then, she started peeing in my mouth. I was just not ready for it, but I drank all the pee because she warned me. But a few drops spilled, and that was when she got angry. She pulled me up and started to slap the shit out of me. Although I was stronger than her, I still felt helpless and weak.

After that, she tore my t-shirt and removed my jeans. I was standing in my black jockey underwear, ashamed and fearful, in front of her. She returned to the room to grab a collar belt and a whip, which she carried on her back.

Now she tightened the collar belt on my neck as tight as possible, causing difficulties with my breathing. Then she pushed me on my four legs and spanked me hard with her whip on my ass cheeks. She pulled me like a doggy back to the room.

She sat on the edge of the bed. She was now bottomless without panties. She ordered me to lick her feet again by slowly moving toward her pussy.

My dick became rock-hard. In response, she spanked me very hard this time. That spank was burning as hell as I delayed obeying her order. I was just awestruck by what was happening to me.

I started licking every inch of her feet and moved steadily upwards. She kept pulling the leash towards her pussy. Now she was lying on the bed with her top removed.

Now she was only in her red lacy bra, caging those huge melons with her legs wide open. Normally, when we fucked she was always clean-shaven.

The stench was intoxicating as I reached her opening this time. She was raw, hairy, and full of sweat from a long trip, and the stench was intoxicating. She ordered me to lick her pussy like a dog drinking water, and I obeyed.

At first, the smell and the taste were pungent because of all the sweat and pee, but they were very addictive. I licked and sucked every inch of her pussy like a thirsty dog. I gave special attention to her clitoris, which excited her. Then she ordered me to tongue fuck her for a while.

My jaw started to hurt, but I was not allowed to relax or slow down. Even if I did slow down, I had to bear harsh whips on my back. I kept my face deep inside her pussy, licking and tongue fucking her.

She pressed my face so hard into her pussy at one point that I had trouble breathing. My nose was deep inside her glory hole. At that moment, she cum so hard that all her juices squirted everywhere. I tried my level best to drink everything I could.

She ordered me to sit near the bed on my four legs like a dog, and I obliged. After relaxing for a few minutes, she stood up. She ordered me to remove my underwear and commanded me to unhook her bra and suck those luscious 34c melons of hers.

I did squeeze her jugs hard, encircled my tongue on her dark areola, and sucked those brown nipples. I licked every inch of a boob which gave me a throbbing hard erection.

She stopped me when my dick was hard enough and turned me around. She bent my back, exposing my ass cheeks, and removed a butt plug from her bag. She tried to insert that butt plug in my asshole in one go. It felt painful, and I let out an ahhh sound out of pain.

After which, she warned me if I made any more noise, she would spank me so hard that I would beg her to stop. That warning gave me chills, and I just kept my mouth shut. Then she grabbed a penis extender from the same bag and put that on my 5-inch dick.

That penis sleeve artificially extended my dick size to 8 inches. That penis extender had a few holes, which were enough to keep me hard during penetration. It didn’t provide sufficient friction to make me cum. It was more like a very thick condom with extra length.

Now she pushed me onto the bed. She tied my hands and legs to each side of the bed with a kinky pink handcuff. She started to spank me hard with a whip for no reason. My whole body had a whipped lash mark on it, and I was suffering from pain which pleased her the most.

This time, I was lying on my back with my extended dick pointing upwards. At that point, she squatted on my extended dick. She dug that hole 8 inches deep in her all at once. She rode it like a horse jockey for more than 10 minutes. Then she switched positions to cowgirl and humped my dick for a few more minutes.

While humping me, she abused and slapped me, saying you are my slave now. She kept saying all those abusive words like you are a piece of shit. “Today, I will make you understand who is the real man here, you small dick shit. I will make you feel like a slut today.”

Hearing all this made me horny. While she already had her first orgasm, I was nowhere near having one. But she was already having her second orgasm. She was moaning, “Ah, fuck me harder, you lumpy dick, fuck harder.”

I was pushing my dick in and out to its limits. It had already been a while. Now I was about to get my orgasm. Then she quickly removed that penis sleeve. She started to hump me again, but this time raw, so I could not hold anymore.

She ordered me to ejaculate inside her. As soon as I ejaculated inside, her pussy dripped my cum load, and she immediately sat on my face. She ordered me to lick all my cum back, which I did for fear of getting whipped. This was the first time I tasted my cum, and I liked it.

Having remained tied to each corner of the bed, she was in the washroom, leaving me in such a condition. I begged her to free me. However, she said there was more to come.

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