Maya – Cousin Love – Part 3 (Desperately Waiting)

After few strokes, I could sense her response as she locked my fingers within her fingers, desperately waiting. I moved down from the bed to sleep beside her.

She whispered in my ear, “Are you mad?”

I replied, “You have made me mad, Maya.”

Maya was wearing a t-shirt and pajamas. We crisscrossed our legs as we hugged each other tightly. Sex is a complete therapy to forgive all our sins, take new risks, to break new boundaries. She applied pressure on my dick using her knees and firmed her pussy on my other leg.

Our heads moved to find each other’s lips. We kissed each other like mad, kissing our lips one after the other. Maya pushed her tongue in my mouth to lick me like a mad sex-starved woman. I removed my t-shirt and pushed her t-shirt up.

I moved my hands to her back, searching the hook of her bra. I unhooked her bra. She pushed her bra down from her shoulders and pulled her bra from her body. I lifted her t-shirt further up and slept beside her, sucking and playing with her hot boobs. I kept sucking and squeezing them for some time.

We were again aroused to the core. I moved on top of her, holding both her boobs in my hands. I squeezed and kissed them all over. I moved my lips to her nipples. I took her one nipple between my lips to suck it softly. Then I kept sucking it harder.

I moved to her other nipple to suck it softly and repeated the same. Maya was on fire. She held me tightly as I sucked her hot boobs one after the other. I played with her boobs holding them together and sucking both her nipples together.

Her body twitched with pain when I bit her nipples and chewed them softly. Maya let out a soft moan. Maya pulled me up. She whispered in my ears, “Stop it, Vinay, I cannot control, I will moan, someone will wake up.”

Without giving heed to what she said, I squeezed her boobs hard and kissed her lips. Maya pulled me up to kiss me like a mad lady. She moved down, kissing my lips, cheeks, ears, and neck. She kissed my lips, sucking them hungrily.

I moved on her body, kissing her boobs, moving down to her stomach, waist, and navel. I moved down to kiss her pussy from the top of her pajama. I slept beside her to pull Maya on top. Her soft boobs crushed my body as she slept on me. I moved my hands on her pajama to push it down.
Maya moved her hand to my shorts, feeling my full-sized dick in her soft magical fingers. I again pushed Maya up from my body to push my shorts down to give her free access to my dick. She held my hot meat in her fingers to feel it once.

I tried to push her pajama down. Maya raised her ass to allow her pajama to move down her ass. My dick firmly pressed on her pussy now. We both could feel each other’s heat – on my dick, and from her pussy I held Maya tightly and sat with my back rested against the wall.

I put my fingers on her panties to push them down. Maya moved her face to my ears. She whispered in a horny voice, “Vinay, it’s very risky.”

I asked her, “You don’t want to do it.”

She said, “I also want to do it, but it’s very risky. If anyone wakes up, we will get screwed.”

I pushed my hands inside her panties as we spoke. I rolled my fingers on her ass, moving down to her pussy swiping my finger on her pussy crack. She jerked her body. I felt the heat of her pussy on my fingers. She pushed my hand back.

She said, “No, Vinay, stop, this is crazy.”

I was rolling my fingers, squeezing her ass as we spoke. She was exerting pressure on my dick by pressing her ass on my dick. We were speaking to stop this, but our actions were exactly the opposite of that.

I told Maya, “I want you to ride me, Maya.”

She said, “Not here, Vinay, let us try to find some other room or place, not here.”

She got down from my body, pulled her pajama up grabbed her bra. I adjusted my shorts quickly, and we both moved out of the room. We searched for a room in the marriage venue, but we could not. All the rooms were full. I was desperate. She was restless as I spent 20 minutes looking out for a place.

We held our hands tightly as we tried to find a corner but in vain. All the rooms were occupied, people were sleeping in the hall. Some decoration, caterers had occupied the remaining empty spaces. We came back to our room and slept beside each other, hugging each other tightly.

Maya pushed my shorts down. She grabbed my dick and started stroking it gently. I closed my eyes, doing nothing. She smoothly kept stroking my dick, feeling its full length. She wrapped her magical fingers and palm around my dick. My dick grew to its maximum size.

I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them hard as she kept stroking my dick in steady strokes. I again pushed her pajama down as I moved down, kissing her boobs. I pulled down her panties along with her pajama. I felt her hot pussy for the first time in my mouth. I kissed her pussy, and she pulled me up.

I held her lovely soft ass, squeezed them gently, and pulled her closer to me. I could feel her wet pussy down. Her boobs were crushing on my chest. Our bodies were feeling each other’s heat and heartbeat. I moved my hands down to lift her lovely boobs and started to lick, suck her soft boobs and nipples.

The softness of her round boobs in my mouth, the feel of her soft nipples was making me mad. A gentle small little bite on her nipple sent her in a tizzy making her mad. Pressing my head between both the boobs, I began to pepper them with constant kisses and squeezes.

Her low sensual moans were like approval of her arousal. I played with them hard and squeezed them. She held my head firmly, asking me to be gentle. We had to scramble for our bedspreads as one of our cousins woke up to drink water.

With our passions on such a high note, we had to turn our faces and sleep, showing each other our backs. We were hugely disappointed when she used the washroom. One more cousin also woke up not giving us any chance to fulfill our desperate fucking desires.

The next morning, by the time I woke up, my Maya had left. I cannot explain how bad I felt. She left me a simple message, “Wait for my next visit, or you can come to Mumbai.”

Few months passed away. We started speaking more, trying to find time for each other. It was Raksha Bandhan’s time. I informed my wife that I wanted to visit Maya to surprise her on this special occasion. My wife also liked the idea. We decided that she will check if Maya does not have any other plans.

I was super excited that I will surprise Maya. Maya did not have any plans; I was praying to God that we get to spend some good time together. I was still not clear on how we would fulfill our desires if her husband were at home. I wanted Maya badly.

Maya made me mad for her as in my every conversation. She would make me hot. My ticket was booked for an early morning flight. I reached Mumbai airport, took a cab to her apartment. It was around 10.15 by the time I reached her flat. I rang the doorbell.

Maya shouted from inside, “Shantabai, put your hands in the grill and open it. I am going to take a bath. I will keep my clothes outside, put them in the washing machine.”

I could hear the bathroom door got locked. I pushed my hands inside the grill opened it. I bolted the grill gate. I kept my bag aside and sat on the chair opposite the washroom Maya was using. I saw that she had kept her t-shirt, shorts, bra, and panties outside the bathroom door.

I picked them and put them in the washing machine. There was nobody else at home. I sat on the chair, waiting for her anxiously. After few minutes she came out of the washroom, she was shocked seeing me. She had covered her body by just draping a towel around her body. Her body was still wet.

She came towards me and almost jumped on me as we hugged each other tightly, very tightly. She looked around and asked me, “I thought it was my maid Shanatbai.” I saw her from top to bottom as she moved towards the main door to close it. The towel was covering her ass.

As she walked, I could not take off my eyes from lovely long legs. I enquired about Chetan and her daughter. She informed that both have gone to Surat to Chetan’s sister’s place. They will be back only by the next evening.

I sat on the dining chair. She came back to again sit on my lap, rolling her fingers in my hair. She looked into my eyes with so much excitement. She told me, “When you let your wife check with me on my plan, I understood that you were planning to come to Mumbai.”

I replied, “You are so intelligent, beauty with brains, hot and sexy too.”

She kept caressing my hair and said, “This is so special Vinay, I cannot tell you how happy I am.”

She crushed her body on me as she bent to pick her phone kept on the dining table. She called Shantabai and informed her to come a little late, by 12.30.
She was sitting on my lap wearing just her towel. She was moving her fingers sensually in my hair.

I looked into her eyes as we kissed each other. I could feel her wet body, the lovely smell of body wash, her hair made up in a bun. She looked desirable and tempting. Her towel had loosened little now. I could see ample flesh of her boobs as she was sitting on my lap.

I was wearing a Kurta pajama. She got up from my lap to adjust her towel, giving me a flash of her hot body. She wrapped her fucking hot body in the towel. I lifted my hand hesitatingly and then brushed back a strand of hair that had fallen across her face.

My callused fingers were gently moving against her cheekbone. I caressed the shell of her ear as she looked into my eyes. She got up from my lap, held my hand. I stood beside her as she unbuttoned my kurta. She removed my kurta.
She pulled the knot of my pajama and pushed it down.

She sat down to pull down my pajama. I was a little embarrassed as she gently pulled down my undies. My manhood stood in the open in a semi-erect position. She rolled her fingers on my semi-erect dick as she stood up in front of me. I pulled off her towel before she had time to resist.

I loomed over her fresh, newly washed nudity. The skin color, lines of fuzz, and hidden moles had all been imagined in the shadows of the other rooms. Her magical little swipes were good enough to wake up my sleeping monster. It slowly stood up firm and erect raring to go and perform.

Maya’s eyes almost popped out, looking at my dick. She was staring at it shamelessly. She kissed me again on my lips, this time more passionately, more deeply. I moved my fingers to her towel and removed it from her body slowly. I could feel her hot body grip my body as we indulged in a hot kissing session.

Her boobs crushed my body, my dick making its presence felt by poking on her thighs. We hugged each other tightly. We could not control our passions anymore. I pushed back Maya. We both stood nude, looking at each other. She looked irresistibly hot and sexy.

My dick rose majestically. It stood firm like a missile to be launched. I was staring at her boobs, I could not wait to savor them, but I was unsure what plans she had for me. I did not want to rush for anything. I looked at her from top to bottom. She had a lovely belly and navel, equally inviting, clean shaved pussy.

Her boobs looked tender, soft, and juicy. It is like an itch. You can feel it in every pore and part of your body. You want to scream for that itch. But nothing satisfies that itch better than inserting a hot dick in a burning pussy.

Maya smiled. She pulled my head down to lock me in a kiss, licking, sucking my lips slowly and gently. I held her waist and pulled her towards me to give her a feel of my raging dick on her velvety soft pussy. I moved my hands on her juggling boobs which had turned firm now.

I felt them, held them in my hands to give them a soft squeeze as she kept kissing me. She slipped her tongue in my mouth, licking and mixing each other’s saliva. Slowly the soft and gentle kisses turned a little aggressive.

She moved to my neck, then to my nipples. She started to lick them aggressively, awakening my deepest sexual desires. Maya stepped back as I looked into her horny lusty eyes. I moved towards her took her one boob in my mouth to suck it gently.

She caressed my hair gently and pushed me towards her other boob. I sucked that boob hard. Maya moaned, “Ouch, Vinay, be slow, soft.” I teased her brown erect nipples by rolling my tongue in circles and sucking them on edge. Maya’s soft moan echoed in the room.

Her moaning gradually increased as I played and aroused her thirsty, hungry body. She moved her head back, enjoying every moment of our lovemaking. I moved up, kissing her neck, shoulders, moving back to lick her ears. My sensual licking on her ears triggered goosebumps all over her body.

I moved between her boobs as I held both her boobs in my hands, squeezing them softly. I played with them, squeezing and slapping them from one side to the other. I held both her boobs in my hands. I looked at her and sucked her nipples one after the other.

I kept rolling my tongue on her boobs and her nipples. In small soft sucks, I kept sucking her nipples. Maya could not resist her moans as I took her nipples in my fingers and squeezed them hard. I was gently biting and chewing them like we chew cherry on the cake.

Maya moaned, “Vinay, oh god, yes Vinay, don’t stop, oh this is so good, baby.”

I pushed her to the wall as she was going mad in her intense sexual awakening. I rubbed my dick on her pussy as she looked at me with pleading eyes. She looked into my eyes and said, “Vinay, fuck me, please.”

I pulled out the chair and placed her leg on the chair. I held her by her ass and pulled her closer to me as my burning dick stood at the entrance of her pussy.

To be continued.

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