Keeping It In The Family – Part 5

It was another usual day at the Kumar residence. Nidhi was pondering over what she was supposed to be doing next. Convincing Arjun was easier than she thought it would be. But she still had to figure out how she was going to convince Yashika to sleep with a man.

To add to this, she had to make sure the first time Yashika had sex with a man. It must be an experience she must crave, something very wonderful.

Arjun, Yashika, and Kumar had gone to their colleges and worked as usual. Nidhi wanted to get started on her plan, so she texted Arjun.

Nandini: Hello, beta!

After a few minutes, a message popped up.

Arjun: Hi, maa!

Nandini: Is it a busy day at college?

Arjun: Not really. I am currently free at the moment, and the next class will be an hour later.

Nandini: If there’s not much to do in college today, can you come home now? There are some things I want to talk to you.

Arjun: OK, maa, I’ll be there as soon as I can.

Nidhi: OK, beta, I’ll be waiting.

45 minutes later, Nidhi can hear the opening of the main door. It must be Arjun. Sitting in her bedroom, she’s waiting for him to come to her room when he opens the door.

Arjun: What did you want to talk about, ma?

Nidhi: Beta, you do remember our last conversation regarding Yashika, don’t you?

Arjun: Oh, yes I do, ma, what about it? Do you want me to do something about it now?

Nidhi: Not yet. I want to know some things before we get started with Yashika.

Arjun: OK, go ahead.

Nidhi: How good are you at it?

Arjun: I am sorry I don’t understand. Good at what, ma?

Nidhi: Sex. I want to make sure the first time she has sex with a man is a good experience for her. An experience that will leave her craving for men.

Arjun felt embarrassed not just because his mother wanted his sister to have sex with a man to be a wonderful experience. But he was also embarrassed about the fact that he was a virgin.

Seeing Arjun stand silent, she asked.

Nidhi: Beta, have you ever had sex before?

A feeble voice escaped his throat.

Arjun: No.

Nidhi: Oh, beta. Have you ever had a girlfriend?

Arjun: I did, but it never got to that.

Nidhi: Hmmm, what was the most intimate you both were to each other?

Arjun: We held hands and hugged. I’ve never done anything more than grope ma.

Nidhi: Oh, beta. This is going to be a problem,

Arjun: does this mean you’ll be finding someone more experienced for Yashika?

Nidhi: No, that’s out of the cards. We can’t risk bringing an outsider into this.

Arjun: So, how do you plan to make this happen?

Nidhi: We’ll have to make do with what we have. With some practice, I am sure you can get pretty good at it, too.

Arjun: Now, that only creates more questions for me. Will we have to get a prostitute to get me better at sex?

Nidhi: No, I am not sure if that’ll be a good idea either. Plus, I don’t want my son fucking whores and get diseases.

Arjun: Then what do we do?

Nidhi: Crazy as it may sound, we will be going to commit the incestuous act of making a brother sleep with his sister. I am guessing we can add to it some more to protect the family name.

Arjun: What do you mean?

Nidhi was afraid that Arjun would be accepting of her idea.

Nidhi: It just means that I’ll guide you through the basics of pleasure-giving to a woman. Now, is that OK with you?

Arjun was shocked at this, although he did masturbate to her getting fucked by his dad. But when she asked away straight like that, he was stumped.

Arjun: What are you saying, ma! Are you sure about this?

Nidhi: I know this is a very bad idea. But I am going to do everything in my power to make sure our family name remains untainted. The society we live in isn’t very easygoing for homosexuals. Had this been a different time and a nation, we wouldn’t have to worry so much.

Arjun: I understand what you’re saying, ma. It just seems like things would be so weird after all of this.

Nidhi: I know, but we’ll try our best to keep it as normal as possible.

Arjun: I trust in you, ma, so what do you want me to do now?

Nidhi stood there for a while, deep in thought. She finally thought of something to do.

Nidhi: Arjun, since we have the home to ourselves for some time, let’s get started with your training.

Arjun: What? Right now?

Nidhi: Yes, Arjun. We don’t have the whole day for this. It would be better if we got started early.

Arjun: Ok maa, as you say.

Nidhi: Now, remove your jeans and underwear.

Arjun, still hesitant about getting naked in front of her, decides to remove his jeans and T-shirt. But he stops as he’s standing in his underwear. He might have masturbated to her being fucked by his father.

This was something out of his wildest dreams. He couldn’t figure out what to do next, so that he didn’t blow it up.

Nidhi: Beta, we don’t have the whole day. Remove your underwear.

Arjun, hesitant to do so, obeys her. The nervousness of the situation has his cock shrivelled. She gets on her knees, getting closer to his cock. He can feel her warm breath on his cock. She looks up at him. Gulping down, she held his cock.

Like a dead man come back alive, his cock sprang back to life. It gained a sudden erection, growing as she held his cock. For a moment, she seems to have forgotten the fact that it was her son’s penis that she was grasping. She unknowingly started to grip his cock tighter.

It only grew and became harder as she kept holding it tight. She was admiring the young cock of her son as the veins on his cock pulsated. Carried away by her touch, he grabbed her head and started to pull her head closer to his cock.

Nidhi was so lost in her thoughts. It was only after her lips touched the tip of his cock that she seemed to have realised what was happening. She pushed him away.

Nidhi (visibly angry): What do you think you’re doing, Arjun? Are you trying to force yourself on me?

Arjun: NO! NO! I don’t what came over me, ma! But I am very sorry.

Nidhi: It’s alright, just be careful next time.

She held his cock again tight, pulling the foreskin down. Light moans escaped his mouth as she moved in a pattern that resembled her stroking his cock. But very slowly, rubbing her thumb over the tip of his cock.

Arjun: What’s the plan, ma? What are we trying to do here?

Nidhi: I am not sure, beta. I am wondering how we can get started on your training so the first time you do it with your sister. She realises what she’s missing.

Arjun: Do you think she likes kissing and other parts of foreplay?

Nidhi didn’t want to let Arjun know that Yashika has been fucking Nidhi all this time.

Nidhi: I’m not sure, but I think, like every other woman, she might like it too. Do you know the basics, Arjun? What needs to be done and how it needs to be done?

Arjun: I’ve seen some lovemaking scenes in movies. Maybe she would like those?

Nidhi: Maybe, I’m not sure. It must be so good that she starts craving a man.

Arjun looked nervous; he didn’t want to seem like a failure.

Arjun: So, it all depends on that one try, ma? I’ve seen some movies, but I’ve never been with a woman. I don’t know if the things I do would pleasure her or not.

Nidhi: Beta, don’t be so nervous. Lovemaking is an instinct-driven activity. You said to yourself that you know what’s to be done.

Arjun: Yes, but I’ve never done it with a real woman. If I could have a woman tell me how I am at it, it would boost my confidence in helping Yashika.

Nidhi knew he was raising a valid concern. He had to be good at it the first time with her. Yashika may hate the experience so much that she’d never be able to convince her to do it again with a man. There was no ethical way out of this.

Arjun needed a woman to practise, and involving someone from outside wasn’t safe. Getting him a prostitute was also out of options out of the fear of diseases. She knew that this was the only choice left, not an ideal one, not one she liked. But one she must do to get what needed to be done.

Nidhi: Arjun, you can try with me. Follow your instincts, and I’ll guide you when necessary.

Arjun was surprised at this suggestion, his mother offering herself.

Arjun: Mom, are you sure?

Nidhi: Do we have a choice? Do you know any other woman you can practise with?

Arjun: No

Nidhi: Then, we’ll make do with what we have. I want you to know that I love you both so much I am willing to do anything to make sure my children lead a happy, comfortable life. Go ahead and show me what you know.

Arjun’s cock had gotten limp from all the conversation. He was standing half-naked in front of her. Meanwhile, Nidhi wore her T-shirt and yoga pants. He got closer to her, putting his hand on her waist and leaned in to kiss her lips. Nidhi just stood there analysing his moves.

He started with kisses that barely touched each other’s lips and started kissing her longer. His first real kiss was an overwhelming experience for him. He grabbed her aggressively and tried to bite her lower lip while groping her right boob. Nidhi pushed him away.

Nidhi: I said try to make love. What you’re doing feels like molestation. She’s supposed to like this experience. If you try something like this with her, she’ll dread all interactions with a man. What kind of movies have you been watching where a man forces himself on a woman?

Arjun: I am sorry, ma. I don’t know what came over me. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it.

Nidhi: Look, we knew this wasn’t going to work on the first try. Let’s try again and be gentle. Remember, you’re supposed to provide pleasure. Having pleasure yourself should not be your priority.

Arjun: Understood, ma. I have a question, though.

Nidhi: What is it?

Arjun: how do I know that she’s enjoying the experience?

Nidhi: apart from verbal confirmation, you can confirm this by the tightness of the breast and wetness in pussy.

Arjun: Understood, ma!

He was going for his second shot. He held her again by her waist, kissing her lips. He bit her lower lip. As they kissed, he was pushing her towards the bed, where he made her lay on the bed and him on top of her. He pinned her hands and kept kissing her, trying to push his tongue inside her mouth.

She tried to resist it at first but then remembered what this all was for. His tongue played with hers. His hand grabbed her breasts, squeezing them as he pushed his tongue inside her mouth. He let go of her mouth, and she took a deep breath as if she had been holding for so long.

Nidhi: Beta, araam se! (Son, please do it slowly.)

He kept going down on her neck while playing with her nipples, feeble moans escaping her mouth. He pulled up her T-shirt, her huge breasts now in the open, bouncing. He put his breasts inside his mouth as he squeezed her right boob while sucking her left.

Her back arched as if she was trying to force herself to push him off. Her breath was coming in short pants. She tried to push his head away, but his hands held her firm. Her eyes closed, looking away from him, telling herself. It was all to make him good at sex.

So he could please his sister Yashika in bed, and she would start liking men. He was now down to kissing her navel. He bent down and started playing with her navel and sucking her navel button. She held his head with both her hands, a maternal instinct trying to push him off.

Determined to leave a good impression, he thought this resistance was something. She was putting up a real play scenario when doing it with Yashika. He grabbed her yoga pants and started to pull them down. Her underwear was now also in the way.

He pulled up her undergarment with his teeth, and as she raised her butt, exposing her pussy, he pulled her down. He removed his hand and started caressing her butt. He used his finger to trace the outline of her pussy as if he had tried it only then.

He spread her legs, holding them open with both his hands as she looked away. He placed his finger inside her pussy. Her eyes remained closed. He started kissing her thighs slowly, slowly higher up, taking more care to make sure he caressed her in the right way.

He played with her pubic hair and rubbed her clit with his finger as she started moaning loudly. She could feel his fingers sliding in and out, her pussy getting wetter, and his fingers moving in and out faster. A little moan escaped her mouth.

He started to rub his dick on her pussy, his precum lubricating her pussy. He put his cock between her pussy and was about to penetrate her. But she grabbed his waist.

Nidhi: Arjun beta, not yet. You’ll have to provide good foreplay if you want to impress Yashika. Go down on mommy and lick that pussy well.

Like an obedient son, Arjun set out to the task. He started licking her pussy, sucking her clitoris, inserting his tongue into her pussy, trying to lick the juices oozing from her pussy.

As he sucked her pussy, her body started trembling, her breathing was fast. She tried to get up. He stopped her and went back to licking her pussy. Her hand went to his head, pushing his face deeper into her cunt.

She came.

He looked up at her, her eyes closed and her face in ecstasy. He climbed onto the bed, holding his erect cock. He was going to fuck her. He positioned his dick near her pussy and started rubbing his dick on her pussy.

She opened her eyes. She pushed him back, got up and pulled her undergarment and yoga pants back on.

She got up.

Nidhi: Good boy!

Nidhi patted him on his head as she tried to figure out what just happened. She was still reeling from her orgasm. She tried to control her heavy breathing and asked him.

Nidhi: Did you like that?

Arjun: Ma, this was wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity.

Nidhi: You are most welcome, son.

He was still holding his erect penis.

Arjun: What next?

Nidhi: Not right now. I am tired. We can continue after some rest.

Arjun: OK, can I help you with anything?

Nidhi: Can you get me some water, please? My throat is dry.

Arjun: Yes.

Arjun was getting water from the kitchen. Nidhi was still reeling from the orgasm. Her mind was still in a jumble. Her pussy was wet, and she was feeling hot. Arjun came back, gave her the water and sat on the bed beside her.

Arjun: Are you okay ma?

Nidhi: Yes, I am.

She was lost in thought. She didn’t realise that Arjun’s hands had slipped behind her and started touching her waist and slowly moving towards her butt.

Arjun: Maa, can we continue? I think it would be better for Yashika if you taught me how to go slow, not fast.

Nidhi: You’re right. You have to take things slow with women. I was so impressed by your oral skills.

Arjun: Maa, why are you praising me so much?

Nidhi: Because you are doing so well, let’s get back to what we were doing.

She laid back down on the bed. Arjun was on top of her again. This time, he didn’t pin her arms. He held her hands and rubbed them. He took his time and then moved his hands to her breasts, gently massaging them.

His lips moved to her neck, and he started kissing her. He started slow and then became more intense. He started sucking her nipples, and she started moaning. Her body was getting hotter.

Arjun: Are you okay, ma?

She didn’t respond. Her moans got louder. He pulled her pants down, and her panties were soaked.

Arjun: Wow, maa, your pussy is so wet, I wonder why.

Nidhi: Oh no, it’s all your fault. You are making me feel so good.

Arjun: Do you want me to stop?

Nidhi: No, keep going, and don’t forget about foreplay. You have to take your time and make her feel loved and cared for, and make her cum.

He slowly kissed his way down to her pussy. He used his fingers and started playing with her clit. He gently licked her clit, and her hips bucked.

Nidhi: Oh, yes, you’re getting the hang of it. Now, do it harder.

Arjun: I will, and then what?

Nidhi: And then you will make love to her.

Arjun: Are you ready for me to enter you, maa?

Nidhi: Oh, I can’t. It would be a sin.

Arjun: Maa, are you sure? Look at how wet you are.

Nidhi: Do what I said, and go slow.

Arjun: OK.

He took his dick and started rubbing it on her pussy. He used his fingers and spread her labia, and inserted the tip of his cock into her pussy. She groaned, and he continued. She wanted to stop him, but seeing the enthusiasm on his face, she didn’t want to disappoint him.

Moreover, she was afraid that if she kept denying him. He might not want to help her with turning Yashika into a straight woman. But while she was immersed in her thoughts, Arjun slowly slid his entire dick into her. She gasped in surprise as her son’s massive cock penetrated her pussy.

He was bigger than his father. It might be genetics from the maternal side. He slowly started to move his hips and started pumping his cock in and out. His speed picked up, her moans getting louder, her face turning red. He kept thrusting faster and faster.

Her pussy was so wet and slippery that he could easily pump her pussy. Her pussy felt so warm and soft. He was pounding her hard and fast. She could feel his balls slapping her ass.

Nidhi: No, Arjun, stop, it’s a sin, we can’t do this, you’re my son, you can’t fuck me.

Arjun: Ma, don’t say that. I can’t control myself.

Arjun increased his pace and started fucking her hard. He was pounding her pussy. His cock hitting her g-spot, and his balls slapping her ass. Her pussy was leaking so much fluids that his cock was getting slick and wet.

He kept pumping her harder and harder. Her pussy was so tight and slippery. She could feel his cock sliding in and out, and she knew he was going to cum. She wanted him to cum in her pussy, but she didn’t want to say that. She was scared. But the thought of her son fucking her was too much for her.

Arjun: Ma, I’m going to cum.

Nidhi: No, Arjun, not in my pussy.

Arjun: Where else, maa, you don’t want me to cum outside.

Nidhi: It doesn’t matter, just pull it out and cum on my face.

Arjun: But you said I had to make sure she feels loved and cared for.

Nidhi: It doesn’t matter, do as I say, please.

Arjun: OK, maa.

He pulled out of her pussy, and his cock was coated in her juices. He got on top of now exhausted Nidhi. His balls touched her chin, and his cock on her lips. He kept slapping his cock on her face, and she just took it. He started to rub the tip of his cock on her lips,

Just as she opened her mouth to tell him no. He pushed his cock inside her mouth, pushing it deep into her throat. She tried to push him away by grabbing his hips. But he kept shoving his cock in her mouth more and more, face fucking her.

After a few minutes, she could feel his cock start to twitch. His balls started to contract, and then she could taste his hot cum shooting into her mouth. Her eyes widened in shock as his thick sperm shot into her mouth and down her throat. She was coughing and choking on his semen.

He was holding her head as he kept pumping his load into her mouth. She tried to swallow his cum, but it was too much for her. His cock kept pumping load after load into her mouth and down her throat.

She felt his cock throb and the last of his cum shoot into her mouth. He finally let her go, and his cock fell from her mouth. She was breathing heavily and trying to catch her breath. She had never had a cock that big in her mouth, and she had never had a man shoot that much cum in her mouth.

Arjun: Did I do good ma?

She couldn’t say anything. She took a few minutes to collect her breath. I looked at him and gave a tight slap on his face.

Nidhi: Is this how you’re planning to please Yashika? By being forceful to her? You are supposed to please her. I am not sure I should continue this with you anymore. Today, you’ve done this without asking. Who knows, tomorrow you might fuck me.

Arjun: Maa, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I got carried away.

Nidhi: I think it would be best if we ended the session right here. We will have to practise more. Only after I feel that you’re not a danger to any woman will I be comfortable letting you have sex with your sister.

Arjun: But…

Nidhi: Arjun, not another word. Go wash up and get dressed.

Arjun: Ma, at least let me help you with the cleanup.

Nidhi: Fine.

They cleaned up the mess, and Nidhi left the room. Arjun was now all alone in his room, thinking of the magical moment that had taken place and hoping that he hadn’t ruined it. She did say she would provide him with more practice. He lay on his bed, hopeful that he would get this opportunity again.

Nidhi: Why did I say that? Was it because I didn’t like him fucking me that forcefully or was it because I didn’t like him fucking me so nicely? His cock was so huge, and he had such great technique, he’s a natural at this. He’s going to make a great boyfriend and husband.

She was confused if her actions with Arjun could be justified as a step taken for the welfare of her family.

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