Mom and Her Parents – Part 1 (Lust for mom and grandma)

This is a fictional story about lust for mom and grandmother. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

usually include gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, group sex, and mainly incest. Enjoy the story. You can give me feedback at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”14667175703a67607b667d7167252d2c2d5464667b607b7a79757d783a777b79″>[email protected].

My name is Arjun. I am a 20-year-old guy from the city of Hyderabad in India. I was introduced to porn at a young age by my friends. Since then, I have been addicted to porn. I used to watch different genres of porn, but my favorite was the one with milfs and women with big tits.

My favorite part of a woman is her boobs. I go crazy over boobs. I was never interested in girls my age as they were usually slim and had small boobs. That was one of the reasons I never had a girlfriend. I would go crazy over aunties and milfs, and the milf I would go absolutely mad for was my mom.

When I started watching porn, I was initially not interested in incest, and it sounded weird. But as time passed by, I started getting attracted to it. As I read more and more incest erotica, I started loving it. The main reason was my mom. She is the most beautiful woman I know.

Every time I read a story, I couldn’t stop imagining my mom. She was 5ft 5in tall, fair and a little plump. She was only 40 years old. She had curves in the right places, and her figure was 36-34-36. She was of average size, neither too fat nor thin and with perfectly shaped boobs and ass.

Her face was round and chubby with pink lips, brown eyes, and curly hair. She looked like an angel to me. Her name is Manju. I have tried to see her naked many times but never had a chance. Although, I was lucky enough to catch glimpses of her cleavage now and then.

I would give her long and tight hugs to feel her boobs on my chest. These actions made my cock go crazy, and I masturbated multiple times. I wanted to fuck my mom, but I had no clue how to do it. Losing my virginity to my mom was my biggest dream.

I knew that my mom was not happy mentally and sexually with my dad. I could see it on her face. The reason was my dad. He was more interested in making money rather than making my mom happy. He would go early in the morning and would only return late in the night, exhausted.

My mom didn’t mind him working hard, but she wanted to have fun. I tried taking advantage of this situation and getting close to my mom. But it didn’t work out as I had planned. We got close, but we didn’t get intimate. I don’t know if she never got my hints or if she did get them but kept mum about them. But I kept on trying. I was getting impatient.

I felt like pulling her, kissing her, and forcing myself onto her. But I wanted to have her love and not forcibly give her the happiness that my father couldn’t. So I kept trying.

Once, I had summer vacation, and mom and I decided that we would visit her parents. My dad was busy, and he decided not to join us. I acted as if I was sad on the outside, but I was happy inside. I thought this would give me a great chance to seduce my mom.

I had made multiple plans on how to seduce her while driving down to my grandparent’s village. But to my bad luck as my dad needed the car. We had to take a bus, and it was crowded, giving me zero chance to do anything.

My grandparents lived in a small village far from Hyderabad. My grandfather, Mohan, is a farmer, and my grandmother, Revathi, is a housewife.

My grandad was 60 years old. But he still got a great physique because of all the hard work he does on the farm. He was 6 ft tall and well-built, and only a six-pack was missing. I would be ashamed to stand next to him because of my average-looking body.

My grandma was 59 years old and 5ft 2in and was a little dusky in color. She had a great body with amazing curves and big boobs. There was no doubt about where my mom got her boobs from. She was not plump like my mom, making her boobs appear even bigger.

But I was not attracted to her as much as I was attracted to my mom. I felt she was a little old and thought probably she wouldn’t even have the sex drive at her age. I loved visiting my grandparents as they were very nice and loved me very much.

When I was a kid, I would visit them frequently. But as I grew older, our trips got fewer due to my education and my dad getting busy with work. I visited them after two years, and I was excited to see them.

We reached my grandparent’s place in the late afternoon. It was a very tiring journey. But as soon as I saw them, I felt an adrenaline rush in me. I went and hugged my grandpa. Then, I hugged my grandma. The touch of her big boobs on my chest felt amazing.

We freshened up and chitchatted while having late lunch. After that, I felt very tired and fell asleep and woke up only at 7:30 pm. My mom and grandmother were already preparing dinner by the time I woke up. My grandparents have early dinner and usually go to bed by 8:30 pm or 9 pm.

I went and sat with my grandpa and chitchatted with him about various topics. I feel happy talking to him as he always encourages me and supports me. But he is also a strict person. While talking to him, I kept wondering what will he say or do if he ever found out that I wanted to fuck his daughter, my mom.

But soon, the dinner was ready, and we all had dinner together. Later, my grandparents went and slept in their room. My mom slept in the other. I wanted to go and sleep with my mom while hugging her tight. But I gained my senses and decided to sleep in the hall by myself.

I wasn’t sleepy either as I only woke up at 7:30 pm. After watching Television for some time, I was bored and decided to jerk off. I watched some mom-son porn and masturbated. I was still not sleepy. I started reading incest stories and made plans on how to seduce my mom.

Time flew by, and by the time I finished reading my story, it was 3 at night. Finally, I decided to get some sleep and tried hard to fall asleep when I heard some noises. At first, I thought it was my imagination from the stories I read, but I kept hearing them.

They were coming from my grandparent’s room. It then struck me. I wondered if my grandparents’ were having sex, and if they were, I wanted to watch it. I immediately ran out of the house towards a window into their room in a flash. The window was open to my good luck, and I moved the curtain to peek inside.

My doubts were confirmed. I couldn’t believe that my grandparents’ were having sex even at this age. That too with a lot of passion. It took a couple of minutes for my eyes to adjust to the dim light, but when they did, I was taken by a shock.

My grandpa was lying on the bed. My grandma was on top of him and was riding his cock like an actual cowgirl. I was surprised that she had so much energy in her. My grandma was jumping up and down with her sexy body. My grandpa responded to her moves by pushing his cock in and out of her.

His hands were on her sexy waist, giving her the support. While grandma was jumping up and down, her boobs, bigger than I expected, were bouncing up and down. I instantly fell in love with them. They were a little saggy but still very firm and with brown erect nipples. They were going wild as she was jumping.

After riding the cock for a good few minutes, she stopped to get some breath. Grandpa moved his hands onto her boobs, fondled them, and played with them. He took both the nipples in his two hands and pinched them a few times. Then rubbed on them with his fingers.

This was making grandma go crazy. She was biting her lips in excitement. With one swift movement, grandpa lifted his head and took her right boob into his mouth and started sucking on it. He was sucking on them like it was his first time seeing a boob. He then licked all over the nipple with his tongue.

This was arousing grandma even more. Being together for such a long time, he knows what makes her go crazy. He alternated between the two boobs for a few minutes while fondling the other with his hand.

This gave her more strength, and she started riding his cock again. I was surprised that they could go on for so long at this age. After riding for a few minutes, they changed the positions, and my grandma got into the doggy position.

Her big boobs were hanging like mangoes and were making me go crazy. By this time, my cock was rock solid. I got it out and started stroking myself, looking at the action in front of me. My grandpa kneeled behind grandma like a giant.

He pushed his cock into her pussy in one stroke while fondling her boobs from behind. It was the first time I saw grandpa’s cock, and it was huge. It was rock solid and longer than mine, for sure. He started stroking gently and gradually increased the pace.

I also increased the pace of stroking my cock, and I was done before grandpa. After a few good strokes, he climaxed and cummed in grandma’s pussy and on her buttocks. Later, grandma took his cock into her hand, licked all over it, cleaned the cum, and sucked it.

I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that grandma would do this. I always thought Indian women were conservative and would not really like sucking cock and licking cum. I thought it was more of a western thing. She then cleaned her pussy with some water and wore a saree.

She slept next to my grandpa, who fell asleep naked. I never thought my grandparents could be so wild in the bed and do all those crazy stuff. It was shocking as well as the best day of my life. It was the first time I saw two people having sex in real life and a naked woman.

Although I didn’t get a clear view of grandma’s pussy, I was happy with what I got to see. I went back to my bed, completely forgetting about my mom and thinking about my grandparents and how I could join them. I could hardly sleep all night. I woke up early, but my mind was still fixated on the previous night.

As I opened my eyes, I saw grandma walking out of her room in a saree. Even though she was wearing a red saree on a green blouse, I could see her naked body with her mango-shaped tits. I just wanted to go and grab and suck them till they turned red. Just by looking at her, my cock stiffened. I controlled myself.

I freshened up and went to have breakfast. Mom was still in her nightdress, showing off her curves, but my eyes were fixated on grandma. Grandpa joined us for breakfast. I felt jealous of him. After we were done with breakfast, grandpa took off to the farm.

I tagged along with him. I wanted to have a conversation about the previous night. I wanted to talk to him about my sex drive and his sex drive. After attending to daily tasks, we finally took a seat under a mango tree to get some rest. There was a gentle breeze. We started talking about various general topics.

He asked me about my college, my friends’ circle etc. After chatting for some time, I thought of ways to talk to him about the previous night, but I didn’t know how to bring it up. I was feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. He finally spoke.

Mohan: What is it, Arjun? Why are you sweating so much?

Me: Nothing, grandpa.

Mohan: Umm. Did you like it?

Me: What are you talking about, grandpa?

Mohan: I am sure you know what I am talking about.

I was stunned to hear this and was not expecting him to talk about it so directly. I was not even sure if he was talking about the sex or something else. I was silent and tried to analyze what he was talking about.

Mohan: Don’t tell me you were peeping for so long without liking it?

My doubts were confirmed. He must have seen me peeping in. I must not have noticed as I was lost in admiring grandma and sex. I didn’t know what to reply. I got scared.

Me: I am sorry, grandpa. I didn’t mean to. It just happened like that. Please forgive me. I will never repeat it. Sorry.

Mohan: Haha. Don’t worry, beta. You don’t have to be so sorry. Kids your age get curious about such stuff. It is alright. Don’t worry about it? So have you had sex?

Me: No, Grandpa.

Mohan: What? Really? You are 20 years old now. No wonder you got so curious. How come?

Me: I don’t know, grandpa. I never had a girlfriend.

Mohan: Umm. I am sure there must be a lot of girls in your college.

Me: Yes. There are quite a few girls. But the ones I like have boyfriends and others don’t interest me that much.

Mohan: Oh. Why is that?

Me: Ummm…

Mohan: It’s ok, beta. You can tell me. You should have had this conversation with your dad long ago, but I know your dad is a busy person. So you can open up with me. If you don’t have these conversations at the right time, things will worsen.

Me: True. I didn’t know with whom I could share such stuff. In the city, everyone is busy with their own lives.

Mohan: So tell me, why didn’t you find a girl that interests you.

I wanted to tell him that I was lusting after his daughter, and I didn’t know how to have sex with her. But I controlled myself.

Me: I like girls with big boobs, grandpa. All the girls I know hardly have any boobs.

Mohan: Haha. That is a good reason, beta. But you shouldn’t refrain from others to find the perfect girl. You will find the right girl at the right time. But until then you need to enjoy yourself with others too. You are already 20, and it’s too late. When I was your age, I was already having sex for a few years.

Me: Oh wow. That is crazy, grandpa. You are one lucky fellow. I wish I was like you and had a life like you. You are really lucky to find a woman like my grandma. She was so wild in the bed last night.

Mohan: Haha. This is nothing compared to when we were younger. We did a lot of crazy things when we were younger.

Me: Sounds interesting, grandpa. I wish I could find someone like grandmother. She has such amazing tits. Tell me more about the things you did.

Mohan: Sure, beta. I will tell you another time. We will have to go home now as it is already late for lunch.

I was disappointed. I wanted to hear about the crazy things they did. I wanted to know if they had sex with other people. I wanted to tell him that I wanted to join them. But I got afraid. I was familiar with incest. I read and watched a lot of incest porn.

But I had no idea what he thought about it or if he even knew about it as it is a big taboo. So I controlled myself and thought of ways to tell them about incest. We got home and had lunch. I fell asleep as I had hardly slept all night. And everyone else slept too as they were tired.

We woke up in the evening, chatted for a while, and took care of various household chores. But my eyes were fixated on grandma and her boobs. Like every day, we had early dinner, and everyone retired to their rooms.

After an hour or so, as I was thinking of ways to join my grandparents, grandpa opened the door and walked toward me.

Mohan: Arjun. Are you not sleepy?

Me: No, Grandpa.

Mohan: Ok. Why don’t you come to sleep with us in our room? Maybe you will get some sleep.

I was excited about the idea, but I didn’t know what to expect. I followed him and entered his room. As soon as I walked in, I was blown away. Grandma was lying on the bed upright, with her pallu on the side, showing away her sexy waist and boobs in the blouse.

I was lost in admiring her. Grandpa locked the door behind us.

Mohan: What are you staring at?

That got me back into this world, and I felt embarrassed.

Me: Nothing, grandpa. I was looking for a place to sleep.

Mohan: Haha. Liar. I know what you were staring at. They are all yours. I know you have been lusting after them since morning. Enjoy with them.

I was stunned. I was not sure if I was dreaming or if it was real. I pinched myself to confirm.

Me: Are you serious, Grandpa? Can I touch grandma’s boobs?

Mohan: You can do whatever you want.

Me: What! I can’t believe this. I have been dying all morning to tell you this. You are the best grandpa one can ever have.

I was so excited that I forgot that I might wake up grandma. I pounced on her and squeezed her boobs hard from over her blouse. As soon as I squeezed them hard, I came back to my senses.

Revathi: Slowly, beta. I know it is your first time but be gentle. I am old, and my boobs are delicate.

I realized that grandma was not sleeping. She was lying down and was waiting for me. She opened her eyes and looked at me teasingly.

Revathi: Your grandpa told me that you never had a girlfriend. No wonder you were ogling at me like that all day.

I didn’t realize she had noticed.

Me: Sorry, grandma. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. It is just that you looked so beautifully last night. Since then, all I could see was your boobs when I looked at you.

Revathi: Is that the way you talk to your grandma?

Me: I am sorry, grandma. I didn’t mean to…

Revathi: Haha. I was joking, beta. So you like my boobs the most in me, then?

Me: No. I like everything about you. It is just that I am crazy about boobs.

Revathi: Then what are you waiting for? Come and unleash them.