Maids Play The Game Better

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It was a weekend. My wife had commitments with her younger sister to take her for her pregnancy tests and some scans. My kid would accompany her as he would play with his cousins. I was invited to my sister-in-law’s place for dinner. I was happy to have some good 8 to 9 hours of me-time.

Fortunately, wifey had already made some other plans for me. I was made to stay home as my wife had planned some work for me in advance. She requested me. But she actually instructed me to clean her wardrobe and discard all the dresses that I felt she should not wear.

Indeed, it was a very difficult task, but married men have very few choices. She said that she retains most of them every time she tries to clean it up. So it’s better if I do the disposal plus cleaning work of her wardrobe. I knew most of her dresses, also the occasion when she purchased them.

My wifey asked me to discard all that I did not like. Including her nightdresses and even her undergarments that I felt were not good. I put forth only one condition. No questions should be asked and no ifs and buts and arguments later. She sheepishly agreed for the same.

I asked her to inform our maid to help me with this task. She further informed me that all the outfits that I decided to discard to be given to our maid if she was willing to take them.

Our maid Sona has been working with us for the past 2+ years. I would get very few opportunities to see her, only on weekends or public holidays. I barely knew her and had very limited conversations with Sona.

Wifey left. I waited for Sona, and after an hour, Sona came home. I informed her that madam had gone out and would be back by late evening only. Sona got busy with her daily chores. Sona was wearing a sea-green color saree and a short matching blouse to it.

She had a bindi on her head, a little kajal in her eyes, a mangalsutra around her neck which sat majestically on her lovely boobs. I was relaxing in the bedroom. While she was sweeping the floor and dusting the bedroom, it was the first time I had a close look at her.

She was in her 30s. She had fair skin and an attractive body. She was sexy, decent looking and hygienic also. Looking at her, any new person would never know that she was a maid. She was good-looking and attractive too.
Sona cleaned the room and asked me if I wanted something to eat or drink.

I told her that I would tell her after some time. Sona got busy with the kitchen work. After some time, I went to the kitchen to speak to her. She had inserted her pallu tightly on her waist. Her saree was folded and flowing in a thin line between her boobs. Both her boobs’ shapes could be seen.

Small tiny beads of sweat were glittering on her head and bare shoulders. She had tied her saree much below her navel. Her short blouse covered less and exposed more. I could see her lovely waist, stomach and belly.

She looked at me and smiled. She did not bother to cover her boobs. She just stood there looking at me, proudly displaying her lovely boobs and belly area.
I told her, “Sona, I need your help today.”

She asked me, “What happened, Saab? You want me to prepare something to eat or drink.”

I said, “No, Sona, madam has told me to clean her wardrobe and I need your help.”

I could not resist looking at her lovely hot boobs. It did not bother her a bit. She seemed to be enjoying my attention towards her boobs.

Sona replied, “Ok, Saab, no problem. I will finish my regular work, and then I will clean it.”

I told her, “It’s not just cleaning. I have to discard some of her outfits.”

She asked me, “Oh ok, then you have to be with me, so you will decide what has to be discarded.”

I said, “Yes, Sona, I hope you are free as it will require some time.”

She looked straight into my eyes and said, “Saab, I have finished all my other work, don’t worry, I will be with you full day.”

I was getting a little excited looking at her bold avatar. I told her, “Ok, let me know once you are done with this work.”
She said, “Saab, let’s finish that work first so I will not have to mop the house 2 times. I will come in 5 minutes.”

I said, “Sounds good. I will take out all the outfits from the wardrobe and keep them on the bed.”

Sona said, “Ok, Saab.”

Sona was a very attractive woman. Her curves looked attractive and inviting as she exhibited them openly. She had lovely wide lips and boob, big, firm enough to seek a second look. My dick was already making its moves looking at her sexy hot body.

I took out all the Sarees, Dresses, Pants, Shirts, T-shirts, Nightdress, Churidar, Sportswear, Shorts, Nighties and wife’s undergarments, arranging them all in separate stacks. I kept the box of condoms in the wardrobe below the sarees on the bed.

I was confused looking at all that was kept on the bed. Sona entered the room. I sat on one corner of the bed Sona was standing on. I asked her to sit in the other corner. Sona’s blouse was wet when she entered the room. Her bra lines were visible as she looked at all the clothes spread on the bed.

My masculine sexual urges kept me on the edge as she sat on the other side, looking at me. I asked Sona, “How shall we start this, Sona?”

She replied, “We will go one by one, Saab. First, you take out the churidar that you don’t like. Then you go for saree, then other dresses.”

I said, “OK, Sona.”

I started to segregate all the clothes that I did not like. Sona sat there looking at me. She asked me, “What will you do with these clothes, sir?”

I said, “Not sure, not decided yet. Do you want to take them?”

She said, “I don’t know if they will fit me.”

I have taken out all the churidars that I wanted to discard. I gave her 2 sets and looked at her. I told her, “Sona, you try this. If this fits you, you can take all that you like.”

Her eyes sparkled in happiness as she heard this. She said, “Ok, Saab.” She took the 2 sets and rushed to the next room. She came back after a few minutes and stood in front of me.

She said, “Saab, these are tight, but I will get them altered.”

I looked at her and said, “Sona, you wear one of these and come here. Let me see you once then. It will be easy to decide on other clothes. Also, I will help me to keep them aside for you.”

Sona looked at me. Innocently she said, “Ok, Saab.” She rushed back to the other room. After 2 minutes, she came back and stood in front of me, wearing one of the churidar. It was a tight fit for her. There was no dupatta on it. I could see her cleavage and a lump of her flesh from her boob squeeze out.

She kept her eyes down as she stood there. I looked at her from up to down. I touched her from her waist and asked her to turn around. She turned around. I was blown away looking at her lovely swinging ass.

I asked her, “This is a little tight on you. How much is your waist?”

She looked at me and replied, “32 Saab.”

I asked, “And above?”

She felt a little shy and embarrassed. She replied in a low tone, “34 C Saab.”

I said, “Nice, Sona and down.”

She said, “36 Saab.”

I asked her to look at me and said, “Don’t feel shy, Sona. I am asking because it will be easy to choose the best from this and give it to you. If you like something, let me know.”

She said OK and asked me, “Shall I change, Saab?”

I said, “You wait. You will have to try a few more dresses as different dresses will have different fittings.”

I gave her the 6 sets of churidar and said, “You can take this home, keep them aside, rest you arrange them in the wardrobe.”

She asked my permission to use one of our travel bags to carry all the dresses home. She quickly picked the lot and kept them in the travel bag. She moved to the other side and arranged them in the wardrobe. My eyes were fixed on her ass and boobs. They looked delicious and inviting.

I picked up a few nightdresses and asked her, “Do you wear these dresses at night times.”

She replied, “Yes, Saab.”

I have a sexy open shouldered, short above-knee-length nightdress and asked her to try it. She took the dress in her hand and looked at me. She stood there, not moving from her place as she tried to measure the dress on her body.

I told her, “Sona, wear this. Then only you will know if this is fit for you or not.”

She nodded her head and moved to the other room. I waited with a lot of curiosity to see how she would look in that sexy nightdress. Sona came back a little late. She stood in front of me. She looked unbelievable. Her lovely fair legs had small tiny hairs all over.

Her tights looked hot and sexy. Her bra straps were visible. Her boobs were huge. They looked fabulous. I could not move my eyes from her boobs. Due to her huge boobs, the dress looked shorter on her. I got up from the bed and kept my hands on the thin straps of the nightdress.

I asked her, “Is this also tight?”

As I spoke to her, she moved her bra straps a little aside. She tried to insert my finger into the thin straps of her nightdress, making her feel a little shy and restless.

Sona replied, “Nahi Saab, it’s fine to wear at night.”

I moved my hand to her legs, touched her thighs, and asked her, “This is a little short from her right.”

She did not react. She stood still and very gently replied, “It’s comfortable, sir, good for summer, sir.”

I replied, “Ok, you keep this also.”

She was about to go to the other room. I stopped her. I asked her, “Where are you going?”

She said, “Sir, I will change and come, feeling a little shy.”

I said, “Don’t feel shy. You will have to try a lot more sexy dresses today. Wait for 2 minutes. I will give you something else to try.”

She stood there and, in a husky voice asked me, “How am I looking, sir, do I look good in this dress?”

I looked at her and said, “Sona, you look very hot and sexy, very beautiful. You have a lovely body.”

She behaved innocent and replied, “Really, Saab, thank you so much.”

She sat next to me on the bed. She kept looking at me as I stole glances at her lovely hot boobs and milky legs. I picked up a few sarees and kept them aside. I picked one plain transparent saree and a short sexy designer blouse for her next trial.

I started to enjoy this game. I wanted to fuck Sona, and I could not sense a better opportunity than this. She sat beside me, looking at the sarees I had kept aside. She tried to arrange them. Her hand felt the box of condoms.

She looked at me. I looked at her and her hands. As soon as she realized what she was holding, she pushed it back beneath the heap of sarees and started to look to the other side.

I told her, “Sona, try this, see if this fits you.”

She took the saree and said, “Saree will fit, sir, no problem.”

I told her, “I know that. Try the blouse. It has to fit right, and this blouse matches this saree, so try this blouse.”

She nodded her head. She took the saree and blouse to change. She came back draped in that lovely pastel pink saree and golden blouse. She could not tie the strings of the blouse from the back. Her blouse stood at the mercy of that delicate metal hook.

She looked beautiful in that saree. The blouse was too tight for her boobs. She stood in front of me. I looked at her and asked her, “Sona, is this also tight.”

“Yes, this is a little tighter than the churidar, Saab.”

I said, “You have not tied the back strings also.”

She said, “My hands are not going there, Saab.”

I said, “Ok, let me help you.”

I got up from the bed, put my hands on her shoulders and turned her around. She was facing the mirror now; she could see what I was doing. I pushed her saree down from her shoulders. She held it as it was about to fall. I pulled the strings of the blouse gently and moved a step closer to her.

My fingers started to touch and caress her back as I tried to tie those strings.
In a low tone in her ears, I told her, “Sona, lift them.”

She asked me seductively, “Lift what, Saab?”

I moved closer to her, breathing on her neck. I left her blouse string to move my fingers to the lower part of her boob. I pushed her boobs up with my fingers and told her in a low tone, “Just lift your boobs. I will be able to tie the blouse properly.”

She looked at me from the mirror. Seductively she pushed the hairs on my side of her neck to the other side and moved her hands to lift her boobs slightly. I tied the blouse from her back and stepped back. She turned around and stood in front of me.

I looked at her boobs. The blouse only covered half of them. She was stealing glances at the bulge in my shorts. I kept looking at her boobs as I told her, “It’s very tight from your chest.”

She said, “Yes, Saab, can I try any other blouse?”

She was taking small steps now. I handed over her another blouse which was backless with just a bra-like strap on the lower side and a string on the top. I decided to take the next step.

She stepped out of the room, and I told her, “Sona, how many times will you go to that room? I will stand out. You change here itself.”

She said, “Saab, in that case, you turn that side and sit no problem.”

Here she was, maids are the best, they know what their Saab wants, the game was changing now.

I hope you liked this part of style=”color: #3366ff;” href=”/maid-servant/my-maid-gowri/”>my hot maid’s story. To be continued.