Jyoti Bhabhi’s Birthday Bang!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and banging. I’m back with another story where I bang my favourite lady love Jyoti Bhabhi. I hope you’ll have read related to Jyoti Bhabhi.

This is the last story with Jyoti Bhabhi as of now. I have been extremely descriptive about the event to push the story to its peak. Let’s get back to the story now.

This story goes back to April when it was Jyoti Bhabhi’s birthday. Both of our birthdays fall in the same month. This time Jyoti Bhabhi’s husband had held a big party on a lawn inviting around 200 people. It was her first birthday since their marriage.

I was invited too, of course. How can I miss my fuck buddy’s birthday? I went, and everything went well. Party was over. I was ogling Jyoti Bhabhi’s whole body. She knew I was ogling her the whole time, thirsty for her desirable body. I came back to my senses soon.

Only Me, Jyoti Bhabhi and her husband were left back on the lawn. Jyoti Bhabhi had received a lot of gifts, and we had to drop them off at her house. The gifts are in the car. We needed to do at least 2 rounds to take everything. I filled up the car with gifts and was ready to drop them off.

But I didn’t know the way to their house. I asked her husband. He was busy winding up the last payments with lawn, catering and music. He said, “It might take around half an hour.”

I asked Jyoti Bhabhi then, she asked her husband, and he said, “Yes, drop off the gifts and come back.” Finally, Jyoti Bhabhi and I were going to get some alone time. I started driving the car, and Jyoti Bhabhi was sitting in the passenger’s seat.

She asked me, “What happened? I saw you constantly ogling at me.” I answered, “If someone looks so hot, especially on their birthday, how can I miss ogling at someone like that.”

After listening to that, she bit her lips and smiled seductively. Describing her clothes, she was wearing a normal kurti, a little tight for her, pressing her boobs completely, outlining her bra. Below, she was wearing leggings, extremely tight and showing off her panty lines.

We reached their home, and luckily their home was on the ground floor. I asked her to sit on the sofa and relax. I’ll bring everything inside. She sat, and within 5 minutes, I got all the gifts inside. I told Jyoti Bhabhi to let’s go back to her husband. But she said, “What’s the hurry? Take your return gift from me.”

Jyoti Bhabhi walked toward me, unzipped my pants, and took my dick in her hands. Within seconds it had stretched out completely. Jyoti Bhabhi was thirsty as always to suck a cock. My cock was so big that she could never take it completely. She only took half of it.

I thought, “Let me deep throat her.” I held her head with my hands and told her, “Sorry, Jyoti Bhabhi, this might hurt. But you will enjoy it and no need to put so much effort.” She might have understood what was going to come.

I started pushing my cock further inside her mouth. She did not stop her tongue work, and she was creating a vacuum sucking it inside. It was such an amazing blowjob from Jyoti Bhabhi. Jyoti Bhabhi had learned it so well.

I blew a huge amount of thick cum directly into her throat. After all these months, she was so happy about this, especially on her birthday. She wanted me to fuck her, but we couldn’t risk her husband knowing it. Hence we drove back to him.

Jyoti Bhabhi couldn’t stop smiling in the car as well. She thanked me so much. Instead, I should thank her for our relationship, friends with benefits concept. We reached back to the venue and saw that her husband was sad. Jyoti Bhabhi asked him, “What happened? Why are you sad?”

He replied he got a call from his native place saying his dad was seriously ill and he needed to go. Jyoti Bhabhi immediately asked whether she could come too. But he said no as the party things were still not winded up. He insisted she stay back, and if something major happened, he would call her.

I booked tickets for him, and within 1 hour he left by bus. Before going, he gave me 20000 RS to clear the rest of the expenses for Jyoti Bhabhi’s birthday. He told me to take care of her. I said, of course, and he left. Jyoti Bhabhi was sad. I was sad to see her sad as moments ago.

She was so bright and smiling infinitely after our recent session. I dropped her at her house, and I told her I’d leave. My gift was so sexy for her, so I told her to hide it. I thought she would tell me to stay with her. But then she did not, and I left.

I stayed around 1 hour away from her house, so visiting her wasn’t much of an issue. Before leaving, I kissed her on the cheeks and left. When I got her call, I was on my way back and was 20 minutes away from Jyoti Bhabhi’s house. I picked up and sensed that she wasn’t sad anymore.

She sounded excited and told me to get back. I didn’t know what had happened, so I just drove back. I reached her house, and the door was open. She was sitting on the sofa when I went in. As soon as she saw me, she ran towards me and hugged me tightly.

I wasn’t going to leave any chance. I hugged her immediately, grabbing her bra hook from behind. Of course, she noticed it and said, “I very well know you are caressing and feeling my bra hook.” I knew she would notice. Then I asked her, “How come your mood got so nice?”

She said that she got a call from her husband’s mom that his dad was fine.  After listening to that, I was so happy, and even Jyoti Bhabhi was glowing. She said I needed to book return tickets for her husband, which would be after 4 days.

Jyoti Bhabhi said we would stay together, and of course, what happiness we both felt. I immediately kissed her, and she was fully supportive. I told Jyoti Bhabhi that you can open my gift now that we are alone.

We went to her bedroom, and she had kept the gift inside her bed frame, below the plywood, so that no one could see it. She had followed me, and that made me attracted to her. Jyoti Bhabhi was very excited and carefully opened the box.

I had fucked Jyoti Bhabhi twice. When I had taken the bra she had worn, I got a fitting gift for her. Jyoti Bhabhi was so happy to see the new lingerie I gifted her. It was a combo pack of 3 lingeries, black, blue and red, padded with sexy designs.

These weren’t normal lingeries. These were custom made designs according to Jyoti Bhabhi’s boob size. She said, “This is the sexiest gift I have ever got.” She loved it. She told me it was necessary to hide the gift but not now. I’ll tell my husband that I went shopping and bought this.

Describing the lingeries, it was lacy lingeries—heavily padded bra top. Sheer net-like cloth hangs from the bra to her stomach and a sheer, thin black, silky thong. She was thrilled about the gift. It was late already. Soon we cuddled and slept off.

The next morning, I saw Jyoti Bhabhi was already up and making something in the kitchen. She was preparing tea. Jyoti Bhabhi’s husband told her to book the return tickets for Friday, which was 5 days ahead. Jyoti Bhabhi kept the phone. I booked the tickets and sent them to her husband.

We had tea, and we had small talk. Later, Jyoti Bhabhi went to the room to take a bath, but before going, she opened the bedroom door and threw something at me. I wasn’t exactly aware until I noticed it was a black bra.

Jyoti Bhabhi yelled she had been wearing this bra since she got ready for the birthday party. It means for over 15 to 16 hours. Jyoti Bhabhi then said she would take almost 20-30 minutes. I could enjoy myself with her bra. The black bra smelled amazing because of her sweat and was seducing me a lot.

I started masturbating. After 10-15 minutes, I cum all over her bra cup. It was amazing. Time passed, and Jyoti Bhabhi had a great bath for half an hour. After the bath, Jyoti Bhabhi wore the black lingerie which I gifted. She came out of her bedroom.

As soon as I saw her, I was stunned. I didn’t know how to react. It was like a new Jyoti Bhabhi I was seeing. She looked so sexy in the lingerie – perfect fitting her boobs and complete body.

Jyoti Bhabhi came and sat beside me. She started seducing me by touching my inner thighs and sliding her hands over my fully erect cock. Later, she slid her index finger over my face and my lips. Jyoti Bhabhi slid her hand inside my hair, and she pulled my face close to hers.

I was very close to her lips, just about to smooch. We slowly proceeded to kiss. Our lips touched, and we started smooching. She played with my hair, and I grabbed her hair bun and pushed her face deep into mine. The kiss was so passionate that I had never experienced such a smooch.

I didn’t want to stop kissing her, but she stopped. Jyoti Bhabhi pushed me on her boobs area. I started licking over her chest and also caressing her back. Jyoti Bhabhi was slowly moaning in a low voice. Even after fucking her so many times, she was still very passionate and new every time.

Slowly, slowly, I started proceeding towards her boobs. I started massaging her boobs over the heavily padded lingerie. Jyoti Bhabhi was still feeling the press which made her moan even more. I was taking it slowly so that we made this experience much more memorable than any other session.

Jyoti Bhabhi wanted to continue the rest in the bedroom. I picked her up, took her to the bedroom, and slowly put her down. She sat on the bed. I stripped off my clothes and knelt. I continued kissing and caressing her chest and giving her small love bites.

I carefully dropped her lingerie strap, exposing a little of her boobs. I started kissing both her boobs and licking them. Jyoti Bhabhi asked me to bite her upper boobs as well. I started biting her and leaving behind my love bites all over her upper boob skin.

I dropped her lingerie bra, completely exposing her dark areolas and nipples. I pushed her onto the bed, climbed on her and rested over her. She was putting my face right in front of her nipples, ready to lick and caress them. I played with her nipples, using my tongue. Also, I licked her areolas clean.

This, in turn, was turning on Jyoti Bhabhi so much that now she had moaned in full swing. Jyoti Bhabhi’s moaning was very loud now. She was moaning like, “Ohh Yeahhh, lick it, lick it more. Bite it. Give me more pleasure.”

Listening to all this, I was even more charged up. I was biting her nipples, and it could be painful. But Jyoti Bhabhi was enjoying the pain as well. The pleasure was running at the maximum. Jyoti Bhabhi said, “Strip me, strip me off naked.” I was waiting to hear that.

I made her sit on the bed and stripped off her top of the lingerie. After that, I made her lay down again. I was about to strip her silky thong when I noticed something. I saw that the silky black thong was shining more than expected. I touched it and realized that it was so wet.

Jyoti Bhabhi’s pussy was dripping so much cum. The thin, silky thong soaked up everything and was so damn wet. I felt like drinking every drop, and I was going to do it. I stripped off her thong, smelled it, and licked off the juices.

Going to her pussy, which was extremely clean shaved and called me to bury my face into it. I went close to her pussy, smelled her pussy, and smelled angelic as usual. I touched the tip of my tongue to her clit and started licking it.

Jyoti Bhabhi was back to moaning, more like screaming with pleasure. This was just her clit, and I wasn’t even inside her yet. Next, I slowly opened up her labia and pushed my tongue into her pussy. I wobbled my tongue inside her pussy, hitting her pussy walls and tasting all her wonderful tasty juice from inside.

Jyoti Bhabhi was on top of her pleasure and was shouting to enter inside her. I told Jyoti Bhabhi, “As you wish, my ladylove.” I held my fully erected 6’’ cock and kept the tip on the entrance of her pussy. I started sliding my cock into her pussy slowly.

With every inch going inside, Jyoti Bhabhi was twitching and shouting my name, asking me to push more and deeper. I put her legs straight up into the air, coming to a missionary position. I thrust my complete cock into her pussy. I have to mention it.

Even after fucking her so many times, her pussy was still tight, and her pussy walls clenched my cock. Jyoti Bhabhi felt the thrust, and it felt like the cock went deep into her pussy. Jyoti Bhabhi said, “Fuck me fast, fuck me hard, please. Thrust hard into me, make me your slut.”

I started thrusting into her hard. Her ass and my thighs were clapping together. The noise was very satisfying when combined with Jyoti Bhabhi’s moan. I keep pushing hard and fucking her continuously for the next 10 minutes.

Next, we changed to the 69 position. She was cleaning off my cock, and I was eating her pussy. The 69 position was so amazing. I couldn’t control much and cum all in her mouth. Jyoti Bhabhi was slightly tired now. We cuddled and rested for some time now.

After 15 minutes, my cock was all erect to enter back into Jyoti Bhabhi. I suggested to her we could do doggy style. Jyoti Bhabhi was immediately on her knees for doggy style. I went behind her, and instead of going inside her pussy. I surprised her and started inserting into her asshole.

I inserted the tip into her asshole, and she started screaming in pain. I retracted and asked if she was fine. Although it was painful, she wanted me to fuck her asshole. Jyoti Bhabhi recommended lubricant or oil for smooth entry to be less painful.

I oiled up my dick well. I put oil in her asshole as well. 2nd try on inserting into her asshole. This time, she took more than the tip. Almost an inch of my cock was inside her asshole. Jyoti Bhabhi was screaming in pain, but she said to go in more. She wanted me to tear up her asshole.

Slowly, I inserted my dick into her asshole. She was screaming a lot. After a lot of struggles, Jyoti Bhabhi took half of my dick. She was tired now. I was getting so much pleasure. I got both her already tight pussy and even tighter asshole.

After 5 minutes, she was back at it and asked me to push my whole dick into her asshole. Slowly, I was astonished that she had taken my whole dick inside her asshole. It surprised me that she could take it on the first try of anal sex. After that, it was a cakewalk.

I slowly thrust in and out of her asshole. Her pain was turning into pleasure, and shouting changed to moaning. Cry turned into enjoyment. As I was thrusting my dick, simultaneously, I was fingering her pussy and playing with her clit.

I could see her hanging boobs swinging back and forth, up and down. That scene made me hornier. I started fucking her asshole even more brutally. As it was her asshole, she wanted me to finish inside her. I fucked Jyoti Bhabhi in the asshole for 30 minutes straight.

My fingering had made her cum quite a few times. Finally, when about to cum, I cummed into her asshole. I removed my cock, pushed her onto the bed and started eating up her pussy and drinking those precious love juices. Both of us were drenched in sweat.

Jyoti Bhabhi was extremely tired now after 2 sessions. We slept immediately without cleaning. We slept for a good 4 hours. After which, we bathed together, and I fucked her under the shower.

Jyoti Bhabhi washed up the lingerie and kept it back at her secret hideout for the remaining days.  She was back to her saree attire. Although fucking never stopped. I fucked her at least thrice every day. We didn’t know when we could get a chance again. Everything went well.

After a few days, her husband returned, and I was back home. Jyoti Bhabhi and I constantly talk about this now. Her birthday became memorable for her, and she was satisfied to the maximum, which her husband couldn’t do.

Jyoti Bhabhi will be my favourite fuck partner. This would be the last story with her as of now. I would surely post any extra sessions.

I hope you liked this series of Jyoti Bhabhi. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. I would be thrilled to receive an appreciation if you liked the story. Appreciations help us keep writing more stories.

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