Mom and Her Parents – Part 2 (Sharing a secret about mom)

This is a fictional story. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

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In the first part, we saw how Arjun was attracted to his mom and how he made plans to seduce her. But he didn’t get anywhere. But he got a big shock when he visited his grandparents and saw them have sex. Then how his grandfather opened up and how he got lucky with his grandmother.

That was the sign I was looking for. I jumped on top of her. I unhooked her blouse and let her boobs free. Finally, I saw boobs from a close distance and put my hands on them to cuddle them. I took both of them in my hands, squeezed them, pinched them, and caressed them.

Then, I pinched her erecting nipples. I couldn’t hold it any longer and took her right boob into my mouth. I sucked on them like it was my last day on earth.

I sucked her boobs and licked her nipples. I made circles around her nipples with my tongue and then bit the nipples. She enjoyed all this action and got very excited, and grandpa was looking at us sitting on a chair. All this got me super excited, and I cum in my boxers. I stopped suddenly in embarrassment.

Revathi:  What happened, beta?

Me:  I think I cum, grandma.

Revathi:  It is ok, beta. It sometimes happens when you get too excited. Come here, let me see.

She made me stand on the floor and pulled down my shorts and boxers in one go. There was still cum coming out of my cock. She took my cock in her hands and licked it clean. The touch of her tongue on my cock excited me again, and my cock started stiffening up.

She took my cock in her mouth and sucked it a few times. It was rock solid again within no time. I pulled her up in front of me and finally kissed grandma on the lips. It was the first lip kiss of my life. I sucked and chewed on her lips. Then, I pushed my tongue into her mouth and played with her tongue.

I kissed her cheeks, nose, and forehead. Then licked inside her ears and told her Thank you. She felt a little ticklish. Then, I moved down onto her neck and bit everywhere, giving her love bites. I kissed all over her waist and belly button. I undid the knot of her petticoat, and it fell on the floor.

She was not wearing any panty. I pushed her onto the bed and moved towards the pussy for the first time. It was bushy. It smelled weird, but that aroused me.

I kissed her pussy lips. It was a little sticky. I started licking all over her pussy and pushed my tongue into her cunt.

My tongue was fighting with every muscle in her cunt, arousing her even more. While still having my tongue in her cunt, I pushed a finger and started finger fucking. In a few minutes, she climaxed and let out her juices which I gladly licked away. This got me excited.

She made me stand up, took my throbbing cock into her mouth, and sucked it gently. I placed my hands on her head, giving her a push. Having so many years of experience, she sucked my cock in the best way. Within no time, I cum again. This time completely in her mouth, which she gladly swallowed.

I was a little tired and lay down next to her. We started talking.

Me:  There is something I want to tell you both.

Revathi:  What is it, beta?

Grandpa came and joined us in the bed. He was lying down on one side of his wife, and I was on the other. He was still wearing a shirt and dhoti while grandma and I were naked. He put his hands on her boobs and caressed them gently.

Me:  There is another reason I am still a virgin.

Mohan:  What is it?

Me:  I have been dreaming of losing my virginity to mom. I have been lusting after her for a few years now.

There was pin-drop silence for a minute. I got scared and was worried if I crossed the line. But after what just happened, I wanted to share this with them.

Me:  I am sorry if I took you guys by surprise. I just wanted to tell someone.

They both burst into laughter at the same time.

Revathi:  No wonder people say you have gone after your grandpa. Not just features but even thoughts are alike.

Me:  I don’t understand, grandma.

Revathi:  Your grandad lost his virginity to his mom. There were 10-15 other beautiful women he could have fucked for the first time, but it had to be his mom.

I was stunned. I never expected this. I thought I was a weird guy to lust after my mom. But after finding out that even my grandpa was the same, I was relieved. I sighed.

Me: Oh my god! That is crazy. You guys are giving me a bigger shock every other hour. I would have never guessed that you guys were into incest as well. Now, I understand where I have got my genes from. All these years, I have been feeling guilty about having such thoughts about mom. But after talking to you guys, I feel much better. Tell me more about it.

Mohan:  There is a lot you don’t know about us beta. It is probably the time you learned about our history.

Revathi:  Yes. We can happily share everything with you and make you one of us.

Me:  I am dying to hear grandma. Please tell.

Revathi: Your grandpa and I were not actually from this village. We originally belonged to a small tribe in the forest nearby. Our tribe was small and happy. We lived deep inside the forest, far from this modern society. We would occasionally interact with outsiders for a few things.

Revathi: We mostly stayed by ourselves and followed our customs and rituals. The outside world hardly had any influence on us. While sex is looked upon as a sin in the outside world, it is the most beautiful thing for us. For us, love and lust were two different things.

Revathi: Even though we loved someone, we had the freedom to lust after many and enjoy sex with anyone as and when we liked, if the people involved were ok with it.

Me:  Oh wow. That sounds amazing. I wish I had been born in the tribe.

Revathi:  Oh yes. It was amazing. I miss those good old days. At least I was lucky enough to experience those things for a few years. Do you know what I miss the most? Being able to walk around naked and get fucked when I was in the mood irrespective of place and time, rather than wait for the right place and time.

Me:  I am jealous.

Mohan:  You know what I miss the most? Being able to fuck every girl I come across.

Revathi:  Haha. I know. You bastard! Guess what, Arjun? Your grandpa was one of the lucky bastards who got to fuck every woman in our tribe. He was irresistible. No woman said no to him. He didn’t leave any women, including our moms, grandma, sisters and friends.

Me:  Oh wow! That’s amazing, grandpa. You are one lucky man! I wish I had a life like yours. How many women did you fuck?

Mohan:  You mean in the tribe? Or all my life?

Me:  What! You fucked women even outside your tribe?

Mohan:  Haha. Obviously yes. You didn’t think I stopped having sex with other girls because the tribe had to rehabilitate in this society.

Me:  Wow. Now I am wondering if I can even be called your grandson. So how many in total and how many in the tribe?

Mohan:  There were around 45 to 50 women in our tribe, and I fucked them. And after that, another 45-50, I guess. So in total, around 100 women. It is hard to convince women in this modern but useless society.

Me:  Wow. That is crazy. I hope I will be able to fuck atleast half as many women. And you grandma?

Revathi:  I am not as crazy as your grandpa. So my count is around 40 in total. I was a little selective about the guys who I fucked with.

Me:  That is still crazy. Most people in today’s society hardly have sex with more than 10-15 people. I don’t think mom and dad’s count is beyond 5. I wish I were born with you guys.

Mohan:  Don’t worry, beta. Now you are under our guidance. So we will take care of you and help you enjoy your life.

Me:  Thanks, grandpa. I hope I can enjoy myself like you. So tell me, how did you lose your virginity to your mom? I can’t wait any longer to fuck mom, and I want to know how you did it.

Mohan:  Haha. I know your eagerness, but I don’t think it will be as easy as mine. In our tribe, incest was not a taboo. It was pretty common. Almost every person would have sex with their family members. It is just that they would lose their virginity to another beautiful woman. No one would say no to a first-timer.

Mohan: When a person comes of the right age to have sex, the tribe head usually asks them about their choice. The boys would usually choose the most beautiful girl in the tribe. Girls would choose a handsome guy or a guy they know is very good at sex.

Mohan: But I chose my mom for the first time in a long time. She wasn’t the prettiest nor sexiest, but for me, she was the most beautiful woman. I have seen her have sex with my dad and others many times. I was eagerly waiting for my turn to fuck her.

Mohan: Everyone was surprised by my choice, including my mom, but I decided it had to be her. As soon as she heard the news, she came running and hugged me and kissed me everywhere on my face. I got hold of her head with my hands and kissed her lips.

Mohan: It was the first time I kissed any woman on the lips. I kissed and chewed her lips which got my cock excited, and it stiffened up.  Everyone else around pushed mom and me into our hut. The mat was neatly decorated with flowers.

Mohan: In our tribe, women would only cover their pussies and tits with a cotton cloth and leave the rest free. Even men would only cover their dicks. We entered the hut while still kissing and hugging each other. Then we separated, and I observed her keenly.

Mohan: Though I have seen her all my life, I still got an adrenaline rush just looking at her. I removed the cloth, took her boobs into my hands, and caressed them gently. I felt her dark brown nipples and rubbed on them. Her boobs were pretty big and didn’t fit in my hands. I squeezed them like a squeeze ball.

Mohan: I couldn’t believe that I was finally fucking my mom. I took her left boob in my mouth and licked her nipple while still fondling her right boob with my hand. I sucked on her boob for some time before switching on to the other boob.

Mohan: After playing with her boobs for a while, she pulled me up and kneeled in front of me. She removed my cloth and took my throbbing cock into her hands, and was shocked at its size.  She had seen quite a few cocks and was still very impressed with my cock.

Mohan: She told me that I was going to get a lot of girls and I was going to make them happy and then took my cock into her mouth. She slowly licked all over my cocks head, making me go crazy. She sucked on it until I cum in her mouth. She swallowed all of the cum.

Mohan: In our custom, cum is considered God’s gift and no one would even waste a drop of it and swallow it. Then, I pulled her up, and I kneeled in front of her and removed her cloth. I came across one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen with pink lips and bushy hair.

Mohan: I placed my fingers on her pussy lips and massaged them. Then I pushed two fingers in, and she let out a moan. I rubbed my fingers in her pussy for a few minutes, and she was getting aroused. Then I removed my fingers and licked them, tasting her juices for the first time. It tasted beautiful.

Mohan: Then I pushed my tongue into her pussy and tongue fucked her for a few minutes. She climaxed in a few minutes, and I slurped all her juices. She told me that I did well, and now comes the real test. Then, she gave me a glass of milk mixed with some herbs. I knew it would help me last longer.

Mohan: I drank it and pulled my mom onto me. I was lying on the floor, and my mom was on top. I hugged her with both my hands and legs. I kissed her lips again. This started stiffening up my cock. We rolled on the floor, kissing each other.

Mohan: After a good few minutes, I kneeled in front of her and kissed and licked everywhere on her body, neck, boobs, waist, belly button. She then begged me to fuck her already. I took my position with my cock right over her pussy and pushed all of my cock into her cunt with one jerk.

Mohan: Though she was fucked by many cocks. It will still be hard for my cock to go in. I started stroking her slowly. She begged me to go faster, which I gladly obeyed and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. After fucking her in that position for some time, we changed into a doggy position.

Mohan: I started pumping my cock into her cunt from behind. I understood the benefit of the drink. I lasted much longer than I expected. After fucking her for a few minutes, I finally cum in her pussy. As soon as I removed my cock from her pussy, she jumped onto it to lick the leftover cum.

Mohan: She licked it clean. I am sure she must have had atleast 2-3 orgasms while I fucked her and was very happy with me. From that day, I used to fuck her atleast 3 to 4 times a week while fucking others the rest of the time.

Me:  Wow. You are very lucky, grandpa. I wish I could fuck mom like that. At least once in my life.

Mohan:  Don’t worry, beta. Maybe you will someday.

Me:  So how about you, grandma? Who did you choose?

Revathi:  Who else do you think? Of course, your grandpa. By the time it was my time to choose, your grandpa was a celebrity in our tribe. Every girl and woman wanted to get fucked by him. So obviously I went with him as well.

Mohan: And my life changed that day. For the first time in my life, I was dominated by a woman. Your grandma was so passionate and exciting that I fell in love with her. All I wanted to do was fuck her for the next few weeks. We spent a lot of time together, and we fell in love.

Me:  That’s so sweet. So was grandpa that good? Did he live up to the expectations?

Revathi:  Oh yes. He was, and he still is. I am sure you must have guessed it by looking at us last night. He is one of the best I have ever had.

Me:  That’s good to hear. Then I have a lot to learn from grandpa. Don’t you guys feel jealous if your partner has sex with others?

Mohan:  Of course, not beta. That is what makes our bond stronger. Being open about our relationship and knowing the difference between love and lust helps us. We love and trust each other. No matter how many others we fuck, we return to each other at the end of the day.

Me:  That sounds great. I hope I can find someone like you guys. So what else did you guys do? I want to know more details.

Revathi:  What else do you want to know?

Me:  Tell me, who else you fucked with? Anyone I know?

Revathi: I fucked with a lot of people. Everyone in my family, in your grandpa’s family. A couple of your grandpa’s friends. And quite a few people from our tribe. I am sure you must know a few of them. At least you must have heard of them.

Me:  Oh, ok. Lucky them. So grandpa, did you fuck my mom?

Mohan:  Umm. Actually No.

Me:  What! Why? Was she not a part of the tribe? Or you didn’t want to fuck her?

Mohan: It is a little complicated beta. A few years after your mother was born, our tribe was removed from the forest and was rehabilitated in various villages. A dam was built nearby, and our tribe was in danger of getting submerged. So everyone had to come to these villages to settle down.

Mohan: Initially, we tried living in our way. But we soon realized that we were moved from heaven to hell. Our customs and traditions were frowned upon in this society. To survive in this society, we had to change our ways and adapt.

Mohan: So we had to end up openly enjoying incest sex, group sex etc., but some people still enjoyed it in secrecy.

Revathi:  When your mother was young, we visited others from our tribe to enjoy sex as we used to earlier. But as she grew up, our visits reduced. By the time she was of the right age, we had decided to let her explore sex by herself as incest was considered a big taboo in society.

Revathi: Also by then, she had already fallen in love with your dad and decided to get married to him. And within no time, you were born. Then, even we became a part of this society and let go of most of our old habits.

Revathi: But we still used to have sex with others like a few of our workers, maids, and neighbors to keep our passion alive and burning.

Me:  Ummm, I hate this society. I wish we were still living in the tribe. So who is the last person you fucked other than grandpa?

Revathi:  You naughty boy. You want to know everything. It was our worker Ramu a few days ago.

Me:  What? You fucked Ramu as well? And where was grandpa?

Revathi:  Oh, yes. He is really good in bed. And your grandpa was right next to us fucking his wife, Padma.

Me:  Fuck! That’s crazy. I have the most wonderful grandparents. I am having group sex at this age. I wish I had visited you guys much earlier. Please tell me more about your group’s sex and other stories.

Revathi:  Haha. We have done a lot of stuff beta. It will take a lot of time to tell you all those stories. We will continue another time. It’s getting late, and my pussy is getting wet from all the talk. I need to be taken care of that. I guess you want to save yourself for your mom for a few more days. So I need your grandpa to fuck me before he falls asleep.

With that, she turned to his side and kissed him. He responded to her kiss. I could see the tent forming in grandpa’s lungi. After kissing him for a few minutes, she removed his lungi and got on top of him to ride his huge cock. I put mine next to his to compare.

His was thicker and longer than mine but not very far off.

I felt happy knowing that I have a decent cock. Grandma took her position over grandpa’s cock and started riding him like a cowgirl. I sat beside them, took her right boob in my mouth, and sucked it till it turned red. I licked her nipples and bit them, which aroused her even more. She increased her pace.

Revathi:  Come on Arjun. I need your cock in my mouth.

Hearing that, I stood on the bed and placed my legs on grandpa’s side and gave her my cock. Which she gladly took in one gulp and sucked like a lollypop. Her hip was jumping up and down, and her head was moving front and back. After fucking for a few minutes, we changed our positions and got into doggy style.

He was fucking her from behind, and she was sucking my cock in the front. It was an amazing feeling. After a few minutes, I cum in her mouth, which she completely swallowed. Then grandpa cum, and she took his cock to lick it clean.

After that long session, we were very tired and fell asleep naked, hugging each other. Early morning, grandpa woke me up and asked me to get dressed and sleep in the hall. I did as ordered.