Jahnavi Bhabhi – Part 2

I ended up with my Jahnvi bhabhi, all naked in the bathroom. You can read how it happened in the first part of this story. I was in a completely confused state of what to say to bhabhi. I just kept quiet and left the room to go to mine.  I could not get those images out of my mind. I spent the whole time in my room thinking about that incident.

We had dinner sitting opposite to each other without being able to look at each other’s faces. My mom was also there at the table. She talked something with Bhabhi, They fell into a conversation as I completed eating and left.  I could not sleep that night with regret that I left a chance to fuck my bhabhi’s pussy.

I wanted to fuck her very badly. So I patiently thought of ways that I could seduce or get more situations with her like that of the bathroom.

My bhabhi comes to my room every morning to wake me up and give me a cup of tea. So I thought that it will be a nice opportunity to get her closer. I woke up early that day and was waiting for bhabhi to enter the room. I pulled my shorts down and held my thick hard cock in my hand and acted asleep.

Bhabhi came into my room. I could feel her coming closer to bed from the door. Usually, she wakes me up as soon as she enters but I could feel the silence that day. I was sensing her look at my cock. I waited for her to get hold of it. She stayed there for a while looking at it.

I was able to feel her presence, her look and her breath in the room.  I don’t know why she stayed so long and why she didn’t hold my cock. But I was sure that she liked the sight and enjoyed it. If she didn’t like it she would have left as soon as she saw it. But she stayed there.

Meanwhile, my mom called my bhabhi and she replied, “Coming maa ji,” in a loud voice. I acted as if I woke up to that and wished my bhabhi good morning as if nothing happened. She was in a hurry. She wished me back and gave me the glass. My dick was still out of my shorts and I acted as if I didn’t realize it.

I could see her looking at it. I acted to drink tea with semi sleepy eyes. I handed over the glass to her and observed that her hands were shivering slightly. I fell back on the bed. She, in a low voice, asked me to wear my shorts properly as the maid will come to clean my room.

I saw my shorts and said sorry to her. I adjusted it while she left with the teacup. I felt I was successful. I thought she will ignore talking to me but she asked me to adjust the shorts. She made sure that I knew that she saw it. I also was sure that she liked it as she stayed for some time before I woke up.

I could not get any chance to get closer to her as my mom was around. I couldn’t try the same trick every day as it would be obvious that I am doing it intentionally. There is no problem with my brother or father as they don’t stay at home for a long time.

It was my bhabhi’s birthday in two days. She was busy in shopping with my mom. I masturbated during those days thinking of her. I was disappointed for not able to get her. Finally, on her birthday, we arranged a party. My brother’s friends and family along with my bhabhi’s family and friends came.

The house was filled with guests. I thought that I can’t even think of fucking her that day. But my bhabhi’s saree tempted me so much that evening.  She wore a white saree with maroon blouse. Her navel and her blouse were visible as it was transparent white silk saree.

The maroon blouse made her look so elegant. Those tits were heavy from the side view.  I can see men looking at her like hungry dogs look at meat. Even I am one of those dogs but with more hunger. It was all good. But my brother called her and told that he couldn’t make it to the party as he has a flight to take.

From that moment she felt low and faked smiles till all the guests left. My dad and mom wished her and left to sleep upstairs in their room. Bhabhi’s face looked like she was almost about to cry. I could see that in her face as my brother disappointed her.

She sat on the sofa in the hall with watery eyes and called my brother. I was sitting in the dining room just beside the hall. I was able to see her through the glass separation between hall and dining room.  My brother didn’t answer the call and bhabhi started crying in a low voice.

She realized that I was coming as I walked towards her. She wiped her tears. I sat beside her and wished her happy birthday again. I started talking about the party and everything. I purposely ended with words, “It would have been better if my brother was here.”

Hearing those words she just broke into tears and couldn’t control herself. I went a bit closer to her. I put my hand around her shoulder. She leaned on me and cried for a while I consoled her not to cry.  I slowly slid my hand from her shoulder to her waist. The touch of her bare skin sent shivers down my spine.

My cock started growing in my pants. Her hand was on my thigh and my growing dick reached it. I took a step forward and held her waist harder by pressing it.  I was involving her into the conversation by saying, “Please don’t cry, I am there for you. I understand how my brother treats you. It’s ok, cry out. Leave your burden out.”

I was saying all those to comfort her while my hands worked on her waist.  She started responding to my touch and got closer into my arms. Now I slowly started easing my grip on her and leaving her free. I suddenly removed my hands off her.

I said, “Sorry bhabhi, I couldn’t keep my hands off you. Sorry if I touched you inappropriately.” She was in a confusion but not in a state to avoid me. She said, “It’s ok. Please hold me, I am feeling better that way.”

Me: Ok bhabhi but my parents might come down if they wake up for water and might misunderstand. Let’s go to my room.

She was listening to whatever I said as she was in deep sadness and needed someone to care.  We stood up and entered my room. I asked her to sit on the bed and locked my room from inside. I went close to her. We got back to the position with my hands around her and she was leaning on me.

I stopped consoling her and started praising her beauty with my words. She started to feel better and slowly stopped crying. My dick got hard as I praised her and watched her beauty closely. I slowly slid my hands on her shoulder to drop her pallu down.

I didn’t understand if she forgot the world by staying in my arms. Or if she felt ok for me to drop her pallu. Let the reason be anything. But now her pallu was off and I got a nice view of her soft boobs stuffed inside her blouse.  I slowly slid my hands down her shoulder to her waist.

I started feeling her side boobs along the waist while rubbing her waist to comfort her.  I felt that was the moment and held her face up with my hand on her chin. We looked deep into each other’s eyes. As she held her head up, I took her hand and guided it to feel my hard cock over my pants.

She maintained that deep look into my eyes. I leaned to take her lips into mine. I smooched her lips. We slowly started kissing with our mouths open and our tongues playing in the pool of saliva. She was trying to take her hand off my dick. But I held her hand and made her rub on my dick while we kissed.

She started kissing me so well.  I worked with both my hands to remove her blouse hooks in the front. I slid my fingers along her blouse to feel her boobs. I guided them to the hooks and as I removed the first hook. She stopped kissing me and went back.

Jahnavi bhabhi: No. Don’t open any clothes. I can’t do that with my husband’s younger brother. Please understand.

Me: Then what did you do till now?

Jahnavi bhabhi: I know its wrong but I needed a kiss like that. That’s it. Don’t take this deeper.

Me: I want you Bhabhi. Let’s forget that I am your husband’s brother for some time.

Jahnavi bhabhi: No. Please understand. I can’t do it.

I was getting more excited to fuck her as she was pleasing me not to. I know that she wants it. But could not take that feeling of fear or something that is stopping her. It’s my turn and my duty now to get her. She is just a fuck away from me. One penetration is all it takes.

I prepared my mind to do as I want without listening to her and stood up in front of her.  What happened next is revealed in my next story. Mail me your valuable opinions on my story at storywriterxx6@gmail. com. Opinions and reviews from girls and women are most welcome.