Mamun’s Lusty Paradise – Part 2

(I thank Purna for sharing her experiences and since the events really happened, there was not much need to add spice. Please read part 1 to follow the sequence of events.)

After Dad started fucking me, my cunt seemed to be always on fire. He would fuck Anita aunty and me also, so I was desperate to be fucked by many cocks.

I found a site where men, women and couples posted their naked pics, clips and fuck videos. On an impulse, I put my boobs, cunt pics in very sexy poses, without showing my face, of course.

Within hours, I was flooded with fan mails. The men sent their cocks pics and wanted to fuck me, couples wanted me to join them for a threesome. I was shocked, surprised and irritated. They seemed to think that I was desperate for fucking and would welcome them into my cunt. I was desperate but not that desperate!

I started blocking them until one mail caught my attention and intrigued me. That was from Krish, he wrote,

“Hi, Mamun. There are many sex-starved, horny women, college girls, housewives like you. They don’t need money but want fucking and fun. I send them discreetly to lodges. These lodges are safe, middle-class men visit and they are scared about their reputation too. The lodges pay me a commission and so do the women. If you are interested, please mail me.”

Out of curiosity, I chatted with him. I asked. “Hi, Krish. Why did you send that mail? Even if I am interested, I may not be from your town or city. I could be anywhere in the world.”

He replied, “Hi, Mamun. I was taking a chance. I send mails to all horny women, I have a huge network and I can tell my friends about you. Anyway, where are you from?”

I told him and he whistled, ‘Wow. That is great. You are from my city only. Do you know Akshay Lodge? It is near Vikas garden?”

I knew the lodge, it was a five-minute walk from my home. I didn’t tell him that. I was suddenly scared, I was about to delete the account when he typed.

He said, “Don’t worry. I will not blackmail you or hurt you. I know for some reason you are not getting good fucking. If you want, I can take you to lodges where you can fuck to your heart’s content. Money won’t be much, for one-shot 2-3k, and for one night 15-20k. Three or four college boys will pool money.”

I thought it over. The money was not important, my dad’s business was doing well, but I needed fucking. I said, OK.

I called dad and told him that I was getting bored and was going to Shalini’s house. I would stay overnight at her place. He suspected that I was going there for fucking and indirectly cautioned me to be careful.

Krish was waiting for me at McDonald’s. I drove a two-wheeler to avoid parking hassles. He walked over to me with a big smile and hugged me.

He took me to the lodge in a lane. It was a normal lodge, not too fancy but looked decent. He took me to the rear side of the lodge and explained while walking, “It is like any normal lodge from the front. The receptionist takes all the details and allots the room, but from the rear entrance, on the ground floor, there are ten rooms. These are for fuck activities. The prostitutes and horny men and women fuck here. No details are asked, they just pay money for one hour, two hours, or for the night.”

I asked him, “Is it not dangerous? If prostitutes are fucking, there can be police raids?”

He laughed and said, “This is all an open secret. Hawaldar comes and takes his weekly bakshish. My horny women friends call me when they want to fuck. I arrange cocks and rooms for them. I am making more money than my classmates who are bank managers.”

I laughed and said, “Ok, I am horny now, and I want to fuck the whole night. Arrange some good cocks for me.”

He told me, “You wait here. They will come in twenty minutes. Two brothers and their uncle. Let us be professional, I will pay you 20k in cash, and you give me my commission.”

I nodded and he talked to the person at the reception and took me to a room. It was comfortable with A.C, and a decent bathroom. Krish told me that this was the best room on the ground floor.

Within five minutes, two young men in their early twenties and one uncle arrived. They did not waste any time. Without a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’, they removed my clothes, pushed me on the bed.

The young men latched on to my tits and uncle buried his face in my crotch and started licking. He was an expert licker, and his tongue moved with the speed of butterfly wings, he lightly bit my clit and pulled lips with teeth and teased. Suddenly, he spread my legs and pushed his tongue deep.

I cried and clutched his head and pushed firmly as if I wanted to push his head inside my cunt. I moaned and pumped juice into his mouth, within a few seconds, he buried his hot rod in my soaked cunt.

As he started fucking me hard, one boy pushed cock in my mouth was fucking me, and the other boy was rubbing his cock on my tits or whichever part of my body was accessible. Uncle was guiding them on what to do with this ‘whore’ and how they have to fill all holes with cum and how they have to bathe the whore in cum.

It was a long time since I had a gangbang and I thoroughly enjoyed it. That uncle turned out to be a fuck-king. He had immense energy and technique, he knew when to change position, when to slap buttocks and pinch nipples. Finally, he cummed when I was riding him. I collapsed like a rag doll, panting heavily.

He ordered food, and when they were fucking me, the waiter brought food. It seemed to be the normal practice, waiters bringing food while fucking is going on. Neither the waiters nor fuckers were unduly disturbed.

When the waiter entered, the boys were fucking me in cunt and ass. The waiter must have seen many whores but his jaw fell open when he saw my beauty and full, swinging boobs. The women frequenting that lodge might not be beauty queens like me and he took a long time arranging plates and looking at us.

I smiled at him and said, “Ask Uncle ji, if he says ok, you can masturbate.”

Uncle was already getting hard and he said ok, and asked the boy to give my cunt to him and told him to fuck my mouth. The waiter pulled out his throbbing cock and pumped vigorously watching our fucking. He cummed into a napkin, thanked uncle and me, and left.

Uncle plowed my cunt hard, and then shifted to ass. The boys were treating him with awe and respect. I bit my lip and stifled a cry as his thick cock was ravaging my ass. When he pumped hot cum into my ass, I was in seventh heaven. They loved me, as I was always ready to fuck.

Finally, when we were getting dressed to leave, I asked uncle as he was giving me a “tip”, “Tell me, you are their dad, aren’t you? Not uncle.”

He was stunned and asked,” How did you guess?”

I smiled and said, “Mannerisms and resemblances. Your wife knows?”

He hesitated and said, “We are an incest family. These boys fuck their mom daily. Once in a while for a change, we come to the lodge and fuck other women. My wife is also in another room and she is getting fucked. Once she is ready, we will leave.”

As if on cue, his mobile buzzed and his wife told him that she was ready. He asked her to come to our room and introduced me. She was super sexy, well built, broad with heavy tits and ass and a pleasant smile.

She hugged me and said, “Thanks dear, my sons are very happy and thrilled. I wish you were my daughter-in-law.”

I laughed and said, “Your sons are just out of their teens. So am I. Too early.”

Uncle smiled and said, “She is thinking of our eldest son, black sheep of the family. He is orthodox and we fuck without his knowledge. It would be cheating him but we all can have unlimited fun if you marry him.”

We all laughed and said bye and left.

That was the beginning of my whoring life. Weekly three nights, I would go there and get fucked nicely. I became quite popular and money was pouring without any demand from me.

Many times, three or four college students would pool up money and fuck me. Dad never suspected, of course. Shalini covered for me.

One evening, dad said that he was going to a party and would sleep over there. I said ok and as soon as he left, I called Krish. I had a booking with two businessmen.

I would go in normal clothes and change into a small room in the hotel. I changed into a lace bra and panty, put on a nightgown and pressed the buzzer. I opened the nightgown front so that my body was visible to the man who opened the door.

The door opened and my sexy smile froze on my face. It was the incest family dad!! He pulled me in, closed the door and tightly hugged and kissed me.

He moaned, “Darling, how we all missed you. Daily we think and talk about you.”

I kissed back and asked him, “Where are your sons?”

He said, “Today I am here with my friend, Anand.”

I said ok and hung my nightie in the ante room and walked along with him into the room. I was in my black lace bra and panty, so flimsy that I may as well be naked.

I said in a sexy voice, “Hello, Mr. Anand…” and froze in my tracks. My jaw fell open, as did my dad’s who was about to sip whiskey!

The glass fell from his nerveless fingers and whiskey spilled on his thighs and semi-erect cock. He was waiting for the whore, naked.

Uncle laughed merrily, “Anand, I told you that she is a stunner. You should have been prepared and see what you have done, you wasted that whiskey.”

I was the first to recover, I said with a smile, “No, dear. It is not wasted, anyway, not all of it.” and approached dad, pleading with him with my eyes, asking him not to react.

I leaned over, licked whiskey from his thighs, stomach, and chest. Finally…cock. I was not looking at him; he kept his eyes closed, to control his emotions.

Within a second, his cock became rock hard, and uncle laughed and said, “I told you, she is a dynamite, she drained my boys in seconds.”

Dad moaned. I started licking whiskey on his balls; uncle removed my bra and started squeezing my tits. I knew that anger, sadness and lust were churning in dad’s mind.

Dad asked, “Where are you from?”

I replied, “Orissa, Bhubaneswar.”

Uncle exclaimed, “Anand, this girl is your gaon wali. You can talk to her in Odia. ”

Dad said, “Ashok, where did you find her? She is awesome.”

Ashok didn’t answer, he was busy sucking my tits. Dad opened his eyes, saw, and could not control himself. He pushed Ashok away, pulled me up, bent me on the sofa, and buried his cock in my cunt in one stroke. I gasped and clutched the sofa as he fucked me with savage fury.

He kept slapping my buttocks and I knew he was venting anger. I was also becoming hornier and was giving back thrusts with equal force.

Ashok was very excited and started fucking my mouth. Ashok spilled cum in my mouth and went to the bathroom to clean up.

Dad asked without slowing down, “Why are you doing this, whoring? Is there a need? I am giving you all the money you ever asked for.”

I replied, “Sorry dad, it is not for money, I am addicted to fucking.”

Dad removed cock and pushed in the ass, Ashok put Vaseline in my ass hole. Dad fucked, slapping my buttocks, and finally, when he spilled cum like a fountain, I knew his anger also had subsided.

Ashok could sense that something was there between us but was unable to figure it out.

They fucked me many times and by the time we crashed out on the bed with me sandwiched between them, it was past 2 am.

When I woke up, I saw dad was looking at me. Ashok was fast asleep. I kissed him on the cheek and asked him, “What are you thinking?”

He said, “I am a very bad father. I just watched as you turned into a whore. I should have got you married earlier. Now, even if you marry a decent boy, you won’t be happy, you are used to heavy fucking. We have to cheat that poor fellow also. If we tell the truth, you will never get married. Who will welcome a whore bahu?”

I smiled and said, “Don’t worry dad. I am only 21; there is plenty of time for marriage. Until then, let me enjoy as much as I can.”

We both jumped a foot, when Ashok shouted, “So, that is your secret, she is your daughter, I was wondering where I had seen her before. She accompanied you to our company’s anniversary party.”

Blood drained from dad’s face as he pleaded with Ashok. We realized that we were talking in English and Hindi and forgot to talk in Odia. Dad pleaded with Ashok not to reveal this to anyone.

Ashok laughed as he started fucking me, “Come on, Anand, why are you so scared? I overheard your talk, I can help you.”

Dad asked, “How can you help us?”

Ashok increased speed and said, “If you both agree, she can be our bahu.”

Dad was stunned, and said, “Who? Ajay? He is very orthodox and religious. The moment he comes to know she is a whore, he will leave her.”

My voice was breaking as I protested, “I don’t want to get tied up to an orthodox man, we will both be unhappy.”

Ashok said, “Don’t worry, my sons and I will fuck you and I will get you as many cocks as you want. Ajay won’t know. My wife, sons and I will cover it up.”

After he filled my cunt, we sat and discussed. Ashok convinced Dad that I will be very happy in their house, his wife, sons and he would take all care to make sure Ajay does not know about my addiction to fucking.

I was not quite convinced about the cheating but reluctantly agreed to meet Ajay.

I went home and changed into a decent Punjabi dress and rushed back to the hotel. When I reached the hotel, Ajay was already there.

He was tall and handsome. I acted coy and answered timidly whatever he asked. He fell head over heels in love. Though I felt guilty, I was pushed along by Dad and Ashok.

The day of the engagement was hilarious. While Ajay and I were talking in the hall, Dad was fucking Ashok’s wife in one room and his sons were fucking Dad’s girl friend in another.

While they were leaving, Ashok and his wife told dad privately, “Until the marriage is over, ask Mamun to stop all whoring activities. My wife also will stop. After marriage, we can resume. If any of our relatives or friends happens to be her guests, everything will be ruined.”

Dad and I nodded. The marriage date was fixed after a month. I could sense that Ajay was a virgin and my heart bled for him, he deserved an orthodox girl.

I could not control my fucking urges, my cunt was itching all the time. So, on the third day, when dad went to the office, I went to the lodge and fucked till evening and returned.

I used to talk to Ajay when getting fucked and tell him that I was on a treadmill when he asked why my voice was breaking. Mostly college students used to fuck me, bunking colleges.

On that fateful day, as usual, I went to my regular room in the lodge, stripped, and was waiting for guests. Three young men came, kissed and fucked me one round each and then sat and opened a few sachets. There was a white powder. I knew immediately that they were drugs.

I got up to go, one man held my arm. I told him to leave me and I was not into drugs.

He laughed, “Are you crazy? Why will we share such expensive stuff with whores? You just stay here and open your legs when we tell you to.”

The other two laughed, “Let her sniff a bit and she will never close her legs for us.”

I watched, fascinated as each sniffed a little powder and their expressions of bliss and ecstasy tempted me. I never tried drugs and knew how dangerous they were. But curiosity killed the cat. Hesitantly, I sniffed, gagged, and coughed.

Slowly, a sort of happy drowsiness filled me; I was feeling elated, happy and joyful. I felt as if I was floating in the air. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. I took one more sniff and I almost slipped into oblivion.

In the distance, I heard a commotion and running feet and shouting.

Someone was yelling, “Police, run, run.”

End of part 2

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