Life Of A Teenager – Part 2 (A Betting Game)

Hi guys, this the second part of the story. I usually compare the woman in the story to actresses. So please browse the actress’s name while reading the story. Also, read the previous part to understand the betting game story.

I fucked my aunt Trisha in the kitchen slab, and then we dressed up as nothing happened. In the afternoon, as we were eating lunch, aunty was sitting on my left side. I pinched her hip and slid my hand inside her petticoat, fingering her pussy.

She started to move around, looked at me, and smiled. After eating, she went to her room. I followed her. I shut the door and locked it. I hugged her and kissed her on the lips, and squeezing her ass hard.

I removed all of her clothes. I pushed her down in the bed and started sucking her boobs while rubbing my dick over her pussy. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my dick.

Me: Aunty, your pussy is on fire.

Trisha: I can’t control myself, son. Your dick is making me go mad. Please fuck me.

I wanted to tease her more.

Me: No, I won’t fuck you immediately. I am going to make you go crazy.

I sucked her boobs and squeezed them hard.

Trisha: Please, son, don’t tease me anymore. Please fuck me, and I will do anything, please fuck me.

Me: Do anything?

Trisha: Yes, I will do anything.

Me: Will you let me fuck Niveta?

Aunt doesn’t say anything for a while.

Trisha: Ask me anything else, please.

Me: No, I want to fuck Niveta.

I kissed her in the lips and entered my dick inside her pussy, and rammed her twice. She screamed in pleasure, then took my dick out.

Trisha: Don’t take it out. Please put it in.

Me: Tell me will you let me fuck your daughter?

Saying that again pushed my dick inside her pussy and stopped moving.

Trisha: Ahh, please, I am begging you don’t ask that.

Me: Ok, then I will make a bet with you.

I slowly started moving my dick in and out of her pussy.

Trisha: What bet?

Me: If you could control yourself for a whole day without my dick. I will try to seduce you, do anything I want. But you shouldn’t ask me to fuck you.

I increased the speed of fucking her. I didn’t let her think much.

Me: Tell me, aunt do you accept the bet or not.

Trisha: Ok, ok, I accept, please don’t stop now, fuck me.

I took my dick out, rolled her over, and fucked her in the doggy style. For every stroke I made, she made a big loud moan.

Trisha: Aaah!

As we were fucking, Niveta knocked on the door.

Niveta: Mom, are you ok?

Trisha: I am ok, honey. I was doing some work here.

Niveta: Is brother with you?

Trisha: Yes, he is helping with some work.

Niveta: Ok, then.

I rammed her hard. She reached multiple orgasms. After 30 minutes of fucking, I was about to cum.

Me: I am going to cum, aunty.

Trisha: Cum, son cum, cum all inside me.

After a few hard strokes, I cummed inside her.

Trisha: Aah!

We both lay there for a while.

Me: Ok, then our bet starts tomorrow morning.

Trisha: Ok, but I can control myself, you know.

Me: Yeah, I can see. (I laughed)

We dressed and came out. After some time, Uncle came and asked aunt to pack some clothes for him. He went out of town for a week. Aunt packed his clothes, and uncle left. He left, leaving two beautiful ladies with me.

As usual in the evening, we all went to the canal to take a bath. We were swimming in the canal. Aunt joined us after washing the clothes. I came close to my aunt and grabbed her boobs underwater, and rubbing my dick in her ass.

Trisha: Wow, son, you are hard again?

Me: Yes, aunty.

Me: Niveta, come here.

Niveta: What is it?

Me: Shall we play a game?

Niveta: What game?

Me: I bet I can lift aunty and hold her for at least 10 minutes.

Niveta: No, you can’t. Maybe you can lift her, but you can’t hold her for 10 minutes.

Me: I bet I can.

Niveta: What’s the wager? What will I get if you lose?

Me: If I win, you have to do whatever I say for a day. If I lose, I will do anything you say for a day

Niveta: Ok, deal.

I looked at aunt.

Trisha: What are you up to, son?

We both came out of the water, and I grabbed aunt by the ass, lifted her.

Me: Wrap your leg around me, aunty.

My dick was standing like a pole. I pushed my dick inside her.

Trisha: Aah!

Niveta: What happened, mom?

Trisha: Nothing.

Me: Start the timer.

Niveta started the timer on Aunt’s phone. My dick was inside my aunt’s pussy. I squeezed her ass and lifted her up and down, started fucking in that position.

Trisha: Son, you are mischievous.

Niveta: are you sure you’re alright, mom.

Trisha: I am just enjoying the ride.

I am fucking my aunt in front of her daughter. Her boob crushed against my chest. At that moment, aunt couldn’t control herself. She kissed me on the lips in front of Niveta. It took some time for her to come to her senses. Niveta was watching us closely.

Me: What is the time now, Niveta?

Niveta: 6 minutes 28 secs.

Trisha: Oh my God, son, you are a beast.

I kissed her on the lips this time, and she also responded. I continued fucking her in that position.

Niveta: Times up that 10 minutes you won.

Me: Niveta, don’t stop the watch. I want to set a record.

Aunt laughed.

Trisha: You naughty.

Niveta doesn’t understand what’s going on. I couldn’t control it anymore.

Me: I am going to cum, aunty.

Trisha: Cum, cum inside me.

I made few big strokes and cummed inside her pussy. My juice is dripping down her ass.

Me: What’s the time, Niveta?

Niveta: It’s 12 minutes 42 secs.

Me: Wow, that’s a record.

I let aunt down.

Niveta: Wow, brother, you did hold mom for more than I expected.

Me: As per bet you lost, you will have to do whatever I say for a whole day.

Niveta: Yeah, yeah, I know, but first, please lift me like mom.

Me: Ok, jump.

I lifted her in front of Trisha, and she didn’t say anything. But my dick started to grow again. Aunt saw my dick.

Me: That’s enough.

I let her down, but my dick was up.

Trisha: Niveta, take the clothes and go. We will come after taking a few dips in the water, ok.

As soon as Niveta left, my aunt came on her knees and started giving me a blowjob.

Trisha: You are hard again.

Me: It’s because of Niveta.

Trisha: Yeah, I can see.

Aunty gave me a great blowjob, and I cummed inside her mouth. Then we washed and went back home.

Afterward, it was, as usual, we had dinner went to rooms to sleep. My uncle was out of town. So, in the middle of the night, I woke up and knocked on aunty room. She opened the door was waiting for me naked

We both hugged and kissed each other, removed my clothes. I pushed her down and started fucking in a missionary position. After 20 minutes of continuous fucking I cummed inside her and lay above her. We both were gasping, breathing heavily.

Me: Don’t forget, aunty, tomorrow morning onward, our bet starts. Do you remember our deal?

Trisha: Yes, of course.

We slept hugging.

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