Kusum’s Love And Sex – Part 4

I am Kusum back with the next part of the story.

Manjula aunty came over me in 69 position. Though my pubic area has long, dense hairs, she parted hairs and began running tongue tip along the length of cunt slit. Both Navin and Kundan had kissed my cunt but what aunty did was much more pleasing.

I had never seen any other’s cunt before. I liked the hairless pubic area of the aunty. Instead of running my tongue tip on aunty’s cunt slit, I began licking the entire pubic area.

I could feel that aunty’s tongue tip was giving a good amount of pressure on my cunt area. I enjoyed it. This was the first lesbian experience for me. Earlier I desired to have a lesbian masti with my brother’s keep, Renu. Till then, I did not know how to extract sexual pleasure from any woman.

So I was doing whatever was coming to my mind. Along with moving the tongue tip along the slit, aunty was pressing clit continuously. I also kissed and tried to suck clit of the aunty.

Aunty moaned, which meant she liked my action. And after that, for more than one and half hours, we both explored each other’s cunt with tongue and fingers. We both finger fucked each other vigorously. She could not insert a fourth finger inside my cunt.

But I could fuck her by pushing my entire palm up to the wrist. And that experienced lady was to grunt and discharge first. She took a few long and deep breaths.

Manjula – I had climaxed last during my first sex before marriage. Kusum, you are the one who made me discharge fully. I never felt satisfied like you made me now. I never felt so relieved and light as I am feeling now. It seems that I am flying in the sky. You are my real master, and I am your slave.

I came over to her. I kissed her deeply.

Me – And a slave has to obey everything that master says.

Manjula – Yes, master, I will obey your every order without questioning you.

Me – Whenever I tell you to fuck with someone, even with your son, you will fuck with him.

Manjula – Yes, my master. I will fuck with anyone you say.

Me – My darling, you are exhausted and tired, so sleep for some time, and after that, I will fuck you again.

Manjula – Yes, master.

I laid beside her. I began caressing her, and soon she slept. I felt very bad for her. She has wasted her prime youth time of 25 years with an impotent man. I decided to get her fucked by my lover.

And again, when I thought of my lover, not Navin, not Kundan, but the face of that young policeman came in front of my eyes.

I said aloud, “My God, I am destined to get fucked by that policeman.”

I decided to call Renu and tell her to enquire and give me his name and address. Though aunty slept, I could not get sleep. I waited for some moments. Then I got down from the bed. I went to the attached bathroom. I pissed and came out of the room. I pulled the door shut and walked around the house randomly.

And I came to the living room. I came face to face with Rohit’s father.

“Sorry, Kusum.”

“Sorry, Uncle.”

We both said sorry to each other. But why? Because we both were nude. He looked embarrassed. I smilingly walked to him. I took his hand in my hand.

Me – Uncle, nothing to feel embarrassed about. We both are adults beside none of us have come out to show our nudity to the other. God wanted us to see each other like this. Come, sit with me. I am not getting sleep so let’s us give company to each other.

I sat on the sofa and pulled him beside me. He sat. Our thighs rubbed each other. I again took one of his hands between my hands.

Me – Uncle, seeing me like this, seeing me moving nude in the house, you must be thinking that this Kusum is a slut. You must be repenting that you decided to make me your daughter-in-law.

I did not expect it. But he moved swiftly, took me in his strong arms and tightened his arms around me. My bones were cracking, but I remained in his grip.

Uncle – My God knows that what I will say is all true. These are not merely my words. These are my heartfelt feelings. Darling, I saw you first about five years ago, and the moment I saw you, I desired to make you my wife. Since then, I have kept praying to God to send you to me every moment. And see, God has listened to me and now we are together. I love you more than anything in this world.

He finished his sentence, and for the next 3-4 minutes, he kept kissing my lips and cheeks. Then he again acted swiftly. I did not like when he loosened his grip. He lifted me, turned me around and pulled me on his lap. His cock was just under my cunt.

I was seated facing him. I had kept my feet on his sides. My knees were lifted. Uncle began caressing my breasts.

Uncle – Now, even if your brother or father or anyone else had fucked you, you will be my wife. Though the entire world will know that you are the wife of my son Rohit, you will be my wife. I want atleast two children from you. I told your mother to get you married to my son Rohit. But I wanted you in this for myself.

While talking, his hands kept moving all over my nudity. He fondled my breasts. He palmed and squeezed cunt many times.

Me – Uncle darling, I would gladly become your wife. I would happily give you a child. But what about Rohit? Will he permit us to love and have sex?

Uncle – Don’t bother about him or Manjula. I just want your consent.

Me – My full consent is there. I am your wife, but please don’t penetrate, don’t push your lovely looking strong cock in my cunt before marriage. Let me be a virgin for my husband.

Uncle nodded. He lifted me in his arms and took me to his bedroom. He slowly put me on his bed and came over to me.

Uncle – My sweetheart, you can’t even imagine how happy I am. I have been waiting for this moment for the last five years.

Me – Uncle, I am also very happy to have such a loving father-in-law and mother-in-law. I assure you that not only my heart, my entire body and my cunt like you, love you a lot. We will not let cock slide inside my cunt, but I still want the pleasure of cock. Let me love it. Please loosen your body and raise your pelvis area.

He obeyed me. I held cock in my one hand. It was still tight like a wooden post.

Me – Uncle, enjoy with breasts or hold my shoulder but keep your body loose.

I began rubbing cunt slit with the tip of cock. Holding such a long, thick and tight cock gave a fantastic feeling. I kept rubbing slit length with the tip of cock, and Uncle enjoyed my breasts.

Till then, neither I read any porn books nor I had seen any sex videos except what I saw in that pendrive. Now I believe that girls don’t require any type of sex training. Whatever they do with males is all sex only.

As time passed, the speed of rubbing increased. The speed increased, but I also kept pressing the tip more and more. Every time tip pressed the entry hole of cunt I felt like pressing the tip inside that hole and letting cock go deep in that hole. But somehow, I controlled. But Uncle could not control his moans.

“Uff Kusum, it is so pleasing. I have been fucking your aunty for 25 years now, but she never gave me such pleasure. My God, Kusum, not only you are best to look at your actions are also best. Uff, it is so nice.”

Uncle was moaning. I was not doing anything intentionally. It was all happening of its own. It was not only Uncle who was enjoying it. I also liked it a lot. The pleasure was much more than during sex training by Navin, during sucking of brother’s cock or enjoying lesbian pleasure from aunty.

It was very pleasing. I had lost control of myself. My eyes got closed. Teeth started biting lips. The rubbing speed was beyond control, the pleasure was unprecedented, and I let go cock of my hand.

I shouted, “Uncle fuck me, push your cock inside my cunt.”

And soon after, I felt hot drops falling on my cunt and thighs. Not only was Uncle discharged, but I was also discharged. Like aunty had said, I was feeling very, very light. I also felt that I am flying in the sky. I also had climaxed.

Me – Thank you, Uncle, for giving me such unimaginable pleasure.

Uncle – You need not thank me. Instead, I would remain indebted to you for giving me such a pleasure that I never expected even with you.

Me  – Uncle, I also did not do anything. It was your cock that remained so tight. I don’t know how long.

Uncle remained quiet. Then he said, “My sweetheart, we enjoyed it for over 40 minutes. I never fucked your aunty for more than ten minutes.”

Me – Why, is she so bad?

Uncle – I don’t know whether she is bad or good. But she never acted aggressively as you did. All along with sex, she remains passive. Darling, without taking my cock in your sweet cunt, you have exhausted me. What will happen when you open your cunt for my cock.

Me – Uncle. I already had opened my cunt. I wanted you to fuck me.

Uncle – I have taken a decision. We will keep enjoying this, but we will have sex only after your marriage with Rohit. Till then …

He wanted to say something. But I told him something.

Uncle – Bitch, you are a very dirty woman.

He again lifted me in his arms. He walked out of the room. He brought me to the room allotted to me. Aunty was still sleeping nude. He put me in the center of the bed beside aunty.

He went and returned after the closing door shut. He laid beside me and hugged me tightly. We did not switch off the room light. We kissed a few times and closed our eyes. We slept.

But when I woke up in the morning, I found myself alone on the road. I smiled to see myself. I was nude, and there was no cover on me. I wonder how aunty would have reacted to seeing me in the arms of Uncle.

I took out a toothbrush, paste etc., from my handbag and entered the bathroom. I recalled the pleasure I had with Uncle last night. I washed and freshened myself. Then I came out. I smiled, seeing aunty in the room. She had put on the same maxi that she wore at night.

I threw the towel away and hugged aunty.

Me – Thank you, aunty, for the pleasure you gave me last night.

Aunty pushed me away.

Aunty – When did you open the door?

I lied, “I don’t remember that I opened the door. What happened?”

Aunty – When I woke up about half an hour back, I saw that daughter fucker on this bed. He was also nude like us. Not only he was nude, but he was also holding you tightly in his arms and thighs. His cock was resting on your cunt.

I shook my head and expressed ignorance.

Me – Aunty, you had exhausted me so much that I don’t know when I slept. And even if Uncle has enjoyed my nudity, it is ok. Don’t let Rohit know about it. It is good for both of us. Now that you can charge Uncle that he has put his hand on your daughter’s nude body, he should not stop you from fucking with someone else. I missed a chance to see Uncle’s cock.

Aunty – You would not have liked that. Come out. It is 7 in the morning. You said that you have to reach the hostel by 8.

I nodded. I told aunty that I would come out after taking a bath. She went out. I took a bath and changed to another set of salwar kurta. I saw my parents and Renu seated in the drawing-room when I came out.

Renu came running and hugged me. While doing so, she gave me a small packet. She whispered, “Chhoti maalkin, there are three pendrive in this packet. Don’t let anyone else see this. Your family will be defamed.”

Then she said aloud, “Chhoti maalkin, please return to your home. He is repenting for his actions. Without you, that house looks like a ghost house.”

Before I could say anything, we all heard a loud and stern male voice.

Commissioner – No, my daughter-in-law will never return to that house where her chastity and dignity are not safe. SP sahab, we all want this marriage to be held as early as possible.

I heard and quietly sat beside my mother. My parents requested me a lot, but I remained adamant.

Me – In no case I will set my foot in that house or any other house where that dog stays. I am very much comfortable with my in-laws. Please deposit what I said in my account today itself.

After having tea, they sadly went away. I winked at aunty and sat close to Uncle. I took Uncle’s hand.

Me – Rohit, will you please drop me at the hostel? Uncle, aunty, I will like to spend every Sunday and holiday here. But it depends on Rohit whether he wants me to stay at home or has some other plans for me.

Maid served breakfast. After breakfast, with the help of Rohit, I loaded one of my bags containing clothes and a packet of books in the car. Rohit only drove me to the hostel.

It was 8.30 when we entered into warden’s office. There was no need to introduce Rohit. The warden and few others had recognized him. We completed formalities, and the warden requested Rohit to go out. After Rohit left warden took me to a room.

It was a room having two beds.

Warden –  Kusum madam, …

I put my hands on her lips.

Me – Not me. You are our madam. Like others, I am your student. Please address me by name. I love my name Kusum.

Warden – Kusum, I am sorry, but this is the only bed vacant in the hostel. You will have to manage. She is Sangita.

Warden introduced me to a girl whom I had not seen before. Ward maids brought my bags into that room. After the warden and maids left, I pushed my right hand towards that girl.

Me – I am Kusum.

Girl – Kusum Gupta, daughter of city SP. Though you are the most beautiful girl around, You are branded as a cold girl having no interest in sex. Today we all came to know that the only son of our commissioner Mr Rohit will marry you soon. Congratulations, Kusum. I am Sangita Gupta, final year Chemistry Honours.

She shook my hand. I instantly liked the girl. She was a thin and lean girl. She was almost flat-chested, having thin arms and thighs. Her hips were also very small.

Me – My God, you are in the final year means you are of my age only. But I was thinking that you are studying in std 7 or 8.

Sangita – Don’t go by my structure. I have fucked with 6 men, but no one has been able to satisfy me. But we will talk about that later. If you want to skip classes like yesterday, you rest here, but I have to go to college. I have practical.

I could not believe that this girl, whom I had never met before, knew I did not attend college yesterday. I told her to wait. I pushed the door shut, and in front of her, I removed my salwar and Kurta.

I took out a pair of skirts and a blouse from my bag.

Sangita – Had I been a male, I would have fucked you here itself. My God, what a beautiful woman you are and who says that you are cold. I can guarantee you are the hottest girl, atleast in our college.

I put on a skirt and blouse. We took our notebooks and handbags. She locked the room and pulled me to the canteen. There were many known faces there. I just wished them all. After breakfast, we came out of the hostel gate.

“Good Morning, chhoti maalkin.”

I heard a male voice. I looked around and saw a young man doing pranam to me. His face looked familiar, but I could not recognize him. I walked toward him and asked whether I knew him.

The young man – Maalkin, you have forgotten me. I am the new policeman deputed at the main gate of your house.

My eyes sparked to hear him. I recognized him. He was my new lover boy. I looked around. I saw a few restaurants around.

Me – Presently, I am getting late for college. Wait for me in that ‘Rani Restaurant.’ I will come there at 5.30 evening.

I returned to Sangita and walked toward college. I became very happy to see that the college was hardly one km away from the hostel. We reached college just a couple of minutes before the bell rang at 10.

I entered my classroom. The class fell into pin-drop silence. It was the first time in three years that I came to college wearing a skirt and sleeveless blouse. The blouse was almost transparent. It was of skin color (milky texture). I had a white bra under my blouse.

I knew that the male student would be trying to find the outline of my breast mounds. I looked around the class. I saw Navin and saw that the seat beside him was vacant, of course, for me. That was my regular seat.

My eyes met Rubina, whom my mother nicknamed ‘Sex Lioness.’ She was the girl whose sex videos I had seen in the pendrive Navin gave me. She was the keep of the District Magistrate. I walked and sat beside her. Though I had not seen her, she saw me in the hostel.

Rubina – Why did you shift to the hostel?

I whispered, “Somehow, I came to know about sluttiness of my and Navin’s mother. So I left the house.”

Rubina – Then you must have learned about me also.

Me – Don’t be scared of me. You are a young girl full of sex drive. But those sluts are married to respected persons. They are mothers. They must not get involved in such a thing. I promise I will never talk about you to anyone. Rubi, be my friend. Teach me how to tame a man. I don’t like any men dominating me.

I extended my hand, and she warmly squeezed my hand.

Rubina – We are friends. I will make you a master of sex like Vandana madam. If she orders the DM or anyone else to jump from a cliff, he will jump down without any question.

“No whispering, please.”

We both became attentive to hearing the lecturer’s stern voice.

Earlier also, students were keeping distance from me. I remained with Rubina that day, so no one, not even Navin, came near me. In recess, she took me to Vandna madam.

Rubina told her why I had left the house. Like Rubina, she also became apprehensive of me. I assured her also that I would never slander either of them.

Kundan must have told her lover Anamika madam. Immediately after her class, she summoned me to her office. I went there. And for about half an hour, she tried her best to convince me to return home. She also advised me to keep my distance from Vandana madam and Rubina.

Me – Anamika madam, I have a lot of respect for you. But after knowing that you are fucking with your son Kundan I don’t want to see your face. Those two sluts are better than you. For them, sex is a profession, but you are spoiling young ones for fun. Don’t talk with me ever again.

Sex training by Navin, blowjob of my brother’s cock and last night’s fun with my would-be father-in-law have turned me from a timid girl to a bold girl.

I loved this transformation a lot.