Making love to my ex-gf before she got married

I was dating a girl in 2014-15 named Tanvi (name changed). We were great together, with amazing sex and amazing chemistry. Our houses were nearby in Mumbai. She was living with her friend, and I was living with my flatmate.

We used to meet frequently. Either she would come to my place, or I’d visit her on the weekend. We used to fuck frequently, almost every weekend and often during weekdays after work. We have tried everything when it comes to sex. We were never tired of each other. Every time, it would be better than last time.

Sometimes, during the midweek, she would call me when she was fed with office chaos. She would usually tease me over a video call and ask me to come to fuck her at her place. Video calls were normal. I would make her remove her clothes and masturbate.

Those virtual masturbation sessions would convert to physical meetings and amazing sex. After 9 months into our relationship, everything changed. She got a job in Bangalore. I knew things were not going to be the same. She moved to Bangalore.

We discussed being together no matter how life is and trying to meet regularly. During the initial 2 months, she came to Mumbai to meet me more than 10 times. I also visited 2 times and had a blast together. We were so much indulged in sex that it was difficult for us to live without it.

Many of our meetings have been just about sex. We would just meet, get naked, fuck each other like dogs. Then go back to normal lives without talking much. After some time, she started getting pressure from her parents to get married. She talked to me about it, but I was not planning to get married.

We didn’t stop our sessions. She would come home, we’d have amazing sex, and then she would start talking about the same topic. One day, we were discussing sex.

Tanvi: I don’t think I can let this go. It would be best if we got married.

Me: But I don’t want to get married so early

Tanvi: I know, but what do you think about this that we have? Should we let it go? I can’t even think about one week without having sex with you. I crave it, and it gets better every time.

Me: Even I can’t imagine my life without fucking you at least 5 times a month.

Tanvi: It can’t go like that. We’ll have to take a decision. If I marry someone else, we must stop this right now.

The discussion got heated that day, and she went back. She was angry with me. We were not talking after that. One day, I messaged her and asked her to understand my situation. I told her that we were not in love with each other. We enjoy sex, which we can after she gets married.

I also tried explaining to her that sex would not be as good if we got married. After marriage, expectations change and life changes.

Days and weeks went by, and we didn’t talk. She would ignore my messages and calls. I learned from her social media that she’s getting married. She posted a few pictures with the new guy and was enjoying life. I got to know that she is getting married in two months.

I was getting restless. I would never get an opportunity to have sex with her again. Our beautiful fuck life will end. Before she moved to Bangalore, we would often talk about our future. We were clear that we wouldn’t get married. If we were married to different partners, we would not stop fucking each other.

She was in full agreement with this. I remember one day when we were fucking she asked me.

Tanvi: Promise me you’ll not deprive me of this pleasure ever.

Me: Of course not. We’ll be like this no matter where we are. I’ll make sure that I’ll see you regularly.

Remembering this conversation gave me some confidence that it is just a phase. I’ll get a chance to meet my ex again.

A month passed. I was scrolling through her pictures on Facebook late at night and saw her online. I decided to message her there with no hope of getting any response. But to my surprise, she replied.

Me: Hi!

Tanvi: Hello.

Me: You’re up so late?

Tanvi: I need to complete some work.

Me: OK. Got to know that you’re getting married.

Tanvi: Yes, I am. Any problem with that?

Me: No problem. I know you’ll be happy.

Tanvi: Maybe.

Me: Listen, I’m in Bangalore for the next two days. Do you want to catch up?

Tanvi: Are you mad? I’m getting married in a month. I have so much to do before I leave for home.

Me: When are you leaving for Delhi?

Tanvi: This weekend

Me: That means you’re in Bangalore for 3 more days? Can we catch up tomorrow? I’m here for two days only.

Tanvi: What do you think you’ll get with this?

Me: Nothing want to say goodbye to you before you leave for home.

Tanvi: I don’t know, don’t make it complicated.

Me: Chill, it’s just a meeting

Tanvi: OK, we can quickly catch up after office tomorrow.

I was so happy. I immediately booked my tickets and reached Bangalore the next morning. I took the day off from work. I booked a nice hotel and explored the city. In the afternoon, I messaged her again to check the plan.

Me: What time you’re free?

Tanvi: I’ll get free by 6:30. Where are you?

Me: I’m staying in Koramangala.

Tanvi: OK, that’s not too far. I’ll come there. There are many good places nearby.

Me: Done. See you sometime.

I got ready on time and was extremely excited to meet her. We decided on a place. It was a nice rooftop restaurant. I reached the place by 7, waited for her, and she arrived in 5-7 minutes.

It had been long since I saw her. She was looking gorgeous. She wore black formal trousers and a formal shirt. Her hair was done quite well. We have met after office many times. She would occasionally come to my flat directly from the office when we were in Mumbai.

We would tear each other’s clothes apart and mate like dogs. All those moments ran across my mind. I was quite familiar with what she was wearing. I have unhooked the same pants and made her naked many times. She pinched me while I was lost in those thoughts.

Tanvi: Can we proceed, or do you plan to keep staring at me?

Me: How can I take my eyes off you?

Tanvi: Don’t be a flirt.

We hugged like friends and proceeded towards the tables. I selected a table towards the end of the terrace in the corner. She sat with her back facing the wall. I decided to sit next to her to be close to her.

We occasionally looked at each other, and there was less distance between us. She seemed a little worried but didn’t stop exchanging stares. We were talking normally and decided on what to order. In the process, I touched my hands with hers a couple of times.

Me: It’s been so long since we’ve met.

Tanvi: Yes, of course, long time.

Me: Don’t you miss me?

Tanvi: I don’t know

Me: But I did miss you a lot

Tanvi: What did you miss about me?

Me: Do I need to tell you what I miss? I missed everything, especially these eyes.

I looked into her eyes deeply, and she also stayed with me.

Tanvi: Would you stop doing that?

Me: I’m not doing anything, Tanvi, just looking at you.

Tanvi: I’m getting married.

Me: I know.

Tanvi kept looking at me while talking, and it was an intense look. Her eyes did say something. Her left hand was on her thigh, and I placed my hand on it. She took a deep breath and removed her hand. I kept my hand on her thigh and moved it on her beautiful thighs while looking at her.

We were talking while I was running my hand on her thigh. I made sure I was within decent limits. After some time, I moved my hands a little up on her thigh, a little above the decent limit. She immediately closed her thighs and her eyes.

Tanvi: Have you gone mad?

Me: A little.

Tanvi: Don’t do this here, please.

I didn’t listen to her and moved my hand a little up, just a couple of inches below her crotch and gasped.

Tanvi: Hmmm, fuck.

She didn’t realise what she uttered and immediately came to her senses.

Tanvi: Remove your hand

Me: Sorry!

I removed my hand from there and her left hand with my right hand. She didn’t deny it, crossed her fingers with mine, and looked relaxed.

Tanvi: You don’t know how to behave in public, Sameer.

Me: Sorry for this. I got carried away. I shouldn’t have done this in public.

Tanvi: You shouldn’t have done this at all.

I again kept my hand on her thigh and moved up. She didn’t deny it and kept looking into my eyes. I moved it up while rubbing her thigh. Before reaching her crotch, I moved my hand to her tummy under her shirt. She gasped heavily while I was running my hand on her navel.

To my surprise, she didn’t stop me. I moved my hand again on her thigh and, this time moved it up and placed it right on her pussy. She let out a big moan, let me enjoy for a couple of seconds, and then threw my hand away.

Tanvi: I think we should go.

Me: Where?

Tanvi: I’ll go to my flat, you also go home.

Me: You must be tired. You can come down to my hotel. It’s nearby.

Tanvi: Have you gone mad, Sameer?

Her eye contact didn’t seem to be in line with her words. Her eyes said she didn’t want me to stop, but she said something different.

Me: Let’s go there and chill for a while.

Tanvi: Promise me you’ll not do anything.

Me: I can’t promise, but I’ll not do anything you don’t want me to do.

Tanvi: I shouldn’t have met you at all.

Me: Now that you’re here, let’s go. Trust me.

We went to the hotel and moved to our room.

Tanvi: Nice room, better than your Mumbai one.

Me: Yeah, but the Mumbai one has more memories attached to it. So I like that one more.

She smiled at what I said, and I moved closer to her. I placed my left hand around her waist and my right hand on her thigh, moving up between her legs. She closed her thighs. I made my way up to her pussy and placed my hand there.

Tanvi: Sameer, pleaseā€¦

Tanvi held me close and placed her lips on mine, and we kissed like lovers once again. We kissed for 2 minutes while I unbuttoned her shirt and unbuckled her bra. I immediately threw both of them away and sucked her nipples.

Tanvi: Sameer, this is the last time we’re doing it. Please make sure it’s worth it.

I kept sucking her perfectly shaped, perky boobs. She had amazing light brown nipples, and I sucked them till they turned red. She then removed my pants and boxers and placed them with my tool. She also unbuttoned her pants. I pulled her down to her ankles, and we hugged tightly.

I placed my hands on her pussy, and it was so wet. Tanvi told me that she hasn’t had sex since long. I threw her on the bed and licked her pussy with passion.

Tanvi: Please fuck me, Sameer. Don’t waste time.

I came on top of her as she said that and entered her, and we fucked like dogs and slept naked. After an hour or so, we came to our senses and became lovers. I asked her to stop, but she had to go.

Tanvi: I need to go, or else I would have stopped. Need to pack my stuff and do other preparations.

Me: When are we meeting next?

Tanvi: I don’t know if we’re meeting. You won’t realise that I’m getting married. I won’t meet you like this after I’m married.

We fucked again that night before she went. She messaged me after reaching home that it was one of the best sex.

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