Journey With My Friend’s Hot Mom

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great and will enjoy this story of . You can call me Hunter.  I’m 22 years old.

Her name is Sheila (36-34-38). She’s 46 and the mother of my friend Ruchika (32-30-34). Her dad is in the army. After the unlock, her college reopened, which was in Chandigarh. So again she needs to carry all her luggage to college.

She, along with her mom, cannot do this alone. So she contacted me to help her go to Chandigarh as her mom can’t travel alone while coming back. I agreed. I was bored at home. So I thought of visiting some new places nearby Chandigarh.

I arrived at her home when we were supposed to leave. I greeted her with a warm hug. Her soft, bouncy boobs touched my chest. It was my best hug. I greeted aunty with good morning, loaded all luggage to her dad’s car. I started driving from our hometown.

She was wearing shorts and a crop top, she was looking so sexy, and aunty wore a saree. Aunty was feeling uncomfortable because of the saree. So I indicated Ruchika about this by using my eyes. She got the signal, so she asked her, “Why don’t you change to a suit or something?”

Sheila: Beta, I thought saree would be better. But didn’t know our car’s AC is not working properly.

Me: Aunty, don’t worry, I will stop at the nearby cafe you can go there and change.

I stopped nearby. After some time, she came in a black and white suit. Omg, what a figure she has! Busty boobs, round ass were visible in her black leggings. Her black bra was seen from her white suit. Then we reached a good hotel to have a break in our journey in Delhi for lunch and some rest.

Ruchika asked her mom for drinks as she won’t get these things in her hostel. Her mom agreed. After some time of having lunch, I came to the room with some alcohol bottles.

Her mom was looking like an apsara in her violet silky nighty. I was checking her out while she was going to the washroom. Suddenly I came to my senses. Then I took one bottle and went to Ruchika to give her.

She was using her phone as she was doing something important. I said, “Take your bottle.” Without even looking at me, she was moving her hand. I wasn’t wearing my underwear as I was also relaxing in shorts. So she mistakenly holds and grabs my dick.

I was seventh heaven and got a little boner. I told her, “You know what you are holding?” She looked and instantly removed her hand. She said, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know it. And what’s this? You had a boner within seconds?”

Me: Well, I don’t know what to do now. It’s your fault you should have looked first.

Ruchika: Do something now. Mom will be out of it at any minute. Just jerk whatever it is

Me: Well, I won’t do anything. It’s a soft hand which my dick never experienced, so now you have to do something.

Ruchika: Ok, come near. I’ll give you a handjob.

She put her hands over my dick and softly started rubbing my dick up and down. My dick was now enlarged to its maximum size (7). She was amazed and said how much more time it requires. I told her to do it fast. Otherwise, her mom will catch us. She then said, “Ok, I know how to make you cum soon.”

She put my dick in her mouth and was giving me a perfect never before experienced blowjob. I couldn’t control it for more than 15 minutes as she was doing so great, holding it properly, licking my balls. I held her hair and pushed her mouth.

She took my dick very smoothly and firmly. I cum in her mouth, and she also enjoyed it. She then washed her mouth and told me to keep it a secret between us.

After 2 minutes, her mom came out. Ruchika opened her bottle and offered her mom a sip. We were enjoying drinks and light music. She slept, and Sheila and I continued chit-chatting. She said, “We are friends from now. As Ruchika is going away, I’ll be bored at home. So we’ll go to the movies and have lunch.”

Then we all three slept and continued our journey in the morning. We left her to her campus. While returning, I asked Sheila whether she’s interested in visiting some places and have a good vacation for some time. She said, “Yes, why not. I don’t have any work at home.”

I asked her to do some shopping in Chandigarh then we’ll go to Delhi. It was summer season, and we were all sweaty. We entered one shop where Sheila was looking for suits. I went near her and suggested she take some comfortable clothes because the journey is long and hot.

Me: Why don’t you try jeans? Everyone wears such clothes these days, even my mom.

Sheila: I never tried and feel a little weird.

Me: Relax, you are with me, and I’m like your friend.

We went to the jeans counter. There I asked the saleswoman to show some jeans to my friend Sheila. She asked her size. Sheila replied 38. In my mind, I thought it is such a nice ass to bang. After trying 2-3 pairs of jeans, she selects one.

The saleswoman said we are offering a sale where you’ll get a free skirt with this brand of jeans.

Sheila: I can’t wear a denim skirt, Aryan.

Me: Try it, you’ll love it. It’s time to change your old lifestyle.

She then picked a black denim skirt and went to the trial room. After 2-3 minutes, she called me inside. “I don’t think it fits fine. Can you give me a look?”

I peeked inside. Omg, it was barely covered her ass thought I could not see her panty, but it was too short. She was looking like a sexy bitch who fucks for money. Then I came to my senses and told her, “They are of this length only. Take it. It is free if you don’t want to give it to Ruchika later.”

She replied, ok. Then I told her, “Now you have jeans. Take some T-shirts too.” I take her to the t-shirt counter. Unfortunately, her size was not available for a simple t-shirt, but they sold crop tops at 30%. You know women are fond of sales. She bought 2-3 for Ruchika.

Then we left for Delhi. Then she realized that her luggage bag is exchanged with Ruchika’s study notes bag. When she called her, we were halfway. It was almost 7 pm. I told her to let’s wait in some good Dhaba for food and stay in a hotel for tonight. In the morning, we’ll go again.

While eating, some gravy fell on her white Kurti. She washed it with water, but some stains were there. Then we were looking for rooms, and only a few were open due to covid restrictions. We somehow managed to get one small room with a washroom.

As we entered, we were all sweaty, so I went inside and changed into shorts and a t-shirt.

Sheila: You are so lucky today. I’m left with no clothes and only stains.

Me: Arey, take a bath, and you can use my extra towel. And for clothes shy don’t you wear what we shopped for.

Sheila: It’s already warm, and I can’t wear jeans.

Me: Wear a skirt then, and you can wear one crop top too.

Sheila: Ok, wait.

Then after 5 minutes, she stepped out of the washroom. I’m in my mind, is she unmarried, is she a model? Omg, she was looking so sexy, and now I can’t look at her in a good way.

She said, “How I’m looking? Is the top too small?”

Me: No, Sheila, you are looking like a fashion model. I can say a newly married wife who is going on a honeymoon trip. Your mangal sutra, sindoor, anklets, chudi are making you so hot in this dress.

Sheila: Is it so? Am I looking very hot?

Me: Oh, let me take some photos and show you, pose some moves.

Sheila: I don’t know how to do it.

I showed her a sexy girl’s picture biting her lips, showing her little back. She posed like that. But while doing it, her skirt slid down from the back, and I could see her bare ass. She looked embarrassed, but I went towards her, hugged her, made her feel comfortable.

I revealed that I have a crush on her and want to make love with her. She resisted a bit. Still, I initiated my kiss on her neck. She felt current over her body. I put my hand over her boobs, squeezed her boobs. I started undressing her.

I inserted my finger in her vagina. She was already wet, and I started fingering her continuously. She was moaning like hell. I made her sit in bed, unzipped my pants, put my dick in her mouth. I made her swallow my dick fully by pushing her head towards my dick.

She looked so sexy in mangalsutra, sindoor, and other ornaments without clothes, like a sex goddess. Then I inserted my dick in her vagina, fucked her continuously for 40 minutes straight. Then she comes on top of me, riding my dick.

I insisted she let me try doggy style. She denied it at first, but I guess she also wanted it. So I started fucking her in the doggy style. I grabbed her hair from the back and was fucking her like hell. She was moaning like a bitch. Then I unloaded my cum inside her mouth. Then we together slept nude.

Stay tuned to know what happens afterward.

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