Manu’s Diary – Part 2 (Marrying Julie mom)

Hi Friends, This is Manu in the 2nd part of the story. I request you to read my previous story to get an idea of the continuity. I got a huge response for the 1st part through emails and hangouts texts. I thank everyone who appreciated my story.

I also got messages from people (fake IDs) asking for my Mom’s pics for a threesome with a couple. People who had sent this invitation were boys using girls’ names. NB: For people who are sending texts asking for my Mom’s pics or contact details, I will directly block them.

Let’s get into the story.
About Mom:
Her name is Julie( name changed), aged 49, but she looks like she is in her 30’s because she hits the gym regularly and keeps her body. To have a resemblance of my Mom, please Google Radhika Sarathkumar. Her stats are 34-25-35.

About me:
I am Manu aged, 29 years of age, from Bangalore. I’m currently working in Chennai in an IT firm, but I was born and bought up in Bangalore. Only Mom and I live in my home. I lost my dad when I was in 6th Grade. From then, my Mom took over his business, and we have led a happy life.

Continuation of the Story:
After the 1st Quick session with Mom in my bedroom, Gayatri came home. After a casual talk with her, my Mom ordered lunch from out, and we ate. I returned to my room. I was dead tired of the long ride and unplanned fun. I woke up around 4:30 pm, freshened up, and came down.

While climbing the stairs, I saw my Mom in the kitchen. Since we had an open kitchen, I could see her. She had changed into a Black sleeveless nighty. She saw me and said.

Mom – Oh, you woke up? I was about to call you. Here come and take the tea.

I went behind her and hugged her, and kissed her neck. She said, ‘Sshh,’ and turned towards me. She said that Gayatri was there in the room. I left her suddenly in shock. I thought she might have left long back. While I took the tea, I went near Mom and whispered, asking if we could have our 1st night.

Mom smiled naughtily and said yes. I went towards the balcony. Since we stayed on the 14th floor, the view from the balcony was amazing, especially at night. Mom, too, came with her tea and lit her cigarette.

Me – Amma, can we go out for dinner?

Mom – Oh, you want to take me out for a date?

Me – If you’re ok.

Mom – I am all yours, Kanna. You don’t have to ask anything. (winked)

Just then, Gayatri came out and saw us standing on the balcony. She came with tea and asked if there was any secret discussion between Mom and son. And Mom replied that he wanted to go out for dinner. Both of them laughed.

After finishing my tea, I said, “Mom, I am going out and will come back in an hour.” I took my bike for a water wash, and from there, I rode to a shop to buy a gift for my Mom. ( I wanted to surprise my readers with what gift I bought).
When I came home, I knew Gayatri had left.

Mom was in her room when I knocked. She said she was getting ready and asked me to get ready fast. I went to my room, had a bath and got dressed. I wore a White shirt and Blue jeans, and I went down. I saw my Mom sitting on the sofa, scrolling through her phone.

She looked gorgeous, wearing a white saree and a red blouse. She had minimal makeup on her face. I commented on her looks and asked if someone was ready to go for a dinner date. She looked at me and gave me a shy smile. I asked her to stand up and said, “I have a surprise for you.”

I knelt before her (as if proposing to her) and opened the surprise. I saw a shock on her face, and then she smiled. She lifted me with both hands on my face and asked me to tie it around her neck. Yes, guys, I bought a Mangalsutra for her. I tied the knot.

I could see tears flowing down, and I wiped them with my fingers. She suddenly kissed my lips and sucked my tongue out. She then kissed my forehead and said that this was the best gift. She kept her hand on my dick above the jeans. She said, “I like your junior.”

She was rubbing my dick and making it hard. We were sucking each other’s lips. We parted away after some time because we were late for dinner. She did a final makeup, and we left for our date.

After having a wonderful dinner, we came back. Mom put her right hand on my thighs and asked what I liked her most. But I didn’t answer that question and asked her to skip it, and she got a call from her sister, who is abroad. She was on call till we reached our society gate.

I opened the door, she entered first, and I locked the door behind me. While she was going to sit on the sofa, I went and hugged her from behind. The aroma from her body was making me crazy. I turned her around and asked if she wanted to know what I liked about her.

She nodded my head. I held her face, kissed her eyes and forehead, and came down towards her lips. The most beautiful thing I liked was your cute face Amma, and I kissed her lips. We were kissing madly. She was enjoying it, and her eyes were closed tightly.

She was holding my head from behind and was pushing it more toward her. After some time, we parted, and I could see the heat in her eyes. I then turned around and asked her to remove the pins from her saree. I moved her hair a bit and started licking her left earlobe.

I saw she had removed the pin from her shoulder. I turned her towards me and slowly pulled her pallu down. I removed the saree from her body. She was standing in front of me with a red blouse and white color petticoat. She saw me staring at her with a hungry look, so she asked if we could go inside.

It was hot to see my Mom walking towards her room only in her blouse and petticoat (of course, with her inners). Once we entered her room, I pushed her toward the wall. I could see the mangalsutra hanging outside the blouse. I pushed her inside and, in between, rubbed her cleavage with my index finger.

I could see her expressions change. I turned her around and kissed the open area of her back. I pushed my hands toward the front portion and started removing her blouse hooks. I also untied the string of her petticoat. Petticoat fell, and I could see she was wearing pink color panty.

I removed the blouse from her body, and now Julie Mom was in her white bra and panty. I went and stood a bit away from her. I always dreamed of seeing my Mom in this position. She was confused about what I was doing and slowly turned her head back.

I went again near to her and unhooked her bra. I turned her around and knelt on the floor.

Me: Next beautiful thing in you is your…

And I kissed her Navel button and started licking. She held my head towards her.

Me: Amma, you know one of my biggest dream?

She nodded her head negatively. I was staring at her and holding her ass cheeks. Suddenly, she gave a jerk and smiled at me. I turned her around, and her ass was right in front of me. I pulled her panty down, saw her ass and parted her ass cheeks.

I said, “I always wanted to taste this.” I had a lick on her hole. My Mom shivered. I went up by licking and kissing her back. I removed her bra from her body and threw it. I turned her around. I could see her boobs hanging down, and her nipples hardened. The chain which I tied was between her boobs.

I took her chain and placed it below her left boob. It was standing straight with the help of the chain. I took the left boob and started sucking. I was playing with her right boob simultaneously. I pinched her right nipple, too. I could see that my Mom was getting crazy.

I switched her boobs and started sucking her right boob. I played on her boobs by sucking and switching for a few minutes. My Mom couldn’t control hereafter. She pushed me away since I was dressed and she was nude. She tore my shirt buttons and started kissing my hairy chest.

She started sucking my nipple and pulling it hard with her tongue. She was holding my dick over my jeans in between using her left hand, but she couldn’t feel it properly. Then she tried opening my belt and then my jeans. I was lying there with my boxers, and my bulge could be seen.

My Mom moved closer to my dick and kissed me on top of my boxer. Suddenly, my dick started to jump inside.

Mom: Someone is trying to jump out of the cage?

She then removed my boxers. She held my rod in her palm and said, “Ente monde Andi.” (My son’s dick) and took it completely inside her mouth. She started to lick my rod from top to bottom. Her left hand was playing with my balls. She then started to suck my dick.

The feeling that I was getting from a blowjob was unexplainable. I threw my head back and started to enjoy myself. After some time, when I was going to cum, Mom pulled out her mouth. I moved her side and stood. I held her hand and made her sit on the edge of the bed.

Mom: What is it, Kanna?

And I took my rod in my hand and rubbed it on her lips. She opened her lips, and I pushed my rod inside her mouth. One of my biggest dreams is to make my Mom suck my rod. I made her hair into a pony and started to fuck her mouth.

I slowly started to gag her. I could see that she couldn’t handle it. After making her suck my dick, she laid down on the bed.

Me: My other dream is going to get fulfilled.

I spread her legs and slowly lifted her toward the back. It was the first time seeing a real pussy in my life l. I was watching her pussy lips clearly and moved near to it. It was shaved, and I knew she might have cleaned it for this night. I slowly smelled her pussy and kissed her.

She shuddered and held my head from behind. I took my tongue out and licked the outer lips. I then started to lick her pussy badly. I inserted 1 finger and kept licking her pussy. Then I inserted 2, and I started to finger fuck her madly. I could see that she was going crazy. She had closed her eyes.

When she was about to cum I removed my hand and placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I lifted both her legs and looked at her since we had sex in the afternoon when I couldn’t do anything properly.

Mom: Adikyada Thayoli. (Fuck me, motherfucker)

I couldn’t believe my ears and pushed my dick completely inside her. She gasped and pushed herself up. I fell on top of her and started to lick her earlobes. (Guys, always try licking your partner’s earlobes while you fuck). I then lifted both her hands up and kept licking her armpit.

The smell coming from there triggered me more. I started to fuck her hard, and we changed position. I entered her pussy from behind and pulled her hair back. I parted her ass cheeks and played on her asshole with my thumb finger. I then felt like am going to cum, so I informed her.

Julie Mom asked me to fill it inside her pussy, so I turned her, and we got into Missionary by holding her legs onto my shoulders. I kept fucking her, and we both came at the same time. We lay down for a few minutes, and she got up for the washroom.

And then she took a cigarette and moved towards her bedroom balcony to smoke. I slowly got up, drank some water and went to the washroom. Then I moved towards the balcony and hugged her from behind. The balcony we were in was facing towards the lake, like the Living Room Balcony.
Me: Amma, Thank you so much.

Mom: Kanna, I am your wife, not your mother. You can call me by my name.

Me: I know, but I wanted you to be my Mom as always and let me fuck you as your husband.

Mom: But why did you say thanks?

Me: For letting all this happen. Did you enjoy it?

Mom: Of course, Kanna, I loved how you started at the beginning. It was clear how much you were lusting for me.

I then hugged her from behind and kept playing with her boobs. I could feel my dick start to rise and slowly touch her ass. She was also moving towards me. I then took another cigarette and lit it.

Mom: From when did you start smoking?

Me: Long back, Amma.

Mom: But I didn’t know that you were smoking, neither did I not get any hints.

Me: How could I smoke in front of you?

Mom: And now? She gave a naughty smile.

I pulled her towards me.

Me: Now, you’re my wife. So I could do anything.

I could feel my dick touching her pussy which was cold after she washed it. Then I made my Mom suck my rod on the balcony while she smoked. Later we had one more round, and we slept naked.

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