Jayanagar’s tall Hourglass-shaped model Samyuktha

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Coming to the story the heroine of the story is named Samyuktha. She messaged me through telegram after publishing my story/couple/mallu-playschool-teacher-banged-hard/”> ‘Mallu Playschool-teacher banged hard.’

Samyuktha desired a secret friend to discuss and share her life. Samyuktha was aged 35, married for 9 years, and stayed at Jayanagar.

About her past:

Samyuktha was born and brought up in Coorg (Kodagu). From her school days, she was very interested in the glamour industry. She was very active and expressive in extracurricular activities at school. She chose a degree in fashion design at Bangalore as the location to pursue her dream.

The first photoshoot during her final year of college went viral over the internet for her sexy body and mouthwatering stills. She became an overnight star with lots of followers. Later in her career, she did a lot of fashion shows for many clubs in Bangalore and other major cities.

Her biggest problem was that she was too uncompromising about her sexual life. She never entertained guys to bed all through her modeling career. She climbed to stardom with pure talent and was also a famous Tiktok star.

She was once a top model in Karnataka.

In the glamour industry, it is never easy to continue to enjoy being famous. Her unyielding nature lost many opportunities in this sex-craved society. At the age of 26, with no godfathers in the area of modeling, her talent was wasted. She started her career in a BPO and then moved to an IT company.

One fine day a producer offered her an act to promote one of the famous jewelry shops. She acted, and the ad was a success. During the AD shoot, she was approached by this rich guy who was the jewelry owner’s son for her hand for marriage.

She accepted and married him, which was a huge mistake. The guy was aged 37, and it was his second marriage. As months progressed after the marriage, her husband grew possessive of her. He doubted her, which made her more depressed.

He stopped taking her to parties and functions because of the craving eyes of men. She had a miscarriage after four months after her first pregnancy. Her husband blamed her for the miscarriage.

She had sleepless nights and early wake-ups, no friends to talk to, a far-away family, and a doubting busy husband. She tried to keep herself busy with a few household errands and watching web series. She had gained weight, and her face had lost luster/shine.

In addition, she had the worst sex life and was never fulfilled. He will sleep tired at night. When he wants sex, he goes directly by inserting his dick inside her pussy, and relieves his cum too soon.

He never does foreplay or satisfies licking her pussy. His dick was small to fulfill her lust for a mouthful of huge cock.

She recently started reading sex stories on ISS for self-pleasure and was addicted. A story from Madhan grabbed her attention, especially the build-up to the sex. She messaged me on telegram to be a friend.

Coming back to the present day:

We became friends and chatted to know each other. On seeing her pictures before marriage and her present, I forced her to start giving attention to her body and mind. She listened to me and started hitting the gym, doing yoga, and meditating.

Within 3 months, she transformed back to slim, attractive, hot, and beautiful (An hourglass-shaped hottie). She chatted and spoke her heart out, sharing everything about herself. We became very close to each other. Everything went secretive with code-based chatting/calls in telegram.

After five months of knowing each other, she finally told me, “Let us meet, I am ready, and I cannot wait any further.” She gained trust, which is very important for all these sexual pleasures to materialize.

The sexual meet:
She told me to book JW Marriot at Ashoknagar, which was 20k per day. She told me to make myself available for the whole day. She had messaged me her wishlist for the day as well. It was in September.

As per the plan, I checked in at 9 A.M before her arrival. She reached the hotel at half past nine. The hotel was elite, majestic, and exquisite. The room on the 13th floor had a view of the city from the see-through mirror. I eagerly waited in the lobby of the hotel to escort Samyuktha.

I thanked god with excitement for granting me the opportunity to spend time with one of the hottest and prettiest models. I was bedazzled with a racing heart rate when she entered the lobby.

Let me describe the prettiest white horse, Samyuktha. She has aged 35 and taller, 6’ approx height. Her body was hourglass-shaped with a slim navel, proportioned sexy big boobs, and an accurately shaped swaying ass.

Samyuktha covered her face with a pink mask. She had buttery shiny skin. She had an oval-shaped face with burgundy-colored silky straight hair. Guys, any man seeing her will go crazy. Black coolers shadowed her eyes under the arched thin dark eyebrows and a broad forehead.

She wore a white T-shirt with a tied knot just above her slim uncovered navel and a jean overcoat. Skinny tight jeans with a statement belt around her slim hips. She wore black boots on her legs. A plain blue scarf wrapped the hair on her head. A classy small leather handbag was resting on her elbow.

Overall, she looked like an “Angel of heaven on earth.”

Samyuktha walked hastily with me into the lift. We went to the room which was on the 13th floor. She strode straight into the room. I closed the door behind her and turned on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ switch.

Samyuktha placed the handbag, coolers, and scarf on the table. She sat on the armchair next to the see-through mirror. She finally removed her mask, glancing at me. What a beauty! A small nose and dark red thick juicy lips.

On seeing my smile, she quickly shifted her head, staring at the room floor. I walked close to Sam and kneeled on the floor beside her boots. I took her white hands and, glimpsing into her angelic eyes, asked, “Shall we start?”

She tensely nodded without lifting her head and not making any eye contact. I stood and stretched her hand to make her stand. I undid the only button of her jean overcoat hiding her huge bosom. I quickly parted her jean overcoat, pulled her closer, and grabbed her face in a cupped position.

I could hear her heavy breathing. My lips caught her juicy lips with my nose squeezing her nose. I pushed her to the table with her ass supported by the table. I sucked her lower lips, and she grabbed my hair and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I started sucking her tongue dry.

To my shock, she clutched my erect cock over my pants. She ran her hand, gracing the dick from top to bottom. I ran my hands on her back, traveling down to her ass cheeks. I broke the kiss and stared at her beauty. She opened her eyes at the abrupt stop of the kissing.

I pulled her close and restarted kissing her wildly with our saliva exchanged, and our breaths mingled into each other. I thoroughly enjoyed kissing her. My hands started squeezing her shapely ass cheeks. Oh! What a soft ass.

She cupped my face and kissed all over my cheeks, jaw, nose, eyes and forehead. Her lips did magic when she started sucking my cheekbones with her tongue and teeth in a sensitizing way. She moved to my lips again while one of my fingers started rubbing the ass crack over the tight jeans.

With a jerk of her hands, she tore open my shirt with the buttons flying away. She started sucking through my neck down to my chest. She started sucking my nipples with her lips, and her hand was playing with my balls. I was breathing heavily.

After sucking my chest, she gave me a slutty killer look with her sharp eyes. I saw her juggling huge boobs over the tight white T-shirt. I removed and threw her jean overcoat. I held her round-neck T-shirt by the neck and tore it to pieces. Wow! I saw a pair of milky white soft huge balls tightly caged inside a red bra.

I pushed my face into her cleavage. She was sweating since there was no cool air from the AC. I could smell the strong mind-boggling intoxicating perfume mixed with the bodily scent of Sam, which drove me mad. I started slowly sucking down from her neck to just above the cleavage.

She was moaning with low sounds of ‘Aaah.’ Her hands moved around my navel, pulling me into her for a tight hug. I held one of her huge boobs and squeezed slowly, feeling the flesh, and my lips continued to suck her cleavage.

I rubbed my face over the hugely popped-out cleavage with my nose squeezing over her boobs. Losing my hold, I pulled her bra low through her shoulders. Oh heavens, huge round, fleshy boobs which were crystal clear jumped out.

Perfect medium-sized sharp dark nipples were erect, a scene nobody should miss. They were like those which we will see in Playboy magazines. I was stunned seeing her round boobs and perfect nipples. I kept staring at those perfectly shaped, firm boobs.

They looked fresh and unused. My hands tried to reach out to feel and squeeze, but Samyuktha pushed my hands away. She chuckled and held my pant by inserting one hand inside and holding the pant through my belt.

Samyuktha, a stunning tall beauty staring right into my eyes, unbuckled my belt and unhooked my pants. She pulled my pant zip low and pulled my pant to my knees. She stared into my eyes and brushed her hand, touching my erect rod, which formed a tent over my underwear.

She smiled with a small dimple on her cheek and pulled low my underwear. My hard cock jumped out in a rush. She looked at the cock and then my lips. What a bitch? She was very provocative. She knelt, rubbed her face and felt the cock all over her face. I was in a very high mood.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath taking my mind off the scene for a fraction of a second. She was so hot, and I was damn lucky. I felt the soft hands of Samyuktha over my cock and opened my eyes. Her one hand was near the root of the dick, and the other hand was at the dick head.

She slowly moved the foreskin of my cock in a small stroke up and down. She looked right into my eyes. Her tongue licked slowly in a teasing circular rotation over my shiny dick head. I was on cloud nine by this teasing. She continued to tease my dick head with the tip of her tongue.

I kept my hand over her head. Samyuktha then moved the tip of her tongue from the head to the balls. Back again towards the head with her eyes looking right into my eyes. I was at the peak of the pleasure of her blowjob.

Samyuktha then started slowly giving small pecks of kisses with her juicy lips all along the cock. She has driven my urge too much. A slow, steady killer. My cock was very juicy and hard, like a banana. She grabbed the base of my cock firmly with her left hand and took my cock into her juicy saliva filled mouth.

She swallowed my cock as much as her mouth could. She slowly moved her mouth out of my cock. On reaching the dick head, she moved her mouth, swallowing again. She started slow, but she blew my cock too fast after three strokes.

I grabbed her hair and closed my eyes with pleasure like never before. She then stopped swallowing the cock and pulled out my cock. She massaged my balls with her soft hands. She held the base of my dick with her thumb and forefinger tighter.

She moved my dick foreskin with her right hand, and she locked her mouth with my dick head. She sucked my dick head with her mouth locked, and her tongue was touching the dick head once in a while. Oh god, what a blowjob. After some time, I was ready to shoot.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and shot the cum, which jumped on the table, along her hair, face, and boobs.

Guys hope you shot your cum. In the next part, I will explain tasting the hot body of Samyuktha every bit. Eating her juicy pussy. Hard tearing her pussy at the edge of the bed. Sleeping nude, kissing each other in a warm bathtub, having sex in the shower. Lastly, a doggy over the table.

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