Joining a forigner couple in train

Hi! I am Pabby with my experience with on foreigner couple in the train. If any female or gals or couple wanna contact me plz mail me at . This happened when I was going to Hyderabad from Delhi. My whole company staff was supposed to go with me for that we had booked a cabin in 1st class for all of us so we could enjoy a lot. But due to some problem at office only I was asked to go alone and attended the marriage of our coworker. Everybody else’s holidays were cancelled. When I went to station 1st I got rest of the tickets cancelled. Then I boarded the train. For once the train left on time. I checked my watch – 10:30 exactly, that was really good. I was a frequent traveler on this line and was well prepared for the long journey; a good book, plenty of coffee and food. I settled myself into my seat in the small, private carriage just as they started to move off. I checked the reservation tickets pinned to the other seats and was pleased to discover that the only other passengers booked into my cabin after my cancellation would not be joining the train until the next stop in nearly an hour’s time. I decided to use the time to catch up on the story that he was reading and perhaps grab a quick nap.

Looking dreamily out of the window and letting I mind drift, I saw the tall buildings which made up the integral part of the city begin to sweep past faster as the train picked up speed, eventually giving way to green fields and small, quaint villages. The steady rhythm of the wheels on the track became almost hypnotic and I found it increasingly more difficult to keep my eyes open and focused on the book. I could feel my eye lids become heavier and soon slipped into a light dreamless sleep. An hour later I sensed rather than felt the train slowing on its approach to the next stop. I stretched his legs out in front of me and sighed, turning my face towards the window determined to return to the sweet embrace of sleep. I pulled my usual baseball cap firmly down over my face and once again closed my eyes as I began to drift off. A few moments later I heard the unmistakable sounds of the carriage door being opened. I guessed that this would be the other two travelers that had booked seats in the cabin, but, still sleepy and having little desire to communicate, I decided to feign sleep in the hope that they would not disturb me too much and I would be able to return to my slumber.

Within a few minutes my fellow travelers had settled themselves opposite me and the train began to move off. I heard whispered words from the other seat and then the smack of a kiss. My curiosity piqued, I opened my eyes just a crack and peered out from under the rim of my cap. The headgear was still pulled well down over my face, so there were no way that my companions could tell that I had awoken. The couple both seemed to be in there mid/late thirties, I guessed. Both were dressed casually for the journey and, as the sported matching rings on the third finger of their left hands, I assumed them to be married. The man was fairly good looking; tall with a full head of hair, clean shaven and with an athletic build. His wife, however, was far more interesting. Her short auburn hair framed a pretty face that was still locked in a passionate embrace with her husband’s. Her body was turned towards the other man slightly and I could make out the clear outline of nice, firm boobs under the thin material of her top. Her skirt was fashionably short and displayed slender, tanned legs up to her mid thigh. The way that they were acting with each other led me to believe that they had not been married for long; the passion and novelty were still very evident as the couple broke their deep embrace and giggled in soft whispers in between light, pecked kisses to their lips. I was still faking sleep while I watched them and smiled to myself as I heard their mumbled words.

“Oh, honey no.” the woman whispered, “He might hear us!”

“That’s never worried you before!” her husband replied in equally hushed tones, “anyway he’s well asleep. Come on baby; just let me touch your tits! It’ll be fine as long as we’re quiet.”

The woman giggled, her hand went to her lips to stifle the noise. “Mmmm, okay hon, but quietly alright?”

My heart almost missed a beat as I continued to eye the couple from under the brim of his cap. I could see the man’s hand close seductively over the firm swelling beneath his wife’s top and begin to squeeze gently. Within a few seconds his fingers had brought her nipples to hard, peaks and were now eagerly exploring under the material of her top and burrowing their way into her bra. The woman had to bury her face in her husband’s shoulder as if to keep from crying out as she felt his hands on her turgid nipples.

“Come on baby,” the husband continued as he tweaked and played with her tits, “just slip your panties off so I can touch your pussy. He’s still asleep, and even if he does wake up, it’s just the three of us, and you know how you like an audience!”

My mind turned somersaults as I realized what the couple was planning. Would they really not mind if I watched? Perhaps I might even get to join in! The train was not due to stop again for four more hours, so the three of them would be alone for the whole time. I made an instant decision. Yawning and stretching, I opened my eyes and looked directly at the couple, fake shock showing on my face as I saw the man’s hand inside his wife’s bra.

“Oh, sorry,” said the husband noticing that I was now awake. “I guess we got a little carried away!”

I noted that, although he had apologized, he had made no move to withdraw his hand and was still looking at me as if seeking approval. My eyes flipped between the couple. They were both smiling at me and showed no sign of embarrassment. Another quick decision had to be made. I knew that whatever I said next would determine how the next few hours would develop.

“Hey, don’t mind me! I love a free show! As long as you guys don’t mind, then neither do I.”

“That’s great!” the man replied, “But, you know, I like to watch too. How do you feel about us trading places?”

For a moment I was stunned into silence. I was well aware that there was a growing fraternity that liked to watch their wives have sex with other men, especially among foreigners but until now I had never really given it much thought. This is the once in the life time chance for any Indian. The guy seemed serious enough, I thought, so why not? His wife was certainly a hot looking number and as I looked at her she wriggled about in her seat, obviously in a highly agitated state of sexual excitement. The two men exchanged seats and I snuggled in beside the attractive woman. As soon as my ass was in the seat, the auburn haired beauty leaned over and made a grab for the zipper on my pants. I held my breath and within a few seconds her practiced fingers had lowered my zip and pried my already hard cock from the confines of my underwear. I let out my breath in a short gasp as I felt her long, cool fingers wrap around my shaft and begin to work my foreskin up and down.

“Hi. I’m Annie!” she said as she slowly lowered her head towards my throbbing member. Annie’s husband, who had introduced himself as Bill, sat opposite closely watching his wife in action. Bill loved to see her with another man, he always had, and this situation had turned him on to a huge extent. As he watched his wife giving me a deep throat blow job, he began to slowly squeeze his own erection through his jeans.

“Mmmm, that’s right honey,” he said as he looked on, “take it deep. It sure is a big cock and I know you like that!”

Annie murmured her agreement, her lips and throat rhythmically contracting over my swollen glans and said “its 9inch long and too fat also.”

“Open your shirt, baby,” her husband continued, “let him play with your tits!”

I watched her eagerly comply with her husband’s suggestion. The buttons popped quickly and she used a hand to pull the bra up and over a pair of large, firm breasts. Instinctively, my fingers sought out her hard nipples and tugged gently on them.

“Squeeze them harder” Bill said enthusiastically, “She loves that!”

I was happy to oblige and as I pinched the hard buds between my fingers her felt a wonderful vibration over my dick as Annie groaned deep in her throat and shuddered in orgasm. Her body continued to tremble as the climax took hold of her and I knew that I would not be able to hold onto my load for much longer. I glanced over at Bill who had now released his prick and was openly masturbating as he watched. I had never before experienced an audience while I fucked and the combination of Bill’s piercing eyes and Annie’s eager lips quickly drove me over the edge. As my balls twitched, my hand went to Annie’s head and gently pushed her down onto my lap. Annie moaned again deep in her throat and I felt my climax surge up through my shaft and ejaculated thickly into her mouth. She tried to swallow as much of the hot liquid as she could but, inevitably, the excess fluid dribbled from the corners of her mouth and dripped onto her exposed breasts. As my cock twitched in her mouth, Annie maintained a gentle suction, keeping me hard. This was unusual for me, generally, I would have to wait at least a half hour before I was ready again, but this woman was an expert and obviously wanted more. With a deft movement, Annie pulled her short skirt up over her hips giving me and her husband a good view of her pink, bikini panties. There was an obvious wet patch in the crotch that gave away her excitement. With practiced ease, she threw her left leg over my body and straddled me. She was hot like a bitch now and had no intention of wasting time by pulling her underwear off completely. Reaching down between her legs, she pulled the panties to one side and quickly ran a finger over her clit. Her left hand had never left my tool and, with a movement of her fingers, she guided me straight into her hot pussy.

I gasped again as I felt my erection slid into her warm tunnel. Her breasts hung tantalizingly in front of my face and I used the opportunity to suck one of her stiff nipples deep into my mouth as she began to ride me. Bill had moved over onto the seat to join them and to get a better view, and was now furiously pumping his own cock while he watched the scene unfold. Every time Annie sank down onto my cock, I would bite gently on her nipple causing her to moan out loud. My hands held her butt and assisted her to rise and fall on me. The sensations felt amazing to me, and with Bill watching so closely I wondered who would be the first to cum. Bill answered the unasked question. He stood on the seat so that his twitching cock was in a direct line with his wife’s mouth. Her lips were still heavily stained with my earlier emission and glistened wetly. As Bill pumped his hand up and down his tool, I stopped my bucking movements so as to keep Annie still for a moment. It was perfect timing. With a loud groan, Bill started to cum. His tool was pointed directly at his wife’s open mouth and thick ropes of hot semen splashed over her face and onto her lips. With the movement of the train it was difficult for him to keep his balance and aim straight and a lot of his cum ended up matted in his wife’s hair. I smiled as I watched my companion run his wilting penis over his wife’s lips and squeeze the last drops of his climax into her mouth. As she swallowed the last remnants of his seed, I thrust hard up into Annie’s pussy. I heard her gasp out loud and then felt her body begin to tremble as a second orgasm washed over her lithe frame. My hands back on her butt, I began to fuck her again through her climax. She bucked up and down on my cock as I drove him closer and closer to me own orgasm. Her tits now swung free in front of my face, bouncing and swaying so as to make it impossible to keep a nipple in my mouth. I was so close now, I could feel my cum rising. Faster and faster I lifted her body and then let her fall, sinking my cock in to the hilt.

“I want to see it, I want to see it!” gasped Annie as she reluctantly jumped off my cock. I was reluctant too and moaned deeply when the contact was broken.

“Not to worry, lover,” cooed Annie as she knelt between my legs, “I want to see you cum on my big tits!”

Holding a large breast in each hand, she leant forward and pressed the hot flesh around my throbbing cock. The sensation was divine. Too much, and I felt my cock explode a second load of cum over the creamy slopes of her breasts. Annie milked me wonderfully between her large orbs, ensuring that every last drop of my semen had been extracted from my balls. I almost purred with delight as I and Bill watched her raise each breast in turn and lick the hot fluid from her skin.

“Oh my god! What a sight!” I said as I watched her eyes glaze over while yet another orgasm rippled through her body.

“Ha ha!” laughed Bill, “Yes, she certainly loves to fuck, does my wife! She’s a real slut when she wants to be, and I just LOVE it! Perhaps we could all catch the 10:30 Slut Express another day!”

I smiled to myself. Sounds like a good idea to me, I thought! If any female or gals or couple wanna contact me for chat for fun or for party I can fuck for more than an hour without discharging. This is challenge. Plz mail me at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”1969787b7b60466b78596078717676377a7674″>[email protected].