Khaandani Randiyaan – Part 3

(This is the missing 3rd part of the series.)

Hey there my dear friends! I know that you had been loving my earlier stories and are waiting for another dirty, nasty and sultry one. So, here is the continuation, of my story.

Salim was very angry after being on the receiving side of the slap and wanted some retribution. But I asked him not to do so. I slowly slid out his cock from my pussy, dressed up and left the room with mom’s hand in one hand. Mom was sad as she thought that she was the one to blame to have forced me into all this.

She let Salim have sex with her daughter forcefully. She was unaware of what really happened inside the room that very day. She was surely tired and so was Salim who left in anger. I took mom to her bed and dressed her up well and left her on the bed to sleep.

The next day, as it would be we tried our best not to talk about what all transpired yesterday and move on. Mom still looked tensed and this was surely having its toll on me. I told mom that it was not her fault. I was 19 already and it was just what I wanted at that time.

It wasn’t mom’s fault and nor was Salim’s. She continued to weep but soon stopped. She realized that I was a grown-up now and wanted sex as well. A year passed by without any encounter between me, Salim or Ragini mom. I was feeling guilty.

Because of me her sex life that was ever so flowing, though against the society, had stopped. I wanted to do this right but had no clue how to contact Salim or any of the other men who were at the place. It was my 20th birthday and like all the other birthdays, it was the day when I and mum used to roam around the markets.

She used to buy me the dress that I loved and wanted to buy. I was so happy that this time I will be getting some time off with my mom. That too while I was back home and not in college. My mom looked dull now as if she was not getting her desires fulfilled.

So I wanted to make sure that keeping it decent I should try to cheer her up. I planned for dinner with my cousins at the mall in the city. We left home in the morning. I was hoping that she liked the surprise that she was about to have in the night and would cheer up.

We went to the nearby McD to catch some morning burgers. While we were eating, a small kid just threw his cold-drink over mom’s saree. I felt disgusted. But before I could shout on that boy my mom asked me to relax. She said that her friend lived close-by and that she could lend her some clothes for the day.

We packed our things up and moved to Aunty’s home. On reaching her home she welcomed us and she was pretty happy to see us both. She recognized mom but didn’t recognize me. My mom introduced me. It was Sunaina aunty, mom’s office-colleague, the one working under mom for some years now.

She welcomed us in. After getting to know what all happened at McD she offered her suit to mom. Mom changed her clothes and was ready to leave. She was talking to Sunaina aunty inside the room. Aunty came to me and said, “Sanjana, you can stay here for a while. We’ll return after giving this saree for a wash.”

I looked at mom and she signaled ‘Yes’ by her head movements. I closed the door. Mom and aunty left. I was sitting on the sofa reading a magazine that was lying there on the table. It was one of the new copies of ‘Cosmopolitan’. I was loving the content.

I was reading the problems that were mentioned in the letters of the readers. While I was reading the magazine the door-bell rang. I hoped that my mom was back from the market. I opened the door, but it was not her. There was a courier boy there with a big parcel.

I received it for aunt hoping that she would be back soon.  Before I could close the door after keeping the box, there was a florist on the door. I received that too. I was thinking meanwhile that aunt’s husband was quite romantic and that she really was very lucky.

I kept the flowers alongside the parcel. I was still thinking about aunty and her love life. I could sense the banging that her pussy was enjoying after being married to a husband like that. It was surely turning me on and making me want some of it.

I wasn’t sure about that though. It would not go down well with my mom who was trying her best to keep me away from all that. I was moving away from the table that had the flowers and the parcel. I saw a letter between the stalks of the roses.

I was unable to resist. I wanted to know what being married felt like and that too to a man who cared so much for his partner. I took the letter out and opened it. I was shocked as the letter was not for aunt and for me. I quickly wanted to know who wrote me this letter and why was it being delivered at aunt’s house.

To my surprise, the author of the letter was my own mom. I was surprised as well as shocked,

“Dear Sanjana,
I know that things have not been going well between us in the house recently and I guess I am to blame for this. I shouldn’t have let you been a part of all that happened that day. You were new to it and it is strange why you liked it without being scared. Maybe you like it and love it to happen to yourself.

But I am really not sure about that at the moment. So I’ve sent you a parcel that you might have received. I hope you like the gifts that I have sent you. Maybe we’ll have a better time at home talking and discussing what we want and what we don’t want in our lives.

Take Care and Enjoy the Gifts

It was right that we have not been in the best of states. That incident was surely one of those things that were acting as a wall between us. We didn’t chit chat as usual and also were not able to share about the other parts of our lives. I too wanted this to change.

I was happy that my mother was taking this initiative to talk things out. No matter our sexual needs and thoughts differed or maybe seemed different after that odd event. I took the parcel and used the key-ring that I had to open it. I wanted to see what my mother has gifted on my birthday.

I was hoping to find several new dresses looking at the size of the box. But what I found was surely not expected by me, from my mom especially. I was amazed to see the amount of kink that my mother had. She had gifted me some of her sex-toys, sex-books, and some new trendy toys that I had just always seen on the porn websites.

I picked up one of the toys that were inside the box. It revealed a small box that was placed inside the bigger box. I was pretty excited and I quickly picked it up. It had my mother’s name embedded on it ‘RAGINI’. I opened the small box and there was a diary that looked thick and stuff was kept inside it to be safe.

I opened the diary. The very first page had a photo of my mother in her early teens, around 16 or so. She looked sweet and sexy at that time in kurta-pajama with a fitting that showed off her curves and to make sure that she looked like a real slut. Red lipstick to go along with all that heavy make-up at that time.

I turned the page excited to see what it had. This page was kinda rare, and I loved it though. It had a condom stapled to the left of the page inside a plastic packet that was sealed. The condom had the semen still inside it, though its color seemed to have faded along with the semen looking like water.

Also, there were bloodstains on the condom and on the plastic. I read what was written on the right-hand side. It was my mom’s personal experience of her first-ever sex with her boyfriend at that time. That too with her physical training teacher. She had given every bits and piece of detail about that encounter.

I was getting turned on reading all that. It was truly something how a young girl looks at it. It was lovely but I didn’t have the time to go through the entire stuff. As it was mine now, I could surely read it later whenever I felt like. I took out a vibrator dildo and turned it on.

I removed my jeans and lowered my panty. I took out my boobs from the cups of the bra and allowed them some space to move freely. That was pretty great, the feeling that a vibrator gave. The one my mom had been using to reach the climax whenever she might have been alone and had been turned on.

I was enjoying all of this looking at a porn book and masturbating. While I was busy doing this, the doorbell rang. I was taken by surprise as I had totally forgotten that I was at aunty’s place and not mine. I stuffed everything back in the box and put on my panty.

But the bell rang again. I had no time to get the jeans on. Hoping that it might be someone in a hurry, I opened the door. I can surely dress-up in front of aunt and mom if they were back. I opened the door and was shocked to see Salim there.

I had not expected Salim to come there. Nor could I say anything at that time. He ordered me to open the door and I did just that. I was not able to say no or do anything else. He came inside the house and shut the door behind him. I was still looking at him with my eyes wide open in shock and surprise.

He soon realized what I was feeling at that time. He came near me and hugged me tightly, and doing so he pinched my butts hard.

And asked in my ears, “Kya hua, Sanjana? Kuch toh bolo meri jaan.”

I was somehow able to utter out these words, “Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho? I mean…”

He said, “Tujhe gift dene aaya hoon teri birthday ka meri jaan.”

I realized maybe he had a chat with mom and was there to gift her something or to wish her. So maybe he was there for that. He soon wished me ‘Happy Birthday’. And continued to say, “So meri jaan, jaan-na chahogi ki tere liye main kya tohfa laaya hoon? Bolo?”

I said, “Yes, for sure.”

On hearing a yes straight away he grinned and gave me a naughty smile. He pulled me towards himself. Before I could understand anything, my t-shirt was in pieces. His left hand was inside my panty, caressing and teasing my pussy. I could just bite my lower lip as I somehow managed to say.

“Kya kar rahe ho? Chhodo, Mom aur unki dost aa jayeingi.”

He didn’t listen to me and soon my panty was ripped off as well. He soon ripped off the bra and this left me nude without any idea of what will happen if mom and aunty return. He pushed me on the floor just beside the center table near the front entrance door.

He started to fondle my body as per his wish. I started to enjoy the act. I wanted this to happen to me more often as I surely loved sex. It was a part of my life earlier and had been missing since the groupie incident happened. I decided not to waste this opportunity and to maximize this experience.

To enjoy the cock of this pure beast who was playing with my body, biting and kissing all over me. I was turned on. My pussy was dripping wet and wanting some action right away. I could not have asked for something more at that time. I was cooperating with him.

I was giving him the best of support to make sure that he fucks me hard and right. To make sure that my fantasy is fully realized during the act. This made me look pretty horny. It seemed that I was getting more and more turned on. While he played with my body and bit my hard nipples, I undid his pants.

Then removed it by slowly pushing it down whenever I had a chance when he gave me some space to do so. This continued for about 15 minutes. I was successful in removing his boxers as well. His cock was in my hands all erect and ready to give me a good solid ride.

I was massaging it taking some saliva in my hands. Seeing this, Salim right away asked me, “Saali, tu toh aaj bhi garma garam hai. Chudne ko ekdum taiyaar aur bekarar.” I replied, “Are yeh toh zindagi hai. Uss din ki thukai bich mein chhodi thi, toh aaj dumdaar aur mast toh honi hi hai.”

“Maa ke aane ke pehle thok lo tum jee bhar ke. Pata nahin fir kab mauka mile. Mujhe iss samay sirf aur sirf lund chahiye apni chut mein aur kuch nahin.”

“Wah meri kutiya, teri maa aur tere beech mein badi randi kaun hai. Yeh toh nahin pata. Par itna zaroor pata hai, ki dono ki chut aur chhaatiyaan ek se ek hain. Koi bhi mard chodte samay swarg ka safar zaroor kar le.”

He knew that his cock didn’t need an invitation. I was all ready to have him right at that time and at that moment. As soon as he inserted his cock inside my pussy I could feel the hot and sexy sensation. I wanted this sensation to last a long, long time.

Before he started thrusting his cock in and out for the ride, he got a message. And he messaged something back to the sender. I was not interested in who it was, his other whore or his wife. All I knew was that now it’s time that he should just tear my pussy nice and hard today.

“Toh meri kutiya taiyaar hai jannat ka safar karne ke liye?”

“Jannat ka toh pata nahin, par iss samay main chudne ka saara mazaa zaroor lena chahti hoon. Chaahe jannat mein miley ya nark mein.”

“Kya baat hai, toh le meri jaan, asti kar aaj tu jee bhar ke.”

Saying this he started the movement. He was not mild in his pace, he was rough, hard and fast. He was just like a dog fucking his bitch in the middle of the road. He was so animalistic that his teeth were biting my breasts and nipples really hard. His hands were spanking me, slapping me and playing with the rest of my body.

I was at the bottom while he was continuously pounding his cock into my pussy from the top. His continuous pounding had already made my mood and all that I was doing was moaning. He started to twist my body and to make sure that I was hurt to the core. That none of my body parts were left untouched and un-tortured.

I was fine with it till he was fucking me well. All his deeds felt good and seemed to be making me hornier. I too was joining in the heat and biting him whenever I could. Scratching his back with my long and sharp nails that were turning him wilder.

It had its effects on his pounding and also on his wildness. The action was on his edge, steaming hot. All that was being heard in the room were the sounds of pounding. I moaned louder and louder. I had closed my eyes and was fully enjoying the hardcore sex, bites and the other stuff.

This was just like a fantasy for me. Being fucked on the floor on my birthday while being at my aunt’s home, who was my mom’s friend. It was pretty exciting as well. Salim coming over to the place and banging me like a complete animal at her place.

It continued for about 20 minutes or so. I was just having my eyes closed and enjoying the moment before my mom and aunt returned. His kisses on my lips were keeping me hot and in the groove. I was gripping my man for the moment very tightly.

His movements stopped for a bit as he closed my eyes with his hand. This seemed like the perfect game to tease me at that time. I started to shake my hips and the legs with his cock still deep inside me. I was going to say something when a tongue entered my mouth and started washing it out.

I began to do the same. I didn’t want him to feel that I am less wild than any other bitch or whore that he might have fucked. He removed his hands while the kiss continued. I was loving this kind of kiss. It was new and so very sensuous, and so in the mood.

As soon as it ended, I slowly opened my eyes to find Salim drinking some beer from a bottle. Some chips were there as well on the floor right next to the beer. He might have had them in hands range, I thought and just told him that the kiss was so very good. It was the best one ever.

I said, “Salim, tu toh bada hi mast kiss karta hai. Maine aaj tak isse achchha aur kamuk kiss nahin liya kisi se.”

“Jaan,woh toh hai, aisa kiss toh lakhon mein ek ke paas hi hota hai. Chalo thank you bolo kiss karne waale ko.”

“Thank you, meri jaan Salim.”

“Nah, kiss karne waale ko ‘Thank You’ bolo kamini kutiya.’

Saying this he turned my face towards the left direction. On seeing there I was shocked. To find out what happens then. Read the next part for sure and do send in your feedback.