Me And My Mallu Hotwife Ajitha – Part 3 (The teasing game of love)

This is the 3rd story in this series. If you haven’t read the previous parts, please read them to know the context of this game of love.

After watching those naughty pics of my wifey, I shagged off for relief. I freshened up and got back to bed from the bathroom but couldn’t get sleep immediately. The thought of what my princess would be doing with her lover kept coming back to my head.

I turned on the laptop again and watched some random movie on Netflix to distract my mind. I don’t know when exactly, but I slept off pretty late in the night. I woke up the Saturday morning around 9 am. The first thing I did was check my mobile for any messages from my girl. And there it was.

Some pics were received from her around 3.30 am. The first one was her standing on the hotel room balcony, nude, of course. Her hair was all hanging loose. She didn’t bother to cover herself and gave a horny naughty smile at the camera. I know that smile. She’s so excited and horny then.

The next picture showed her on her knees, on the balcony itself. She was looking up at the camera. The next one showed her lover’s hand at the back of her head, pressing her head towards his crotch. It could be understood that her mouth was open. Her eyes were closed.

In the next one, she was looking at the camera. Her face was smeared with fluids. Some of it flowed down her chin. It must have been a mix of her saliva with his pre-cum.

I was hard in no time seeing my girl in her full glory. But maybe I felt a pinch of jealousy or pain also. I don’t know for sure. Maybe it was the thought that her lover holds that command over her and that he succeeded in making her his slut!

After those pics, there was a video from her. It was sent by 4.34 am. I opened it. It was her. She looked really shabby and somewhat tired. She was nude. I felt like holding her in my arms. My lips whispered, “I love you.”

In the video, she said, “I love you, dear. I want to hug you now. As you can imagine, I was a very bad girl, as you would like to see me. I was horny all till now. He used me, used me and used me. And I wanted him to. You know that.”

“He’s also tired now (I could see my princess giggling saying that). You can say I wore him out. (her naughty laugh). Tomorrow, he may take me out somewhere, not decided. Not sure when I’ll wake up. Before I sleep, let me show you something.”

She moved the cam towards her breasts. There were some marks, maybe some bite or scratch marks. The camera moved further down to her belly. She then laid back in bed. The camera again returned to her naughty face, which I know very well.

She asked, “Do you want to see how dirty I have been?”

I felt, if she prolonged it any further, I might faint. She then moved the cam down to her pubic area and spread her legs. I could see his cum oozing out of her pussy slowly. She must have squeezed the inner muscles of her pussy walls. More cum came out in two gushes.

I saw that flowing down through her thighs to the bedsheet. She wiped it with her panty and her fingers. She brought back the cam to her face. Again looked at the cam and sucked her fingers clean.

She said, “I did it. I let him cum inside me. I don’t know what to feel about it now, but I was so horny then I couldn’t help.”

She paused. She was telling the truth. I knew. She just wanted to tell me how she felt then. I am her best friend. I could see her lover coming into the frame in the background. He was wearing a bath towel. He joined her on the bed. He extended his arm beneath her.

She lifted her head a little so that he could put his arm around her. he pulled her close to him. Before stopping, she looked at the cam again and whispered to me with her lips. “I love you.” The video stopped. I knew she meant it when she said that. The way she was looking at me.

I knew she was mine, now and ever. I wanted to hug her right then. I was so thankful that I had her in my life. But now, I must somehow kill two more days & nights before I could see her again. I already miss her. Instead of feeling horny, the emotion of love for her filled me up after watching that.

I smiled at that thought. It’s a beautiful feeling to be in love and be loved so truthfully. Let me enjoy that feeling for a moment. Later, I’ll get back to those pics and videos to check it out again, celebrate lust, and blast myself.

She got out of the bed and freshened up. She had idli and chutney for breakfast, which she had prepared in the fridge. I’ve got some chores to finish for the day. I went out by noon, gave the car for service, watched a movie, spent some time at the mall and took back the car in the evening.

I had dinner outside itself and only came back by around 9 pm. I dialed my parents from my phone, talked to our son for a while and then hung up. They told me she had also called around noon and talked to our son. I wonder how she keeps all these in sync!

Then I took the phone again and texted her, “I love you,” before hitting the shower. Around 10 pm, when I was in bed, I got her call, as expected.

Ajitha: How was your day?

Me: It was fine, dear, and how’s it going, tigress? It seems like you tortured him last night.

Ajitha: Ha ha, is someone jealous? (giggling.)

Me: You tease! Did you get to wear any dress so far? or were you in your full glory for him all the while?

Ajitha: Pretty close to what your dirty mind has been thinking. But with a slight twist.

Me: Twist? What’s it?

Ajitha: I was nude only as long as I was in the room. But he took me out for some shopping and stuff in the afternoon, sort of a romantic outing. (giggling)

Me: Oh, ok. But that wasn’t planned, right?

Ajitha: It wasn’t, but he had just mentioned it yesterday casually.

Me: Where did you go with him? I hope you didn’t come across someone we know!

Ajitha: He took me to Lulu Mall. Well, I didn’t come across anyone ‘we’ know to be precise.

Me: Means?

Ajitha: Actually, I came across an old schoolmate of mine. But nothing to worry about. I told her that it was my friend.

Me: Ok. but that was risky, hanging around in this city.

Ajitha: Hmm, I know. But he insisted, and…

Me: …and you were horny.

Ajitha: Yes, I was. You know.

Me: Where’s he now?

Ajitha: Where’s who? (giggles)

Me: You tease. Where’s your lover?

Ajitha: He’s gone to the restaurant for dinner. I said I’ll have some juice and thought to call you.

Me: Miss me?

Ajitha: Any doubt?

Me: I love you, dear.

Ajitha: I love you, too.

Me: Hey, what was the shopping about?

Ajitha: Maybe some lingerie, ha ha. Try to guess. You’ll get to know for sure when I’m back (giggles)

Me: Still nude there?

Ajitha: Want to make a video call? Let me show you.

Me: Sure.

She disconnected, and we connected on a WhatsApp video call. She was in sexy see-through lingerie, a black one. It was a lacy transparent see-through short nighty. I could see a black lacy bra and panty she was wearing beneath it.

The nighty just covered up to the bottom of her panty. Almost all of her thighs were visible otherwise. She looked so seductively gorgeous in it.

Me: You’re killing me now. You look so gorgeous.

Ajitha: I want to see you stroking for me.

She was caressing her breasts and pussy with her hands when she said that. Obviously, she was as horny as me then.
Ajitha: Come on, dear. Show me how horny you are for me. I want to see you stroking yourself for me. Now, please.

Me: Ok. Here you go.

I got onto the bed and kept the cam where she could see me. I watched as she also did the same there. She made herself comfortable with her back resting on the wall with a pillow. I, too, did the same.

Then while she was watching, I removed my shorts, t-shirt and brief. I became full nude for her. I spread my legs to my comfort, stroking myself and looking at her.

Ajitha: Do you like this?

Me: Yes.

Ajitha: You like watching me now, or like my lover enjoying me. I being a bad girl for him? (she said that in the most seductive tone.)

Me: Hmm. I like both. I love you exploring your sexuality to the fullest. You know that.

Ajitha: (caressing and feeling herself up.) Don’t be shy, dear. Say it. You like me being a slut, don’t you?

Me: (stroking) Yes. I love you being a slut.

Ajitha: Hmm. For whom? I want to hear you say it.

Me: I love you being a slut for your lover, Abhishek. I love you enjoying it shamelessly. (stroking.) Yeah. I do.

Ajitha: Hmm. fuck. I love you, say it. Did you like that he filled me up with his cum?

Me: Yea. I saw that. Yes, yes, I liked it.

Ajitha: I love you, my horny hubby.

She was fingering herself.  She had moved her panty to a side and had her legs spread.

Ajitha: I love being your dirty girl. I want to do it again. I want his cum inside me again. I want him to fuck me.
Me: You’re such a horny slut. I love you, my shameless dirty horny slut. I love you all the way and more. (still stroking. my fingers had got wet with pre cum)

Ajitha: tell me what I wish to hear. I want to hear you say it.

Me: This is so horny, dear. I love you being a slut for your lover. I love you getting fucked by him. Hmm. I love your lover filling up your pussy with his cum. I love it flowing down your thighs. Fuck. I love you want to do it. I love you enjoying it to the fullest, without any shame. Oh, and I love to support you as your shameless horny hubby. Ooh. I’m cumming.

I couldn’t control it anymore. I cum hard. Cum splashed on my belly and chest, and some of it fell on the bed.

Me: That was so crazy, horny, that was so shameless. I love you. (I was panting. and was feeling a little embarrassed too)

Ajitha: I love to see you horny. I love you. I miss you so much now. (she was still horny.)

Me: Now you’re still horny, right.

Ajitha: Yes. I am.

Me: I love you that way. Wait for your lover and give him another sleepless night.

Ajitha: No doubt. (smiling seductively.) I’ll do that. Guess you need to go and clean up.

Me: Ya, I better do and need to change the sheets too (smiling sheepishly.)

Ajitha: Haha. Go, get refreshed then. He might be back anytime soon. I don’t want to waste any minute once he’s back.

Me: Sure. Enjoy. I love you, tigress.

Ajitha: I love you, dear. I’m yours always. Forever. I’ll be back in your arms on Monday. Now get some sleep.

Me: Good night, dear.

Ajitha: Good night.

To be continued.

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