Life Of A Pervert – Part 1

Hello ISS readers, I am Naveed, writing about the life of a pervert. I am living in Bangalore, working as a manager in an IT firm. I am 5.9 inches tall, well built, and happily married. I am married to a very beautiful girl Ayesha. She was thin with small boobs at the time of marriage and a typical Muslim girl.

Now, after 10 years of marriage, her boobs are round perfect, milky, and attract any man who sees her for the first time. The main center of attraction in her body now is her ass which is developed into a round shape and fits her figure perfectly.

Oh, sorry, I just got distracted by her beauty. But this is not Ayesha’s story. This is a story of a pervert guy, tall, handsome, well built with thick and long dick (lund), not measured indeed, born with a mole on his dick (lund). He is Naveed (I, Me and Myself).

Hereafter I will use the word lund instead of dick and Chut instead of pussy. I feel this is more erotic and expressible. So let’s begin with the story

It is a rainy evening at 6 pm, and it’s Saturday, the weekend obviously. I am at a Hotel called Park-In. I am standing naked inside room number 303’s bathroom releasing myself (peeing), in other words, getting my long and thick lund ready for another long-lasting session. My lund is roaring to go like a hungry lion.

It’s a 3-star suite, and waiting for me in the room is a beautiful sexy Russian blonde in her teens. Believe me, guys, not even a single piece of cloth is covering her sexy body.

(Knock, knock, knock) Oh, there she is!

Russian: (Russian slang) Baby, why are you taking so much time? Come out. I am waiting, and also I want to pee

Naveed: Yes, baby, give me a minute

After washing my hands, I opened the door. Here comes Russian diva. It is a perfect figure, medium-sized boobs with puffy maroon nipples standing in front of me. Her pink chut was cleaned shaved with a thin strip of pubic hairs on the pubic mound, perfectly complimenting her body.

Naveed: Sorry baby, for making you wait (kissed her on her lips)

Russian: (Responded to my kiss) Hmm! Baby, leave me (breaking the kiss) its uncontrollable pressure.

She just ran over to the commode and sat on the seat, and released her pressure closing her eyes

I just stood there watching her chut releasing golden shower closing her eyes. Being a pervert was too much for me. And my lund, which was now saluting her and me

Russian: (After few seconds, she opened her eyes only to see my lund ready to go) It seems someone is very horny again

Naveed: Oh my! Such a mesmerizing sight how one cannot be horny.

I went close to her with my lund inches away from her mouth.

Russian: Umm, baby.

She held my lund with her hands, and without any second thought, she started playing it with her tongue. The warmth feeling on the tip of my lund is amazing. The way she was slowly circling the head of the lund with her tongue was making my lund’s head wet was just next level.

After playing with the tip for a while, she slowly took the head of my lund in her mouth. Slowly half of my lund disappeared in her mouth. It was like hot chocolate melting due to heat. She slowly pulled her mouth out, and again she took the lund in.

This was not the first time I was getting a blowjob. But yes, this was the first of its kind on a toilet seat. Believe me, and it was as kinkiest as I could imagine. She slowly and steadily increased her rhythm. Her to and fro motions on my lund were too much for me.

My hands were on her head, playing with her hair. With every motion of hers, my hands were pushing her towards my lund to go deeper. She realized that she finished peeing and tried to reach tissue while sucking, which I noticed, but I had other plans.

I wanted to taste the Russian chut which was wet with a golden shower. So I pulled my lund out of her mouth and made her stand. Holding her hips lifted her in the air and rotated 180 degrees in a standing position.

Now her chut is near my mouth with her knees resting on my shoulder. Her mouth is near my lund. Literally, we are in a standing 69-position. She was blowing my lund, and I was licking her salty taste chut and inserting my tongue deep inside her.

While doing so, my nose tip was poking her tight asshole. It has a mild aroma, and just inhaling the aroma of her asshole made my lund even harder. She was a pro in blowing lund. She was slowly and steadily increasing her blows on my lund.

I started playing with her clitoris with my tongue. My lund fully came out of her mouth, and she started moaning, “Umm, baby, fuck, it feels great, baby, don’t stop, lick faster baby, don’t stop.” She held my lund tightly with her hands due to the immense pleasure she was getting.

Through my licking and moaning loudly, and intermittently she was sucking my lund. My lund started oozing pre-cum in her mouth. The tasted of her chut mixed with her urine was just mindboggling.

All this happening was too much for me. So I decided to come out of the bathroom in the same position, licking her chut. I walked towards the bathroom door. As soon as I open the door, I see a beautiful sexy Indian lady naked, waiting for us to join her on the bed.

There is a Russian teen guy who is standing next to the bed stroking his lund. The Indian woman is in her mid-thirties with medium to big 34D size boobs, hard brown nipples poking towards me. I could not see her chut from my angle as she was sitting cross-legged

OMG! Is the Indian my wife, Ayesha? Are we into foursome or swapping partners? What are we? Too many questions. Relax, ISS readers! This is just one of the days in my pervert life. I will get back to your questions later. This is just the beginning.

For now, let’s go back in a flashback of my pervert life. It started in the early 90s when I was a teenager. I could not ask for a better start than this.

I am waiting for your comments and feedback on this ///”>story of a pervy perv. I will be back soon with the next part.