Mom and her bull – Part 2

Seeing mom on the floor, fucked and degraded, I was upset but equally turned on. I tried to be angry at the mom, but I couldn’t do it. Mom was busy trying to cover her private parts while I had to cover my rock-hard cock.

Mom, “Beta, when did you come.”

Me, “I just walked in and heard your screams. I thought someone was hurting you until I saw everything.”

Mom, “You saw… everything?”

Me, “Yes, mom, I saw everything. But it’s ok. I’m not angry. I understand it can be difficult without a partner.”

Mom, “I feel so ashamed. I don’t know what to say”

Me, “Hey, it’s ok. Come here, mom.”

I picked mom up and hugged her. I put my hands around her waist and felt the sweat running down her back. Feeling her hot and sweaty fair skin had me turned on. My cock was about to explode from all the blood rushing into it. I could feel my cock aroused and touching my mom’s body.

I hugged mom until she started to cry. I then pulled her back and held her by her shoulder, “Mom, stop crying. It’s ok. Come here.”

I held her and started to walk to the bed. We both sat down on the bed, and we spoke. I tried to console mom while placing my hands on her cum covered thighs. I got up and started to undress until I stood before her naked.

Me, “Does this make you feel better? I’m also naked now, so stop crying.”

After about 10-15 minutes, I convinced her it was ok. Mom had stopped crying and come to terms with the situation. I looked at her and saw her makeup ruined, partly from Mr. Kay fucking her and partly from the tears running down her face.

She had runs of black mascara coming down her cheeks. She looked so fucking hot.

Me, “Mom, I have to say, you were like a pornstar with Mr. Kay!” I said as I laughed out loud

Mom also started to laugh. I hugged her and kissed her on her cheeks

Me, “I hope I didn’t kiss Mr. Kay’s cum off your cheeks.”

Mom, “Besharam, stop it.”

Me, “Look, can we talk like friends? I’ve seen stuff that I shouldn’t have seen as a son and you shouldn’t have done as a mother, let’s talk like adults, ok? Is that a deal?”

Mom, “Ok, deal”

I stood up and asked mom to stand up. We both stood up completely naked,
I held both of her hands and told her

“Is Mr. Kay your boyfriend?”

Mom, “No, of course not. I just got caught up in the moment, and he happened to be there.”

Me, “Have you fucked him before?”

Mom, “No, this was the first time, and I promise it’s the last.”

Me, “No, mom, I don’t want it to be the last. I want you to enjoy your life. If you agree, can you let me introduce you to others?”

Mom, “Err, I don’t know what to say”

Me, “Say yes. Like I said, pretend like we are friends from now.”

Mom, “Ok.”

Now that I had mom’s permission, I wanted everything to repeat, only this time with my knowledge. I always fantasized about a young man with an older woman. So now I could fulfill my desire.

That evening mom and I behaved a little like mother and son and more like friends. We spoke about her sexual desires. She confirmed that she gets horny and does not have anyone to satisfy her needs. We both agreed that she would inform me whenever she had sexual thoughts.

She also informed me of the type of sex she prefers. She has had boring sex with my father since marriage, and Mr. Kay had opened up a side of mom she never knew existed before.

This was the best news I could ever listen to. Not only does my mom want to get fucked, but she wants to be fucked like a total whore. It was up to me to fulfill my desires and my mother’s.

A few days passed, and mom mentioned nothing. On the 4th day, I woke up and came to the kitchen. I saw mom in her red lingerie with a smile on her face.
I sat at the dining table, pretending to be normal.

She placed the breakfast on the table and sat across from me. I could see her round boobs and thick puffy nipples begging to come out of her bra. I looked at her, and we both started to laugh

Me, “I got it, mom, don’t worry. I will do something for you today.”

My college had finished, and I had all the time in the world. So I went into my bedroom and grabbed my laptop. The first thing I thought of was the internet. I quickly took pictures of mom in her lingerie in different positions. I made her bend over and showed her main asset, which was her big thick milf ass.

I then made a profile on an adult swinger club. I uploaded the pictures of mom with her face cropped out. In the description, I wrote, ‘A busty Pakistani mom after some no strings attached fun.’

I had also wrote she was a 40-year-old milf and was in a relationship with a 19-year-old male. Once I uploaded her profile, I had so many messages within minutes. The laptop kept making message pings, and mom quickly came over

Mom, “What’s this?”

Me, “I’ve requested a man for you from the internet.”

Mom didn’t understand the internet, so I sat her down and explained how it works.

Mom, “oh wow, this sounds fun,” as she laughed devilishly

I then slowly went through each profile until I could find someone with the biggest cock and built like a tank.

After going through many profiles, I saw a guy with a gigantic picture of his cock. I couldn’t wait to explore more of him. I read his profile. He was a dominant male who knew how to screw a lady.

I went through his profile pictures and saw him fucking other people’s wives.
They would leave reviews on how good he fucked them. Once I had gone through his profile with a fine toothcomb, I knew this was the guy.

A 6-foot-tall Gora (white male) with a huge build, muscular body and a massive cock to match. His cock was not just long but equally girthy and thick, probably the size of my arm. Mom had given birth to me so she could easily take a cock size arm. Well, that’s what I thought anyway.

So I messaged the guy pretending to be my mom’s boyfriend, and he messaged by straight away.

“This is Ali. We want to arrange a meet-up with you?” I wrote

His name was Andy

“Sure, dude, tell me a place and time.”

Me, “Preferably today if you are local. If not, then we will have to search for others.”

Andy, “I live about 100 miles away, but for that ass, I don’t mind traveling.”

It would take Andy maybe 4 hours to arrive. But I knew I wouldn’t get anyone with a bigger cock to fuck my mom than him.

Me, “I hope you know what you are doing. As my gf likes it rough.”

Andy “Mate, read my reviews. I can handle more than one woman at a time. If she can handle me, then I will pay for an escort to come along if I can’t satisfy that pussy”

Me, “Ok then, see you in the evening.”

I gave details and address and went to tell the news to mom

“Mom, I’ve got you, someone. He will be here in a couple of hours.”

Mom, “Who?”

Me, “It’s a surprise, mom. You will love him.”

Mom smiled, and I could see the excitement and nervousness she started to go through. I sat down and tried to plan the whole play. I thought of so many different ideas, but the only one that got me thinking hard was having mom wait for him at the door on her knees with her mouth open.

Me, “Mom? You have to do something for me now?”

Mom, “Sure, what can I do?”

Me, “So when he walks through the door, you need to be on the floor with your mouth open.”

Mom’s eyes expanded, and she paused, “Errrrrr, ok.”

I took mom to the bedroom, and I was going to dress her for the occasion. I went through her wardrobe and didn’t find anything slutty enough. So I had to improvise. I found some jeans and got some scissors. I placed them next to mom’s ass and cut them enough so half of her ass would show.

I then got a really low silk top, I made mom wear it, and it was perfect. It barely covered her boobs, and I could see 80% of her boobs. I then made mom put the denim shorts on. She found it difficult to fit them since her thick ass was so big.

I held the shorts and pulled them up. I had to push mom’s ass in so there was enough gap for them to fit. Now I had to tell mom how to do her makeup. I made her wear just enough to smooth her complexion. Mom was a good-looking woman, so she didn’t need much makeup.

I then advised her to put a lot of mascara and eye shadow on. I knew once she started to fuck mom’s face, I wanted to see her mascara run down her face. After an hour, mom was ready. Seeing mom dressed in such a way was so hard that I couldn’t contain myself.

Me, “So how are we going to do it? Let’s practice, mom.”

Mom was hesitant at first, but then she went on her knees, arched her big ass up with her head lower than her ass and was like a good bitch. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth.

I was so turned on my cock was about to explode. If this bitch weren’t my mom, I would have been deep inside her, stretching her big ass and making her scream my name with every thrust. But unfortunately, I couldn’t do that. I had to make do by slapping her ass only.

“Perfect, mom, you are just amazing.”

As the time started to come closer, I received a message from Andy

“I am 2 minutes away, mate.”

I quickly hurried to mom and told her to get ready. I opened the door and told mom to get ready as I went to receive Andy. As I opened the front door, I saw Andy pulling up. I couldn’t see his head because it was touching the car’s roof. That’s how tall he was.

I then see a big guy struggling to come out of the car. The car bounced up as he exited the car. I knew my mom’s body would get crushed by this hulk.

“Hey, Andy?” I greeted.

Andy, “Mate, how old are you? Am I at the right place?”

Me, “Haha, don’t worry, you are at the right place, I’m 19, and my girlfriend is 40.”

Andy, “Wow, a bit of a generation gap,” Andy laughed as we both started to walk towards the front door, “You know, mate, I’ve never fucked a Pakistani woman before.”

Me, “I can assure you she won’t disappoint. She is a filthy bitch”

Andy, “I must say I’m looking forward to it.”

Me, “Andy? Trust me, don’t hold back. She is all yours.”

Andy and I both stood at the front door. I went in front of Andy and slowly opened the door


Mom was on her knees with her mouth open as the door opened. I expected Andy to freeze and be shocked. But instead, Andy didn’t waste any time. He unzipped his jeans, pulled his massive cock out, and placed it straight into my mom’s mouth.

Within seconds, his cock grew twice in size. I could see mom’s mouth stretched as I closed the door behind me.

Andy says, “Oh, Fuck yeah, suck it bitch” as he slaps mom’s ass with his hammer-like hands. Mom moans a little while Andy leaves a handprint on mom’s fair-skinned Pakistani ass.

I quickly go behind mom and start to soothe her ass, stroking it gently. I loved the texture of mom’s ass. I could feel the ripples Andy’s hands left on her ass. Andy then grabs her head and starts to fuck her throat deep.

Andy, “Ah, that’s a good slut. Take it deep in, you whore.”

I could tell mom struggled to fit his cock in her mouth from the slurping and gagging. Mom’s throat was let off lightly as Andy only fucked her face for a few minutes. He pressed her face onto his body, making mom swallow his cock until he pushed her head back.

Mom put her hands on the floor as she gasped for air, her spit drooling down onto the carpet. Andy then takes hold of her hair and lifts her. He looks at her dirty, slutty face for a second and starts to snog her with so much desperation.

I was behind mom on the floor. I could see mom on her toes trying to reach Andy’s mouth. Andy lightly slaps her face while eating her face.

Andy, “You sexy fucking whore, I wanna eat you from head to toe.”

He then places his big hands on her revealing big ass and lifts her, still having his tongue buried deep inside mom’s mouth. Mom loved it. She was in her zone, equally kissing Andy with the same urge.

I was still ok, the floor under mom’s ass. I could see Andy’s giant cock grow until it touched his stomach. My mom didn’t have a clue how much her holes were going to get stretched.

Andy, “Where is the bedroom?”

Me, “Follow me.”

Andy, “No, wait, my bitch is going to show me instead.”

Andy then grabs her top and yanks it open, revealing her mature boobs. My mom’s boobs came crashing down, pointing toward the floor. He then opened the button on the jeans and pulled them down too until my mom’s dark abused pussy showed.

Andy, “Now, let’s have some fun. I want my bitch on the floor. I want you to lick her ass as she guides me to the bedroom.”

I was startled, not sure what to do. However, mom didn’t hesitate for a second. She went to the floor and looked at me. I took that as though it was ok for me to go inside mom’s ass with my mouth. I went down behind mom’s ass, using my hands to balance myself as I placed my head in between mom’s ass.

I got my tongue and started to lick her brown asshole. Mom was dying to get to the bedroom and started to crawl. Eventually, we reached the bedroom. This is where it got intense. Soon as Andy saw the bed, he kicked me out of the way and picked up my mom, throwing her onto the bed.

Without wasting time, he opens her legs and rams his massive cock inside mom’s pussy. Mom’s pussy wasn’t ready, and neither had she ever taken such a big cock inside her. Soon as Andy’s uncut head slides inside, I see my mom’s teeth clench as she screams.

Andy, “Shut up, you stupid bitch, your fucking mine.”

The room filled with Andy’s groans and mom’s screams. I was so turned on at this point. I quickly undressed and went next to mom. She looked at me with desperation. I knew she was finding it difficult with Andy as he crushed her body and pussy at the same time.

Then what happened next? I was taken by surprise. As I stood next to mom, staring at her face, mom saw my hard erect cock and said, “Come here, put that inside my mouth.”

As I walked closer, mom took hold of my cock and started to suck it so hards.
I could feel Andy’s thrusts through my mom’s breath. I felt a hot breath over my cock every time he pounded her. At this point, I didn’t care if my cock was in my mother’s mouth. I just wanted pleasure, and my mom was doing a great job.

After a few minutes, I felt like I was going to cum, so I quickly pulled cock out of mom’s mouth. Mom tried to keep it inside her mouth like a child was having their toys snatched. Andy then bent my mom over and started fucking her from behind. My mom’s body was getting used like never before, and she loved it.

I walk behind them, observing the whole scenario. I looked at my mom’s battered mature pussy and saw all her juices drooling down, soaking the bed sheets. Andy kept changing positions and fucking her in such ways that I hadn’t even seen pornstars do.

It was such a turn-on watching mom gets pumped by a big white bull. Andy was swearing at her, calling her ‘Stupid slut, Pakistani whore, Randi.’ He kept spitting at her face and rubbing his saliva with his big hands. Mom’s face was so fucked, her makeup was ruined, but I think she looked better.

Andy then lay on the bed and had my mom on top, humping her from the bottom. My mom’s body was lifting. I could see Andy’s cock sliding out as her body lifted in the air. Then, with such precision, she crashed down on his dick.

I knew Andy wasn’t lying when he said he could handle more than 2 women at a time. I go behind and start to finger mom’s ass. Slowly stretching it while spitting to make it wet, so Andy can comfortably go inside. After some time, there was no sign of Andy stopping.

My mom’s pussy had opened so much that I could fit my whole arm inside if I wanted to. Her asshole was nearly ready, and Andy started to get bored of her pussy. He throws my mom to the side as he gets up from the bed to catch his breath.

As Andy gets up, I don’t know what went through me. I hop onto the bed, sticking my cock inside mom’s already fucked pussy. I could feel how stretched it was from Andy’s cock. I could barely feel anything. I tried to thrust as hard as possible but didn’t feel any sensation.

Even mom wasn’t enjoying it. So I asked mom to bend over again and tried to stick it inside her tight asshole. I guided my head towards her brown asshole and slowly pushed my cock inside. Andy was behind watching me

Andy, “You never told me she takes it up the ass?”

I was in too much pleasure to answer Andy back. I kept moving my hips in and out of mom’s ass. Mom’s screams were now faint moans. I couldn’t hold myself back. I had never fucked a woman before. So I could only last a couple minutes before emptying my balls inside mom’s ass.

It felt amazing. Now I know why sex was such an addictive practice. As I lay beside mom, both recovering, Andy wasn’t done yet. He grabs my mom’s wide hips and rams his cock inside mom’s already cum filled ass.

Mom’s moans became screams again.

Mom “Fuck! Ow! That’s big!” Complained mom.

I placed my hands over her ruined face and said, “It’s ok, mom, just take it.”

At this point, Andy had heard me, “Is she your fucking mom?”

He pauses. I laugh and say, “Yeh, but keep it a secret, Andy.”

Andy, “Wow! You filthy motherfuckers, that’s fucking hot, dude!”

He starts to fuck her again, only even harder this time, maybe because he discovered the reality.

Andy, “Mate, your mom’s ass is fucking amazing.”

Me, “I know, I’ve been inside it, hahaha.”

Andy, “You hear that, mommy slut, your son has been inside your asshole, fucking dirty bitch.”

Mom, “Yes, I’m a dirty bitch.”

Andy, “Oh, that you are. I will make you taste my cum to teach you a lesson.”

Andy starts to thrust mom’s ass harder and harder. I knew he wanted to finish.

Andy, “Come here next to your mom’s face, you motherfucker?” Demanded Andy

Like a good son, I put my head near mom’s face. Andy was clapping mom’s ass. The room was filled with mom’s screams and Andy’s body bashing against her ass.

Andy, “Oh, I am going to cum!”

Andy flips my mom. Her face and mine were next to each other, both facing the ceiling. Andy climbs up next to both of our faces, and all I see is a waterfall of hot thick cum shooting on both of our faces. Andy groans as he empties his sack on our faces.

Andy, “Lick my cum off your mom’s face and kiss it back into her mouth.”

As Andy demanded, I used my tongue to scoop every last drop from mom’s face. I looked at mom, and like a good mother, she opened her mouth. I kissed her and slowly emptied Andy’s cum inside her.

Andy didn’t leave that night. He said he loved our relationship and couldn’t get enough of me and my mom. All night Andy fucked my mom, made me suck his huge cock and cum inside me and my mom.

Today I had become a motherfucker and bisexual at the same time.

The next day, I had a sore throat from Andy’s throat fucking me, and Mom couldn’t walk. After Andy had left, we both slept together, recovering from this session.

Mom decided we didn’t need anyone. Mom and I became regular sex partners. It was a dream come true for mum and me. Mom had found a husband in the form of her son. I had found my first sexual encounter and a horny slut in the form of a mother.