Life Of A Pervert – Part 4 (Watching Chachi And Didi In The Bathroom)

Hello ISS readers, I am back with the story about my pervert life

I am Naveed, living in Bangalore, working as a manager in an IT firm. I am 5.9 inches tall, well built, and happily married. I am married to a very beautiful girl, Ayesha.

This story is mine, a pervert guy who is tall, handsome, well built with thick and long dick (lund). Hereafter I will use the word lund instead of dick and chut instead of pussy which I feel is more erotic and expressible.

Back to the story:

So I was being spied by my sister every night, and I had to be very cautious about my acts. Also, I avoided going out at night to watch Chachi’s sessions. It would create doubt in my sister’s mind. I decided to watch early morning sessions, though not regularly.

The next couple of weeks went on like that. Then my goddess favorite sex queen returned from her mother’s house. This time, she was accompanied by her two younger sisters. They often stayed with her sister. I was 100% sure that they are going to make out today at night.

But I don’t want to take the risk as I had an eye on my sister. What a waste of my sperm that night as it came out without seeing anything

The next morning I got up early and peeped in. Nothing happened. I didn’t get a chance to see them making out or see her bathing for the next couple of days. Finally, the day came when I was actually in the toilet defecating. When I was about to leave the toilet, I heard someone entering the bathroom.

I peeped through the hole. There she was, hanging her fresh nighty and towel on a hanger. I thanked God for the moment I was waiting for. It seems like she has forgotten something. She left the place. I waited for her to return. In a minute or so, she again came in with her undergarments, only with her bra.

Thinking that I will be seeing her naked, I had a hard-on. Just imagine what will happen when I actually see her naked. I continued watching. She hung her bra, opened the tap, and then removed her nighty and untied her petticoat. Oops, she was standing nude on the lower part.

Her chut was fully covered with thick hair. When I was concentrating on her chut, she removed her bra. Her boobs were round and tight. But strangely, her nipples were hard. Is she horny? It was the question that came to my mind. Never mind, I was getting a great show.

She freed her hair and looked for a bathing stool. She pulled it near her using her foot and then sat on it

She started bathing, and within a second, her whole body was wet. After shampooing her hair, she applied soap on the upper body. She started from the neck, then to the boobs. Then she lifted her arm and applied soap on the armpit. A few hairs were there.

Armpits were my weakness. I love to lick them. Whenever I had an opportunity with women, I had not missed the chance of licking armpits. I used to cum many times just liking armpits.

So back to the story. After applying soap to her upper body, it was time to apply it on her chut, ass, and legs. She did that, but I could not see her lower part as she sat on the stool. The lower part was not visible from the hole. She bathed for at least 30 to 40 minutes, and then she got up.

Water drops were running down from her hair, boobs, and stomach. OMG, her pubic mound has full thick hairs which were drenched in water. Small drops were falling from them was a sight to vouch on.

Once she is done drying her upper body, it’s time to dry her chut and pubic hair. She kept one leg on a bathing stool and started drying her chut with the towel. This was the sensual scene of my life. After this, I had not missed the chance of seeing Chachi bathing.

I used to wait for her to go for bathing whenever I was at home. My focus was only on Chachi. This made me miss others who used to bathe in there.

One Sunday, I returned home after playing gully cricket around 11.30 am. I saw someone occupied the bathroom. I was sure that it was Chachi who is bathing. Without wasting any time, I was in the toilet as usual, in a position peeping in the hole.

I got the biggest, the extreme and sudden sensation of shock, a surprise of my life. It was my Didi who was inside the bathroom naked. She had not yet started bathing. She was standing naked and was busy removing some cream from the tube in her hand.

I felt weird seeing my Didi naked and was feeling guilty. But slowly, the guilt was overtaken by my lund, which was hard in a second. Didi was not fair but had a chocolate complexion with beautiful medium-sized boobs with black small sharp nipples.

They were ready to get mauled by a man. I mean ready to get married at this stage. Whoever my brother-in-law will be will enjoy mauling them and sucking them, lucky. She had a flat stomach and a slightly hairy chut. I believe virgin at that time, but visible to me at that time.

I doubt she had ever trimmed her pubic hairs or removed them. My eyes were scanning her beautiful body. She applied some cream on her finger and then started rubbing that finger on her chut. Oh my god, she was masturbating, unaware that someone is watching her.

She started slowly fingering her chut, and with another hand, she was pinching her right nipple. Her eyes were closed. I can hear her moaning slowly. She was rubbing her finger on her chut vigorously for a while. Then all of a sudden, she opened her eyes and search for a bathing stool.

She pulled it with her leg and sat on it with her back resting on the wall. She straightened her legs wide open and inserted one finger in her chut, and a loud moan slipped her mouth. She was finger fucking and pressing her boobs. She increased her speed of finger fucking and again closed her eyes.

I could not see her chut in this position. But it was obvious with her motion that she was pleasuring herself with her finger or maybe fingers. With her finger/fingers in her chut, she was trying to lick her nipple with her tongue. Her hand motion was very fast.

She was moaning continuously but in a slow voice. It seems like Didi was rubbing the upper part of her chut at this speed. She was on the verge of orgasm

Didi: Aah kitna bada lund hai tera, aur zor se chodna. (Oh, how big is your dick, fuck me harder)

It was a shock to me hearing those words from a conservative girl. I was wondering which lund she was thinking of. Is she thinking of my lund, which she saw when I was masturbating? That was a question in my mind.

Didi stiffened her body and was breathing, heaving with her chocolate color body was shining with slight sweat. I witnessed one of the best orgasms. I was so deeply involved in her act that I didn’t realize when I started stroking my lund.

Finally, she had climaxed with her body jerking several times. She just sat motionless after that for a few seconds breathing heavily. After a minute, she came to her sense and then opened the tap and checked the water temperature. She then stood up to keep the cream in the toothpaste stand.

My goodness, she was amazing with sweat on her body. All the time, I was stroking my lund. While keeping the cream, she scratched her chut, showing her pink color walls to me. Then what she did was unpredictable.

After scratching her chut, she started peeing in the standing position with her two fingers spreading her chut. Wow, the amazing stream coming from her black chut with pink inside walls. The sound of her pee made me cum in loads.

After peeing, she started bathing as usual. Then drying up and then wore her clothes, and left the bathroom. I was there in the toilet for few minutes to make sure that nobody doubts me. I came out of the toilet and went straight into the bathroom to wash my hands.

As I was washing, my eyes went on my Didi’s used panty and bra. I immediately closed the bathroom door. I took her panty and bra and started sniffing them. The sweaty smell from her bra was out of this world. I made sure I sniffed her bra for an ample amount of time.

Then my full attention was on her panty. I sniffed it, and there my lund was hard again. A couple of minutes ago, it had cum loads of cum. I saw white color patches in the area where her chut was. The smell made me mad, and I was about to lick when I heard someone knocking on the door.

I was afraid and put the panty and bra back to where it was. I washed my hands. I opened the door to find my Chachi, my sex goddess, standing in front of me with clothes in her hand. She was so close to me that I could smell her perfume mixed with her body smell.

After watching her having sex with Chacha, my feeling towards her was something different. I was so involved in her smell and thoughts

Chachi: Come out. I am getting late. I have to bathe

I came to sense and came out of the bathroom smiling. She went in and closed the door from inside. In no time, I was again in the toilet peeing through the hole. Chachi was wearing a saari and was in the process of removing it. Once she removed her sari, she started unbuttoning the hooks of her blouse.

She was wearing a black bra, and her boobs are ready to come out. As soon as she removed her bra, both boobs jumped out. They were freed after a long time and hanging. I felt like going in and sucking them. Now she was in her petticoat.

She was searching for something in the overhead cupboard. There she was with small scissors in her hand. Then she untied her petticoat knot, which fell. Chachi was again naked in front of me. This was when wearing panty was not so common, especially when women wore sari and petticoats.

Seeing Chachi’s chut, my lund, which was already hard, was once again ready to explode. I was stroking it slowly without making much noise. She started trimming her jhaant-ke-baal (pubic hairs) in bunches with a small scissor. Right in front of my eyes, Chachi hair chut transformed into a sexy trimmed chut.

She washed her chut with hot water in a standing position. I want to stick my tongue deep into her chut and hold her chut with my fingers. The feeling of sucking her chut made me cum again. Chachi then carried on with her bathing.

Like this, every day, I used to see Chachi or Didi bathing and doing some kinky things. They were alone in the bathroom, thinking that no one was watching them. They used to behave normally outside the bathroom as nothing happened.

Now I used to masturbate thinking about two women in my life. One is my sex goddess, queen Chachi and another one is chocolate beauty, my Didi. Day by day, I became bold. I started masturbating like before, using oil, removing my underwear, and not covering it with a blanket.

Somewhere in my mind, I wanted Didi to see me stroking my lund. I made sure she did. She used to see me stroking every night. This went on for some time.

One night after masturbating, I went to sleep as usual. Didi, watching me stroke my lund, fingered her chut removing her panty and bottom. Maybe she slept without wearing them back.

At around 3 am, I had an urge to pee. With sleepy eyes, I switched on the bed-light of the room and went to pee. After peeing, I came back to the room. I was about to switch off the bed-light my eyes fell on my sister. She was in a deep sleep sleeping on her belly with a blanket on her side.

Her boobs were pressed against the bed. She was naked from her waist down, her left leg was straight, and her right leg was in the spooning position. Her gand (ass) was visible, and a little part of the chut from the backside was also visible.

I was in a situation where I had to make two choices. The first one was to switch off the light and go back to sleep. The second one is to go and feel the gand and chut for the first time in my life. Since I was aware of Didi’s masturbation and sneak-peeking my lund, I choose the second one.

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