Milky Adventure (An alternate plot)

Its been 2 months since the devastating news of Riya being diagnosed with cancer. It had left everyone in her family in utter shock. Despite having a strong urge to be near his dear wife on such difficult days, Tarun couldn’t come due to the pandemic.

He would call her to check if they needed any money or anything. Her aunt asked Riya if she should come and take care of her. Riya politely declined but asked her a favor if she could look after the children. So Aman and Rahul were sent to her aunt’s place.

However, Shreyas and Rajesh insisted that they stay with her and care for her. These were really hard times for her. She couldn’t eat and sleep. She was deprived of her peace of mind. She was worried about what would happen if she were to die.

She used to look at her baby and think about who would take care of her baby, Shreyas and Rajesh. She always knew that Tarun was a loving father, but he was always busy with work. These constant worries had made her grow weak.

The boys matured fast. They tried to do every house chore to ensure she didn’t have to do anything and had enough rest. They both shared the work as much as possible and worked very hard for her. They were equally disturbed by the events that had developed.

Whenever Riya said she didn’t feel like eating, they would forcefully feed her or emotionally blackmail her. If she didn’t eat, they wouldn’t eat either. It horrified them to see their lovely mother getting weak, unsure whether it was because of cancer or her reluctance to eat and sleep.

What earlier used to be their favorite activity once – drinking her milk- now mortified them. They wondered whether it was because of them sucking her breasts all these years that made it into disease.

Whenever she would feed her baby boy Varun, he couldn’t finish off the milk. It would start to pain later. Shreyas and Rajesh then happily volunteered to suck empty her breasts. Within these 2 months, they had grown more caring for her.

They would lie on either side of her in bed and hold onto each breast, licking her nipples and gently sucking dry every drop of milk. What had changed now was that they did breastfeeding just for her relief. They insisted she not worry about their hard-ons anymore.

They slept on either side, hugging her, making sure she fell asleep. All her worries would disappear when they slept with her. Their sleeping faces gave her a rush of comfort. She liked that how far they were going to make her feel comfortable.

She loved that every time she slept sideways, the hard-on of her boys would poke her butt and crotch. Reminding her of when the four boys lost their control and fucked her every hole, how they had taken her against her will. But now, she remembers it as one of the wonderful moments.

Sometimes she wondered that is this cancer was a blessing? She got to see that side of her children she never saw before – their considerate nature. And every night with these thoughts, she would fall asleep peacefully.

The next day Riya went to the doctor’s office.

Doctor: Oh, dear! You look much better than the last time you came. The boys are doing a good job, eh?

Riya: Yes, doctor. (being proud of them, she plants a kiss on each of their cheeks) they have been very helpful and caring. They don’t let me do any chores in the house anymore.

The boys’ faces brightened up with the doctor’s remark about Riya mom’s health. The doctor kept telling Riya what to do and what not to do for the coming time. The boys listened to every word carefully.

Doctor: The results of the tests have come, and they show good progress, Riya. I am sure that if you continue like this, you can overcome this. Now let’s get on with the check-up, shall we? Boys, could you wait outside?

Shreyas and Rajesh looked at each other. They didn’t want to leave Riya mom alone, even for a second. So Shreyas requested the doctor,

Shreyas: Oh, please, can we stay? We don’t want to leave her. We want to know if everything is alright.

Rajesh: Yes, we won’t utter a single word, please.

Doctor: Boys, your mother will be taking off her top. I think you should give her some privacy.

Riya: I don’t mind it, doctor. They can stay if it’s all right with you.

Doctor: We don’t have a problem then.

Asked by the doctor, Riya removed her top, sitting half-naked on the hospital bed. The doctor indicated she raised her arms. From behind her, she slid her hands onto Riya’s breasts. She gently cupped them, squeezing them a little and pulled her nipples slowly.

Milk squirted out of her nipples. The boys watched it intently without even blinking as the doctor kept on milking Riya.

Doctor: you are still producing a lot of milk, but nothing to worry about.
She wrote down something on a piece of paper and asked Shreyas and Rajesh,

Doctor: Boys, can you go down to the counter and get these medicines while I talk to her?

Rajesh: Sure!

He took the slip, and they both went to the medical counter.

Doctor: So Riya, everything looks good so far. I am 99 percent sure you will recover from this.

Riya: That’s such a relief, doctor.

Doctor: Riya, I think we shouldn’t delay your surgery. The sooner it’s done, the better. Take the medicines I’ve prescribed. We should get on with your surgery within 8-10 weeks.

Riya: Is that necessary, doctor?

Doctor: Yes, Riya, we need to do it fast. We need to remove those tumorous mammary tissues to stop this milk production.

Riya: So, I won’t be producing milk then? Even if I happen to have another
Child, I would never be able to breastfeed again?

Doctor: Dear, we don’t have an option except this.

Hours later in the night, after Riya came back home, she lay on the bed. She was lost in a sea of thoughts. She loved breastfeeding. She loved when the tender lips of her boys touched her nipples. Sometimes they had been rather rough with it, But they’ve learned to be gentle with her nipples.

She sure was going to miss being licked by her boys for milk. Like every night, the boys lay on either side of her to suck empty her breasts. Her hands ran through their hair, kissing them each on the forehead. It felt different tonight, “Are they doing something different?” She thought.

It felt very good. She was aroused as she had never been in a long time.
She was feeling hot even in that air-conditioned room. Her breathing was getting heavier. She was not mistaken to acknowledge that she was getting wet between her legs. She was struggling to keep her legs straight.

“It must be because this would be one of the last times I would ever get to
breastfeed them.” She thought while she was trying to find why she was so aroused. The boys squeezed and sucked her breasts, pinching her nipples lightly.

She noticed the boner in their pants as they moved uncomfortably in the bed. She touched their boner, over their shorts, rubbing them lightly.

“What was the last time you boys had a release?” she asked, continuing the rubbing.

Shreyas: It has been 7-8 weeks since I had one Mumma.

Rajesh: Me too, Riya mom.

Riya: Aww, you boys! Why didn’t you masturbate?

Rajesh: It never felt as good as when you helped us, Mumma.

She looked into their innocent eyes. She felt sympathetic for them. How much they had been deprived of pleasure these past few months.

Riya: Come, let me help you. You both must be in a lot of pain.

And her hands went beneath their shorts, fondling their hot throbbing
cocks. A soft moan escaped their mouths.

Shreyas: Mom, you don’t have to. We want you to get well. It is we who want to help and take care of you.

Riya: I insist, baby. You both have been through a lot for me. You’ve taken care of me when I was feeling low. Let me help you both. It would make me feel good, sweetheart.

They couldn’t talk back anymore. Heeding her wish, they removed their shorts and lay down on the bed. Riya went to her knees and took hold of their
cocks, squeezing it from its base to the tip of their cocks, gently rubbing it up and down.

The precum oozed out of their cocks in synchrony. She rubbed the precum on the tip of their cocks, lubricating it well. Then she continued the gentle and slow rubbing of their cocks. She would squeeze their cocks in between, making their hips rise.

Shreyas got up from bed.

Riya: Anything wrong, beta?

Shreyas: Mom, could you lay down in bed? I want to drink your milk.

Riya: Of course, beta.

And she laid on her back while Rajesh brought his cock near her. Shreyas pulled down her gown to free her breasts. Both the boys held each breast in their hands, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. Drops of milk flowed out of her breasts like a swift stream of a jet-spray falling on their faces.

Shreyas licked every drop, which fell near his mouth like a hungry child. Meanwhile, Riya held Rajesh’s dick in one hand, cupping his balls. She didn’t want this wonderful moment to end anytime soon. The fire in her loins became stronger.

She was having a problem hiding her sexual side, her wild side to the boys. She grabbed Rajesh’s hips suddenly, tightly, pulling him closer. She then licked the bulbous tip of his cock. Rajesh let out a soft moan. Shreyas’ mouth played with her breasts while his hands traveled down her body, squeezing her waist.

His hands went further down her waist. He was trying to push his hands down to squeeze her butt. She lifted her hips for a moment to let him put his hands. And then he grabbed onto the juicy flesh of her butt over her gown.

He then took his hands under her gown and took both her ass cheeks in his hands, and held them tightly, squeezing and playing with them. His fingers were trying to push their way into the crack of her ass. But since Riya’s position right now, he couldn’t do much.

So his hands went further down to her bare thighs and fondled them. The urge to moan was so bad for Riya that she took Rajesh’s cock deep inside her throat. Her tongue played along the length of his cock inside her mouth. Shreyas’ hands went towards her inner thigh, making their way to her crotch.

The distance between his hand and her pussy was reducing every second. Then his fingers touched her pussy lips, and he started running his fingers over the wet pink spot. Riya knew that if she let Shreyas do this, it would be difficult for her to hide her sexual urge toward the boys.

So she grabbed onto his hands and said.

Riya: No, beta, please don’t do that.

Shreyas: But mommy, you are wet. It must be making you uncomfortable. Please let me help.

Riya: Aww, don’t worry about me, beta, there’s nothing like that. Come here, let mommy make you feel good.

Shreyas: Mom, I am mature enough to know that women get wet. They feel uncomfortable like us till they get a release. You let Rajesh do it, then why not me?

He looked into Riya’s eyes with an innocent look. She didn’t want to do anything that would upset him. So she gave him her consent to it.

Riya: Okay, beta, but you must remember your limits. That’s it. You both will not go any further.

Shreyas: Agreed, mom!

And their face lit up. Shreyas’s mouth was still on her boobs. His hands began to make their way between her legs. She spread her legs a little to let his hands pass. It felt like little waves of electricity passing through her spine as his palm pressed against the lips of her cunt.

His fingers were running along the pink flesh of her pussy which paused when he came across her wet, oozing pussy hole. He then looked at Riya’s red, hot, sweating face. She desperately wanted to show her sexual arouses and expressions but was scared that the boys might misinterpret it.

She then saw that Shreyas was looking straight into her eyes. She got lost in his eyes until Shreyas inserted the tip of his middle finger, making her hips rise. Riya bit her lips hard and closed her eyes. He then pushed it a little further, and with his thumb, he started rubbing her clit.

Riya was trying hard not to moan. But soft sounds of pleasure were now continuously escaping from her lips. Meanwhile, Rajesh held her head by her hair and pulled her towards his cock. He put his cock deep down her throat, making her choke.

She was now coughing a lot due to constant choking, and as a result, tears started to come out of her eyes. Her saliva was all over Rajesh’s cock, dripping on the bed. Shreyas then pulled down her gown, stripping her completely. His lips kissed her belly, where he bit her near her ribs.

His tongue explored her body further south, pushing her tongue inside her navel. “Oh yes! Just like that baby.” She wanted to moan if there was no dick shoved in her mouth, which just kept getting bigger and bigger. She was amazed as to why Rajesh hasn’t cum yet.

She was giving the best blowjob she possibly could. On the other hand, Shreyas went further down her body, kissing her on her lightly trimmed crotch. She whimpered every time his lips touched her there, hoping that next would be her pussy.

But to her disappointment, he went for her thighs, but that disappointment wouldn’t last long enough. Shreyas kissed and licked every inch of her delicate legs. His tongue ran up her inner thigh. He held her legs and spread them, exposing the magnificent view of his mother’s pussy.

He felt so excited looking at it so close that his eyes got bigger, and he started licking his lips. The view of her wet glistening pussy drove him crazy as he buried his tongue deep inside her pussy. “Umm!” moaned Riya, with a dick in her mouth as she cupped his balls.

Shreyas launched into an assault as he licked her clit. His teeth buried a little in her labia. His finger slid down her pussy. He pushed it in slowly as he enjoyed the view of his mommy’s pussy opening up to his finger. It went in and out slowly.

Shreyas enjoyed every moment of this, the warm, wet feeling on his fingers. He pushed in another finger, the pace of his finger fucking increased, making her moan harder. On the other hand, Rajesh moved his hips faster, thrusting his cock deep down her throat. He didn’t know how long he could hold.

Just when he was about to reach his climax, he pulled out. Her head fell onto the pillow, exhausted from the intense blowjob. Shreyas pulled out his fingers, now spreading her pussy. He pushed his tongue inside her pussy, licking her vaginal juice and the walls of her vagina.

“Aaah!” Riya kept moaning. Rajesh held her face in his palm, rubbing her cheeks. He kissed her lips. The kiss got intense as he leaned upon her. Biting her lower lip, she held Rajesh’s head, running her hands through his hair. His tongue went inside her mouth.

She reciprocated with her tongue. Their tongues played with each other as they exchanged saliva. Meanwhile, Shreyas stood on his knees, rubbing her pussy. He brought the bulbous tip of his cock near her pussy, rubbing it over. It was dangerously close to her vagina.

Riya realized what was about to happen, so she broke the kiss. “Beta no! You both promised me.” She said. Somewhat disappointed, Shreyas retracted his cock. “Sorry, Mumma, this will be just about you.” He said with an apologetic face. “Now come here and give me a kiss, baby,” She said.

She held his hand, pulling him closer. Rajesh now took the opportunity to play with her pussy. He went down to her legs, spreading them and burying his tongue deep down her pussy. She bit Shreyas’s lips every time Rajesh ran his tongue over her pussy.

She understood that the boys had developed a special liking for her pussy. As Shreyas turned around, laying over her, his head went near her pussy, and his cock hung above her face. Seeing Shreyas’s attempt to get a turn in licking her, Rajesh spread her legs further.

Raising her hips, making space for Shreyas to lick her pussy. Rajesh ran his tongue further down, licking the crack of her ass to her asshole. He licked the rim of her asshole, spreading her butt. Both the boys were lost in the ecstatic feeling of eating her out.

Riya couldn’t take this much pleasure. She knew if they were to force her like last time, she wouldn’t be able to stop them. It would result in her giving up on their desires, erasing the boundary between mom and son and becoming lovers. So she took hold of the erect cock that hung above her face.

Holding his butt, she pulled down the cock to her mouth. Shreyas noted his mother’s action, and he pushed his hips down, thrusting his cock in her mouth. Rajesh pushed his middle finger down her tight asshole causing Riya an involuntary bite on Shreyas’s dick.

Shreyas: Ow! Mumma!

Riya: Aaah! Sorry, beta, let me make you feel good.

She pushed his cock down her throat again, sucking it harder. She was amazed as to what had happened. They’d usually cum by now, but that was far from happening today. They’d learned new things. She couldn’t stop moaning and screaming as they inserted fingers and tongues, molesting her holes.

As this continued for some time, she felt pressure building up in her lower abdomen. She knew it was coming. Like trembling waves, her body shook up, her hips and pussy vibrating as it happened for the first time. She squirted on their faces.

Her head fell exhausted on the bed from the most intense orgasm she ever had.
Riya cried out loud to this as her head fell on the pillow. Her eyes were closed, and she was continuously moaning. They both had gotten up, now admiring her sweating face and her nude body glowing in sweat and her boys’ saliva.

Rajesh: See, I told you she would love this.

Shreyas (excited): Yeah, that was amazing. I wish to make her cum like this every day.

Riya: Oh beta, you both will spoil Mumma if you do this every day. I loved it. I love you both, my love.

She held their cocks in her hands as her task was not yet complete. She would not rest until they’d cum, too. She stroked their dick like frivolously. They brought their dick close to her mouth.

Shreyas: Mumma, suck me first.

Rajesh: Mumma, I want to be sucked too.

She took their cocks down her mouth one by one while she stroked the other. As she was sucking Shreyas, Rajesh kept bringing his dick closer to her lips. She was excited by his impatience but realized what would happen when Rajesh tried pushing his cock in her mouth.

She felt it was a bad idea, but there was no stopping them. With much force, it finally entered her mouth to its full length. Both the boys’ cock stuffed down her throat. She couldn’t breathe properly as she choked. The boys had gotten rough as they started moving their hips faster and faster.

Then the inevitable end came as they both cummed in her mouth and on her face. Then they looked at Riya, who was exhausted by now. She drank all the cum which was in her mouth. Then she licked all the cum on her face with the help of her fingers. Then she laid down on the bed.

By now, they were exhausted. So they lay on either side of Riya, hugging her, pressing their limp dicks against her.

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