Juhi- Part 7 (Being A Mistress)

Hey guys, I know it’s been long since I posted a story. Well, what I’m posting now is something that’s happened a bit recently. So, I’m sure, everyone’s gone through this phase once. When you are doing great in life. Just because we want some change and excitement, we end up fucking it. Well, so did I!

About a year back, I decided to quit my job in advertising and become a housewife. To get more time for my personal needs. At that time, I had a good-paying job, an extremely active sex life. I was working 5 days a week, hanging out with friends at work and generic.

I had hookups with colleagues, bosses, and friends. My husband, was, as usual, busy with his business trips to the USA which lasted 2-3 weeks, sometimes a month. Here I was busy getting my pussy greased by a variety of cocks. I had no regrets of cheating my husband.

Strangely I’ve never have had any hang-ups on cheating. Whether it’s cheating my husband or previously my boyfriends. For me it’s always been simple, it’s all about sex. If we are compatible let’s fuck or fuck off. For all the guys who I’ve ever slept with, would vouch for it.

No matter how horrible a mood I’m in, a good fuck always cheers me up. So guys who haven’t read my stories earlier read them. Currently, my stats are 36dd, 30, 35. I have and always have had a fucking lot of pride about my tits. They’ve really helped me land in a lot of pants, and sleep through a lot many promotions and jobs as well.

I’ve always loved to be a tease and get guys to adjust their dicks. So after I quit, I did hang out with friends and colleagues. But gradually that died off. So in about a month, all I did was wake up, eat, get the house chores done by the maid, another maid cooked the food.

I watched web series and TV, gym, watch porn and finger myself, sleep and repeat. Well, this went on for almost about 3 weeks. Towards the end of three weeks, I started feeling extremely monotonous. I mean, it was like a routine to finger and go to bed.

Well, that’s the time I bought myself a glass dildo. That helped me spice up my masturbation life for another month. With this new toy, all I was doing now was masturbating 2-3 times a day. But with all this, I was getting mentally fucked. Because a real fuck is so fucking awesome.

A dildo no matter how big it is, it’s an artificial thing right. You need a real fucking guy who can bang you hard, lick your pussy, thrash your tits, bite your neck and nipples. Then explode his cum in your mouth or your body. Imagine a person, who is used to meet people and be with people and fuck around.

Suddenly is confined in a house. All you have is a dildo and your fingers. God, life became all fucked up. Without knowing it, I was getting into a depression. I could afford my break from the job because my husband paid for the entire expenses and the house.

So now I started getting greedy for sex, I started yearning for guys. For the leaking pussy I have, I was keen to get laid. For the first time since I had lost my virginity, I had such a big sex break. Guys and girls who are reading this will agree.

Once you are into getting screwed, toys and fingers don’t help you much. Only the actual sex satisfies you. So I started checking out and sadistically flirting with guys at the gym, at malls. Even with men and boys in my building and society. Basically, this depression was getting onto me.

Just then I met this guy in his mid 30’s in the gym. His name was Pankaj. The first time I noticed him was when he was doing bench-press. His penis was protruding a bit from his tracks. I kept staring at his cock and was caught by him. Gosh, that was really embarrassing.

But from that point onwards, Pankaj did pay undue attention to me. I being a hungry sex loving whore started giving him angular views of my ass and boobs. I made sure that he could see my cleavage and ass curves. Then I used to love it when he adjusted his cock. So this teasing business went on almost for 2 weeks.

I was waiting for the fucker to approach me, but that chutiya didn’t. Finally, one day I was waiting for my cab below the gym. He swayed over in his Skoda Octavia and courteously asked if he could drop me. My immediate reaction was no. But then he insisted and I anyways was waiting for some action.

So, thought maybe this could be it. He asked me the address and drove me to my residence with very less conversation. But then this became more often, and then a routine. Now during these brief drives, I had never invited him home. I was dying for his dick in my fucking wet pussy.

But so unlike me, I was waiting patiently. I’d sometimes imagine my dildo being his cock and had orgasms. All I knew about him was that he was married like me. He told me that ‘his wife was from his village and understood him neither mentally nor physically’.

In short, sex was bad and that he was a senior manager in an IT firm. So one of those days I asked him to come home. Now that day particularly I had already planned that I’m gonna take that motherfucker’s cock. Anyhow, I now wanted him. So the moment he came up, I asked him to be seated.

I changed up into a sports bra whose pads had kinda worn out. It made the top of my boobs completely visible along with a great amount of cleavage along with cotton shorts. I knew it would turn him on. So all this while I was thinking how exactly I’m gonna make my moves.

But the moment I came out to the living room, he had something in his hands that just shocked me – my fucking glass dildo. I had forgotten it on the sofa after my last night’s session. There were no words spoken. He just threw it on the sofa, ran up to me and started kissing me, and grabbed my ass tight.

Oh fuck, I was super horny and had a guy kissing me after an eternity. We gradually started moving towards the bedroom. During this time he was squashing my tits and ass, and running his hands on my pussy from over my shorts. Once we entered the room, I pushed him on the bed.

I grabbed his penis from his track pants. In a fraction of a second, I had his cock in my hand. I started sucking it like a hungry whore. After some time of quenching my hunger for the taste of a cock, I observed his cock. It was kinda big. It was shaved recently as it had small protruding hair.

It had a seemingly nice and big dick head that was glowing with my saliva and his pre-cum. After this brief observation, I held his balls and started licking his nuts. I was doing it so aggressively, that Pankaj started moaning. That’s when I stopped, realizing that if this bastard cums I might not get to fuck him.

And I needed this fucking dick real bad inside me. I quickly pulled out a condom and put it on his cock. All this while he was lying down. I put on a condom and jumped on to him. Of fucking hell, it was such a fucking experience. A cock was finally in me after an eternity.

I just closed my eyes and ground my body on his cock. I just closed my eyes, and he was hungrily squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples. I was totally in a different zone. It was such a bliss. It was so damn amazing to finally get fucked again!

Normally I last for 20-25 minutes, sometimes hours too. But that day I exploded a whole lot of my pussy juice on his cock in less than 10 minutes. I had such a powerful orgasm that I just fell down on the bed lifeless. His cock had a ton full of my juices that were all over him.

I had cum, but I really wanted more, and so did Pankaj. He stared at me like he had conquered the worlds highest peak, and I thought to myself – bastard I’ve cum only because I haven’t had a dick in so ducking long. But I wanted more.

His cock was still hard, and without any word, he just put his cock in me. I wasn’t expecting it but has happily surprised. I started making small hip movements to accommodate him. He came in a scissor position and started pounding me. He then came in missionary and stuck it real deep.

He kept fucking me hard. The only sound that I could hear was his balls hitting my wet pussy walls which were mixed with my moans. I could feel his cock growing in me. Maybe I was over-thinking, but I was so elated that I had a real guy fucking me and tearing me apart.

After some real fucking, he said am gonna cum. For all who know me know how much I love tasting cum. I hadn’t had any in the last few months. So I quickly pulled his cock out and started sucking it. He was so surprised to see my hunger for cum that he released a lot of cum.

The first spurt hit the top of my palette and then I could feel many many more. His cum tasted amazing and I was in the zenith heaven tasting it. I had no fucking idea how much he came. He would have cum for about 25-30 seconds. While cumming he had his nails ground in my boobs. It was so awesome!

He became lifeless and lay down on the bed. And I was relishing the cum blast I had just had. I did not want to gulp it at once. I kept it in my mouth, swallowing it bit by bit so that I could enjoy the taste and the experience. I just realized that I had had multiple small orgasms.

I also had a ton of fucking nail marks on my body. But it was a fun session and I had enjoyed it. I looked at him and had a grin on my face. I was seeing a nude man and a limp cock in my bed after so long. I really wanted more, but just then Pankaj stood up and started wearing his clothes.

He said that he would need to get back home because as per his wife he was in the gym. It had been well past his normal gym time. So I lay there nude, watching his clothes coming on. He then bent down and sucked my tits for a bit and kissed me. I marched nude till the main door and saw him vanish.

So I received a text at a similar time next day and the day after that. In fact every day from that day onwards till up till now – that he is on his way. So he has had a no strings attached relationship, wherein the only thing we do is – have sex. He has got me to do a lot of fetish stuff as well.

I have always obliged, as the sex after that is awesome. So normally, the days following that have been like he enters. I’m normally in minimal clothes, we hastily strip and fuck. There’s barely any foreplay. There are days when we are in the foreplay mood and do nasty things to each other, but that’s rare.

Mostly, he comes home, lowers my shorts or jeans or pajamas. At times not even remove it and inserts his cock and starts pounding me. So over the months, Pankaj has developed a great fetish for my ass. There are days when he simply squashes my butts, licks my ass hole and my pussy.

I really love his passion and hunger for sex. He loves to see me pee. So whenever I need to pee, he makes me sit on the basin side and pee in the basin. He has also made me pee while he had put in a dildo in my pussy. So far, the sex has been nice.

But like every other thing, it has started to get a bit boring now. As the months passed by, it just struck me that I had become his mistress. From being a sex fantasy, I’d become someone’s sex necessity. But till the time the sex is good, I am ok. The best part of being a mistress is that the guy comes home and fucks you.

Both of you will know that the agenda of the meetings are only and only sex. In the past few months, we have had a good fuck practically everywhere in my house. The kitchen platform, kitchen floor, in the shower, on the bathroom floor, on the commode, on the balcony floor, bedroom floor, sofa, bed, hallway, practically everywhere.

Very rarely had we need the necessity to watch porn to turn ourselves on. Otherwise always he comes in hard and ready. And whenever he is done, he leaves me all sweaty and tired. The worst part of being a mistress is that you know you are just in it because he needs your holes.

But for me, that’s the best part, because, I also just need the motherfucker’s cock. He’s nice and muscular, has a nice decent sized cock and has fucking good stamina. Our average sessions go on for about an hour or so. He loves fucking me standing, and I enjoy it as well.

Honestly, he is the first guy ever, to whom I have completely surrendered my body. He decides the rules and I just allow him to do anything and everything. The days he wants to put it in my ass, he just fucks me in the ass. Strangely I’ve never objected.

The days he has wanted a blowjob I have blown his cock and balls for the entire of an hour. He has demanded me to lick his asshole, which I had just done for one other guy. He makes me do stuff and I always end up doing it. I think that’s what gets him coming back for more, and that’s what is a good mistress is required to do.

Well, it’s again it’s time for the fucker to come, and today we have planned a bathroom session. So guys and girls let me know if you liked the story- my email is .

I know this story is a bit different from the others. But this is what I’m going through these days, and life keeps changing always. So guys and girls, keep fucking and jerking. Loadsa kisses, Juhi.