Jahnavi Bhabhi – Part 3

This story is a continuation of the story series titled ‘Jahnavi Bhabhi’. Please read it before this to feel the essence of the story. If you just want the sex part, please continue.  I stood up in front of her and removed my shirt and threw it aside. I unbuttoned my pants and she stopped me.

Jahnavi bhabhi: Why are you removing clothes. I told you not to take this forward. We will just kiss. Please.

Me: Ok I just removed my shirt to feel more comfortable. Come let’s kiss.

Now while kissing her hands played against my chest and I played with her breasts. This time I didn’t let her break the kiss. I leaned on to her as she tried to break kiss or remove my hands off her boobs.  I tried my best to keep in contact with her lips and body.

We slowly fell back on the bed and I got on her by crushing her boobs against my chest and kissing her passionately. I slowly pulled my pants down and I got completely naked.  She tried to break the kiss but I didn’t let her. She was pulling my pants up but I got rid of them completely.

My dick was rubbing against her stomach and saree. I slowly started pulling her saree down and down as she tried to push me away.  She bit my lips so that I would leave her but I bit her back to which she moaned loudly. I broke the kiss and asked her not to shout as my parents will come down.

Jahnavi bhabhi: Why are you removing the clothes then? Stop stripping me down.

I was not in a position to listen to her and I continued doing my work. I successfully pulled down her saree along with her panty. She is naked on the bottom and I wanted to get her naked on top too. I put her hands under my legs by kneeling on her palms on the bed and removed her blouse hooks.

Her boobs just popped out and jiggled as I removed the last hook. I fell on her tits and immersed my face into them. I kissed her and sucked on her nipples as she moaned in pleasure. I was admiring her beauty and was calling her bhabhi.

Jahnavi bhabhi: Please don’t call me bhabhi for now. I am not feeling good.

Me: Jaanu and Jahnavi are for my brother. I won’t get enjoyment if I don’t call you bhabhi. Stop feeling uncomfortable and enjoy this.

Before she said anything I kissed her all the way from lips, neck, nipples, navel and reached her pussy. I bit on her hips and went down to plant a kiss on her pussy. She held her hands on my head and played with my hair.  I started licking her pussy and she went mad for me.

She was moaning and calling out my brother’s name in that sexy voice.

Me: Say my name, not my brother’s or else I will stop licking your pussy.

Jahnavi bhabhi: No, don’t stop. I will say your name. Please Arjun, ah Arjun.

That made me go crazy and ate her pussy using all my mouth, lips and tongue. After eating it good, I came up to kiss her and let her taste herself. I rubbed my thick, long and hard dick against her pussy.  Both of us were in the seventh heaven.

After rubbing against her wet pussy, I pushed my hip forward to enter her pussy. She gasped as I penetrated her pussy. We kissed while I fucked her in missionary. I kept fucking her by giving slow and hard strokes.  Her body was trembling.

Her expressions were showing how much she needed sex all these days. She didn’t want to cum soon. She begged me to do it slowly as I increased the pace.  I did it as per her wish slowly and neatly. She was satisfied to the fullest and enjoying herself like never before.

After some five minutes of fucking in missionary, I stopped and made her sit. I fell back on the bed and guided her head to lick my cock.  I could feel her breath on my cock as she bent forward. She opened her little mouth. She put my dick inside by taking it with her lips and circling it with her tongue on the inside.

I never felt such pleasure in my life. I wanted her to keep sucking. When I felt like I was about to cum I asked her to slow down. After some blowjob, She herself came up and sat on me to ride. Her anxiety was at peaks. Her face expressions got wilder as she took control of my cock with her pussy.

She pounded on my cock by heavily riding it. Her ass cheeks are slapping against my thighs with great force. I could not take much speed and I was about to cum.  I realized that she is also about to finish. I started sucking on her nipples as she bent forward while riding.

I bit her nipples and sucked on them while she rode me. And finally we came together and she fell on me by letting her body loose on me. My cock just blooped out of her pussy. All my cum and her juices just flew out of her pussy. Jahnavi bhabhi and I fell asleep like that and woke up early in the morning at three o’ clock.

I started feeling hungry and she pointed towards her pussy to eat it. I went on her in 69 position and ate each other to fulfill the hunger.

Jahnavi bhabhi: Promise me that this will stay between us and it will never happen again. I liked it. But I am unable to digest the fact that I am having sex with my husband’s brother.

Me: I promise you that this will happen again and again whenever we get a chance. So get used to this.

She gave me a smile and said, “I will try to.” She got up and we bathed together. She left my room before my mom woke up. I waited to pull her back on to my bed when she came to give me my cup of tea. And this continued.

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