Lewd Tales – Part 13 (Ride With Cousin Sister)

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After the incident that happened with aunt Selena, the days went pretty much without anything happening. Everyone seems to be busy with their own life. Even I, too, was busy trying to find out which college was best.

During these days, I got close with Larry. We both went out regularly, and I met with some of his friends. They were cool, and I was gradually getting familiar with the city.

I was sad that nothing exciting was happening nowadays. Aunt Elsa and I made out sometimes, but that was as far as we could go with everyone in the house. We tried to have sex at night when everyone was asleep but eventually got scared and decided not to.

We both were waiting for an opportunity to have sex, but it was hard to come. I even tried to get close with mom by flirting and complimenting her whenever I could.

Mom changed a lot after coming here. I could see the change in her, the way she dressed, and how she talked or walked. Everything about her seemed to change a lot.

I liked how she was adjusting to the new surrounding and modern culture. She now wore sexy dresses like aunt Elsa. I would stare at her dress and her body whenever I get a chance. I would occasionally get a glance at her cleavage whenever she is bending down.

Leah was usually busy and was out most of the time partying or going to a club with her friends. I never saw aunt Selena after the incident. Even I was busy so that I couldn’t visit her. Leah sometimes flirted with me and occasionally sexted with me.

But that was not enough for me. I usually spend masturbating thinking about one of these girls. I was thinking about all these things one day when we were having dinner. Like most of the days, Leah was not there. She was out with her friends.

She usually came back after midnight. I didn’t even see her most of the days. Aunt Elsa seemed cool with it. After having dinner, I went back to my room and thought of masturbating, thinking about someone. While in the middle of masturbating, I got a call from Leah.

Leah (on-call): Hello. Hahaha.

Me: Hey, where are you?

Leah: Hey, sexy boy, hahaha.

From her voice, I could understand that she was pretty much drunk. She must have been drinking all day with her friends.

Me: Are you okay? You seem so drunk!

Leah: I’m fine.

Suddenly, some other girl was speaking to me on the other side.

Unknown person: Hey, listen, I’m Divya, Leah’s friend. And she is not fine.

Me: Yeah, I can assume from her voice.

Divya: She won’t be able to come back on her own. Could you come and pick her up?

I thought for a moment, it was pretty late, and everyone was asleep. I need to sneak out of the house without anyone seeing. But I didn’t have a choice. I can’t leave Leah there.

Me: Yeah, I’ll be there soon as possible. Can you text me the address of this number?

Divya: Okay, no problem. I will text you the address now!

I cut the call and got ready. A moment later, I got a text from Leah’s number. It was an address that I didn’t know, so I looked it up on the map. It was not that close. The map showed more than 30 minutes. It was late at night, so I thought there wouldn’t be much traffic.

I sneaked out from the back door. The difficult task was starting the car without anyone waking up. But I took the risk and started the car and was on my way in a few minutes. The ride took longer than expected. Bangalore was tightly packed, even at night.

When I got to the address, I called on Leah’s phone, and Divya answered.

Divya: Hello, did you reach?

Me: Yeah, I’m at the location, but I can’t figure out which is the right place.

Divya: hold on, let me come out of the house so you can see me.

I waited for a while and when a person came out of the house a few meters ahead. As it was dark, I couldn’t see the person. So I drove close to the building. As I came near, the person became much clearer.

She was wearing a single-piece party dress, which was up to her thighs. The Silky black dress stuck on to her figure. She had a bigger bust than Leah. Her dress came only up above her breasts, trying to get out and giving me a pretty good view of her cleavage.

Her body was a little tanned. And her long smooth legs ended up in a high heel. But, what caught my attention was her beautiful face. Her silky black hair was short and ended above her shoulders. She had dark lipstick on, and her eyes were lined with kohl.

I realized I was staring at her without saying anything for a moment now. I parked the car nearby and got out, and went near her.

Divya: So you must be the famous David!

Me: Famous?

Divya: Yeah, Leah tells about you all the time. Haha.

Her laugh was so beautiful, and it was a pretty voice. I, too, laughed a little and asked about Leah.

Divya: Yes, she is inside. Wait here. I will get her.

By saying that, Divya went inside the house. I waited for a few minutes, and there she was out with Leah. Leah was walking funnily and was laughing all the way. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Leah: Ah, David. You finally came. These bitches think I am drunk. Haha.

Me: Well, let’s get going then. It’s getting late.

Leah didn’t respond and walked towards my car.

Divya: Take care of her and be careful she might puke. Haha.

Me: Haha. I’ll be aware of that.

Divya: Okay, bye then, it was nice meeting you!

Me: Yeah, you too! See you later?

Divya: Definitely! We will hang out sometime. Just come along with Leah when you have the time.

Me: Sure I will. Good night!

Divya: Goodnight.

With that, she went back inside the house. And I walked towards my car. Leah was already sleeping inside my car. I laughed and got inside and decided not to wake her up. I started driving and kept an eye on her.

She was looking really beautiful tonight. The street lights bounced off her pretty face. She was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. Around half the way, she woke up.

Leah: Hey, stop. I think I am about to puke.

Fuck! To my luck, there were no people around! I stopped the car on the side, and she stepped out of the car quickly. I was beside her in a moment. She was trying to vomit, but nothing came out. After a while, she stood straight and looked at me.

Me: Take some deep breaths for a while. Let me get some water from the car.

I took water from the car and give it to her. She drank it like it was the first time she saw water. The moonlight made her look even more beautiful.

Leah: What are you looking at?

Her voice was much clearer now. It seemed like her drunkness was fading.

Me: You look so beautiful!

Leah: Haha! Okay, now stop making fun of me. I know I look ridiculous and drunk.

Me: I wasn’t joking.

I was surprised at how serious my voice sounded. Even she looked at me with a kind of intensity. After a while of staring, she dropped the bottle and jumped onto my body. I caught her by the waist and started kissing her. I didn’t even care we were on an open street.

I kissed her wildly, and she responded similarly. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths. When she broke the kiss to suck in some air, her hot breath warmed my lips. It was making me crazy. I placed her on the hood of the car and started kissing her again.

She had wrapped her legs around my waist and was pulling me close. I moved my lips onto her neck and sucked on a place beneath her ear lobe. She started moaning softly. She took my T-shirt off and scratched my back with her nails. Her nails dug deep into my skin, and I bit down on her neck.

She pulled back and started kissing me again. We kissed for a few minutes, and then I took her t-shirt off. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any bra. Her perky nipples pointed towards me. I quickly started sucking on them. Her moaning became louder each second.

I could feel her nipple becoming hard inside my mouth. I also pinched her other nipple with my fingers. I knew we were getting carried away, but I couldn’t help it. I moved down to remove her pants, but she quickly grabbed my hand and stopped me.

Leah: Let’s get inside the car…

She had a naughty smile on her face. I just smiled back, and we didn’t waste any time before getting into the car. The backseat of the car felt so small right now. But we didn’t mind. Our bodies were tangles to each other before I even knew it.

I pulled down her tight jeans and saw her pink lace panties, dripping wet! I slowly placed a kiss on her inner thighs while removing her panties. Her body trembled while I placed small kisses on her thighs. I could finally see her clean, shaved pink pussy!

My mouth found its way there, and in a moment, my mouth was filled with the salty taste of her pussy juice. She breathed heavily and moaned loudly. Her hands grabbed my hair and held them wildly. I continued licking her pussy and clit. I moved my hands above and grabbed her breast, and played with it.

Leah: Ahh… David, don’t stop!

She was biting her lips to stop screaming.

Leah: I’m about to cum.

I moved my face away from her pussy and put my two fingers inside her. It slipped in smoothly due to the wetness. I fingered her fast until finally, her body arched upwards and rested down.

Leah: Wow! Best drunken night ever!

She sat straight and placed her hand on my dick. She could feel my bulge against her hands.

Me: He’s dying to come out.

Leah: Then let’s get him.

Saying this, she pulled my dick out. The feeling of her soft hands against my dick made my body shiver. I close my eyes and let myself relax. A bit later, I felt something warm and soft getting wrapped around my dick.

I opened my eyes to see her sucking on my dick. It felt so amazing. The grace of her tongue against my dick made me want to die with pleasure. She sucked my dick for a few minutes, and I was about to cum.

But she stopped at the right moment and looked at me.

Leah: David, do you want to fuck my pussy?

I gulped down and nodded.

Leah: I’m guessing you don’t have a condom with you?

NO! NO! NO! Not now!

Leah: Hey! Don’t get worried now. Haha. I’ve got some at home. So why don’t we get going?

Me: Say no more.

And I grinned.

To be continued.

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