Met a Stranger in the Park and ended in Bed

Hello, All. I am posting this story on behalf of one of the readers. Hope you enjoy the story

I am Mayuri, married with a kid. I wanted to share my sexual incident that happened a few months ago.

I grew up traditionally and hardly had a conversation with boys during my education. After my education, I married Sudhakar. Sudhakar works in Chennai and I moved to Chennai along with him. His father passed away when he was 7 years old.

His mother got his father’s job, and she raised him with the help of her brothers. Sudha is emotionally connected with his mother and listens to his mother. She is a good mother-in-law, but my hubby always listens to her.

She is traditional and troubles me sometimes like waking up early in the morning, rituals, cooking, and following traditions. I never complain to my hubby because he is a puppet.

After 2.5 years of marriage, I gave birth to a baby boy, and we settled for one kid. Sudhakar is not financially strong, and his salary is below par. My Mother-in-law gets a good pension, and she spends all her pension money on us. She influenced Sudhakar a lot in his childhood and he grew up as a very honest kid.

But I am facing an issue with him as he doesn’t understand my sexual feelings. During the COVID-19 time, my hubby changed the company due to work pressure. I was happy about his new job because he got 50% of the hike. But the company is very far from his current location.

Later, work-from-home restrictions were lifted and we were forced to shift our home because of his office. We rented our house and moved to a new house. It’s just 5 km away from hubby’s office.  The ground floor is the commercial shop, and the first floor is the house.

It’s close to 2000 Square feet flat with spacious bedrooms, living rooms, a balcony, and a terrace to dry clothes. We feel like an independent house.

One day, in the evening, around 7 pm, I was searching for my phone, and my hubby called my number. After a couple of attempts, one stranger answered my call and I realized I left it in the Park. I quickly collected the phone from a stranger and came back home.

All the kids in that street play in the Park. The Park is big with slides, gymnastics equipment, a playground to play football or volleyball, and a jogging track. My kid plays football with his age group and does some slides. I escort him in the evening from 4:30 to 6:00.

I never saw him in the Park with whom I collected the mobile. But from the next day onwards, I used to see him in the Park along with his kid. The stranger looks at my boobs, waist, and my legs. He made an effort to connect with me. But I never talked with him as his eyesight was on my body.

His lustful eyes make me angry all the time, but I control my anger in the Park. My son plays with his daughter. His daughter is 5 years old. My son and his daughter became friends. They play together for 10-15 minutes every day.

Later in the month, one day, we were in the Park. My husband came along with my mother-in-law and my son. As usual, my kid played football, and later, he was playing with a stranger’s daughter. We were about to leave the Park, but my kid invited the stranger and his kid to my place on his birthday.

I got angry, and my hubby asked him for his presence along with his kid. He shared my mobile number with him. I was surprised. There was no plan to celebrate my son’s birthday till that point. Mostly, it’s unnecessary to invite him to a birthday party.

He messaged me for the address on that day, but I did not respond to him. We did not plan big for his birthday. Just cake cutting and snacks. That evening, I purposefully put my mobile in silence and was arranging his birthday cake. I wore an old dress as my son’s friends were invited.

But all of a sudden, my hubby was talking on my phone and navigating the address. I understand that a stranger is coming and I was forced to change my dress. The stranger reached home in no time, and I was forced to pick a saree quickly.

I noticed the matching blouse was tight. But my son and mother-in-law were knocking on the door frequently. I wore a tight blouse and saree. I did not feel comfortable with the blouse. I distribute the cake and snacks quickly and send his friends out.

My hubby and stranger are chit-chatting, and I noticed the stranger has a boner. His eyes were on my boobs and waist. My breath was high due to the anger. My hubby and Mother-in-law did not notice his boner.

They were talking to him and requesting him for dinner. But I informed my hubby privately to send him as I was not well and couldn’t handle the dinner.

After a few weeks, my son and I were about to leave the Park. But my kid informed the stranger that my husband and mother-in-law were both out of town. He requested the stranger’s kid for a night out. After hearing these words, the stranger’s eyes lit up, and his face became very happy.

I see his lustful smile, but immediately, he controls his speech due to an aggressive sight from me. He understood my anger and moved away. I held my kid’s neck and slapped him on his head angrily.

The next day, as usual, I woke up, completed my household work, and sent my kid to school. After that, I took my scooter outside work. All of a sudden, my scooter stopped, and it did not start. I was looking around, and to my bad luck, I spotted that idiot stranger.

He might have dropped his kid at a playgroup. He checked the scooter, and there was no petrol inside it. I was cursing my hubby for his crime. He offered the lift, but I refused and started to push my scooter toward my home. It’s about 1.5 km away from home.

He took charge, pushed the scooter, and parked at my place. Later he bought petrol for my scooter. I did not say thanks to him, and rudely, I walked away from him. In the evening, he attempted to talk with me, but I did not respond to him.

But with the help of my son, he understands that I will be alone with my son for the next day. That night, he messaged me, “I know you don’t like me, but I helped you on a hot sunny day. As a reward, offer one cup of coffee tomorrow. No need to talk with me and I will not talk with you.”

I didn’t want to respond to him. But as a courtesy, I replied, “OK for coffee! But no talking. Don’t dare to open your mouth.” He said, “Sure. I will be at your place by 9:30 am.”

The next day, as usual, I completed my work and sent my son to school. I wore a Saree and completely forgot about the stranger’s invitation because my mind was to send my kid to school. It was a hurried and busy morning till my son departed from home.

After that, I relaxed and had my breakfast. All of a sudden, my calling bell rang, and I opened the door. He came before the appointment time, but he looked handsome. I invited him, and he sat on the sofa.

He looks good in an orange polo tee. His hairstyle is good, he looks very neat and his perfume fragrance is good. He wears a good quality of track pants and shaved his chin neatly. He looks differently today.

He used to have a beard, a dirty hairstyle, and old clothes. But today, he stares at me, and I feel young and shy. His clean-shaven face is good, as I like shaved people rather than a beard. I understand something is cooking inside my mind. But I was in the mood to send him as soon as possible.

I was nervous in the kitchen. I forgot how to prepare coffee. I took a deep breath and settled myself. I decided to send him quickly and moved out of the kitchen. I reached the fridge, took the milk vessel from it, and on the way to the kitchen. All of a sudden, he hugged me from the back.

His palm was around my bare waist. I moaned, and his warm palm brought moisture between my legs. His warm breath is touching down on my shoulder, and that activates my sexual desires. I was shivering. I didn’t know what to do at that time.

I was holding a steel milk container, and the milk was spilling out due to my shaking hands. He took the milk container and kept it on the dining table. He hugged me from the front. He hugged me tightly. My boobs were crushing his chest, and I was feeling his boner.

He kissed my forehead without any time and removed his tee. I was inhaling and exhaling with a shy smile on my face. My head was down, and my sight was on his bare chest. His clean-shaven chest attracts me, and I am not able to control my shy smile.

Slowly, he removed my pallu from my shoulder and hugged me tightly. This time, I was tempted to hug him back, but I controlled my emotions. I understand I am doing the wrong things, but not able to escape from his actions.

My heart wants a hug and a physical relationship. I was away from sex for close to 5 years. I never experienced a tight hug like today. I know it’s the wrong thing, but all sudden, he kissed my lip. It raised the temperature between my legs.

I was in a dilemma: should I submit myself to him? Or should I whack his ass and send him out from home? I was thinking deeply. Meanwhile, he pushed his tongue inside my mouth and twisted my tongue with his tongue. He was kissing me passionately, and my fingers moved inside his hair in no time.

He moved his hands on my waist, and our saliva was exchanged. His feet moved on my feet, I was feeling his dick, and he was crushing my boobs too. It’s all happening at a time, and he did not break the kiss.

I never had an English kiss in the past. My tongue was not jagged during my kiss. His kissing style is so good, and I liked exchanging spittle. Finally, he broke the kiss. I became conscious. I covered my hands over my cleavage and asked him to leave with a low tone.

I started to take my strides back by keeping my hands on my upper chest. He had a lusty smile, and all of a sudden, he held my pallu. I did not put the safety pin on my waist, and he pulled my pallu hard and removed my saree. I was rotated round and round with shyness on my face.

My heartbeat was high, and I was getting sweat on my forehead. He became nude in no time and saw his dick. He started to come toward me. I turned back and ran inside the kitchen. I reached the granite platform and faced towards the wall.

He hugged me from my back tightly. He removed my hands from my upper chest. He put his hands on my boobs over my blouse. I was saying, “No, no, please don’t do it.” (Vellia po, vellia po). I put my hands over his hands and was trying to remove his hands from my boobs.

His dick was touching my ass, and he started to kiss my neck. “Ahh! Aww, no, please don’t do this.” He was pressing my boobs slowly and biting my earlobes. Aw! It was a great sensation, and I had an orgasm. He removed the two hooks of my blouse, and I managed to pull his hands over my boobs.

Quickly he pulled my hands to the back and kept his dick in my palm. I hold his dick. My inner voice was ahh! Wow! My heartbeat was high, and I started to moan slowly. His dick is thicker and longer than my hubby. It’s wet and hard. I had another orgasm.

He removed my blouse hook and skidded his hand inside my bra. He pinched my nipples softly, and my moans became louder. I started to give a handjob. His fingers were busy inside my bra, kissing my neck and licking my ear lobes. His fingers were giving much-needed warmth to my boobs.

His dick is spreading to grow up. I was moaning and massaging his dick. Soon, he cum on my palm and turned me towards him. His eyes were lusty, and he removed my bra hooks. I can understand he can’t wait for long, and I was breathing heavily.

I was not able to say anything. My words stopped at my throat. I was moaning with different sounds. I don’t want to be unethical and cheat on my spouse. But he removed my bra straps. I was in his control, and he was trying to remove the bra from my boobs.

I held my bra tightly and did not allow him to see my nude boobs. Again, I turned around and faced the wall, and he started to pull up my lower dress. I was holding my bra with one hand. With the other hand, I was trying to move his hand out from my lower gown.

But he raised my lower gown to my waist and slid his hands inside my panty. Oh! Fuck! Fuck! He was pressing my round ass cheeks, and I was wet. His warm hands on my ass cheeks make me wet. He kneeled and started to pull my panties down. He was kissing my ass, cheeks, tights, calf and feet.

I was feeling happy and horny. He removed my wet panties and started to kiss from feet to calf and then tights and licking my ass cheeks like ice cream. I did not spread my legs wider and breathed heavily. He was trying to spread my legs wider but I did not resist much and spread my legs a little wider.

He smells my pussy and touches it with his tongue. It was a magical moment, and he was a magician. I spread my legs wider, and he started to lick my pussy. He was between my legs. My fingers were moved to his head without any time. I was making moans, and he was licking my pussy.

It’s a first experience for me and I never explain it in words. I was forcing him to lick my pussy and asking him to suck. He was not disappointing me and sucking it perfectly. I was moaning louder, “Ah, suck, lick it, baby, lick deeper.” I was pushing his head inside my pussy.

Later, he stopped and hugged me tightly. He removed my waist rope, and I was nude. He saw my brown nipples and 34-size brown boobs. He asked me, “Do you want me to lick your pussy?” I said yes, and he asked me to move the bedroom.

I held his dick and moved to my MIL’s bedroom. He hugged me and asked me to kneel. Without wasting any time, he pushed his dick inside my mouth. It was a nervous moment for me as I never took a dick inside my mouth. I closed my eyes and started to rub his dick with my tongue.

Slowly, I started to suck his dick hard. His fingers moved inside my hair and started to push my head hard. He was pushing it hard and cum inside my mouth. My mouth and lips were filled with his cum, and I looked dirty. Then he pushed me onto the bed, and he took my pussy inside his mouth.

Fuck! I was in heaven with his hard suck and lick. I can’t control my pussy from getting wet.

He was licking, and I was pressing my brown nipples hard. My legs were spread widely, and a lot of juice came out of my pussy. He licked for some time, and he put his index finger in my hole. I screamed louder and asked him for a fuck. I was moaning like, “Fuck me, baby, fuck me.”

Then he changed his position and put his dick inside my mouth. He started to lick my pussy. He pushed the middle and index fingers into my pussy. Fuck! My hands moved to his waist. His middle finger went deep inside my pussy, and I cum heavily.

With the other hand, he pushed his middle finger inside my asshole. It’s a dirty thing, but I loved it. I was moaning hard, keeping his dick inside my mouth. He released his cum. He played with my pussy and ass with the help of his finger for some time.

After that, he tore the condom and put the pillow under my bum. I closed my eyes shyly, and he pushed the dick. He pushed the dick at jet speed, and his dick reached its deepest point in a flash. My moans were louder, and he raised my legs in the air.

He held my palms tightly and was moving his dick in and out at a good pace. My moans became desi and dirty. I was moaning loudly like, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck this bitch. Fuck my pussy.” His thighs were hitting my pussy hard and made my body vibrate.

Later, he released his hand and held my tights tightly, and started to fuck. I can hear the loud noise ‘thap thap’ when his thighs touch my pussy. I was tired of moans, and my body was full of sweat. He was too tired after fucking for close to 7 minutes and fell on me.

Then he cuddles me. We were facing each other, and there was a shy smile on my face. He kissed my forehead, and I put his hand on my boob. He pressed my nipple gently, and I was turned on. I kissed him on his lips for some time and realized his dick become thick.

I don’t want the second round but he moved me in the doggy position even though I was saying no to him. He pushed his dick in my pussy from the back with no time. I was moaning with my sick throat, and he was brutal in doggy style.

He was pulling my hair hard and slapping my ass cheeks too. I was moaning loudly, and he moved his hands on my boobs. He pressed my boobs hard, and I was moaning helplessly in bed. I was full of sweat, and I sensed the smell of urine from the bed sheet.

Finally, he stopped and took a deep breath. He kissed my forehead, and I requested him to leave my place. He left home.

I had a shower. I slept nude after the shower and woke up sometime later. I did not wear any clothes and was roaming nude inside the house. I had my food early and checked my phone.

I did not get any message from my hubby. I messaged a stranger to visit my place for one hour. He had messaged me how I was feeling. Ideally, I should not have messaged him but it’s happened like a flash. He reached my place in 20 minutes and was surprised to see me nude.

We hugged tightly. I removed his dress and took him to MIL’s bedroom again. He was rubbing my pussy, and I was licking his nipple. Soon, he pushed me onto the bed and moved into 69 position. I quickly took his dick inside my mouth and sucked it hard. He licked my pussy hard.

Then he pushed me towards the wall and raised my one leg in the air, and pushed the dick inside my pussy. Ah! Wow! Then he started to fuck me for close to 5 minutes and pushed me onto the bed.

I moved to the doggy position and hinted him to fuck from the back. But he spread my asscheeks wider and licked my butt hole. It was dirty, but I asked him to lick it again. This time his face was in between my ass cheeks, and sucked my asshole.

I was moaning louder and enjoying the moment. I never had a good sexual experience in my life, and a stranger is making me happy. Then he picked the hair oil and poured the oil on his dick and on my ass hole. He held my hair hard and pushed his dick inside my ass.

It was a hell of a pain, but he broke my ass virginity and cum inside my ass. Later, he left home, and I cleaned the room before my son came from school.

The next day, we had sex again. I cleaned up my MIL’s room, and my MIL was impressed by it. After 3 months, again, I got the opportunity, and we had sex for the whole night.

After that, we never had an opportunity, and unfortunately, my hubby got another job, and we left that place. It was a memorable event, and I experienced hard sex from him. He did not disturb me, and he never forced me for sex.

I didn’t feel bad after that event. It was written in my destiny, and conditions were favourable at that time. I take it as a memorable event and never forget the Santosh Nagar, Mugalivakkam Park in Chennai.

Note: This story belongs to Mayuri. Her contact email has not been provided due to privacy issues. Readers can share the story feedback at , as I was the one to draft the story.


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