Middle-class housewife banged for money

Hello, I am Mandar. Back again with a partial real-life adventure with a menial housewife.

A little about me: I am a well-settled photographer in Bangalore. I am average-looking and around 5.10 in height. By profession, I meet a lot of local girls who aspire to a modelling career.

However, the story is from 2016, when I was a simpleton final-year student in an art school back in Mumbai. My father was a teacher in a college, and my mother used to teach in kindergarten. Growing up, I was a very street-smart and studious kid.

We used to live in a very old government building. The one with cracks. It had 4 storeys. Around 8 families stayed there. Mostly Maharashtrian families. The majority of them were middle class in background.

About Mhatre Family:

Mhatre family 5 people living in a 1 BHK flat. Mhatre Uncle (53) had a medical shop. They had 2 kids, 1 my age and the other was younger.

Mhatre Uncle’s mother (72) used to stay with them. She was a religious old hag.

And finally, Malini Mhatre (41). The hardworking housewife of the Mhatre family. She embodied the spirit of a typical middle-class woman trying hard to make ends meet.

Malini aunty had a very ordinary figure. She had a chubby waist and thick thighs. She had the common mommy-boobs. Held together by her sweaty blouse.

Malini aunty always wore a very cheap saree. Hardly 400-500 rupees worth. Her thighs were always exposed when she used to do domestic chores like sweeping, washing, etc. She wore a black Mangalsutra hanging around her neck, along with a cute black bindi on her forehead.

Mhatre Uncle and Malini aunty were happily married. However, Uncle had a gambling addiction. I had seen him play cards on the roadside with the local goons.

Now, coming to the story. I had just started a new job at a studio. I used to get paid around 20-25k. One day, while coming back from work, I stopped at a local pawn shop to get some camera spare parts. The pawn shop was nestled under a dimly lit bar.

Nadeem, a long-time friend of my dad, owned it. He paid well for scrap. As I entered, Nadeem greeted me.

Nadeem: Hey Mandar, how’s it going?

Me: Nothing, mate, just wanted some spare part for…

Suddenly, the shop door creaked open. A woman walked in, her presence announced by the playful jingle of her bangles. It was Malini aunty. She wore an old yellow saree with a black blouse. A glimpse of her white bra strap peeked out from under her blouse.

Malini was breathing heavily. Causing her tits to rise and fall rhythmically. I could see her cleavage clearly. Her fat nipples were pointing out inside the blouse.

Malini: Nadeem, how much for these bangles?

She took out a small paper packet from her saree pallu and placed it on the counter. Nadeem opened it and took out 2 silver bangles. He started inspecting them. They looked expensive.

Nadeem: I can give you 25k for both

Malini: But I need atleast 50k.

Nadeem: No, madam, I can’t give you more.

Malini aunty frowned and let out a sigh.

Malini: Okay! I want cash.

Nadeem took the bangles and went inside the store. I tried to make a conversation.

Me: How are you, aunty? All good?

Malini: Yes, beta, all good. Just needed some money.

Me: Those bangles were very pretty.

Malini: Yes, we got them for Diwali last year.

She became a little sad.

Me: Why are you selling them?

Malini aunty told me that she needed some money urgently to pay off some people. And she was forced to sell the bangles.

Malini: Mandar, please don’t tell Uncle. He doesn’t know I am here.

Me: Okay, aunty. I won’t tell.

Nadeem came with a bundle of cash and gave it to Malini aunty. She started counting the notes. She then pulled out a 500 rupee and slipped into her blouse.

Malini: Thank you, Nadeem.

She left the shop in a jiffy. Being an over-analyser, I started to connect some dots. Maybe Malini was trying to pay off some debts. Maybe the Mhatre family was in some crisis.

So I just went after her. She was walking really fast. Her ass jiggled as she walked. And her saree was stuck in her butt crack. One could see two squishable cushions.

Me: Malini aunty, Malini aunty wait.

Malini aunty slowed down and looked behind in haste. She wasn’t in the chatty mood, I suppose.

Me (again): Aunty…wait.

Malini: Yes, Mandar.

Me: Is there a problem? Why do you need money so urgently?

Malini hesitated. But something told me that she wasn’t comfortable with the question. But I was persistent.

Me: Aunty, I can help, maybe. What’s the matter?

Malini: Beta, Uncle gambles a lot. His gambling habit brought some goons to our house yesterday. They stripped us of every last penny.

Me: Shit, why don’t you go to the police?

Malini: No, no beta. Police will throw my husband in jail for gambling

Me: How much do you owe those people?

Malini: 3 lac rupees.

Me: Oh god! How will you manage this?

Malini: We have agreed to give them some 20k every month. And they took our scooter. And if I tell my husband that I sold the bangles, he will get very upset.

Me: Don’t worry, aunty, it will get better.

I felt bad for Malini aunty. She was doing everything she could to help her family. But the debt was very popular in our world.

Malini: okay, Mandar, I have to go before Uncle comes home.

As she turned away, two goons rode up on a bike parked beside us. One, with a Bisleri bottle in hand, drenched her with a splash right there in the middle of the road.

Goon: Hey bitch, we want our money soon. Or we will fuck your husband.

The goons threw the bottle at her and drove away.

Malini Aunty’s blouse was drenched. Her hair was partially soaked and clung to her cleavage. She was ashamed and was breathing heavily. Her Mangalsutra was going up and down with her tits ad she breathed heavily.

Malini aunty started sobbing. She was embarrassed in public. Everyone around was looking down on her. She was in shock. I stepped up to help her.

But my eyes fell on her wet blouse. Her massive mommy boobs were partially wet. I could clearly see her coin-size nipples. Damn, they were huge, as if swollen.

As I ravished her body with my eyes, I saw her chubby belly. It had a mole. And stretch marks. The water was now dripping all the way to her thighs. Malini Aunty’s luscious, thick thighs were now clearly cupped by her saree. And I could see her panty lining.

I instantly had a hard-on. Being from a middle-class family, I always had the fetish of fucking an aunty by merely lifting her saree. I tried to get a glance at her ass. So I slowly stepped behind her, pretending to comfort an innocent woman.

Uff! Her gigantic Indian-milf ass was clearly sculpted through the wet fabric. A portion of her saree was stuck in her butt crack. I felt like just squeezing my palm inside that crack. I had never imagined Malini aunty as a sexual entity in my life.

But looking at her busty, voluptuous piece of flesh, I had all kinds of animalistic poundings running in my mind. I could jerk off on her right there. But I held my horses. And thought it through. I could easily take advantage of this. I went near her and helped her walk home.

I touched her wet shoulders to give her support and gently tried to caress her back. She was not talking. As we reached our building, I dropped her and came back home. I just slammed my bag on the couch, went to the washroom and jerked my cock real hard.

I couldn’t get Malini’s wet ass out of my mind. I imagined all the things I could stuff in her asshole. I could spank that ass 100 times. Or maybe more. With a wooden scale.

That night, I masturbated atleast 4-5 times thinking of Malini’s luscious thighs. I drained my dick of every last drop of cum. I passed out with my dick in my hand!

The next day, I had a simple plan to get Malini in my bed. She needed money. I had money. I could buy Malini’s consent and control every fat on her body. I was sure she would do anything to protect her family from public humiliation. So I started spying on her moves.

That day, Malini was drawing rangoli in front of her door. She was squatting in Indian style on the floor. Her saree was pulled above the knee. Uff! I could see Malini’s exposed thighs. Her skin got darker towards her panty region. Typical middle-class woman.

I picked up my bag for the office and walked down the stairs. I stopped near her door, where she was sitting. Her massive ass was still messing with my mind.

Me: Hey Malini, aunty, I want to talk a little.

Malini: Yes, beta, tell me.

She was focusing on the rangoli. I didn’t know how to ask subtly, so I chose the path of a psychopath and went straight to the topic.

Me: I can give you money every month. 20k at least

Malini: Shush. Talk slowly. Uncle is home

I took off my bag and sat behind her. She was sitting on her butt now. And I was exactly behind her. I could see the sweat on her shoulder and a white bra strap from behind.

I went near her ear and whispered.

Me: I can give you money. What will you give me?

Malini: What are you talking about? I don’t need your money.

Me: I know you need my money. That goon from yesterday has a mechanic shop right down the street. What if he bothers you again?

I laughed devilishly. Malini sensed the evil.

Malini: We will manage something. Please go away

Me: But I can give you money now. And you don’t have to be embarrassed again!

Malini: Listen, I said I don’t want your money.

I was persistent.

Me: Okay then! I will tell Uncle that you sold the bangles. In fact, I will tell everyone about the debts.

Malini was scared now. Her hand froze.

Malini: Please don’t tell this to anyone, beta. We are simple people.

Me: And I have a simple cock. And I want you to suck it now.

Malini was dumbstruck. She couldn’t process what I said. She didn’t utter a word. But started shivering a little. I inserted my hand inside her blouse from behind and pinched her on her soft skin. She let out a cute moan, “Aah, Bhagwan.” (Oh god)

Me (still whispering): So what say? You and me, in my house. No one is home. What about a quick sucking of my cock?

And I spanked Malini softly. I didn’t lift my hand from her bum. I started caressing it. My cock sprung in my pants.

Malini: Why are you doing this, Mandar?

Me: I don’t want the goons to trouble you. I don’t think they will use condoms, hahaha.

Malini: Shameless, I am older than you.

Me: So you know exactly what to do with a cock, hahaha.

With this, I grabbed her ass cheek over her saree and shook it. Malini got up.

Malini: Listen, Mandar, this is not right.

Me: Hmmm, okay!

I removed a bundle of 500 rupee notes and flashed in front of her. Malini’s eyes lit up with greed. She tried to reach out to it. I took my hand back. I slipped one note in her bra from behind.

Malini was confused about what to do. On the one hand, she needed the money. But she also loved her husband.

Me: I know you want the money! But you’ve got to make me happy, Malini

Malini: But what if someone finds out?

Me: Don’t worry. No one will

Malini: What will I have to do?

Me: That’s like a good girl!

I grabbed her waist from behind. And whispered to her

Me: Come near my home in 2 minutes.

Malini: Okay, I will come.

I walked the stairs and went home. I was still in my office clothes. A T-shirt and a pair of jeans. I heard Malini coming. Her bangles were jingling. I could see a clear view of her deep and plump cleavage. My whole cock would fit in there.

I kept the door open for her. Malini was barefoot. Only a little anklet on her legs. She was nervous as she stood near the door.

Me: Come inside.

Malini: Where is my money?

Me: Oh, I forgot. Here it is.

I pulled out a roll of 5000 rupees. And flashed it to her.

Me: Come here and take it.

I slipped the money in my underpants. Malini was stoked. She was breathing heavily. Malini tiptoed towards me and stood close to me.

Malini: Eek, I can’t touch it.

Me: Shut up and take it, you bitch.

Malini was scared. She slid her hand into my jeans. She went further inside my underwear. And that’s when I grabbed her hand from outside. I started rubbing her hand on my dick.

Simultaneously, I pulled her near me with my other hand. She pulled out the roll. I placed my hand on her head and gently pushed her down on her knees. She bent most sensually. My cock hardened at its fullest

Me: Malini, my bitch, suck me now.

Malini: Chee Mandar, I can’t do this.

Me: Oh, but you have to, slut! Come on now.

Malini unzipped my pant and pulled my dick out through the zipper. It slapped on her face. She didn’t move.

Me: Malini, I am going to play a game with you! I am setting up a timer. I want you to make me cum in exactly 2 minutes.

I took out my phone and opened the countdown timer on my Nokia phone.

Malini: What?

Me: Yes! Do whatever you want to! But as the alarm goes off, my juices should be on your tongue.

Malini: Cheee. Please. Can we do something else?

Me: No bitch. Come on, the timer starts NOW. If I don’t shed my cum, you get no money.

Malini panicked. She slipped my cock in her mouth. She was sloppy. She started jerking my cock brutally.

Me: Ah, Malini come on.

Malini: Gawp, gawp, gawp…

She was furiously sucking my cock. I could feel her throat. I could see her mangalsutra from above. It was jingling. Malini was not slowing down. She was gulping me. Her spit was all over my cock and my pants. Her head was furiously moving to and fro.

100 sec…….101…..102…..103….

Malini was gagging. She opened her teary eyes and looked above at me. I couldn’t believe it. She was smiling. My cock was still inside her. Malini pressed my balls with the other hand and gave a final suck. I quenched my fists, held the back of her head and pushed myself inside her mouth hard.

And bam! I came loads inside her. I did not let her go. Malini had stopped moving. Her eyes were still staring right into mine. With a moment of weakness, I let her go. She withdrew her head. A lot of cum and spit was oozing out of her mouth.

Me: Oh, Malini, you are so good.

Malini (coughing): It’s been years since I have been treated like this

Me: Oh, get used to it bitch. I want this every day.

Malini (smiled slyly): How about every night?

Me: Oh, you slut. I will fill you in every night.

Malini: Now, quick. Give me my money.

I took the roll of 5000 rupees and stuffed it in her cleavage. She looked like an authentic hooker. Malini seductively pushed it deeper inside.

Me: Now leave. I have to go to the office.

Malini went to the door and locked it from the inside. She turned and slowly dropped down her saree pallu. She placed one hand on her cunt.

Malini: Are you really done with me, Mandar? (She said with a deep voice)

Me: What do you mean, slut?

Malini: Mhatre Uncle hasn’t been inside me for a year now. Do you want to make my cunt loose again?

Me: Oh Malini, you whore, come here.

Malini: Ah ah, one minute. We have to make it real quick. Say, 2 minutes??

Me: I don’t think I can last any longer against your voluptuous flesh.

Malini: Aw, you are cute, Mandar.

Me: But I don’t have a condom.

Malini frowned. She took to thinking.

Malini: I have a solution for that, honey.

Me: What?

Malini: Why don’t you buy it from Mhatre Uncle’s shop hahaha.

Me: You kinky whore! I will be back in 5 minutes.

Malini came near me and grabbed my cock. She bit me voraciously on my neck.

Malini: I will wait for you.

I ran out of the door. Climbed all the fleets. I was panting by the time I reached the medical shop.

Mhatre Uncle: Beta, what happened?

Me: Nothing, Uncle. I have to buy something. But please don’t tell anyone.

Mhatre Uncle: What happened, kid?

Me (whispered): I want a condom. Give me your best one.

Mhatre Uncle: The kid has finally grown up, huh! Take this one. It comes in a Coffee flavour. It makes you last longer.

I was thinking, “What a loser. Your wife is opening her legs for me. I am going to cum litres in your wife in the coming months.”

Me: Thank you, Uncle. Bye.

Mhatre Uncle: Give her your best shot.

I ran as hard as I could. I was panting. I rushed up the stairs. Malini’s naked thighs were making me drool as I ran. I reached my home. As I opened the door, I couldn’t have expected what I saw.

Malini aunty was sitting on a chair. She had lifted her saree till her inner thighs and her panty were stuffed in her cleavage.

Malini: Come on, my king. I can’t wait anymore.

Me: Oh, you bitch. I promised your husband that I would give you a good time.

Malini: Remember Mandar. 2 minutes. Nut fast. I’ve got to make tiffins for the kids.

I lowered my pants just enough to get my cock out. I opened the condom packet. And pulled it over my cock. The condom smelled of coffee beans.

I held Malini’s thighs and spread them the widest I could. Her hole was facing my cock directly. I held her calves in the air.

I pushed my cock directly inside her luscious dark cunt. Phach!

Me: Aah, Malini, you are so wet.

Malini: Shut up and start moving.

She bit her lips and quenched her fists on my t-shirt. Her toes curled in the air. I started pumping her furiously. Her bangles were clanking loudly. The chair was croaking with every thrust.

Malini: Uff! Aah, Mandar.

Me: Oh shit, I can’t believe I am fucking you.

Malini was still fully dressed. Her blouse was sweaty, and her nipples were erect. She was biting her lips, and her eyes were closed. I lifted her mangalsutra with my tongue and held it with my teeth. I moved my one hand to her boob. I crushed it with all my might.

I was counting my thrusts. 25…26….27…. I wanted to cum hard. I still had 30 seconds to go. I started talking dirty to her.

Me: Hey Malini, will you blow Mhatre Uncle with my cum in your mouth?

Malini: Yes Mandar. In fact, I will let him lick my cunt with that mouth, too.

Me: You are a slut, Malini. I am going to fuck you in more ways than they show online.

Malini: You kids nowadays!

Me: You are killing me, Malini. You have a soggy wide pussy.

Malini: I know, beta. Your father also used to hit on me before, hahaha.

Me: You bitch, can’t keep your legs closed, can you?

Malini: Aah, you are so good.

Me: Say my name, you whore

Malini: Mandar, you are making me go mad. I think I am squirting,

Me: I am cumming too, Malini, you are so hot

I increased my speed to the fullest. My heartbeat was racing. Every time my crotch touched her pussy, I felt a step closer to cumming hard.

The buzzer went off. I gave a final hard push and hit her crotch hard. The chair moved a bit. And I drained all my load in her.

Me: Oh Malini.

Malini: Mandar, I can feel my squirt

We both stayed in the same position for a few seconds. I pulled out my cock in one thrust and gave her boobs a hard squeeze.

Malini: Ah, it hurts, Mandar.

Me: Get used to it, bitch.

We both got dressed again. I asked Malini to leave first. Our building had multiple spying aunties. I couldn’t take a risk.

Malini wore her white panty back and adjusted her saree. She left in a hurry. I spanked her cutely as she left.

Malini: I will wait for more money Mandar, hahaha.

Me: I own you now, Malini.

She left in a jiffy. I couldn’t believe that I pounded my neighbour’s aunty. And I got the condom from her husband. The thought itself made me hard again.

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