Life Of A Teenager

Hi, this is about the life of a teenager. I always compare the woman in the story to actresses. I hope you guys like this story. Please browse the actress’s name when reading the story.

My name is Jack. I finished my junior college just now, and I am on vacation. I am an only child, and I am very good at my studies.

I learned about sex by watching porn with my friend Rajesh. One day he told me that fucked his uncle’s daughter. That made me think about my uncle’s daughter Nivetha Thomson (actress), studying with me in my class.

I asked my parents to stay in my uncle’s house, and they permitted it immediately. I went to my uncle’s house with the plan of seducing my cousin Nivetha. My aunt Trisha (actress) received me happily.

I settled down in my uncle’s house. It is not much of a big house they have only two rooms, one for aunt and uncle. They told me to sleep in Nivetha’s room. That day went smoothly.

At night, after dinner, we all went to bed. We were talking. Nivetha asked me to tell a ghost story. We switched off the lights, and I told her a scary ghost story. She got scared and slept hugging me.

In the middle of the night, I didn’t sleep at all. I slowly placed my hand over Nivetha’s boobs and squeezed it slowly. Wow, they are so soft. This is the first time I am touching a girl’s boob. I squeezed her boobs for a while and went to the bathroom to masturbate.

The next morning, I went to the hall, and a shocking thing was waiting for me there. It was my aunt Trisha who was wearing only a blouse and petticoat like Malayalam aunty. She was showing off her cleavage and deep navel. My dick started to rise.

I came here to seduce my cousin, but I didn’t have any plan. I am too afraid to make a move on her. We were playing around all morning. And I couldn’t take my eyes off my aunt Trisha’s boobs in her deep-cut blouse. In the evening, my aunt called me.

Trisha: Jack, come here.

Jack: What is it, aunty?

Trisha: We all take a bath in the canal nearby. Do you want to take a bath in the bathroom?

Jack: I would love to take a bath in the canal.

We all went to the canal, which was few feet away from the house. There was no one except us. Aunt removed her blouse and petticoat in front of me. She was standing in bra and panty. Then Nivetha also started stripping. It was the usual thing for them. It was so hard for me to control my dick from rising.

They both removed all their clothes and standing naked in front of me. They wrapped a towel above their boobs. Still, I could see everything.

Trisha: Come on, son, remove your clothes and give them to me. I will wash them.

I slowly removed my t-shirt and trouser. I am standing in my inners. My dick was poking in it.

Trisha: Remove your underwear also, don’t be shy.

I removed my underwear. My dick was standing like a pole. I could see my aunt’s eyes fixed on my dick. I asked for a towel to wrap.

Trisha: Don’t worry, son, no one will come here.

I went into the water, the water level up to my waist. I couldn’t control my dick. It was standing rock hard. Aunty was washing our clothes, and we were taking a bath.

I was watching Nivetha. Her towel was all wet, clinging to her, showing off her body. After washing the clothes, aunt also entered the water, showing off her body and making me mad.

After taking a bath, my aunt gave me a towel to dry myself. My aunt was looking at my dick all the time. Then we came back home and all dressed up. We didn’t do much. After dinner, we went to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to masturbate. Images of aunt and Nivetha standing naked in front of me are making me horny. I waited for a while for Nivetha to sleep, and I squeezed her boobs. I wanted to feel her naked boobs, but I was a little afraid. Then I went to the bathroom and masturbated twice.

The next day again went on like usual we played few games, watched TV. I was waiting for my aunt to ask us to bathe in the canal. It was evening aunt called.

Trisha: Let’s go and take a bath, guys.

We all went to the canal. Today I didn’t hesitate at all. I removed all my clothes along with them. Aunt wrapped a towel around her and started washing the clothes. I could see aunt watching my erect dick while washing the clothes. I saw Nivetha was staying naked, not wearing anything to cover.

We started to play by splashing water over one another. After washing, aunt also joined us. To my surprise, she also removed her towel and came in naked. Aunt also splashed water on us and started playing with us. While playing, aunt slipped, and she grabbed onto me.

One of her hands was on my dick underwater. Her simple touch made me feel like I was about to cum. I helped her to stand up. But her hand was still in my dick and left my dick after few seconds.

After a few more minutes of playing in the water, we all covered ourselves with a towel and went back home. After reaching home, my aunt touched my hair.

Aunt: Oh my God, your head is still wet.

She grabbed my hand and dragged me to her room. She removed the towel from my waist, making me stand naked. She was drying my hair with a towel. My dick started to rise again. I could see her boobs jiggling in front of my face trying to get out of the towel. After drying my hair, she saw my erect dick.

Trisha: Son, your dick still erect. Is it hurting?

Me: A little bit.

Trisha: Don’t worry, I will take care of it.

Immediately aunt came down on her knees and started sucking my dick. I was already on the verge of cumming. I cum all inside her mouth.

Me: Aah, aunty.

She drank it all.

Trisha: If your dick is hurting again, you can ask me to suck your dick, ok.

I was already confused. I wrapped the towel and came to our room dressed up.
Thinking about aunty giving me a blowjob made my dick hard again. My mind was thinking will she suck my dick if I show my erect dick again.

I made up my mind and went to the kitchen. My aunt was preparing dinner.

Me: Aunty.

She turned and looked at me.

Trisha: What is it, son?

I showed my erect dick in my trouser. She understood what I meant. She came on her knees again and lowered my trouser, and started stroking my dick with her hand. She was wearing a blouse and petticoat.

I can see her deep cleavage. She then took my whole dick inside her mouth and gave me a deep throat blowjob. This time I didn’t cum immediately. After 15 mins of continuous blowjob, I cum inside her mouth.

Trisha: Are you satisfied?

Me: Yes, aunty.

After that, we all ate dinner and went to sleep. I was in bed thinking about what happened between aunt and me. I couldn’t sleep at all. I was restless, then turned towards Nivetha sleeping next to me. I slowly squeezed her melons and sucked them above her t-shirt, thinking about everything that happened.

After that, my mind got cleared. I know how to seduce Nivetha. I need to get my aunt Trisha first to get her daughter.

The next day I got up went out of the room to see my aunt. I had a morning hard-on. She was working in the kitchen, and uncle went out early in the morning. I hugged her from behind, poking my dick in her ass. She felt it.

Trisha: Good morning, son.

She was in a blouse and petticoat as usual. I slowly brought my hand to her boob and squeezed them slowly.

Trisha: You are bold today.

Me: It’s all because of you and the blowjob you gave me yesterday.

Aunty laughed.

Trisha: Ok, then what are you planning to do?

I slid my right inside her petticoat and touched her pussy. She didn’t wear any underwear. I entered my middle finger inside pussy.

Me: Aunty, you are damn wet down there.

Trisha: It’s been ages since your uncle fucked me.

Me: Is that so?

I was still fingering and squeezed her boobs.

Trisha: First moment I saw your dick itself made me horny. I wanted to fuck you right away.

Me: Then you won’t mind me doing this.

After saying that, I lifted her petticoat and opened my trouser zip. I took my dick out pushed it deep inside her pussy. She screamed.

Trisha: Ahh, son, please be gentle.

I was fucking her back, and she was enjoying it a lot.

Me: What will you do if Nivetha saw us naked?

Trisha: Don’t worry, she won’t know what is happening.

Me: Then turn around.

She turned around. I grabbed her waist, lifted her, and placed her on the kitchen slab. I kissed her on the lips for the first time. Inserted my dick inside her and started ramping her as hard as I could. She was screaming in pleasure.

Trisha: Aah, aah.

Me: If you moan like that, we will get caught.

Trisha: I told you she doesn’t understand. Just fuck me, son.

After 15 minutes of continuous fucking I cum inside her pussy. We corrected our dress and acted normal.

Ok, guys, here I stop the story. I hope you guys like the story, and please comment if you want the next part.