Landlord’s servant tricked me and fucked my Didi

This story is a recollection of some incidents of the past.  The narrating theme will be ‘Vishal,’ a junior college student.

I live with my parents and elder sister, whom I used to call ‘Didi.’ She was in senior college. Her name was Varsha. Varsha had turned 21 this year. We live in a rented 4 BHK in a huge villa below our landlords, a retired couple in their 70s.

My sister had grown to be a very hot girl. She had a 34-28-36 voluptuous, curvy body with toned legs. Many of my friends had hots for her, but she was very studious. So she had no interest in them or any other boy.

Behind our villa is a yard with a treehouse and a servant’s room behind it. It was always unoccupied. But one day, I saw some light in that room. I went there to see a muscular, lean black boy. It was Amit. Amit had been a naughty teen from a poor background.

To remove him from the bad company, his parents had pleaded with the landlords to keep him as a full-time helper. He was paid a minimum wage, but his food and living expenses were none.

Amit had become a good friend of mine. He was 6-7 years older than me. We used to play football and cricket. One day he was watching porn in his room. When I went there, he stopped the screen. It was some amateur video.

I was fascinated by porn, and I rarely got to watch it. I pleaded with him to show it to me, but he did not resume the video. Later, he agreed to show it to me on one condition. He said that I had to help him become friends with my sister. It was a strange request.

He said that he wanted to make this job secure. So he needs to be comfortable with the tenants. I wanted to watch porn. After seeing nudity on his phone, I felt horny thinking about my sister and him.

I thought and told him that after 1 week, our friends would come for a holiday. We played some games. He should come.

Me: Didi will be there every day at 7 PM. She loves to play games.

Amit: Sure, but you have to be there and help me talk to her.

Me: How can I help you?

Amit: I will tell you at that time.

He said it was his condition, and he had a lot of porn, so I agreed. They became good friends in no time. Amit even called her ‘Varshu,’ her nickname.

One day we were watching porn, and Amit was high. He used to smoke weed. He was telling me about all the girls he fucked, how they became addicted to his big black cock. I said he was bragging because I, myself, was a virgin.

We argued this, and he removed his shorts. His dick was so black and so big. He had no hair. I had never seen this big dick.

Me: So what? That does not mean women were dying for your dick.

Amit: I can fuck your sister to show you.

Me: My sister? She will never let you touch her.

Amit: I will make her run naked in my room. We will have so much fun in this room.

Then he laughed. He was joking only, but my mind was stuck on her naked in his room.

Next week was the Holi festival. Our landlords said that we have a small function at our house on Holi. We have a dress code – white t-shirts and white trousers for men and white salwar kameez for ladies to play Holi. We were excited about the function.

On the day of Holi, my sister was wearing a white cotton kurta with tight white leggings. Her kurta showed deep, and some cleavage was on display. My landlord’s grandson, Mahesh, was also there on that day. He was a good friend of mine, the same age as me, and he also called my sister Didi.

My parents were very busy with many people and some work on that day. My sister and I were on our own. I played Holi with my neighborhood friends. My sister was also playing Holi but without any water. She did not let anybody spray water on her. Her cotton kurta would become transparent if it became wet.

I found Amit and Mahesh playing Holi with my sister. My sister had thrown eggs at both of them but was not allowing them to do anything to her. She kept saying, “I am a girl.” There were many people present, so both the boys let it go.

Amit: There is so much crowd here. Let’s hang out at the Tree House.

Mahesh: Yes. Let’s all go there.

My sister, 2 other boys and I went to the treehouse. Mahesh had a smirk on his face. In our way, Amit told us.

Amit: I have Bhang (Hashish eatable) to mix with Thandai (Festive Drink).

We got excited and drank 2 glasses each. Then when we went into the treehouse. There were all kinds of stuff to play Holi. They had water balloons, colors, and water drums. The treehouse also had a water pipe fit in it.

Mahesh: Surprise! Let’s play real Holi.

Everyone went crazy. We were putting anything that comes in hand all over the other one. After some time, everyone was focused on the hot girl. They circled her and held her from behind. All the boys started rubbing her all over except her breasts and ass.

She also fought back, which led her to be pinned down again. Amit was sitting on her ass and rubbing color all over her back. It was so erotic to see her, unable to move. After playing some more, when the boys were busy, Amit groped my sister’s breast and waist and started to kiss her neck.

My sister was caught by surprise. Before she could react, Amit let her go saying Happy Holi. Only I could see this scene as others back were toward my sister, and my sister was facing Amit. Amit saw me and winked me. I noticed I was getting hard.

Then a huge splash sound comes. Amit and Mahesh had emptied 2 big water drums, 30 liters each, on my sister. She was wet everywhere. The water poured at such pressure that her kurta became transparent. Her clothes stuck to her body like a second skin.

She was wearing a black bra and black panties visible to all. We could see her whole breasts shape. We all had huge boners. My sister’s breath was heavy, making her breasts bounce with every breath. Instead of getting angry, my sister started laughing and then everybody started laughing.

Two boys had left, as it was getting late for them. My sister, Mahesh, Amit and me were in the treehouse. Varsha’s dress was still wet, and she was semi-nude, so she could not go outside.

Amit said she changed in his room which was in the backside. Suddenly Mahesh said that my Dad was calling us both and he forgot to tell me that.

Mahesh: It was urgent. My bad. Let’s go!

Amit: You two go and do the work. I will bring clothes for Varsha, and she can change in this room.

We agreed. We were also on the high of the drug. Mahesh and I went back, and for 10 minutes, he kept stalling time. I finally asked him where is my Dad and what was going on.

Mahesh: Let us go to a place, and I will tell you.

We went off to the storeroom adjacent to Amit’s room. The storeroom had a crack that provided a full view of Amit’s room.

Mahesh: Your sister is quite a tease. Amit will fuck her, and we will see a live blue film!

I started to get angry. But Mahesh held my dick, which was hard as a rock.

Mahesh: Don’t try to be over smart, or you can’t watch.

I was sure that my sister would not let Amit do anything. I was curious, so I decided to calm down.

Me: Okay. I won’t say anything, but she will not let him do anything.

My sister and Amit were talking about his previous girlfriend in the room. Amit was telling her about his breakup.

Varsha: You will find love again. Don’t worry

Amit: Fuck, love! I need sex from now on.

Varsha: Shut up.

Amit: What dress should I bring?

Varsha: Night suit is in my room.

Amit: Where are the bra and panty?

Varsha: Shut up!

Amit: Haw! You will not wear undergarments, and you say that I am naughty.

Varsha smiled at him. Amit left to bring a night suit. When he left, Varsha started touching her pussy and boobs over her clothes. I was shocked to see Varsha this horny. Me and Mahesh both started jerking off to my hot sister.

Mahesh: We added Viagra to her drink. She is so horny right now, but she is not drugged. She can say no to Amit also. But Amit wanted you to see how he made your Didi his Randi (Slut) and run naked in his room.

I was shocked and horny. My throat was dry, and all I could think about was the time when Amit showed me his huge dick. Amit entered the room, and my sister had stopped touching herself. Amit had clothes in the bag.

Amit: Why have you not changed? I will not give you clothes before you remove that dress and give it to me.

Varsha: Where is your bathroom?

Amit pointed her to the bathroom. Varsha called and handed out her clothes to Amit and asked for the new clothes. Amit gave her the clothes.

Varsha: This is undergarments and a skirt. I can not wear that.

Amit: I have other decent clothes also. But wear these and show them to me. I already saw you in that wet dress.

My sister agreed. Varsha came out wearing a red bra and a pink skirt. The skirt was very short. Lust was visible in both pairs of eyes. So it came just inches below her ass, and she had worn quite low too. She was looking so stunning.

Mahesh was saying all kinds of things. How he will fuck her asshole, How he will fuck her in my home, etc.

Varsha: I don’t like what you are doing.

Amit: Don’t lie. You love the attention you are getting. The panty you gave me had your cum. When did you masturbate?

Amit said and pulled her skirt upwards to reveal red panties. My sister held his arm tightly but did not stop his hand touching her thighs. Wasting no time, Amit started to rub her pussy from the outside, and she closed her eyes.

Amit: Stop pretending now, slut. Look at this.

He removed his shorts, and his 10″ hard dick came out. My sister went mad after seeing it. She kept staring at it without blinking. He lowered her down on her knees till her mouth was level with his dick. She kept staring at his dick.

The room was pin-drop silence. He opened her mouth with his thumb. She started to take it in her mouth, but he stopped. She tried again to suck him, but he took his dick out.

Amit: If you want to continue, say I am your slut. I don’t want to take advantage of you.

Varsha: I am your slut. Please let me suck this cock.

Amit smiled and looked at the crack of the store and said stand up, my girl.

Varsha stood up. He moved her and bent her over. Now Varsha was looking directly at the crack, at us.

Amit opened her bra and panty and folded her skirt at the waist. Now he spanked her hard.

Varsha: Aah!

Amit: If you want my dick, say after every spank, “I am your Randi. Please fuck me hard.”

We saw clearly in her eyes, and because of the dark in the storeroom, she could not see this. I saw my sister’s lust-filled eyes repeating that phrase after every phrase, and I came.

Mahesh laughed at me.

Now Amit entered her pussy, and she shouted,

Varsha: Fuck! It’s too big. Insert slowly.

Amit spanks her hard.

Amit: You were saying fuck me hard. hahaha

Varsha almost blacked out when he entered the whole dick in the next push, but after some slow strokes from Amit, she started moving her hips with her eyes closed.

Amit fucked her mercilessly for 1 hour, then shoved the dick in her mouth and started fucking like crazy.  Her throat was moving with his dick, and she gasped for breath. Amit paused and said.

Amit: Suck me good now, slut! Or I will fuck your face this.

Varsha started sucking his dick with a lot of spit, and he came in her mouth. Amit held her by her hair and said, “Now, bitch, remove the skirt and run around in my room.”

Varsha laughed and asked why. He slapped her tit hard. It turned red.

Amit: Sluts don’t get to question.

Soon Varsha started walking naked in his room, from here to there. Amit winked again at the crack and said with an evil grin,

Amit: Varsha, Let’s go to a theatre tomorrow with Mukesh and me.