Kishen’s life-changing Discovery – Part 14

Raising his hand like a studious student waiting to address the teacher, Kishen spoke, “Usha aunty, I think I still got a few more shots in me.”

With the expression of a teacher responding to her student’s correct answer, Usha says, “Very good. ‘A few more’? Are you sure?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Kishen blurted.

Giggling at his response, Savi covers her mouth with her hand. Usha looks at Savi, then at Kishen, and back at Savi.

“Wait a minute, you’ve not yet fucked your mom yet, right?” Usha asks Kishen.

Kishen shakes his head, struggling to conceal his horny smile and shyness.

“Then let me do the honors.”

Usha gulps the rest of her drink, snubs her cigarette into the makeshift ashtray, and gets up. She proceeds to the bed to make space between the deep-sleeping Sunal and Ramesh. She takes a pillow and places it at the bottom edge of the bed, facing Kishen and Savi.

She then places her hips on the pillow such that the upper half of her body (from the butt and above) is rested on the bed. The bottom half is balanced by her feet on the floor. Spreading wide, she pats her thick thighs and orders, “Savi, dear, lay on top of me. Let’s take Kishen for a double-decker pussy ride.”

Savi finishes her drink, takes a deep puff off her cigarette, and hands it over to Kishen. She proceeds to lay her back on the busty, semi-chubby Usha. Her legs are hanging outward from either of Usha’s thighs. She’s spread even wider than Usha beneath her.

“You’re heavier than Neetu,” Usha says.

“Obviously. Are you comfortable?” Savi responds.

“Of course, I can carry your weight. Kishen, beta, what are you waiting for? Come over!” says Usha.

Struck upon watching the ladies assume their position, Kishen had even forgotten to puff the cigarette his mother gave him. It had burned away between his fingers. Snubbing it quickly, Kishen proceeds to feast on the vaginal prep the ladies laid before him.

“What should I do?” Kishen asks.

“Are you serious? You know what to do. I am not going to guide you through this,” says Usha.

Savi: Do whatever you want, son.

Usha: Prioritize your mother.

Savi: But don’t forget to engage your former tuition teacher and my soul sister.

Kishen stopped thinking and let his heart, horniness, and limited experience guide him. He had one goal in mind: to pleasure the ladies to the max. A passing thought about whether or not he’d stay hard long enough to pleasure them both crossed his mind. But he did not let it bother him.

Kneeling on the floor, Kishen commenced his affectionate lovemaking. He began with teasings—by walking his fingers across their sensitive inner thighs. He judged the distinct appearances of their pussies, and blew mildly onto them. He began feeling up their pussies and tickled the surrounding areas.

He sniffs them deep to get an olfactory high. He continued kissing every inch of the area, including the ass crack and all the other way to their feet. Kishen then proceeds to lick them up in all patterns. He begins licking from Usha Aunty’s butthole to his mother’s pussy-top, and back.

He licked up his mother while rubbing Usha, and vice versa. In between, he mildly bites and pulls their pussy lips. Bringing the fingers of both his hands into the mix, he takes turns to french-kiss the pussy lips. He fondles the clits with his fingertips, spitting and smearing saliva on them.

He then let his fingers do the deeper exploration. Like the hands of a clock, his one finger, then two, then three, explored and noted the pleasure points of their pussies. His fingertip, tongue-tip and nose-tip familiarized and by-hearted the ridge patterns of their buttholes.

Their hushed moans and feelings filtered away all other distractions. Kishen’s awareness didn’t go beyond the thighs of his mom and Usha aunty that surrounded his face. He lost track of time.

“Enough, son, your teasing will kill us,” Usha’s pleading words brought Kishen back from his involvement. Kishen noticed his dick was oozing precum. His legs were getting numb below the knee. He also noticed that even his fist would easily slide through the 4 wet holes that lay before him. It was time to fuck!

Just as he got up from his knees, he saw that his dad and Ramesh uncle were well awake. They were lying on the bed on their sides. Grinning, they were supporting their heads on their hand and were slow-jerking their dicks.

“Go on, fuck their brains out,” said Sunil (Kishen’s dad.)

“When did you two get up?” Usha and Savi asked in unison.

“A while back, but with Kishen treating you the way he did, we knew you wouldn’t have noticed,” said Ramesh. “Go on, Kishen. Just pretend we’re not here.”

“No! You HAVE to be here. Get up on your knees and feed us your dicks,” Usha ordered. “And Sunil, don’t you want to witness up close the sight of your son entering his mother?” she added.

Sunil and Ramesh assumed a kneeling position next to their wives. Holding Savi’s body firmly onto her with her left hand, Usha saliva-wets her right hand. She rubs it on Savi’s pussy, and pleasures it. Then spreads its lips with her fingers, welcoming Kishen.

Moaning, Savi rests her head on Usha’s shoulder.

“Welcome your son,” says Usha, licking and kissing Savi’s (right) ear. “Kishen, time to visit your cave of origin,” she adds.

Kishen runs his dick up and down across the four wet holes. He notices that all eyes are on him. The self-doubt of whether he’d succeed in equally satisfying the ladies comes back. Dad notices the son’s concern. “Remember beta, prioritize equal distribution, don’t get carried away. You can do it!”

With uplifted confidence, Kishen slides his dick into his mom’s pussy. She lets out a single squeal and lays her head back on Usha’s shoulders. Kishen sees Usha, Ramesh, and his dad break a mild smile and give him a ‘you’ve done it, son’ look. His hips involuntarily begin its to-and-fro.

Savi’s moans get rhythmic. Leaving Kishen alone from their gaze, Sunil and Ramesh begin to tease, rub and shove their dicks into their wife’s mouths. Kishen fucked his mom for the first time. A sense of surrealism mixed into the pleasure he felt.

“I can relate to what you’re feeling right now, Kishen. I felt something similar when my slutty wife guided my cock into my equally slutty daughter’s pussy for the first time. It’s the surreality of fucking those bound to you by blood. You’ll get used to it. Just don’t be over-guilty later,” said Ramesh uncle.

“Ahh, please shut up, Ramesh. Don’t try to lead us to your hypocritical guilt trip already,” uttered Savi as she continued to moan.

Kishen continued to pump Savi. He knew he couldn’t dwell in the surrealism for long and go all in on his mother. He was well aware that he had his beloved tuition teacher to pleasure as well. He needed to equally transmit the pleasure potential of his throbbing cock.

Four holes ay wet and gaping just for him. An idea struck him. He devised a one-person variant of switch-and-fuck (Part 6). Kishen realized he was beginning to get to his pleasure peak as he humped Savi. He withdrew his cock from her hole and began catering it to Usha’s hole.

Meanwhile, his fingers continued to pleasure Savi. And when he’d come within an inch of cumming from fucking Usha, he withdrew his cock for a while and prolonged the erection. He’d shift his focus to pleasuring the holes (three at a time) with his two hands and mouth.

When he knew his cock was ready to grind again, he’d get upright and engage in fucking. Both hands are still busy pleasuring the holes in no particular order. He focused his entire attention on the musical moans of Savi and Usha. He desperately hoped they’d reach orgasm before him.

But unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Kishen managed to go on with his improvised sex move for several minutes. But finally, his pee pee had to give in, sending him into a shivering orgasm. He rubbed off the drips of his cum equally into the four holes.

Manoj and Sunil were impressed and horny by how young Kishen poured pleasure equally into the four pots. Watching him pleasure their wives, they jerked off into the ‘unaware’ mouths of their wives.

But Kishen didn’t stop there. He was determined to bring the ladies to their orgasm all by himself. Only then would he feel accomplished! Taking a deep breath, he arched his back. Kishen dug his middle and ring finger, first, into Savi’s pussy and started fingering her vigorously.

Kishen’s dedication paid off as Savi screamed and squirted all over. Her body fell over to Usha’s side. In a fetal posture, she continued to reel from the orgasm. Kishen could feel his sweat and his mother’s squirt tricking down his body.

Kishen went all machine gun mode again on Usha aunty until she, too cum. She didn’t squirt, though. Kishen watched her shaking and zoning out just like his mom did moments back. Kishen felt as though he’d just finished a grueling marathon.

Only then did he realize that his arm and much of his body were aching. Tired, he crashed onto the bed next to Usha. The room echoed in the sound of the women and Kishen panting in the aftermath of a one-of-a-kind sex ride.

Patting on Kishen’s head in utter appreciation, Sunil and Ramesh get off the bed naked. They fix a peg for each, gulp it down and exit. They leave the trio in the room for their much-needed rest.

Kishen doses off almost instantly into a deep sleep. At some point, he felt someone push his body, prompting him to adjust his position and sleep comfortably. He also felt a blanket being put on him.

Kishen woke up after hours. The sun had long set, and no light came from the curtained windows. Only a dim seeping light lit the room. He wondered how long he’d been asleep. Looking around, he saw a sight that he’d cherish for a long.

GeetaMa was in a deep sleep next to him on the bed, wearing just a petticoat. She looked like she was sleeping in the high of having had a long hard fuck. Her hair was askew, her makeup washed, and her lipstick and mascara totally smudged. There were a few love bites on her neck and arm.

Her blouse lay on the bed, next to the pillow. Kishen realized that it was her saree that was put on him as a blanket. Kishen embraced her saree for minutes. He sniffed it deeply, catching the distinct smell of her perfume and body. He wasn’t horny but utterly affectionate.

Beneath all the horniness he had for the women, he’d been storing up an ocean of affection. “An affectionate-self, alongside the horny-self and beast-self. Perhaps a little bit of a cuck-self too?” wondered. He wanted so much to go near her neck and sniff her.

But he also didn’t want to interrupt her peaceful, carefree sleep. Also, he guessed that her natural smell may have blended with Manoj sir’s smell. Kishen got out of bed and freshened up in the attached bathroom. He put on his dress that lay on the floor and exited the room.

Aside from the dimly lit Usha’s bedroom, the rest of the house was bustling with light and people. He walked over to the kitchen, where he found his mom, Savi, and Usha Aunty, all clothed and making dinner.

“Ah, he woke up!” Said Usha with a big smile.

Savi looked at Kishen and gave a shy smile.

“Have some chapati. You must be very tired,” Said Usha.

“I will. Where’s Neetu?” Kishen asked.

“She’s sleeping in her room with Prateek,” Savi responded.

Kishen: Oh, my bag is in her room.

Usha: It’s unlocked. Take it.

Savi: Or you can take it later when we leave. They’ll wake up by then. Don’t disturb them.

Kishen: OK, mom.

Usha hands Kishen a plate with a few chapatis and curry. He takes it and heads over to the living room. The men were glued on the sofa and to the TV, watching cricket. They, too, were eating chapattis, holding their plates in their hands.

“Come, beta. Sit with us. Interesting match going on,” says Manoj sir, moving aside and making some space for Kishen.

“I will be right there, Manoj sir,” responds Kishen and turns around and goes towards Neetu’s room. He opens the door slowly and peeks inside. He sees Neetu and Prateek (her hubby) sleeping peacefully in the dim-lit room, naked. Under a big blanket, they hugged and slept like two lovers.

Kishen smiled, looking at them for several seconds. Closing the door slowly, he proceeded to go and sit next to Manoj sir. The men acknowledged Kishen and continued to focus on the game.

Kishen noticed a pantie lying in the corner of the living room. He rightly guessed it to be GeetaMa’s. He had got similar-looking underwear from Deepti (part 5.2). It looked like it had been tossed into the corner amid intense lovemaking.

Kishen was lost in thought. He processed the wild ride and discoveries he had been witness to. There were still a lot more questions he had. But he intuitively knew they’d all be answered in time.

“Wait till I meet Tariq. I will make him cum with my stories just like he made me cum with his narration (part 2),” Kishen thought.

Just then, as though he could read what Kishen was thinking, Sunil muted the TV. The men look at him.

“What?” Kishen asked.

“You know whatever you’ve been exposed to is to be kept secret, right?” Sunil says.

“Yes, Dad. I know.”

“Your parents will tell you more about it in the coming days. You must understand the seriousness of what we are in. At this age, you might feel like you can trust everybody. Many of your friends will tell you steamy stories, most of which they may have cooked up. Just don’t get carried away,” advises Ramesh.

“I understand…”

“Good, then there is nothing to worry about,” says Manoj sir.

“But I have a doubt,” Kishen announces, “What if I want to share this with somebody whom I trust with my life? Of course, I won’t share every detail or reveal any identity.”

“It’s a sticky matter, son. Boys your age think many of your peers are friends for life. In time, you could all be strangers. We can’t stop you from sharing. We can only trust in your good intent to preserve our secret. Remember, it’s not just your life and affairs. It’s also about the personal life of everyone in this house,” says Manoj sir.

“I know it’s a lot to process. You need time. You can share, but there is a lot to account for,” says Ramesh.

“I get it Ramesh uncle. Thank you, Manoj sir.”

The men go back to the match. Kishen gets up to go to the kitchen.

“Can I sit here and eat with you?” Kishen asks Usha and Savi, who were engaged in chit-chat.

“Sure, Kishen,” says Usha.

“Did you see how tired and flustered she looked at the end?” Savi asks Usha, going back to their chit-chat.

“Haven’t we both experienced that? That side of Manoj sir is every woman’s dream,” adds Usha.

“Too bad he mostly prefers to indulge in the cuck fantasy. He’s lucky he got Deepti as his wife, who understands kinks perfectly without crossing the limits.” Savi adds.

“Are you talking about GeetaMa?” asks Kishen, trying to be part of the conversation.

“Yes, did you see her getting it from Manoj sir?” asks Usha.

“No, actually, I came to you when they were just getting started,” he responds.

“Oh, you should have seen how the charming manly man in Manoj sir treats and fucks women. You would have learned a thing or two,” says Savi.

“I am very happy to be part of this,” Kishen says.

“We couldn’t be happier, Kishen. It’s been a long time since we’ve had this group gathering. And in most group sessions, we ladies used to feel left out. There was a serious need for a young cock like yours,” says Usha.

Kishen smiles.

“And remember, I am your mom. They’re your elders. Outside, show the same respect. Sex and sexuality are just one small part of our identity and relationship. Don’t forget that.” says Savi.

“I understand, mom. But can I ask you two one thing? How did all of you come together this way?” Kishen asks.

“It was all a matter of trust, time and general approval,” Usha responds.

“We still have to talk a lot. It’s all a lot more than just sex. There is etiquette, discretion, boundaries, frankness and, more importantly, mutual respect and concern for one’s choice and privacy,” adds Savi.

Kishen nods.

“How about I bring you one more young cock? In fact, I can get you two cocks.” says Kishen.

Usha and Savi pause for a moment and look at each other. Kishen could tell they were both excited but equally confused and concerned.

“You might trust the owners of these two cocks you’ve mentioned. What makes you think we can trust them?” asks Savi.

“How you engage with them personally is none of our business. But when it comes to including them in our circle, we’ll have to get to know them. We have to ensure that their outlook and character aligns with us and the circle.” adds Usha.

“They’re probably a couple of your friends, right, Kishen? What we have is not something people can sign up to fuck and go. I’m worried now if you will expose all of us,” says Savi.

“Don’t worry, Mom, I won’t tell them anything that may damage our privacy or reputation. I am just considering the prospect. You’re family, and I am not more close to them than I am to you.” assures Kishen. “But don’t you think it will be fun? The more the merrier!”

“It’s easy to say, Kishen. But not many people can truly understand and act in accordance to the dynamics of swinger and group sex settings,” says Savi.

“Besides, too many cocks can create a sense of competition among the men, which can bring in some conflict of interest. There are a lot of delicate aspects,” says Usha.

“Also, what guarantee do you have that they won’t spill the secret to others? Or worse, what if it comes off like you’re pimping your mom to them and risking exposure of well-respected women and men in the circle?” asks Savi.

Kishen is at a loss for words.

“Tell me, Kishen. How well do you know these persons?” asks Usha.

“I trust one of them pretty well, and he trusts the other equally, as much as I trust him,” responds Kishen.

“What? So you don’t very well know one of the people? Are you joking with us?” asks Usha. “I don’t mean to be harsh, but we’re not that sex-starved, Kishen.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you angry. I see the perspective you’re trying to show,” responds Kishen. “But I just feel they may be a worthy addition to the group.”

“It’s a little too early for that, son. You’ve just had your first day with us,” says Savi.

“Do you know how long it took Neetu to earn everyone’s trust? Then bring in Prateek and GeetaMa into our circle?” asks Usha.

“It took much longer for me and your dad to understand and trust Usha aunty and Ramesh uncle. Even adding Manoj sir’s family to the circle took its own time and mutual understanding,” Savi makes Kishen understand.

“OK, let us set everything aside. Tell me, Kishen, who is this friend of yours and tell me exactly why you trust him so much,” asks Usha. She spoke like a teacher asked her student a question to see if he really was paying attention to what she was teaching. And indeed, Usha was testing Kishen.

“I’m sorry, Usha aunty, I can’t reveal his secrets to you just for the sake of it. It’d be as much a breach as me telling him about you all,” responds Kishen.

Usha and Savi smile and let out a sigh.

“Good boy, we were worried you would tell his name and all without respecting the trust he has in you,” says Usha.

“Had you told us his name and whereabouts, we’d be sure you’re not mature enough to grasp the seriousness of the secrets you’ve been exposed to,” says Savi. “You would have got a good scolding and counseling session. Thank god it didn’t get to that.”

“But he trusted me with his secret, and so I feel we can trust him,” says Kishen.

“True, and you have preserved his trust. But tell me, without revealing too much, do I know that person?” Savi.

“Yes,” responds Kishen.

Usha claps!

“We may have something promising here then, Savi. Why don’t you explore the possibility in the following days?”

Savi nods. “ I’ll consider it. But don’t get your hopes up. And forget about the other person you don’t know well. No way that’s going to happen.”

“I get it, mom. Thank you for not shutting me out,” says an excited Kishen.

The rest of the evening witnessed the circle having a sound dinner together and dispersing.

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