Me And My Hot Sister Vaishali

Vaishali must be mad at me for not visiting her after her wedding. She lives a happy life with her husband and she is a mother to a 2 years old son.

Hi all, I am Rudhr. I turned 25 this year and I am working for a corporate company. I live in Bangalore.

I was so excited to be back in India after my graduation because I had missed on a lot of things here back at home. My parents were at the airport to pick me up but I was really expecting my sister to there along with her husband and kid.

We reached home, I had a quick shower and slept for a while. Amma, Appa and I had dinner together and we spoke for sometime before going to bed.

I went to my room, took my phone and laid on my bed. My sister had texted me on Whatsapp. Her message read, “Hey bro, hope you had a safe journey. Sorry, I couldn’t be there at the airport, I had a meeting in the office that I couldn’t miss.”

I replied to her saying, “Okay, fair enough, but I am still mad at you.”

So my sister said she will make it up to me and invited me to her place to spend the week. I was so excited to meet her after a very long time. I packed some clothes and left to my sister’s place 25 km away.

I reached her house and surprise, there stood Vaishali, my elder sister with her son to welcome me. She gave me hug, we got emotional and had tears rolling.

We went inside and I sat on the couch. I started playing with my nephew Athreya. Vaishali sister gave me a glass of cold water to drink and sat next to me enquiring about my health and topics in general. I asked where Akash (brother-in-law) was. She said he had to leave on a business trip to Mumbai and will only be back after a week.

Vaishali is a beautiful woman and I have always admired her for her cute face and sexy body. But things really changed when I started reading ///” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>incest stories on ISS. She’s 34-30-36 and wears both traditional and modern clothes.

I have seen her with her bra and panties a lot of times before she got married but that never turned me on. I have jerked off to those images that I have had in my mind for years later when I was introduced to incest.

Now back to the story, I sat there visualizing an entire episode of events that might happen over the week if I was courageous enough to seduce my sister. I told her I was tired and sleepy. So, she asked me to follow her and gave me a room to use it for the entire week.

I changed, wore just my boxers. I had decided not to jerk off because I had plans to seduce my own sister and fuck the shit out of her. Nothing really worked for a couple of days but then one evening, she said she is gonna take shower and asked me to look after the kid.

20 minutes into the bathroom and I hear my sister calling my name. I went near the bathroom and asked her what was wrong. She opened the door by an inch and said the shower stopped working with soap all over her body and asked me to fill a bucket of water from the other room and give it to her.

My heartbeat raised and started shivering while I filled the bucket of water. I went near the bathroom and knocked on the door, “Vaishali….Vaishali”. She opened the door and asked me to keep the bucket of water inside. She covered herself behind the door just revealing her sideboob and thick thigh.

Well, you all know what happened next. I went into the other bathroom and jerked off to my sister. I had never cummed so hard before.

I cleaned up and sat next to my nephew as if nothing happened while my sister dressed up and went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

We ate dinner and went to bed. But I couldn’t sleep, I was super horny and really wanted to fuck my sister Vaishali right away. I knew how to move a step ahead.

Next morning, I went into the same bathroom that Vaishali used and deliberately left my towel behind. I started showering and the shower stopped as expected. I called Vaishali to get a bucket of water. She was sorry about the situation and asked me to use the other bathroom from next time.

She then carried the bucket of water and asked me to open. I said I would carry inside but she obliged and carried it inside. I was rock hard by then, I couldn’t cover my dick and Vaishali had a glance.

I asked for another favour and told her to get my towel. She knocked on the door again and this time, she couldn’t take her eyes off my dick. I had called her name twice to make her come back to her senses. She gave a smile and left.

Later when I met her in the kitchen, she was wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants. We both were chatting and I couldn’t control any longer, I said, “You look hot.”

Sister – Oh really? Why are you telling this to me now?
Me – I don’t know, I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time now.

Sister – Did you say it not because I’m wearing yoga pants?
Me – What do you mean?

Sister – You know what I’m talking about.
Me – Are we talking about your booty?
Sister – Yes dumbo, haven’t you seen one before?

I got chills, my heartbeat started raising and I started sweating. I knew my sister had put my nephew to sleep.

I slowly walked near her, she was washing vessels. I took some courage and grabbed her right ass cheek. She was shocked, she slapped me and pushed me away.

I was hard and had a tent in my shorts. She couldn’t take her eyes off it because she’s already seen how big I am. So l dropped my shorts down, walked near her, took her hand and put it on my dick. She started resisting but then I grabbed her and started kissing her.

To be continued.

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