Maya – Cousin Love – Part 2 (Igniting Passions)

I said, “I think igniting passions is the only thing we have not done till today.”

She said, “Yes, but now I don’t care about what Chetan thinks. I am sorry, Vinay. I hope you will forgive me for whatever I have done to you and made you feel ignored and alone for so many years.”

I said, “It’s fine, Maya, let us leave the past behind and start afresh.”

I looked at Maya with a male perspective for the first time. She had grown to fully blossom woman, smoking hot and deliciously sexy. Her boobs were huge, her ass huge, supple tender waist. She looked ravishing and inviting.

She had ample flesh at all the right places to savor and enjoy. She had an incredibly sexy figure, measuring 36D-30-34. I still had a fire raging in my dick as I was admiring her beauty.

As I stood staring at her lovely hot body, she came near me. She looked at me seductively and said, “Stop staring at me like that, just tie this, please.” She turned back, asking me to tie the knot of her blouse, which I had untied. She pushed her hair aside to take a step back to press her ass on my dick.

I did not know why she was doing this, but I was enjoying it. I love being aroused. I relish that delicious feeling of freedom, the joy, and the happiness of feeling her hot body. I moved my hands smoothly on her shoulders. I pushed my finger inside her blouse beneath her bra straps.

I pulled her bra straps up, moving her boobs up just a little from that position.
I moved my hands to her stomach. Then I lifted both her boobs up, gently squeezing them. I pulled strings from both ends of her sexy blouse to make up a neat knot on the back of her blouse.

I kept pulling that sting and kept feeling both her boobs one after the other on the pretext of adjusting and tying that knot. Her bra straps felt very tight. I kept feeling her boobs squeezing them. I just wondered if I could take it off her tight bra and see how her bra cups held her huge boobs.

I wanted to free her boobs caged in her bra, but I was unsure what Maya had in mind. Was this just a reaction to the past and current situation, or was this a new journey in our relationship? It was hard to judge.

Maya was moaning and breathing hard as I kept teasing her. I moved my fingers to the hook of her lehenga, making my intentions clear to her. I pushed my fingers inside her lehenga, circling them around her waist to feel her soft skin around the elastic of her panties.

She had tied her lehenga much below her waist, just above the elastic of her panties. She stood there, not moving from that position. I again had a massive erection in my pant. She kept her ass pressed on my dick. I was sure she was enjoying the hot feeling of my hard erection on her ass.

She kept the pressure of her ass on my dick, gently moving her ass. Maya held my hand to pull me down. She sat on the floor, resting her back on the wall. I sat beside her. Instantly she made me sleep on her lap. That comfort of sleeping on her lap was indescribable. I was missing it so badly.

She was caressing my head, slowly moving her fingers on my lips, softly caressing my ears. She glanced towards the massive bulge in my pant. She could not take her eyes from my massive erection. I turned my head a little to look up at her.

The sight was just incredible. Her boobs rested in front of my eyes. I got a clear view of the lovely shape of her huge boobs and her open midriff. I kept staring at them as Maya looked towards me. I could not resist trying to steal a glance of her lovely body. Maya noticed me staring at her boobs.

She kept her hands on my eyes and said, “Stop staring at them like that.”

I said, “You are so beautiful Maya, they have grown so big.”

She said, “They are supposed to grow right. I know you have seen them growing.”

I started to move my fingers on her midriff, feeling her sexy waist, navel, and stomach. She did not stop me as I kept rolling my fingers slowly and seductively on her hot body. I could feel her body turning hot again. Her lehenga was irritating me due to the embroidery done on it.

I told her, “Your lehenga is hurting my neck and on the back of my head.”

She said, “Oh really sorry, bhai.”

She paused for few seconds. She pushed my head up. I just waited to look at her legs. She gently pulled her lehenga above her knees up to her thighs. I could see her lovely hot thighs as she exposed them to me. She looked at me as she kept pushing her lehenga up.

She stopped just at the point where I wanted to see more. She made me sleep on her nude thighs. The warmth of her thighs made me mad. It was just captivating and thrilling. I moved my fingers on the lower area of her blouse line, pushing one finger inside her blouse.

She relaxed her body, closed her eyes. Maya moved her hands from my head to my body. I pushed my fingers inside her blouse, feeling the soft material of her bra. I moved my head to kiss her lovely thighs. She moaned as I kissed her again. I raised my head to kiss her navel.

She raised her legs to wrap me between her legs and midriff. Maya was getting intensely aroused and restless. I pushed my fingers inside her bra now. We looked at each other as I felt the soft skin of her boobs on my fingers. She pulled my fingers out and kept them on the hook of her blouse.

Her eyes moved towards my pant to look at the bulge that was attracting her.
Her mouth went dry, and she wavered between uneasiness and intense curiosity.
Looking at my massive erection, she said, “That looks huge, and it’s making me uncomfortable. Can I bear it?”

I taunted her with a wicked grin. I turned my head between her thighs and said, “If it makes you nervous, don’t worry. It will disappear as soon as it finds a hole. The hole can be anywhere.”

Maya looked shocked at my answer. She turned my head towards her and said, “I think I can try to bear it in my main hole and take it in my mouth. I can’t even think to take it anywhere else. It would hurt”

I paused before adding huskily, “But… it wouldn’t be, Uncomfortable, I mean you are would certainly enjoy it. I would enjoy it in your mouth. If we were talking of trying the other hole, I would never intend to hurt you.”

Before Maya could speak, I fondled her boobs and kissed her, extracting delight from every nerve. I began to slide my hands into her body. The fabric of her blouse resisted my efforts. Foiled in my attempt to reach her boobs, I pushed a lock of her hair aside and dragged my mouth over her throat.

She stiffened, unable to hold back a whimper of pleasure. Caressing her lovely boobs, I told her in her ears, “I would sleep best when my head is resting on your delicate pillows of love.”

A small glimpse of what she held inside. Her secrets, her desire, love, hopes, and dreams. Every line had its meaning. It was not just her beauty. It was the attitude in her smile, the tilt of her head. The loving look in her eyes when she caught me staring at her boobs.

My eyes were shamelessly fixed to her full, round breasts that had been sculpted by God or nature. Maya pushed my head down. She turned back. I again untied the knot of her blouse and pushed her blouse down from her shoulders. She remained in that position as I unhooked her blouse.

Her lovely smooth fingers moved inside my body as she let me loose on her body. This was insane and unexpected. Her blouse was open. I pushed it up. I could see her sexy black bra, her deep cleavage. I kissed both her boobs. I could not muster the courage to unhook or remove her bra.

I just moved my hands on her bra hook, but I did not unhook it. Maya moved her hands behind and unhooked her bra button. I watched her boobs loosen from the tight grip of her bra as she unhooked it. I pushed her bra up to look at her hot boobs.

Maya was making me mad. The purpose of our meeting had taken an entirely different turn. Her lovely, fabulous, delicious boobs pooped out. She pulled me back on her lap. Maya moved her body down, allowing me to suck her tender, hot boobs one after the other.

She had lovely brown nipples. They had turned erect and hard good enough to make a man lose his morals. She kept caressing my head, moving it from one boob to the other as I feasted on them. I held both her boobs in my hands and squeezed them, slowly rolling my fingers on her hardened nipples.

A few brushes across her nipples with my fingers, followed by some soft rolls, gently licks. Her nipples were fully erect and completely hard. I pinched them between in fingers. She moaned, “Ahh, yes, Vinay. Oh god.”

Maya moved one hand to feel my hardened dick. She kept rolling her fingers from the top. I indulged in playing with her boobs licking, sucking, and kissing them. I held her nipples in my fingers to slowly roll my tongue on them. Her body was burning now. She moved her hands to the zipper of my pants.

Suddenly, one of my other cousins shouted from outside, “Guys, abuse, slap, hit each other inside the room. But don’t come out without sorting your issues once for all.”

We had to stop breaking the maddening flow of our lovemaking. We both got up, but our sexual triggers got the better of us. I pulled her face close to me and said, “I want you to abuse me.” I pushed my hands to her boobs and started to squeeze them hard.

She gently slapped me and said, “I want you to slap my ass. I want you to hit me down where it matters most, Vinay.”

Maya tried to speak, and my mouth was over hers again. We kissed each other like mad. Her hand was now firming her grip on my dick. My hands were squeezing and mouth sucking her boobs and nipples. She moved her hands on my head and pushed them on her bare shoulders and neck.

I kissed her shoulders and neck, moving my lips from one end to the other. She held both my hands again to keep them on her boobs. Maya was driving me crazy. She was making me fall for her. I squeezed her boobs with a little more intensity. She moved her free hands to my dick, holding it firmly in her hands.

She moaned as I exerted pressure on her boobs, squeezing them hard, kissing her neck, shoulders. She pulled down the zip of my pant to push her hand in my pant. I felt so excited as she pushed my underwear down to feel my full-length dick in her hands. She pulled out my dick and looked at me.

She sat on her knees as she took my long hard dick between her lovely lips to gulp it in her warm mouth. I could feel her whole body trying to claim me, want me, own me in lust, and it made me feel so valuable and wanted. Bloody damn it, how could I resist myself not to fuck her?

She was making me go bonkers as she reignited my deepest passions again and again. She licked my dick to its full length as she unbuttoned my pant. She pulled my pant down my monster pooped out. She was looking at it with her eyes wide open.

Again, one of our cousins knocked and asked, “You guys want coffee or something.”

We had to break now. Maya shouted, “No, we are good.”

She asked us, “How long, guys? We are waiting.”

Both of us paused, stopped to regain our senses. It was getting risky now. I stood there as she sucked my dick in slow sucks. She wanted to remove my pants, but I stopped her. I took a step back. I held her in my arms, lifting her, and said, “Maya, enough, let’s stop this, please.”

She hugged me tightly. I could feel her naked boobs crush on my shirt as she stood in that position for few seconds. I pushed her back gently. I pushed her bra down onto her boobs. She did not speak a word. She started to adjust her clothes and hair.

I moved the other side to recoup what had happened between us. After few minutes, she again came and stood back in front of me to tie the strings of her blouse. I tied the knot of her blouse and told her, “You are just crazy, Maya.”

She turned towards me, put her hands on my neck, and said, “Did you like it, Vinay? I hope you are happy now.”

I said, “I would have been happy without this also, but I am really happy. You are hot and sexy.”

She pulled me closer to her and said, “I think my best friend does not have any more complaints.”

I said, “No, nothing. I love you, Maya.”

She kissed my lips again and said, “Love you, Vinay.”

I moved my hands down to her waist, moving it down to grip her ass as I pressed my dick on her pussy. I asked her, “How about tonight?”

She said, “Let’s try. I think it’s difficult but let’s see.”

We sat again at the same table, holding each other’s hands firmly. After 5 minutes, we went out. Everyone was happy that we spoke out to resolve our differences.

But what transpired inside the room was like a beautiful dream. I could not get over it as the scenes kept playing in my mind now and then. After having an early dinner at the function, we visited our favorite coffee shop and came back late in the night.

Most of them had gone to bed. We, seven cousins, sat in a room chatting, pulling each other’s legs, and having a good time. Late-night by 1.30, we were still in the flow chatting. 2 of them wanted to sleep. They went and came back saying that most of them had locked their rooms and slept.

We all decided to sleep in that room itself. All the 4-male slept on the bed. Two girls slept on one side of the cot and Maya on the other side near the door. I slept on the corner where Maya was sleeping.

At some time, all of us were in a deep sleep. I was waiting desperately, praying Maya should not fall asleep. It was pitch dark. I used my mobile light to look at Maya. She seemed to be in a deep sleep. I kept my hand on her shoulder, caressing it gently.

To be continued.

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