Marrying my Ma, Tulsi – Part 2

As Tulsi undresses herself, Jatin feels that the time has come to a standstill. His jaw becomes wide open, and he witnesses something that he had only dreamt of. His Ma, Tulsi, was fully naked and inviting him for a fuck-fest. She had big boobs, though saggy.

The brown aerolas and pointed nipples invited Jatin to suck them. She had fat near her tummy, which made her more sexy. He couldn’t take a look at her vagina, as it was covered in thick bush, indicating that she never shaved or had done it a long time back.

She took good care of her body, as her armpits were shaven. Her body was shining brightly even in the dimly lit room. Jatin had a massive hard-on and could feel his pyjamas were now tightening. He never imagined in his wildest dreams that he would ever get a glimpse of Tulsi like this, that too, as his wife.

Tulsi, now, replied, “I know it is uncomfortable, but after tonight, everything will become normal.”

By saying this, she comes forward and embraces Jatin in a tight hug. Jatin could feel Tulsi’s boobs crushing against his chest. His hands automatically went towards the big ass and pressed it tightly. Tulsi didn’t react, and Jatin kept pressing and playing with her ass for some time.

Then un-intentionally, he gave a slap on Tulsi’s ass, and she immediately left her grip.

She shouted, ” What are you doing? Don’t forget, I am still your Ma.”

Jatin immediately came to his senses and apologized, ” I am sorry, Ma. I was not in control.”

Tulsi also realized that Jatin was her husband now, and he had complete authority over her body. She said, “No, Jatin, you don’t need to apologize. I shouldn’t have reacted in that way. You are my husband now.”

She continued, “See, it is been some years since I had sex with Ramesh. In fact, I have forgotten how sex feels like. That is why I reacted that way.”

Jatin now replied cunningly, ” It’s okay, Ma. It is new to me as well. It is the first time I am with a woman, that too with my Ma. I got carried away.”

Tulsi, “It is okay. You can slap my ass, as it is yours now. Now come to Ma, dear.”

Jatin did not require any second invitation, and he went near Tulsi. Tulsi held Jatin’s face and started kissing him. Jatin also reacted and started kissing her back. They were kissing passionately. Jatin took his hands and started pressing Tulsi’s boobs.

They kept on kissing for some time, and Jatin played with Tulsi’s boobs to the fullest. After 5 minutes, their lips parted ways. Jatin could see Tulsi’s eyes were still closed, and she was shivering.

Jatin now enquired, “Ma, are you okay?”

Tulsi now stammered, “Yes, beta, It is that I am getting used to such feelings. I feel like I am doing something wrong, but I don’t know why.”

Jatin now became nervous. He felt that Tulsi might be getting second thoughts about fucking him or may even have seen through his evil plan. He decided that he needed to take immediate steps in order to fuck Tulsi and make her his life-long bitch.

He knew that a woman’s clitoris was the most sensitive point in her body. If he was able to stir that up, Tulsi would never be able to resist sex anymore, and it would be his forever.

He now replied, “Ma, if you feel any hesitation, we can stop it right now. But we are doing this for the family.”

Tulsi replied, “Yes, dear, you are right. Let’s begin again.”

Jatin, “Ma, we don’t want to do this mechanically. The priest said that we have to do it passionately as husband and wife.”

Tulsi, “I will, dear. No more complaints from my side.”

Jatin, “I know, Ma, but you still may face some hesitation, which is fully acceptable. Even I am feeling it. There is only one solution.”

Tulsi, “What is it?”

Jatin undresses completely and shows his big dick to Tulsi. Tulsi’s eye suddenly fixates on his dick and keeps staring at it. It was 8 inches, completely shaven and circumcised. Tulsi immediately knew that it was way bigger than Ramesh.

Instinctively, her hands moved forward and tried to grab it. But Jatin stopped her. Tulsi looks at him, confused, and Jatin instructs her to go and lie on the bed. Tulsi does exactly that. Now Jatin parts Tulsi’s thunder thighs and moves his dick and moves around her clitoris.

The tip of the penis plays with her clitoris but never penetrates. Tulsi could feel an electrifying sensation down her pussy. A sensation that she had probably never felt before. He eyes widen, her hands start playing with her boobs in instinct, and she lets out soft moans.

She plays with her tits and even starts licking them as if she has desired such feelings for a long time. Her moans grew louder and louder. Jatin takes further steps and now uses his fingers to stimulate the clitoris further. Tulsi now feels that she is in just another world, a world she never wants to come out of.

Jatin now inserts his fingers deep inside Tulsi’s pussy, and she lets out a loud moan, “Aah.” Jatin now vigorously finger fucks her, and Tulsi’s moaning ecstasy continues. Suddenly, her eyes widen further, and Jatin feels that Tulsi is close to orgasm. This is where he stops.

Tulsi looks at him in bewilderment as if asking him why the hell he stopped. Her facial expression changes, and she literally pleads to Jatin by making a puppy face to make her cum. This is what Jatin wanted to see. He wanted to take Tulsi to the edge from where there was no return for her.

All his experience from fucking those prostitutes was coming to good use. He now took his dick near Tulsi’s pussy and said, “Ma, may I?” Tulsi now rested her head on the bed and just nodded affirmatively.

Jatin then held her legs in the air and brought her hips forward. He gently inserted his dick and did some gentle strokes inside. The pussy was already wet due to fingering, but he wanted the pussy to get used to his dick. Tulsi was giving soft moans, and her eyes were closed.

Without any warning, Jatin penetrated his entire dick inside Tulsi’s pussy.
Tulsi let out a loud moan, which even Ramesh and Rajesh would have also heard. Her eyes widened, and her facial expression changed to astonishment. It was the first time that she was taking such a big dick.

She felt as if the dick was reaching her unexplored places. She wanted to say something, but Jatin bent forward and started kissing her. Tulsi also reciprocated back. Jatin now started giving deep, gentle strokes to Tulsi and kissing her simultaneously.

He started increasing the pace of the strokes. Tulsi’s boobs also started moving feverishly with the pace. Jatin grabbed both the boobs with two hands and started pressing them with all his might. Tulsi was continuously moaning, and she knew that she was fully under Jatin’s control.

He bit the nipples and sucked it deep so as to see whether any milk was still present. He even made Tulsi suck her nipples, and she did willingly. Jatin now increased the pace of the strokes and was now vigorously fucking her non-stop. Tulsi was no longer in her senses, and she was moaning instinctively now.

Suddenly, Tulsi’s eyes widened, and her legs shivered. She tightened her thighs around Jatin’s hips and held him in a tight embrace. Her waist and ass were automatically lifted from the bed. Jatin knew that Tulsi was nearing orgasm, but he kept on pumping.

Then all of a sudden, Tulsi moaned, “Fuck!” Tulsi was having an earth-shattering orgasm, something she may have never experienced before. She kept on moaning words she may have never uttered before or even understood.

Jatin could feel his dick was getting washed by forceful streams of cum. It was gushing out of her pussy. The bed was wet completely, and Tulsi had cum massively. She now left her grip and once again settled on the bed. All this was too much for Jatin to bear, and he was nearing his orgasm.

He pumped in a few strokes more and then shot a huge load inside Tulsi’s pussy without her permission. Tulsi didn’t care as she was still coming to a sense of what happened to her. Jatin kept on pumping his dick till the last drop until his dick became flaccid. He collapsed on Tulsi, all panting and huffing.

They both were taking deep breaths and after some time, their eyes met for the first time after their sex. Tulsi gave out a soft smile, kissed Jating on her head, and said, “Thank you.” Jatin reciprocated by putting a French kiss on her lips, and then, they rested in each other’s embrace.

But Jatin was not yet done. He wanted to fuck Tulsi’s ass tonight itself. The night had just started, and a little rest would not harm. With this in mind, Jatin decided to place his head over Tulsi’s boobs and take a small nap, planning to pump Tulsi’s ass.

Continued in the next part.