Lustful Family And Friends – Part 11

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Day 11(Continued)

After the date with Bella, I remembered I hadn’t updated James about my investigation of Dwayne’s hard drive. I’ll call him.

Me: Hey, man!

James: What’s up?

Me: I had a look at that hard drive.

James: Good! What did you find?

Me: Dwayne has a shitload of porn stashed on that drive.

James: Who doesn’t?

Me: I thought everybody was on those streaming sites nowadays.

James: Sure, but what if your connection is down and you need to bust one out urgently?

Me: Point taken. Dwayne didn’t even make an effort to hide the hot stuff. My sister sent him a lot of pictures and a couple of videos.

James: Shit! I’d love to see them.

Me: You know I can’t.

James: Yeah, I know. Still, a guy can dream. Have you thought about making Dwayne pay? The upcoming crackdown on porn might work in your favor as well.

Me: Crackdown?

James: Haven’t you heard? The whole sex industry is starting to get worried about some legislative bullshit they’re trying to pass.

Me: I don’t follow politics much.

James: Me neither, but when it comes to my porn, I tend to get nervous. Some people say these new laws will effectively make it impossible for porn to be produced, for example. But it goes further than that. The laws will also make a special task force possible, focus on indecent or sexually deviant behavior.

Me: What kinds of behavior?

James: All kinds of weird kinks, man.

Me: Shit. Pretty soon, the government will dictate the position in which we have to fuck.

James: I know, only missionary allowed, right?!

Me: Sounds disturbing. Have to think more about how to handle Dwayne. Talk to you later.

As soon as I disconnected the call, I got a call from Riley, my co-worker at the supermarket.

Me: Hi! You’re probably wondering what happened today.

Riley: I have a pretty good idea. Our dear manager is now free to spend all his time with that skank he’s banging in the cum hut, isn’t he?

Me: Pretty much. There was some pretty juicy footage on the webcam.

Riley: Really! Tell me! Or wait, no. Why would I want to know about Brody fucking that skank? Nah, tell me anyway. But be gentle.

Me: There was some action with a strap-on dildo with Brody on the receiving end.

Riley: Brody takes it up the ass. During work hours in his office?

Me: That pretty much sums it up. Say, would it help you if the footage of Brody somehow leaked to the management of the supermarket?

Riley: I like your thinking, Aafi. Some sweet revenge for groping my ass all those times. I’m sure they’ll fire him if they learn that he’s been using the supermarket as his personal anal playground.

Me: Cool, I’ll think of a way to release the material.

Riley: You’re awesome, Aafi. Hey. I was thinking. We’re probably not going to see each other much in the future. Would you like to come over to my place tomorrow? I have a gift for you.

Me: Wrapped and everything?

Riley: Who knows.

If the gift is what I think it is, I prefer it to be unwrapped.

Me: I’m a sucker for gifts, so text me the address already!

Riley: Cool! See you tomorrow.

After dinner, I went to sleep with Rachel. She’s waiting for me topless.

Rachel: Yay! There you are! Alina sleeping over was fun, but I’d rather sleep next to you.

Me: Last night was very lonely.

Except that Alina was in my bed for a portion of the night, and she wasn’t exactly sleeping.

Rachel: I’ll make it up to you! Since you gave my body all those sweet kisses, I’d like to show you more of it. Be free, you know. So I’m willing to show you everything, but in return, you must do so too.

She makes it sound as if it’s a very hard decision.

Me: I’m grateful you’re willing to share this with me, Rachel, so of course, I’ll join you.

Rachel: You first. I don’t mind if it’s swollen like it is sometimes.

And she makes that sound as if it hurts.

Rachel: It’s very big.

Me: You’ve seen it before, haven’t you?

Rachel: Er. Well. Yes. But I wasn’t paying attention then. Now it’s my turn.

She removes her panty. We are both completely naked.

Me: Wow. You’re so beautiful.

Rachel: Hee hee! I’ll spin around for you.

I’d like to bury myself in that gorgeous butt.

Rachel: It seems your thingie likes my body as well.

Yeah, fuck it. I have a gigantic boner.

Me: It does. It does.

Rachel: I was thinking, Aafi.

Thinking generally leads to very happy moments with Rachel.

Me: Yes?

Rachel: We saw that couple doing stuff near the hot tub today at the swimming pool.

Me: Yes, that was very hot.

Rachel: Would you maybe, like that too?

She’s asking it! Oh boy! Yes! Yes, a thousand times!

Me: Only if you want to.

Rachel: Of course I want to, dummy.

A bit reluctant, Rachel approaches and kneels before me. Her soft fingers grab my dick.

Rachel: You’ll let me know if I hurt you, won’t you, Aafi?

Me: Don’t be afraid, you won’t break anything, it’s quite sturdy.

Two handjobs in one day, by two different sisters. I’m beyond lucky. Rachel starts to slowly jerk my cock. A bit ill at ease and too soft to stimulate my glans.

Me: Rachel?

Rachel: What? Am I doing something wrong?

Me: No, you’re doing great. But it’s all right to apply a bit more pressure.

My sister takes my shaft in a tighter grip and picks up the pace.

Rachel: Is this better?

Me: God yes! Ah, keep going.

Rachel: I will, Aafi. I’m going to make you cum.

I see a flash of hesitation on Rachel’s face. She raises her other hand and cups my balls, just like the girl at the swimming pool did. She caresses the soft flesh of my scrotum. Some of her fingers come close to my perineum, and I feel close to the edge.

Me: Aah! I’m so close!

Rachel: Is it coming?

With those words, Rachel teasingly opens her mouth and starts stroking me harder. Wait, what?! Does she want it in her mouth?

My sister is still jerking me off when a fountain of seed gushes from my penis – some splashes in her open mouth. The rest covers her face. Rachel keeps some of my cum in her mouth and then swallows. Wow! That’s unexpected.

Rachel: I wanted to know how it tasted. It tastes good, actually, or it might just be that you taste good.

Me: That was so hot.

Rachel: I’m glad, it was my first time, so I was rather nervous. Did I do it better than that couple at the pool?

Me: You were awesome.

Rachel: Thank you! I’d like to cuddle now and fall asleep!

After my sister wipes my cum off her face, we fall asleep together. My slightly swollen member pushes gently against her. But she doesn’t seem to mind, judging by her quiet content murmuring.

Day 12

I wake up next to my naked sister Rachel. Her naked body is such a present, just like last night! I have an idea. I move my hand towards Rachel’s thighs. A small moan escapes her as I touch her skin with my fingertips and slowly move towards the inside of her legs.

So far, so good. When I softly stroke the area around her pussy, her legs part invitingly. My sister has the most beautiful virgin pussy. Very carefully, I run two fingers along the length of her slit and feel her wet lips. She’s so ready.

I continue to rub her labia with my fingers and massage her mons. As soon as I massage her clitoris directly, her eyes flutter open.

Rachel: G-g-good morning.

Me: Hey. Should I stop?

Rachel: Oh, God no!

Bolstered by her words, I turn my attention fully to her clitoris. Rachel gasps as I slide a finger inside her wet pussy.

Rachel: Aah! Yes!

My sister grabs hold of the hand that’s stimulating her clit and pushes it down harder.

Rachel: I want to feel you so bad, Aafi!

I slide my fingers in and out of her pussy covered in her juices. When I massage her clitoris even more intensely, I feel her body tighten, ready to let go.

Rachel: Aah! Aafi!

Her orgasm is long and powerful. Rachel’s body shudders as she holds my hand against her sex. After a while, her convulsions have stopped, and with a sigh, she snuggles against me.

Rachel: What an incredible way to wake up.

Me: You were so great last night, so I thought I’d reward you in kind.

Rachel: Just what I needed.

Me: Busy today?

Rachel: Yeah, I’m going out. Ana asked me to come over. You?

Me: It looks like a slow day today, but I don’t mind.

After cuddling for a while, we both get up for breakfast.

I believe Bella’s on a lunch break soon. I think she’s going to spend it with me. I picked up my phone and texted her.

Me: ‘Meet me at the park near the coffee shop in fifteen minutes.’

I receive a reply almost instantly.

Bella: ‘I’m working.’

Me: ‘I know you’re on lunch break soon, so be there.’

Bella: ‘Fuck you. I’ll be there.’

Great! Have to hurry, so I’ll be there before her. I walk to the entrance of the park and wait for Bella.

Bella: What do you want? Make it quick. I don’t have long.

Me: You know. I’m quite hungry.

Bella: Eat something then.

Me: Okay. I’d like to eat you.

That sounded better in my head.

Bella: You what?

Me: I want to taste your pussy.

Bella: What?! Here?!

Me: Come on. There’s nobody here.

She’s going to say yes.

Bella: Alright, fine.

Yes! We go to the bushes near the path to have some cover just in case somebody comes by.

Me: This works best when you lose the skirt.

Bella: We could go to jail for this!

Me: Don’t worry, nobody’s here.

Bella drops her skirt and leans against a tree while I get on my knees. I kiss the insides of her thighs. This is so hot. My sister and I were enjoying nature. She is very tense, but the pussy tastes of her salty juices just the same. I hear my sister gasp as I probe her pussy lips with my tongue.

Bella: Oh, fuck yes!

Bella shudders when I consecutively lick and suck her clitoris. Her breathing is heavy. I lap up her juices which are flowing freely now.

Me: Do you want me to stop?

Bella: No, no! Please go on!

Me: But somebody might see us.

Bella: I don’t care!

Me: Say, ‘I want you to lick my pussy, brother.’

Bella: No, no, please continue!

Me: Say it. Be a good girl.

Bella: I want you to lick my pussy, brother.

Me: ‘I want you to make me cum.’

Bella: Make me cum, Aafi, please!

Fuck yeah, she’s really into it now.

I penetrate her pussy with quick thrusts with my tongue, which elicits a deep moan from Bella. My sister doesn’t care who might see her any longer. As I return my attention to her clitoris again, it doesn’t take her long to reach a climax.

Her legs tremble, and Bella convulses with little trembling spasms as her orgasm courses through her body. I kiss her pussy and stand up while an embarrassed Bella tries to hide the fleeting remnants of her pleasure.

Me: That was the best lunch date ever.

Bella just looks at me, her expression very hard to read. It’s not fear or anger. Could it be a glimmer of respect? I went back home while Bella went back to work.

The rest of the day was boring. Later during the evening, Mom, Liza, and Bella come home. Everyone went to bed. It seems like Mom is already asleep. I slowly sneaked inside her room.

Fuck yeah! She’s completely naked, and she seems to have had a few glasses of wine, judging by the bottle and glass on her nightstand. Her huge breasts and nipples were pointing towards the ceiling. She has nice trimmed pussy.

She appears to be completely out. This might be a great opportunity to explore my mom’s body. I softly touch her boobs, and Mom doesn’t even stir.

God, I would love to lay my dick between those puppies and fuck the living shit out of them. If she doesn’t mind this, I might be able to go a little bit lower. As I caress her thighs, my mother softly moans and spreads her legs a bit further.

Good, she’s inviting me in. I press my fingers against her labia. Wow, she’s wet. She must be having a nice dream. Now would be a good time to have a little payback.

Mom didn’t allow me to cum during our little session at Discreet. But that doesn’t prevent me from cumming now. I lower my pants and grab hold of my dick and start stroking it.

You want my cum, don’t you, mother?

Lord, this is great. I never thought I would be jerking off on my mom in her room. Fuck, I’m close!

A great amount of cum spurts from my cock onto my mother’s tits. It slowly trickles down her belly into her navel.

Me: Aaaaaaah!

Shit, I did that out loud. Luckily she’s too far gone. That was so great! Better clean her up. I carefully dab most of the cum from her body with a handkerchief and leave the room quietly. I give one final squeeze to her tits. Good night, Mom!

Next, I went to check on Bella. She’s awake and is in her bra and panty.

Bella: Jesus Christ, Aafi, can’t you leave me alone?

Me: Just here to talk, sis. Unless you want something more?

Bella: No, you’ve had your share of me today already.

Me: Very true. I like the outdoors, don’t you?

Bella: Fuck you. I want to go to sleep.

Me: Okay. But I have one request.

Bella: Not again.

Let’s drop that bombshell.

Me: I know you’re into toys. So, the next time we’re having fun, you’re going to use one on yourself while I watch.

Bella: How do you…? Have you searched my room, you little shit?!

Something like that.

Me: You know. With that kind of attitude, I think we need to do that little show now.

Bella: Fuck no. I’m not going to.

Me: Then say the magic word.

Bella: Fuck.

Bella walks to a closet and rummages in the back. She retrieves her black dildo.

Me: Good. Now I want you to give yourself a good time.

Bella lies down on her bed and hesitantly grabs her dildo.

Me: Don’t be shy. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Bella: You’re fucking looking at me.

Me: Some people find that arousing.

Bella: (And it is a bit. Fuck it, I’m starting to get wet.)

My sister runs the dildo along her pussy lips, and I see the toy is already glistening with her juices.

Me: As I said. Some people like being watched.

Very slowly, Bella inserts the dildo into her pussy while holding her breath. When the black toy is completely inside her vagina, she exhales. With one hand, Bella moves the dildo in and out of her pussy. The other hand is stimulating her clitoris.

At first, the dildo moves very slowly in and out of her. But she soon starts penetrating her cunt more violently while also applying more pressure on her clit.

Bella: Aaaah! Fuck Aafi, I’m nearly there!

Me: Yeah, baby, are you ready to cum?

Bella: Yes! Oh yes!

Me: First, I want you to taste yourself. Put that toy in your pretty little mouth.

Will she? Without hesitation, Bella pulls the dildo out of her pussy and licks her juices from it. Wow, she just fucking did it.

Bella: May I cum now, please?

Me: Go right ahead, my dirty little sister.

One last thrust with the dildo, and Bella shifts all her attention to her clitoris before reaching a very powerful orgasm. Bella’s body lifts from the mattress as she experiences waves of pleasure going through her. The dildo is still inserted into the root in her pussy.

Me: You’re so beautiful, Bella!

My sister appears to be too tired to respond. She just lies there, the occasional shudder going through her body and staring at me in perfect bliss.

Me: Good night dear, see you tomorrow.

In the next part, you will know more about Riley, my co-worker at the supermarket, and more fun with my sisters.