Life Of A Pervert – Part 3 (Watching Chachi Getting Fucked)

Hello ISS readers, I am back with the story about my chacha chachi sex.

I am Naveed, living in Bangalore, working as a manager in an IT firm. I am 5.9 inches tall, well built, and happily married. I am married to a very beautiful girl, Ayesha.

This story is mine, a pervert guy who is tall, handsome, well built with thick and long dick (lund). Hereafter I will use the word lund instead of dick and chut instead of pussy which I feel is more erotic and expressible.

Back to the story:

It has been a year since I started peeping in my Chacha’s room early morning. I enjoyed the show. But only disappointed because I could not see the front view of Chachi’s chut, and I was running out of patience. I used to see them fucking at least once a week on an average

It is like a new era has begun in my life and was happening. I was masturbating, thinking about sex and Chachi every night at least once.  I used to masturbate, stroking my lund inside underwear or at least cover with a blanket. But as the days passed, I started masturbating naked.

And lately, I started using oil to masturbate. One night when all slept, I was feeling aroused thinking about Chachi. I removed my underwear, pulled the blanket aside, applied some oil to my lund. I started stroking it, and in no time, I was in full swing.

My room was filled with stroking sounds since oil was applied to lund. I was involved in stroking. I didn’t realize that my elder sister (Didi) got up from sleep to check where the sound came from. She got up and saw me stroking my lund, and my lund view was clear from her position.

The moment I realized that she is watching, I stopped stroking and covered it with a blanket. I was afraid, thinking what would happen. But nothing much happened, and we both went to sleep.

The next night she was expecting me to masturbate. She kept checking me as I was watching her from the corner of my blanket. I stopped masturbating for few days as I don’t want to be caught again.

As days passed, my life of peeping Tom was going on without any hurdles. One night around midnight, I was awakened with the urge to pee. I got up and went to release myself. I was half asleep when I entered the toilet. On my back to the room, I saw the light was on in Chacha’s room.

Out of curiosity, I went to see what they are doing. I made sure I closed my hall door slowly and went to peep in from the window. I gazed awestruck with the scene I saw inside the room. It never came to my mind once that sex can happen at night also.

What I saw was something that I had never seen before. Chachi was standing on the bed in a blouse and petticoat. I could not see Chacha anywhere. But then I realized that Chacha was sitting on the chair watching the striptease show

Chachi was swinging her hips and removing blouse hooks, and removed her blouse. OMG, she was stripping one by one, dancing on the bed. She was in her black lacey bra and petticoat. While dancing, she removed her bra and threw it to Chacha.

Now she was topless, standing in front of me for the first time. I was hoping and praying that today is my day to see her chut from the front. Suddenly she turned away, swinging her hips and bend to expose her ass over the petticoat. What an ass and what a show I was witnessing.

Nothing better could happen in my life now. She slowly removed the petticoat knot. It fell, revealing a black color thong that was barely covering her asshole. The next thing she dies was bending and pushing her ass towards us. I don’t remember when I started stroking my lund.

She was behaving like a professional whore, or maybe a porn star who knows her job. She was spanking her ass while bending. Then, she pushed the thong to the side with her fingers, making her asshole and pussy visible to us. She put one finger in her mouth and sucked a couple of times.

Then she put that finger on her chut in the same bending position. She was running her finger from her asshole to chut up and down slowly. Then with both her hands, she opened the chut and showing her inner walls and still swinging her hips. Seeing this, I started leaking pre-cum.

She then got up from a bending position and turned towards us. The thong was see-through from the front. She slowly removed the thong using her fingers. Oh my god! I was slowly getting exposed to the first chut of my life. It was hairy. She was spreading her lips and exposing her inner pink color and clitoris to us.

This was too much for me. I came in my underwear, and to my surprise, my lund was still rock hard. Her chut seems very tight. I could hear Chacha also stroking his lund. Chachi was pressing her boobs and rubbing her clitoris and making moaning kinds of voices.

She then sat on the edge of the bed, legs wide open, showing her chut. Her one hand was back on the bed, supporting her weight. With the other hand, she was rubbing her chut. I just wanted to see her chut from the front. But I didn’t expect to see the vagina, clitoris, labial walls, and anus in full detail.

Chachi was rubbing her clitoris, and at times she was lifting her hips in the air. She took two to three fingers in her mouth and sucked her finger for a few seconds. Then lifting her hips in the air was inviting both the lunds present there.

She then inserted those wet fingers in her chut in one go and was moaning loudly. She increased her speed of finger fucking with her hips in the air

Chachi: (While finger fucking started using foul language) Aah! Ab aake chodna kiska intezaar kar raha hai. (Whom you are waiting for, just come fuck). Kya koyee aur bahar se aakar is chut ko chodne ka intezaar kar raha hay mere chut ke hero (Are you waiting for someone from outside to come and fuck me, my hero?)

This was too much for my Chacha and me

Chachi: Yes, aake chodna is chut ko jo tumhe bula rahi hai (Yes, come and fuck this chut which is calling you). Boll tere motay lund ko mere ander sama jaye (tell your fat lund to fit inside me).

She was talking dirty and rubbing her clitoris at full speed. This was too much for me. Hearing dirty words from Chachi made me remove my lund out of underwear and jerking it fast.

I can hear the voice of Chacha jerking his lund very fast. Hearing all dirty talks, Chacha came near her, stroking his lund as fast as he could with a grunting voice. While Chachi was still rubbing her clitoris with hips in the air and boobs bouncing, Chacha came near to her, stroking his lund.

He burst his cum on Chachi. The quantity of Chacha’s cum was too much. It was on her boobs, stomach, a little on her hand, which is finger fucking. On her hair and last on her lower lip and chin. Chacha was out of breath seeing her.

Then Chachi rubbing her chut very fast. Chacha doesn’t want to miss this opportunity. So he went on his knees and put his mouth on her chut. Sucking every bit of Chachi’s cum, and she came in his mouth.

Her legs were on his shoulder and her hand on Chacha’s head pushing further in her chut. She was out of breath. He licked the last drop of cum and then got up and pushed Chachi on the bed, who was sitting at the edge. Surprisingly his lund was hard.

He put two pillows under her, lifted her legs in the air, held them together. He inserted his lund in her chut and started fucking. Chacha felt her chut very tight due to this position. Chachi was also getting the maximum effect from this. This time, he did not last long and came in her chut in that same position.

Chacha was breathless and removed his lund from her chut. It was semi-soft, drops of cum falling on the ground. Chachi was in the same position with her legs in the air and held together for maybe 5 minutes (maybe to get pregnant)

OMG, this was a great position for me, chut under two pillows, legs in the air held together. The vaginal walls stuck together, making a long straight line. A small stream of cum was coming out of her chut and running down the brown asshole.

It was just awesome. I couldn’t ask for more, and I cum for the second time. Meanwhile, Chacha wore his lungi and drank a glass of water. Chachi got up, took a tissue, and started wiping cum from her lips, boobs, and stomach. She then took another tissue and wiping her chut said

Chachi: Jaanu, peeshab karna hai? (Dear, what to pee?)

Chacha: Yes, come, baby, both will go.

She wore her nightie without bra and panty. Since the toilet is outside the house, I was afraid that they would catch me. I cannot go inside opening the main door, so I ran towards the toilet without knowing what to do. Once reaching there, I realized they are coming to the toilet only.

So I went behind the wall and was waiting for them to come and go. I heard the main door opening. I was afraid of getting caught. Once they reach the toilet, he switched on the light. But something happened (maybe my luck) light went off. It was dark inside the toilet. Chachi was reluctant to go inside without light

Chachi: Baby, I will do it in the bathroom itself if you don’t mind.

Chacha: Arre, what’s there to mind? You are only peeing, not doing anything else.

He opened the bathroom door and switched the light on. She went inside, and he followed her. I heard them lock the door from inside. As they both were inside, I decided to hide in the toilet. Since there is no light, there was less chance of getting caught. So I slowly went inside and closed the door without locking it

Once I settled, I heard voices from the bathroom as if they were kissing each other. I was longing to see both of them inside to know what they are up to. I looked here and there. Finally, my eyes caught the glory hole near the tap.

I was unsure if I could see through that, but I can’t help trying it out. It was an Indian toilet. I sat on my knees, not worrying about anything. I just peeped in through the hole. I can see both of them standing and Chacha kissing her forcefully. Chacha was in a lungi, and Chachi was in a nighty.

Chachi: (breaking the smooch) Enough now, someone may come, and I need to pee now, can’t control.

Chacha: Okay, go ahead and pee on me.

Chachi: Chi dirty, I won’t.

Chachi: Please, I want to see how to pee and feel your hot salty pee on my body and lund.

Telling this, he removed his lungi and sat in front of her on the ground facing his back to the glory hole. Chachi again said no to him, but her urgency to pee made her reluctantly do what Chacha wanted.

Chachi pulled her nightie up to her waist and put one leg on the bathing stool. She held her nightie with one hand. With the other hand, she spread her chut and pointed in Chacha’s direction, and started peeing. She started with a slow stream that fell on the ground before Chacha.

When the stream increased, it was falling on Chacha. I could not see which part of her pee was falling, but I am sure it was falling on his lips, chest, and lund. She peed for 2-3 minutes in full force.

Once she is done, Chacha caught her in that position and put his mouth on her chut, licking the last drop of her pee and sucking her chut. Chachi closed her eyes as she was getting horny with this act.

She was pressing her boobs with one hand and was moaning slowly. In no time, her body was jerking, and she had another orgasm in his mouth.

I can’t believe that I was again stroking my lund, and for the third time, I was ready to cum. Meanwhile, Chacha got up after licking, kissed her again, and said, “Let me pee now.”

Chachi: Okay, let me help you, Jaan.

Chacha turned towards me. His lund was semi-hard and was about to hold his lund to pee. Chachi’s hands came across his body and held his lund in both hands. Oh my god, this was amazing. He started peeing. She was shaking his lund in a zigzag position making his pee fall all over the bathroom.

At the same time, she was kissing his neck. Seeing this, I came for the third time, and it was a much bigger load than before

Meanwhile, both are done with peeing. Chachi opened the door and started walking out with Chacha’s lungi. Chacha was naked and begging her to give his lungi

Chachi: This is a punishment for making me pee on you. Now you come to a room like that only.

Chacha had no option other than walking back naked to the room through the hallway. They both went in. I was there in the toilet, thinking about how to utilize my newly discovered glory hole.

There was only one bathroom, and everyone used to bathe there. I already started imagining to whom all I can watch bathing. But on the priority, I wanted to see Chachi bathing first.

The next morning I got up around 11.30 am and went out to pee. I saw Chachi coming out of the bathroom after bathing. I was upset as I missed the chance. So from that day, I started making a note of what time she usually goes to bathe, and the timing was between 11 to 12 pm.

The same day she left for her mother’s house for a week, and even I was busy with my studies. Nothing happened for the next few days. But every night, my sister was spying on me to see if I am masturbating or not

I don’t know what was going in my Didi’s mind. Whether she wanted to catch me red-handed or did she like what she saw that day? So many questions were going through my mind.

But my mind was answering only one answer, “Tomorrow will be your day that you will see Chachi bathing.” Thinking that I used to masturbate, covering a blanket inside my underwear without making a sound.