Iyengar Mami became my Sugar Mommy – Part 3

A very happy welcome to the ISS readers! This is a long story of how I got a lot of action in my life. This is a true story about how I landed a sugar mommy in Chennai. Even I would not have believed when someone said stuff like this could happen until it happened to me.

Continuing from Part 2. If you haven’t read the other parts, please read it first. It would be much better for you to follow.

Before I left for the car,

Keerthana: Innoru mukkiyamana vishayam. Next week namma first night ku, naan enna dress podanum nu mudivu panni, enakku vaangi kodu. (One more important thing. Next week, for our first night, decide on a dress for me and buy it.)

Suddenly, there was a small noise. We both turned to look where it came from. It was gone. We turned back.

Me: Naan decide pannalama? (Can I decide?)

Keerthana: Who else ?

She gave a naughty wink!

Keerthana: Call panni sollu doctor enna sonnanga nu. (Call and tell me what the doctor said.)

I smiled and left. The chauffeur dropped me at my home.

Meanwhile, in the US:

Her daughter couldn’t come out of the shock of what she heard and saw. She had bought her Mom an Alexa Echo Show to talk to her on the video call. It was placed in the living room. Every time, she usually calls her Mom and asks to talk to her.

It had been more than a week since she talked to her Mom. So, she directly started the video call without information to surprise her Mom. When she started the call before she could say hi, she saw Akash with her Mom hugging and kissing.

She heard her Mom talk about the first night and him picking a dress for her. She was shocked by that and gave a small shocking sound. She knew that they heard it. She didn’t want to confront them now, so she immediately turned off the video call before they could see.

She thought she would wait for it to happen and confront her with evidence.

Present Day at Chennai:

Keerthana and I were talking every day. She used to ask me about the injury and how it was. Meanwhile, I also ordered a dress for her. It was a black transparent saree and a blouse with a slim strap. It also acts as a bra. I sent it to her address so that she would be ready when I went to her house.

Meanwhile, in her house, she was getting more calls from her daughter every day. Her daughter was so curious about what happened and what was about to happen. She heard her Mom talking about her first night. She tried to call her Mom as much as possible on the Echo Show.

She also spied on her to hear when this first-night thing was about to happen. The problem was that the device was only in the living room. Her Mom usually talked to me in her bedroom. So, her daughter ordered multiple Echo Show devices, one for each room.

So that she could listen to her conversation from anywhere. Keerthana thought that her daughter was concerned about her. She agreed to keep the echo show in every room of the house.

After the final session with the doctor on a Thursday evening, I was lying on my bed. The phone suddenly started ringing. It was Keerthu Mami. I picked up the phone.

Me: Hi, Chellakutty. (Hi, baby.)

Keerthana: Hi Baby.

Me: Enna, baby. Inikkum semma mood ah (What baby? Today also very horny?)

Keerthana: Aama da. Athu daily irukku. Evening nee order panna saree vanthichu. Semmaya irukku da. Enakku romba pudichirukku. (Yes. That’s there daily. The saree you ordered came in the evening. It’s very good. I like it very much .)

Me: Super. Appo seekiram first night kondadirlaam. (Super. Then we can enjoy the first night soon)

Keerthana: Athukku thaan call pannen. Vara Saturday night plan panrom. Okay, la. (That’s why I called you. We will plan it for this coming Saturday night. Are you okay with it ?)

Me: Yes!

I shouted, full of happiness.

Keerthana: Seri control Pannu. Saturday night, enjoy pannalaam. (Okay, control yourself. We will enjoy Saturday night.)

At Keerthana’s house at the same time:

Keerthana is lying in the bed on her stomach while talking to me. Her pallu was on the bed, with her ample cleavage visible. Also, she was shaking her legs, which made her saree fall to her thighs. All of this was seen and heard by her daughter. She was seeing her mother talking sexily to her newfound boyfriend.

Keerthana: Romba mood ah irukku daa. Nee vanthu en pundaya nakku da (I am so horny now. Come and lick my pussy.)

Her daughter couldn’t hear one more word from her Mom. She decided to call her in video using the Echo Show. Hearing the sound, Keerthana immediately cut the call, saying that she would call back tomorrow.

Saturday evening:

I started at around 5 in the evening and reached Keerthana’s place. I rang the doorbell. The door slowly opened. There she was standing. My Milf mami. So sexy and plumpy. She was wearing a lavender saree with a sleeveless blouse which had a low cut back.

She draped the saree way below her navel. The saree was transparent and revealed her cleavage and heavenly navel. I froze seeing her. She dragged me into the house and then closed the door.

Keerthana: Enna da freeze aayi nikkara? (Why are you frozen?)

Me: Enna di mami ivalo azhaga irukka (What is this? You are so beautiful.)

This is the first time I used di and mami while talking to her. She was so surprised. But she, too, loved it.

Keerthana: Chumma. Ithu starters (Simply. This is just starters)

She held my hand, dragged me into the living room, and made me sit on the couch. She went inside to get something for me to drink. With the drink in her hand, she came walking towards me from the kitchen in a slow-motion way. It looked so sexy.

She then bent over so low to hand over the drink to me. Her pallu was down, and the milk tankers were struggling in the bra. I took the juice glass from the tray and kept it on the table to the side. She was in the same position. I held the milk tankers with both hands over her bra and pressed them hard. She moaned.

Then she took my hands off her boobs and adjusted the pallu, and sat beside me.

Keerthana: Night varaikkum wait pannu. Athu varaikkum no touching business. (Wait until the night. Until then, no touching business.)

She was teasing me by exposing her navel and her cleave. My dick was getting harder and harder. It was a matter of time before her daughter would see everything. I tried to control everything and talk to her normally so that I could enjoy her fully in the night.

It was around 6. We were watching Netflix and having some snacks on the living room couch. She was lying on my left arm. I had my arm wrapped around her and was caressing her arm. That sleeveless, meaty arm.

It was around 7 in the night. She got up and went to the kitchen to make dinner. After 10 minutes, I also went into the kitchen. There she was, my sexy mami cooking. I went from behind and hugged her tightly.

Me: Mami, Semma mood ah irukku di. Endi ipdi kaaya podra. (Mami, I am so horny. Why are you making me wait like this?)

She turned back and held my face with her palms.

Keerthana: Iru da chellam. Night uh naan unakku thaan full ah. Apram enna avasaram. (Wait, dear. I am fully yours tonight. Why the hurry?)

I ignored her talk and started hugging her again. After a couple of minutes, I gave a kiss on her cheek and hip and left the kitchen. I was back on the sofa and watching Netflix. She made dinner and called me to the dining table. We both sat next to each other.

She made Chappathi and Paneer Butter Masala. She served both of us and sat. While eating dinner, I was playing with her thighs and hips. Also, I gave her a piece of the food and asked her to bite it a couple of times. Then I smooched her and took the food for myself and ate.

She was naughtily shocked. She smiled at me and then continued eating.

Meanwhile, in the US:

Her daughter was watching all of this, which happened at the dining table. She was still in shock. She knew her Mom was going to enjoy her first night again today with a random young boy. She was thinking to herself.

Daughter: Inikku namma Amma va kaiyum kalavum ah pudikarom. Itha summa vida koodathu. Appa irukkum bothey ippadi laam panrala. Irukku avalukku. (Today, I should catch my Mom red-handed. This should not be left easily. She is doing this much even when my dad is there. Let’s see)

She had set an alarm for her not to miss this. She wanted to see everything and record it all for proof.


Time was very difficult to pass by. Each second felt like a year. I was waiting so eagerly for the night to come and go to heaven with my mami. I was lying on the bed in her bedroom. Everything was new. The bedsheets, pillow covers and all. It was also covered with rose petals.

I had asked her to do this. I wanted to enjoy the actual first night, like how it’s seen in movies. After what seemed like a wait of a lifetime, the door slowly opened. To surprise her I was in a white shirt and white dhoti. I could see a shadow coming in, and then there she entered.

In the black transparent saree that I bought her, she looked like an angel. To be poetic, she looked like the bright stars in the black carpet of the sky. She was so astonishing. Her melons are trying to be trapped in the blouse cage. Her meaty arms are in the blouse.

Her navel was heavily visible through the saree. She held a milk glass in her hand. She came inside, locked the door, and handed over the milk to me. Without breaking eye contact, I took the milk glass from her.

Drank and sip of it and gave it to her. She also drank and sipped. Then I took it from her hand and kept it on the side table. This all happened without breaking the eye contact. She sat beside me.

Keerthana: Nee enna da Veshti la irukka (I didn’t expect you to be in dhoti).

She was surprised. I didn’t respond to her at all.

Keerthana: Ennada ipdi vecha kannu vaangama paakura. Epdi irukken naan intha saree la? (Why are you frozen? How am I looking in this saree?)

Me: Epdi irukku na kekura. Naan en vazhkaila paatha romba romba azhaganathey nee thaan. (Are you asking me how it is? This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life .)

Keerthana: Avalo azhaga irukkena? (Am I that beautiful?)

She started blushing.

Me: Mami. Nee intha saree la azhaga iruppa nu theriyum. Aana ipdi azhaga iruppa nu ethir paakala (Mami, I knew you would be beautiful, but I didn’t expect this much level of beauty, honestly.)

Saying this, I slowly went near her and kissed her forehead. Slowly went to her left side and bit her ears. Licked the ear. She moaned and tilted her head to the right. I again started my finger play. I ran my index finger from her head slowly downwards to her nose, then to her lips.

Then, I circled the outer lips with my finger. I went near her lips, giving her the temptation that I would kiss her lips. But I slowly moved up and kissed her nose. I bent towards the side, licked her neck and bit it. She moaned in pleasure. While biting the neck, I caressed her hip. The plumpy hip.

I moved up and licked her lower lip. And then her upper lip. Then I slowly started sucking her lips. She was on cloud nine. All this while I was playing with her hips and ass. When I broke the kiss, she let out her tongue. I started sucking her tongue. It was so hot doing this.

The taste of her tongue, with her saliva mixed into it, was a different kind of heaven. Then we slowly sucked each other’s tongues for a long time. My cock was rock-hard by then. She started playing with my tool on my dhoti. I purposely did not wear any innerwear for my dhoti.

So, the rock was clearly visible. She broke the kiss and was about to ask about my tool. I again locked her lips with mine and slowly started removing her pallu. Those huge milk tankers were staring at me to open and drink them fast. While removing the pallu, I slowly caressed her meaty hand.

It was so freaking soft. I bent to the side, kissed her arms and gave her a lick. She tilted her head to her right and moaned. I saw the ample cleavage and held both the boobs with my hands. OMG! They were so soft. I started squishing them while kissing the cleavage.

She was moaning on a different level. There was a lot of sexual and sensual tension. I made her lie on the bed and went on top of her to kiss her. While doing this, my dhoti came off. While I was kissing her, my cock was caressing her navel. That deep, wide navel.

While keeping my mouth on her, I slowly travelled down to her navel, going through the boobs. I planted a kiss on her navel. And then started licking it. While doing this, my right hand was playing with her boobs, and my left fingers were in her mouth.

She was so orgasmic she started biting my fingers. That made me lick her soo fucking hard. Then, I slowly started unbuttoning her blouse. To my surprise, she did not wear any bra. The melons popped out immediately.

Me: Semma di mami (Super Mami)

I gave a wink. I took both the tankers in my hand and pressed them. Then I started playing with her areolas with my fingers. Pinching her nipples, teasing them with my fingers, it became perky. I swerved my fingers around her areolas.

I slowly took them in my mouth while teasing her navel with my fingers. It was so fucking sensual. I sucked everything from those milk tankers. Then I removed my shirt and threw it on the floor. I slowly lifted her saree. While doing so, I kept kissing her legs.

After I lifted it above her thighs again mami surprised me. I could smell her pussy juice. She did not wear any panties. I removed her saree in a frisk, and then I went near the pussy. My heavy breath was on her pussy. She wanted me to suck so badly.

This time, I didn’t want to make her wait. Even I didn’t have the patience to wait. All of a sudden, I took the entire pussy in my mouth and started sucking like a thirsty fucker. She moaned in the highest pleasure. She held my hair and pushed me inside.

I could feel a burst of juice about to come out. Within a few moments, she splashed a huge load into my mouth. I drank everything and started licking her clit while inserting a finger into her pussy, trying to find the GSpot. She was moaning at a different level.

After a couple of moments, I inserted two fingers into her pussy and teased the top inner wall of her pussy. Within a few seconds, she led my hair so tightly that my hair would come off. She splashed an even bigger load into my mouth with a huge moan. I think I hit the GSpot.

Meanwhile, in the US:

Her daughter’s eyes stopped moving and blinking. It was stuck to the screen. Without her knowledge, her hands were in her pants. By the time she realised and took her hand out, it was wet as fuck.


Mami lifted me and looked into my eyes for a few seconds, holding my head. I was looking into hers. Then she suddenly kissed me very passionately.

Keerthana: Ithu thaan da en life la ye best orgasm. Illa orgasm kooda illa, best moment of my life. (This is the best orgasm of my life. No, not even orgasm, the best moment of my life).

I was about to say something she put her fingers in my mouth.

Keerthana: I love you da!

Me: I love you too, di mami!

Keerthana: Nee panna maari ennala thirumba panna mudiyuma nu therla, but I want to try my level best. (I am not sure if I can do like you, but I want to try my level best).

Saying that she pushed me onto the bed. She started licking my thighs. It was a different feeling altogether. Then she slowly started licking my dick. Especially the tip. I was so freaking hard. She took my entire cock in her mouth and gave me one of the best blowjob ever.

After a few minutes, I was on cloud nine. I unloaded a thick load of cum in her mouth. She took the entire thing in her mouth and swallowed it. There were a couple of drops of cum around her lips. While looking at me, she licked the cum with her tongue and gave me a wink. One of the best orgasms of my life, too.

Then I made her lie down on her back, spread her legs and kissed her on that pussy. Then, I slowly inserted my monster into her. She started moaning like there was no tomorrow. I pumped her soo fucking hard. Then after a few minutes, I made her doggy style and fucked her from the back.

I held her hair and thumped her fucking hard. Every time my body hit her body while fucking, the sound it made was making both of us go crazy. We fucked like street dogs. Then while I was about to cum, I was planning to take it out. She held my cock, put it inside and said

Keerthana: Enakku ulla release Pannu da punda. (Fucker, release it inside me.)

When she swore, I became even hornier and pumped her so fucking hard and then came inside her pussy. She was on cloud nine. She grabbed me, hugged me and kissed me for 2 minutes.

After that, we both lay on the bed.

Keerthana: Ithu thaan da en vazhkailaye best day. (This is the best day of my life)

Me: Enakkum thaan di mami (For me too, mami.)

Meanwhile, in the US:

Her daughter could not believe what she saw. She was confused if she was angry with her Mom or if she was horny on seeing what she saw. She had recorded everything. She wanted to call her Mom and lash her out. But one part of her, which was so horny, made her touch again.

Again it was freaking wet. So wet that her pants were fully wet. She decided to hold back. Her horniness took over her anger. She started fingering again, seeing the video in a replay.

To be continued.

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