Kishen’s life-changing Discovery – Part 13

Hearing the words that Prateek uttered, Kishen’s senses abruptly came to a silencing halt.

“Did that guy just ask me if I enjoyed sniffing his mother’s panty?”

Kishen glanced at everyone around him – Neetu, her husband Prateek bhai, his mother Geeta (whom everyone called GeetaMa), Manoj sir, and his wife Deepti.

In the slow motion-like numbness, Kishen noticed Prateek and GeetaMa smiling at him and looking at each other. They were pranking him for his reaction. His eyes began to focus on GeetaMa, filtering out everything and everyone else.

She sat in front of him like a goddess personifying aged wine. It wasn’t until then that he got the chance to notice her appearance. Kishen hadn’t seen her that many times. Yet, images of how she looked about 4 years back—around the time of Prateek’s and Neetu’s marriage—flashed in his mind.

She was a slim elder who had to assume responsibility for heading her family. Her husband had become wheelchair-ridden. He remembered how she was conservatively clothed in thick and heavy cotton to amplify her maturity and boldness.

She barely gave importance to make-up and outward appearance of any sort. She looked driven yet corroded by visible signs of ageing as a result of stress. It was from years of single-handedly running and raising a household comprising two sons and a disabled husband.

In stark contrast, the GeetaMa sat smiling in front of Kishen—with one leg over the other-sported glossy lipstick, mascara, and pink cheeks. Her layered make-up paralleled that of women 30-40 years younger than her. Kishen then noticed the purple-coloured semi-transparent silk saree she wore.

A distinctly lined sleeve-less deep-cut blouse that left no room for any bra underneath amplified her sexiness. Did she appear to be too cosmetic? Absolutely not! GeetaMa had aptly grown into her avatar. Her appearance never concealed her ageing but rather exhibited it gorgeously.

Her wrinkles adorned her face in just the right amount. Her flesh sagged just right. Her skin and face sported a certain kind of glow. Her smile had a flavour of carefree wisdom that only an older age could unlock.

“What a transformation! This is another dimension of a sexy goddess. I’ll explode if she even touches me,” Kishen realized in awe. The Goddess was quick to recognize the new devotee in Kishen. She acknowledged his devotion with a subtly different all-knowing smile.

Kishen was tempted to rub his face onto the skin that her saree revealed—her arms, elbows, wrists, hands, navel, neck, chest, cleavage. Even her toes and the soles of her feet dangling in the air. He desperately wished he had in his hand her panty that he had taken from Deepti the other day.

The thought of her panty tugged Kishen back to his senses. He soon became aware that everyone was watching him with just as much interest as the Goddess. But from being embarrassed, his mind was jolted into another obvious realization.

“GeetaMa, too, is in their circle. How else did her panty end up in that box? How did she transform? I have a feeling Neetu played a big role in her transformation. Who else is in the circle? How is her son cool with it all? God! I have a lot of questions. I can’t take it any more.” Kishen was feeling totally lost.

Kishen felt like a little lad who’d been lost in a growing maze. Just hours before, he felt like James Bond—ready to raid into a secret meeting—with a false sense of control. The ensuing action sequence didn’t turn out as he’d expected.

The courage he thought he had drained out on more than one occasion. He’d opened the shutters to the reservoir of love-lust he had for Usha aunty, Neetu’s mom. He re-discovered his bestial sexual self as he mouth-fucked his mom like a maniac.

He used both hands to bounce her head across the length of his young and throbbing medium-sized cock. Later, as karma would have preferred to have it, he’d inconveniently enjoyed being at the bitter-sweet receiving end of feminine fury in all its sexual might.

And just as he’d thought he’d seen (and heard) it all, he’d been subject to yet another spicy revelation. It appeared to unbox more questions than answers.

Overwhelmed, Kishen began to feel dizzy. He began to sweat. They noticed. Deepti got up in a hurry to fetch him a glass of water. He saw Neetu look at him, rather concerned. She leaned forward, kept her hand on his thighs and asked if he was alright.

“Go and sit on the sofa, Kishen. Be the witness, not the judge. Settle your mind, son,” spoke GeetaMa. Her finger pointed to the space next to Manoj sir on the adjacent sofa where Deepti had been sitting.

“Sure! But only after I’ve had a chance to suck on that lovely finger…” Kishen thought.

Like a ‘tube-light’ robot, Kishen did as the Goddess instructed. Just as he went and sat next to Manoj sir, Deepti came with a glass of water.

“Drink, Kishen! Small sips, take it slow,” GeetaMa said, looking at him with a wise smile. Emptying the glass in slow but continuous gulps, Kishen relaxed on the sofa. Seeing GeetaMa’s lusty elegance, he was smitten and horny.

But his dick wasn’t hard. He had just cummed a while back and has been cumming many times. Even his young dick needed time off. Leaning back on the sofa, Kishen stared at the empty ceiling for a while before closing his eyes.

“Kishen? Are you all right?” asked a concerned Deepti aunty.

“I am fine. I need to rest and process things. I prefer to be left here idle and nap for a while, please.” Kishen spoke, eyes closed.

“You really need to rest, beta,” said Manoj sir, breaking a laugh and patting on his thigh.

“Let me know if you need anything, Kishen,” responded Deepti. Kishen could hear her walking away.

He wondered what she was going to do, but he didn’t bother asking. He just wanted to lay there on the sofa with his eyes closed. Kishen continues to hear the sounds and conversations around him and makes sense of what’s happening.

“Prateek, will Abhay (baby) be safe with his badi dadi?” Kishen heard Neetu ask.

“Of course, dear, she will take good care of him,” responded GeetaMa.

“Then come, my love. Let’s go to my room. I need you along and all to myself. Ever since I delivered our son, I’ve been made to wait soo damn fucking long to be fucked. I’ve had to reclaim what I’ve been denied. And it means nothing without you. That’s why I called you here. I couldn’t wait for you to come home. I didn’t think you’d bring ma (Geeta).” Neetu says to Prateek.

“Go on, my son. Don’t keep your wife waiting.” GeetaMa says. Kishen could hear the couple getting up. While heading to Neetu’s room, they saw Deepti cutting vegetables in the kitchen.

“You didn’t have to, Deepti aunty!”

“Arrey, it is fine, Neetu. I am a bit hungry, and I am sure everyone will be.”

“Shall I help?”

“What? I am not going to make you wait even one second longer to be with your husband. God will punish me,” Deepti jokingly responds.

Breaking a laugh, Neetu responds, “After you’re done with cooking and eating, come to my room. We can feast on him together…”

“Deepti, do you need any help?” Kishen hears GeetaMa calling out from the sofa.

“No GeetaMa, I will manage.”

“You sure?”

“I’m sure GeetaMa. Besides, there is one man here who hasn’t fucked anyone yet.”

“That would be me…” Manoj sir interjects before GeetaMa can ask who it is.

“Is it, Manoj sir?” GeetaMa asks, turning to Manoj sir, who was sitting next to Kishen on the adjacent sofa.

“Yes, Geeta. I like to take my own time.”

Hearing Manoj sir address her as ‘Geeta’ and not GeetaMa makes Kishen realize he’s probably older than her.

“He can’t be elder to her by many years, max-to-max a few years.” Kishen thought to himself.

Kishen heard Manoj sir and Geeta talking. Their conversations morphed from initially being formal in tonality to being friendly to flirtatious. They conversed about each other’s sexual adventures and preferences.

Overhearing their conversations, Kishen was sure they hadn’t yet had the chance to indulge with each other or together. They couldn’t get the timings or occasion right. Both the adults formally acknowledged how the time, setting, and mood for sex—especially for group sex or even threesomes—can be hard to align.

GeetaMa talked highly of her DIL Neetu for introducing her to a ‘boundless world of sex.’ It was something she never imagined she’d ever get after her husband’s accident. Manoj sir, in response, shared how his family had been indulging with Neetu’s and Kishen’s for years. Kishen was the latest addition.

“What? Neetu took Kishen’s virginity? Hai Bhagwan! My DIL poaches everyone…” Kishen heard GeetaMa respond to Manoj sir.

“‘Everyone’? Who else?” Kishen wondered.

Manoj sir soon got up and headed to Usha’s room to fetch drinks. He surprised his wife—who was busy cooking in the kitchen with a drink. He then came back to the living room to GeetaMa. He thought Kishen was asleep, sitting on the couch.

Handing the drink to Geeta, Manoj sir took the opportunity to sit next to her. He continued sipping, talking, and flirting. There was something which surprised Kishen. Manoj sir’s demeanour.

There wasn’t even a trace of a ‘cuckold’ in the way he spoke and carried himself around GeetaMa. Neither were there any strict-man vibes that could be off-putting to any woman. Kishen could sense in Manoj sir the aura of a confident man who’s mastered the art of pleasing any woman.

It was as if the moment they began to speak, the man knew the woman would be begging him for more. The woman knew that with every word they exchanged, she was being drawn into his charm. It was a kind of charm that even his dad or Ramesh Uncle could not exhibit as well as Manoj sir did.

Manoj sir confessed to Geeta that ever since he got to sniff her panty through the circle’s mystery-panty-in-a-box game, he couldn’t wait to be with her. Through their conversations, Kishen came to know how the ladies had devised the game.

It was to give horny men a sense of variety while they masturbated or had one-on-one sexual indulgences. It was actually Savi’s (his mother’s) idea—a simple and erotically fun scheme. The ladies in the circle put their used panties in a box and passed it around.

But there was something else which Kishen wanted to know. The story behind how Neetu brought her hubby and his mother into the circle. With a beating heart, he longed for their flirtatious conversation to steer in that direction. The very idea and the possibilities in which it could have materialized aroused him.

Kishen heard GeetaMa laugh as if she suddenly noticed something funny. Manoj sir’s laugh followed. Kishen wondered what they were laughing at.

“Looks like somebody is sleeping with a throbbing bulge in their pants,” GeetaMa announced.

Kishen had unknowingly become hard, and his dick was pushing to be free. Caught red-handed eavesdropping on their conversation, Kishen had no choice but to break an embarrassed smile and look at them. That was when he saw how ‘different’ GeetaMa appeared.

She looked bloomed and smitten just by how Manoj sir flirted with her. As though talking with him made her blood rush to her face and skin, making her horny.

“I was not sleeping, just resting…”

“It’s ok, beta. No need to struggle to explain. So, you had a wild ride after beti (Neetu) poached you?”

“Ye…yes…GeetaMa, it was amazing.”

“He has a good dick and fucks vigorously,” Manoj sir chimed in.

“Is it, Manoj sir? I have to see it then. Kishen, beta, would you please show me?” GeetaMa says, leaning forward from the sofa.

“Remove your pants and come quick, Kishen,” Manoj sir said in an assertive by friendly way.

In seconds, Kishen had his dick presented before the Goddess’s face for her scrutiny and evaluation. Holding it gently with the tips of her thumb and fingers, she examined his cock. Her playfully exaggerated expression of admiration made Kishen proud.

“Young, throbbing dick, isn’t it, Manoj sir?”

“That’s what I told you, Geeta.”

“Beautiful. Today is my lucky day. Beti (Neetu) always manages to surprise me.”

Kishen begins to pant as GeetaMa continues with her teasing scrutiny of his cock. Kishen looks at Manoj sir, sitting next to her. Their eyes communicate.

“I’m sorry, Manoj sir, if I am being a cock blocker. I didn’t think I’d come this far so soon. She was supposed to fall for you,” Kishen’s eyes pleaded to Manoj sir.

“No worries, Kishen beta. No matter how hard the man may try, the choice is often the woman’s. The earlier you learn it and accept it, the better,” responds Manoj sir’s subtle facial expressions.

The sound of the pressure cooker whistle from the kitchen fills the intense silence in the room.

Kishen notices that Manoj sir, too, is very horny from flirting. He is now watching GeetaMa lift Kishen’s shaft and fondle the balls while playfully looking at him. She examines how far back his foreskin goes.

Even with the minimal pressure with which she’s holding Kishen’s shaft, a dew of pre-cum pops up at his cock hole.

Distracting everyone, Deepti comes from the kitchen with a bowl and spoon. In it is the curry she made just a while back (in the pressure cooker.)

“Ah, some people can’t wait to get fucked,” Deepti remarks sarcastically at the hornified-looking Manoj sir and Kishen. GeetaMa breaks a naughty laugh.

“You’re a lucky woman to have a very charming, very masculine husband like Manoj sir, Deepti,” GeetaMa compliments.

Deepti gives her a you-have-seen-nothing smile. “Here, taste this curry I made while you two were flirting endlessly,” she says jokingly. “Tell me how it is. And Manoj sir, tell me if the salt is enough.”

“Aha, my husband is also my salt checker,” GeetaMa adds, smiling at Deepti and Manoj sir. Her face was just centimetres away from Kishen’s cock.

Blowing into the bowl, she pours a spoonful of curry into the palms of Kishen, GeetaMa and Manoj sir, which they taste.

“Mmm, very nice,” says GeetaMa. Kishen nods in agreement. Just as Manoj sir was going to speak, the sound of heavy humping and moaning emanated from Deepti’s room.

“They are about to reach their climax,” Kishen says.

“Thank you for the brilliant deduction Sherlock. That’s the cue for me to eat and join them soon. Tell me, Manoj sir, how is the curry?” says Deepti.

“My palm was already pretty salty,” says Manoj sir with a naughty smile. “Can you give me to taste in your hand?”

Deepti makes Kishen hold the bowl, takes a spoonful of curry, blows on onto it, pours it onto her palm, and extends it towards Manoj sir. He seductively pulls her hand to his mouth with both hands. He then proceeds to slowly and erotically scoop up the curry with his tongue while glancing at GeetaMa.

“Deepti, I’m officially jealous of you now,” GeetaMa says. “The man is still erotically naughty.”

“Come on, GeetaMa, you know he is doing this to seduce you and not me,” Deepti responds with an isn’t-it-obvious tonality. “But I agree, the man may be many years older than me, but he is my age in the heart, or even younger,” she adds, running her hand over his face in adoration.

“Because of our age difference, people gossip about how loveless our marriage may be and how unhappy she, in particular, may be. If only those conservative, sex-starved humans could see our love and, more importantly, see me fuck her brains out and how well she supports me in my kink,” adds Manoj sir.

“Aww, that’s sweet,” GeetaMa adds in, completely forgetting about Kishen’s cock.

“Hey, now, Manoj sir, shouldn’t you be trying to butter GeetaMa instead of me?” Deepti jokes.

“I think I already placed my horny self in the palm of her hands. The choice is hers,” responds Manoj sir as he takes Geeta’s hand and extends it palm-side-up towards Deepti.

“Deepti, my dear wife, please pour a spoon of curry.”

After Deepti does as requested, Manoj sir brings GeetaMa’s hands towards his face and slowly licks the curry off her palm. He playfully licks it a few more times. “That tastes better. No need to add salt, dear.”

“You sure know how to make a woman feel right, Manoj sir. I’m impressed,” GeetaMa says to Manoj sir, with a craving in her eyes, which Kishen notices.

“True,” Manoj sir responds. “But now, can you make this young man feel right?” he adds, looking at Kishen.

GeetaMa looks at Kishen, waiting with his dick out and then back to Manoj sir. “Is this a test? Or a tease?” she asks.

“Whatever you perceive it to be,” responds Manoj sir.

With a naughty smile, she turns her face towards Kishen’s cock. “Watch, Manoj sir,” she says. She begins stroking Kishen’s tool back to a throbbing erection. “Deepti, can you drip some curry onto this lovely cock?” she requests. “It’s hot but tolerable, Kishen beta.”

All Kishen could do was nod in anticipation. Deepti dripped a drop of the warming viscous curry onto his tool—like how one would put sauce over a hot dog sausage. Kishen’s cock registered the harmless burn of the curry and sensed the engulfing warmth and wetness of GeetaMa’s mouth.

Kishen, Deepti and Manoj sir were impressed by how GeetaMa could deep-throat his entire tool in one go. She stood still for a few seconds with her forehead stuck to Kishen’s lower abdomen. She then pulled his dick out of her mouth in one go while her lips wrapped around it tightly.

“How did I do?” she asks, turning to Manoj sir and smacking her lips.

They eagerly wait for Manoj sir to deliver yet another response. Then, the sound of Neetu’s rhythmic moans transforms into an orgasmic scream.

“Splendid, Geeta. I’ll reward you by making you scream louder than how your son just made your daughter-in-law scream,” says Manoj sir.

GeetaMa blushes and breaks an elegant laugh. Deepti and Kishen exchange with each other the “I’m impressed” facial expression.

Kishen begins to feel the afterburn of the curry on his dick. He noticed some remnants of the spicy curry in the crevice between the foreskin fold and the head of his dick.

Recognizing his concern, GeetaMa wastes no time in pulling back his foreskin. Licking clean his dick tip, letting go only after a thorough visual inspection.

“Deepti aunty! We’re ready for you,” Neetu calls out from her room.

“Coming!”Deepti responds. “I’ve eaten the three chapattis I made. The dough is ready. Just make and eat. I have to go now.”

“Thank you, Deepti,” GeetaMa responds.

Deepti leaves the living room with the bowl and spoon and joins Neetu.

“Thank you, beta. You have a nice manhood. You can put on your pants now.” GeetaMa tells him with a wide smile, looking straight into his eyes. Then focuses her attention on Manoj sir. Kishen saw in her the intent to indulge with him without any ‘distractions.’

It took a while for Kishen to realize he’d been sidelined. “You look tired. Go eat the chapati and curry.” Manoj sir added before giving all his smiling attention to GeetaMa.

Kishen put on his pants quickly and left the living room. He wasn’t sure where to head. Behind him were two mature souls who would, at any moment, start fucking. In the closed room were Neetu, her husband Prateek, and Deepti aunty in a threesome.

In the room at the end of the passage slept his mother, his dad, the busty Goddess and former tuition teacher Usha aunty, and her husband.

Feeling rather left out, Kishen decided to head to Usha’s room and pour himself a couple of drinks. He subconsciously felt that downing a couple of pegs would make him an adult on par with the rest of the adults.

Entering Usha’s room, he saw Savi (his mother) and Usha aunty had gotten up. They were sitting on the floor naked, and legs stretched with drinks and cigarettes in their hands. The sound of their husbands snoring sound asleep filled the room.

The ladies smiled at Kishen and signalled him to come over. Closing the door behind him and heading over to them, Kishen felt silly for feeling alone moments back. Kishen sat respectfully next to them, cross-legged.

“Who came?” asked Savi as she began pouring Kishen a drink.

“GeetaMa and Prateek Bhai”

“What are they doing?” asked Usha aunty.

“GeetaMa is talking with Manoj sir in the living room. And Prateek bhai is with Neetu and Deepti in Neetu’s room.”

“Ha ha, they are already at it?”

Kishen nods with a shy-naughty smile while simultaneously admiring their naked busty bodies.

“I must go and see GeetaMa. Kishen, can you get the maxi I wore from the adjacent room?” asks Usha.

“I think they still think you’re sleeping. So let it be. Let’s have some chit-chat with my son.” suggests Savi.

“Yes, I long to be alone with you two,” Kishen adds, taking a sip from his drink.

Smiling, Savi offers him her smoke, which he takes, pretending to be reluctant.

“We need to do this more often,” Kishen says.

“Easier said than done, son. We’re all busy adults,” responds Savi.

“It may be hard to bring everyone together at once, but you can have me anytime if your mom is too busy for you,” jokes Usha.

Kishen smiles and looks at his mother, who gives him an authoritative-yet-shy smile.

“Is the party over for today?” Kishen asks.

“Well, I guess so. I’m assuming you’re all flushed out, and so are your dad and Ramesh Uncle. I’m sure GeetaMa, Deepti, and Neetu will suck the last drop of cum from Prateek and Manoj sir. So, we’ll be wrapping up very soon,” says Savi.

Kishen wanted so much to convey that he’s been left hanging by GeetaMa. He’s got one or two more shots left in him. But he was hesitant to speak up. He felt the two ladies may have had enough. But then Usha says, “I wish we had more cocks.”

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