Job offer to Gay Partners

Hi all, hope you guys are doing well. This story is about how I changed from straight to Gay and having more fun being a Gay bottom. It happened 4 years ago, in 2018.

I got an internship opportunity in a marketing agency in NCR on the night shift. I desperately needed a job as all my friends had got jobs and started earning. I accepted the offer, but a permanent position wasn’t promised. My boss was tall, around 6’1″, very dark and little bit fat.

About me, I am a 5’6″, chubby dark guy. I have fat in my chest, resulting in man boobs and a chubby ass. My friends usually used to tease me because of this. After a month, we all got acquainted very well.

I got to know my boss, and his name is Aditya. He was from Orissa, and I was also from there. So we bonded well. In my mind, I thought because of this if he could refer me. One night it was raining very heavily, and no cabs were available.

Aaditey offered me a ride to his home as he used to live nearby. He had a bike, so we also rode home and were wet. One moment happened when we reached my chest pressed against his back, and he must have felt something that time. We reached his home, got ourselves dried and had some tea.

While drinking tea, we talked about something. Then he asked me about my relationship status, and I said I was single. When I asked about him, he told me he is gay, and his parents know about this. They won’t accept him, so he moved here.

He had one partner, but his partner was also not so comfortable, and his partner married a girl. So he is also single and alone. I was shocked a bit to hear that he is gay. I believed when he showed one or two pics with his ex kissing.

After this, there was a bit of silence and tea was finished. I went to the washroom and returned to see him shirtless. He had a nice body. I ignored him and sat somewhere else. Suddenly he asked if I would like something to drink.

He had whiskey. I said no. But he had 2-3 pegs. He came near me and insisted on having one peg. Then I took some. We again started having conversations. He turned the topic to gay sex.

All he asked was, “Do you feel something for men?” I said no. He replied that I have a nice feminine body and any gay top man would love to have it. I was shocked again, and he put his hands on my thighs and started caressing them.

I removed it, and he held my hand and said he could get me a permanent offer if I let him enjoy it a little bit. I don’t know what happened because of the whiskey or what I let him do. I don’t know why my dick stood up.

I couldn’t think of anything, and I was about to say no. But he put his lips on me and started kissing me, and I got caught up in the flow. He removed my shirt, and we kissed. I tried to push him and but he was strong.

He just kept on kissing. After 10-15 minutes, he stopped and asked me about this. I wasn’t sure what to say. He kept saying, “You also liked it,” and all. I couldn’t say anything. He again whispered about the permanent offer. Like he knew about my one weakness.

I asked him if anyone knew, but he insisted, and we kept kissing. He then started pressing my boobs. I was amazed, and he was enjoying it. After some time, I enjoyed it too. I don’t know what happened.

I kissed him again. It was like a reply to him that he got the complete green signal. He removed his pants and wanted me to do the same. We were both nude now and started kissing amazingly.

He put my hands on his dick. I just started acting like a girl in porn. He was enjoying very much. He said he wanted a gf like me, and at that time, whatever he said was arousing me. I started stroking his dick. His dick was large compared to mine.

He held my face with both hands and looked at me strangely. He asked me, “Please be my girl.” I didn’t know what he wanted. Then he took me to this wardrobe. He had his ex’s clothes, who was a crossdresser too. That time everything was heated up.

I asked him to give me a few minutes. He had one more peg he had in his hand. I wore the one-night suit to thigh length and a bra that was a little tight for me. My hair was long, too, so I shook my head, and my hair spread. Then I went to him.

His eyes glittered. I was in a red-netted nighty and black bra, and I had no hair on my body. He came running to me and said, “This job is yours.” I, too, in a naughty way, asked, “Which job? Marketing one or to satisfy?” He smiled and said girls are harder to satisfy, and he will satisfy me.

He started kissing me; this time, he was more passionate. We were lost in kissing. Our salivas were exchanging and dropping. I don’t know what was happening, but we were lost. I also didn’t care much at that time. He came behind me and started pressing my boobs very hard.

I was moaning like a girl and thinking wow, this feels good. I thought being a girl was so sexy. He pressed my boobs and kissed my neck for 20 minutes. He then came forward and on his knees with his dick near my face. I understood what he wanted. I kissed his dick and slowly started sucking it.

I wasn’t enjoying it that much, but the smell felt good. He was in heaven. Then after a few minutes, he brought the lube. I was scared now, but he said not to fear. I trusted him and told him to do what he wanted. He kissed me and put lots of lube on his dick and my ass.

He said, “You are my Tanya now.” I said, “Yes.” He started fingering and lubing my hole. He did that for 15 minutes and said, “Tanya, I want to have your greatest night. From now on, we will have many more nights.” He pushed his dick, and it went half.

I screamed. Literally, I screamed. He pressed my boobs and gave me another push. It was all in. I pressed my face into the pillow and asked him to pull out, and we could do this another day. But he was not in the mood to listen. He slowly started fucking me now.

It was about 1.5 hours of foreplay. He just wanted this cherry. He was in no mood to stop, and he kept on fucking and increasing his pace. After 5-10 minutes, this had become nice, and I enjoyed it. I never wanted this feeling to go.

He was fucking me hard now as he was about to cum.  I cum by now and was almost senseless. He then cum after some time and laid on me, kissing my neck. We didn’t realize when we slept.

In the morning, we woke up, and he had a naughty smile. He said, “Good morning, Tanya.” I also had little guilt and happiness on my face. I kissed him and asked what if someone knew. He said no one would, and we started kissing again.

My hand moved towards his morning-awake dick and caressed his dick. He loves my lips and boobs. He came above me and put his dick in my mouth. I was sucking it like ice cream. He did something new in the morning. He started licking my asshole.

Guys, it was awesome. He said so many sexy things, and I . And after a month, I got a permanent offer too. I used to have multiple sessions with him and try wardrobes and all. He also wished to make me his wife.  On some nights, I started going out with him dressed as a girl, and he loved it.

Well, he shifted to Orissa last year. I don’t know why but we aren’t together. But I am changed now.

That’s it, guys. If you like my story, please mail me at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#01756560722f756071606f656072313341666c60686d2f626e6c”>[email protected].

Your lovely Tanya!