Lustful Family And Friends – Part 13

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Day 13 (Continued)

After having fun with Bella, I was walking back to my room. Mom was in the kitchen, and she noticed me.

Mom: How’s my boy today?

Remember, I shagged myself on her boobs yesterday while she was asleep.

Guess she was well and truly out yesterday. She didn’t notice me in her room.

Me: Very good! Are you preparing something?

Mom: Yes, I thought I’d cook us a nice dinner tonight. Everybody is home, and I thought it would be nice.

Me: Need some help?

Mom: Just keep me company for a while.

Me: Sure! It already smells amazing.

I occasionally glanced at her busty ass. That behind sure looks amazing.

Me: So, do you have a few days off?

Mom: No, not yet. I have one appointment tomorrow, and then I’ll be home for a few weeks.

Oh yes, that appointment would be me, I guess.

Me: Spending time with us?

Mom: Yes, that would be nice.

I went back to my after some time. I was wondering what to do. I think it’s time to get in touch with Dwayne’s mom, Hazel, again. Dwayne is the guy who blackmailed my sister Bella.

Hazel: Hazel Presley?

Me: Hi Miss Presley, Hazel. This is Mr. Holmes calling. I’m one of the talent scouts that came to visit you a few days ago about Dwayne.

Hazel: Ah yes, of course, I remember.

Me: I promised to get in touch with you.

Hazel: Yes, how are things looking for my Dwayne?

Very bad if I have my way.

Me: Well, we’ve reviewed his case, but there are certain details we’d like to verify with you first.

Hazel: Oh, that doesn’t sound good. Isn’t he going to qualify?

Hmmm, Hazel is quite desperate. I’m sure I can use that to my advantage. Let’s make her sweat a little, see where that takes us.

Me: Normally, I can’t comment on cases under review, Hazel. But to be honest, I’m touched by your concern for your son. I’m going, to be frank with you. It’s not looking good for Dwayne.

Hazel: Oh no!

Me: I’m doing my best for him, of course, so that’s why I’m contacting you.

Have to make up something. Otherwise, she is going to be very suspicious.

Me: Perhaps we should meet in-person to go over your son’s case file.

Hazel: Yes, I’d like for him to succeed.

I’m very curious just how much you’d like him to succeed, Hazel.

Me: I understand. Shall we meet tomorrow?

Hazel: Yes, tomorrow is fine. Should my Dwayne be present?

Fuck no!

Me: No, it would be best if Dwayne wasn’t at home during our meeting. We like to keep our review process confidential for our potential students until the very last moment. It might influence the performance of said student negatively.

I’m the King of Bullshit!

Hazel: Yes, we wouldn’t want that. Very good, Mr. Holmes.

Me: Please, call me Aafi.

Hazel: Alright, see you tomorrow, Aafi.

Right, that went well, I think. James needs to be in the loop as well. I’ll text him.

Me: ‘Progress with Dwayne. Can we meet?’

James: ‘Cool! Busy right now. Shall I come over after dinner?’

Me: ‘Sure!’

My elder sister asked me to come to her room. She looked really sad. Her ex has been texting her and abusing her. So to make her happy, I took her to a spa. We travel to the wellness center, where a friendly receptionist hands us each a bathrobe.

Liza: This bathrobe sure feels soft on the skin.

Me: It does.

Is she wearing a bra underneath that robe? I don’t think so.

Me: Would you like to get a full body massage?

Liza: I’m up for it.

Me: You need to disrobe for those massages.

Liza: Promise you won’t look.

That will be a hard promise to keep. She turned around and removed her bathrobe. She is topless and just wearing her panties. I could only see her back. She lies flat on the massage table. I could see her huge boobs crushing on the table. To my luck, I could see half of her nipple exposed.

Hmmm, this is kind of nice. I can just see Liza as well. She looks so stunning without that robe. Shame I don’t get to touch her naked body. Luckily she has her eyes closed. Look at those wonderful curves. I would like to see more of that.

They have a sauna here. Maybe I can tempt her into going there with me. The two expert masseurs work silently until every muscle in our body is relaxed. Once in a while, I hear Liza make contented noises. After the massage, we went to the food court to grab a bite.

Liza: It’s so peaceful here. And the massages are so nice. I was afraid it wasn’t for me.

Me: What exactly?

Liza: Well, you know. The physicality of it. Someone is touching your body. It’s very intimate, isn’t it?

Me: I don’t think about it that way, really.

Otherwise, I would get a huge boner from an innocent massage, and that’s bound to cause a lot of trouble.

Liza: I keep thinking about all those things Brody said.

Just don’t!

Liza: About me being frigid. An ice queen.

Me: He lashed out, Liza. He wanted to hurt you.

Liza: I guess. But what if it’s true?

Me: You? Frigid? I’ve seen you dance, you know, you’re anything but frigid. Why would you say that?

Liza: Brody. He kept pushing things. He wanted things of me.

Me: Sexual things?

Liza: Yes.

Me: And you didn’t?

Liza: No. Not yet.

Me: Were you afraid of it?

Liza: I guess. A little.

A lot, I think.

Me: Have you experimented?

Liza: How? With boys? No!

Fuck it, time to be blunt.

Me: No, I meant, have you ever masturbated?

Liza: Aafi!

Me: What?! Everybody does it, you know.

Liza: I know. Once or twice, when I was younger. I didn’t get the thrill.

Me: Forgive me for asking you, but did you orgasm?

Liza: I guess. I don’t know. I only know it was all very uncomfortable, so I stopped doing it. I bet she never truly climaxed.

Me: I think you should try it, if only just once. I know from experience that it’s such a wonderful feeling. You’re older now. You should get to know your body.

Liza: It sounds so dirty when you say it like that.

Me: It’s not dirty. It’s great. You’ll feel great. Enjoy life, Liza! Promise me you’ll try.

Liza: I promise.

Me: If you’re finished with your lunch, I thought we could perhaps try the sauna?

Liza: Isn’t that too hot?

Me: Never tried it before.

We went towards the sauna.

Liza: It says: ‘Robes not allowed in sauna’ on that sign.

So it does, what a happy accident!

Me: I guess we’ll have to go topless.

Liza: Topless?

Me: Don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal in saunas.

Is it?

Me: And you did it before, during the massage.

Liza: That was different. We were in a private area. This is a small, public room.

Me: Don’t worry, nobody will be there anyway. The whole spa is kind of deserted. I have no problems with either of us getting topless. I mean, we’re family. It’s nothing weird.

Liza: If you say so.

Hesitantly Liza disrobes and enters the sauna wearing only her underwear. I do the same. There she is, trying to cover her breasts with her hand, but she gave up after a few seconds. Gosh, she looks so beautiful.

Liza: It’s very humid in here, isn’t it. I’m sweating already.

Me: I think that’s the whole idea behind a sauna.

She calmed herself and sat on the wooden seats.

Liza: I like it.

I like the view of those sweaty delights. She’s closed her eyes. I can have a better look now. She’s lying on her back with her eyes closed. I stand next to her up close. Sweet lord. Look at those drops of sweat on her beautiful nipples.

Liza opens her eyes and catches me staring at her breast.

Liza: Aafi? Why are you staring at me?

Fuck! I need to jump through several rhetorical hoops to get me out of this one.

Me: What? Oh. I was just thinking about how beautiful you are.

Let’s hope this doesn’t creep her out. We’re sitting almost naked next to each other in a small room, after all.

Liza: Really? But you were looking at my breasts.

Me: Yes. Yes, I was. I’m sorry, but they are perfect.

Liza: You think so?

Thank god, she’s just curious.

Me: Yes, I really do.

Liza: I always think of them as unwieldy. Too big, you know?

This talk about breasts is making me slightly uncomfortable. What if she sees my towel rise all of a sudden?

Me: Your beautiful breasts are part of what makes you so sexy, Liza. They complement your body in just the right way. It’s getting hot in here, don’t you think?

And my rapidly developing boner needs a very cold shower.

Liza: Yeah, we’d better leave.

We both take a shower and dress.

Liza: Thank you so much for today! You really know how to treat a girl.

Me: My pleasure, dear sis.

We go back to our home. After a busy day, evening falls, and dinner is nearly ready.

Everybody – Mom, Liza, Bella, and Rachel is already seated at the dinner table. Rachel looks down. She went to visit that hag today. I just know it.

Me: I’ve been thinking, and I wondered if we could all do something fun together.

It might have been my imagination, but I think Bella let out a groan after my words.

Me: Liza and I went to the spa today, and we came back so relaxed.

Liza: That we did!

Me: And Mom has some free time in the coming weeks. So why don’t we go on vacation, as a family? It’ll be my treat.

Mom: What a great idea!

Bella: I’m not sure if I can take that much time off from work.

Me: Come on, it’s only going to be for a few days. And it’s not like they can’t find another waitress to take over your shifts.

Liza: Do you have a destination in mind?

Me: Yes, I think I do. I guess you want to go somewhere on a beach?

Liza: That would be nice. But will you be able to pay for all of us?

Me: No problem, it’s the least I can do.

Mom: Fantastic! Maybe you could book a last-minute for the day after tomorrow?

Liza: What do you think about all this, Rachel? You haven’t said a word.

Rachel: Sorry, I’m not feeling so well. But a holiday sounds nice. We haven’t had one in ages.

Goddamn, I hoped this would cheer her up. Maybe once we’re there, she’ll be her happy self again.

Mom: Good, that’s settled then!

We all finish our meal talking about vacation destinations and possible holiday activities. A little while after dinner, I hear the doorbell and later a knock on my door. Its James.

James: Hey, your mom let me in. Ana is here as well. She insisted she’d come. She had to talk to Rachel or something.

I think she’s just there to get her brains fucked out by me.

James: Or is she here for you?

Me: Damn. Is it that transparent?

James: I know she’s into you and that sex is one of my sister’s hobbies, and she wanted to have that talk with Rachel.

Me: My lips are sealed.

James: My sister’s lips aren’t.

Me: That sounds just wrong.

James: I know. So, you’ve contacted Dwayne?

Me: No, his mother.

James: Ah, the air-headed hottie.

Me: Yup. I told her we’re reviewing Dwayne’s case and that things aren’t looking good.

James: That must have broken her heart?

Me: She did sound concerned, yes. I’ve set up a new appointment to review some details about Dwayne’s case.

James: Okay. But what’s your plan?

Me: I’m going to fuck her.

James is pretty shocked hearing that.

James: You are going to do what now?!

Me: I’m going to have sex with Hazel.

James: Yes, but why?

Me: I’m pretty sure Hazel is desperate for attention. She was so very eager to give me her number. She also obviously dotes on that dimwitted fuck-head of a son. I won’t have a hard time convincing her.

James: So okay, she’s an easy lay. But then what?

Me: I’m going to tape our little sexcapade and send Dwayne a copy of his mom degrading herself. I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to enjoy that.

James: Convoluted, but it might just work. And you get to bang a MILF. Just make sure you’re not recognizable in the video.

Me: It’s going to be a point of view type thing.

James: A true artist at work. Best of luck!

Me: Thanks. I’ll keep you posted.

After some more talk, James leaves. I went to Rachel’s room to sleep with her. She’s wearing her bra and panty. Her face is really sad. Something is wrong.

Me: Having a bad day?

Rachel: Yes.

Me: Do you want to talk about it?

Rachel: No, not really, sorry.

I guess sleeping together is out of the question tonight. Let’s not push her.

Me: If you need a hug, you know where to find me.

Rachel: Thank you, that’s sweet! I hope I feel better tomorrow. Everything is so complicated right now.

Me: I hope you get some sleep.

Rachel: Good night, Aafi.

I went back to my room. That fucking counselor sure did a number on her. I don’t know what they talked about today, but it can’t have been anything good. She didn’t tell her about us, did she?! I’ll just take a quick shower before going to bed.

James said Ana came along with him, but I haven’t seen her. Wonder where she’s hiding? My dick is aching for some practice.

I walk back to my room after a shower and notice that the door is open.

Ana: Hey, handsome!

She is lying completely naked on the couch in my room. Her petite chocolate body looks so sexy.

Me: Jesus Christ, did you just materialize out of thin air?

Ana: I came along with James, and then I waited for you in Rachel’s bedroom.

Me: And now you’re here. Naked.

Ana: Would you like me to dress?

Me: No, I would like you to suck my dick.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Ana lowers my shorts and grabs hold of my erect dick.

Ana: I’ve missed your dick in my mouth.

Ana takes the full length of my member inside her mouth and starts sucking me. Her tongue stimulates all the sensitive areas of my cock.

Me: Aaaah! You’re forgetting my balls, you dirty little bitch.

We shift to my bed. She promptly starts licking the entirety of my shaft. Soon I feel her wet tongue massaging my balls and covering them in a wealth of saliva.

Ana: Are you going to cum for me, Aafi? Fuck me hard and cum all over my body?

Me: Maybe I’ll just fill you up, shoot my cum in that wet pussy of yours.

Aroused by her words, I grab hold of her head and force her open mouth over my penis. I start mercilessly thrusting my dick inside her mouth, hitting her throat with the tip.

Ana gags, and streams of saliva mixed with my precum begin to leak from the corners of her mouth.

Me: Do you like being used, Ana?

Ana: *Gag* *Slurp* Hmmmmmm! *Gag*

Unable to speak, Ana is only able to make some noises of consent. When I’ve had enough, I pull my wet dick from her mouth and decide how to use her body.

Me: You’re going to ride my dick until I fill you up.

Ana lowers herself slowly onto my dick. It slides in easily because my cock is still wet with her saliva.

Ana: Aaah, I’m going to fuck you so hard, Aafi. You feel so good inside me!

Ana starts with measured thrusts, but soon she rides me wildly. Her buttocks were slapping against my stomach.

Ana: You’re in so deep. You’re going to make me cum.

My dick slips out multiple times because Ana is so wet, and the motions are very violent. I grab her upper body and pull her even deeper onto my cock. Ana screams with delight and starts fingering herself.

Ana: I want your cum all inside me, Aafi.

Ana seems to revel in my hard fucking and moans each time she comes down on my cock harder.

Ana: I’m cumming!

I feel Ana tremble like the first waves of her orgasm overtake her body. The muscles of her vagina massage my dick so intensely that I feel I’m getting close myself.

Me: Keep going, you little slut.

Ana: I will, ooooh, I will!

Ana bounced a few times more, and when I press her down on my cock, warm cum flooded her pussy. Not wasting any time, I wanted more action.

Me: I want to see that beautiful ass of yours bounce while I fuck you in the doggy style.

I grab Ana’s ass and slide my dick in easily because it’s still wet with our cum.

Ana: Aaah, fuck me hard, Aafi, fuck me deeply!

Soon lust overtakes me fully, and my balls slap against her pussy as I pound her.

Ana: You’re in so deep. You’re going to make me cum.

Because of her wetness, I can penetrate her deeply. My dick is almost inside of her to the root with each thrust. I grab her ass and fuck her even more violently. Ana screams with delight and starts fingering herself.

Ana: I want your cum all inside me, Aafi. Aaaaaah!

Ana seems to revel in my hard fucking and moans each time your thrusts become more violent.

Ana: I’m cumming!

Me: Keep going, you little slut.

Ana: You sure know how to fuck a girl properly, don’t you?

Me: I do my best.

Ana: Hmmmm, so much of you is leaking out of me.

We both lie on my bed for a while before Ana dresses and leaves my room.

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