Mom In The Backyard

Hi friends, this story is based on real events. My mom Ratna is a traditional South Indian woman with dusky complexion and great curves. Unfortunately, my parent separated after 10 years of marriage. Mom was well to do and raised me and my elder sister.

At the time of these events, mom was 39 years of age and I was 19. I was a voyeur and tried to watch neighborhood women through various windows of my second-floor room. I noticed that it was sexier to watch my own mom working in our backyard.

There was a well in our backyard. My mom used to draw water, wash clothes and utensils out there. Like all South Indian aunties, she used to fold her saree or nightie up to her knees and tie around her pallu while working. It was a treat to watch her thighs and ample cleavage and bosom up from above.

As she did most of the work by herself, she was fit and curvy. I got the best views of my mom through the bathroom windows. She had no idea that her own son was into voyeurism and shagging just meters away from her. On the day of this incident which I am going to narrate, it was around 6 in the morning.

Mom had already woken up and started her work. I had a raging hard-on in my sleep. I got out of my bed to go to the bathroom to pee. The sound of mom washing the utensils gave me an idea. Once I peed, I decided to relieve my raging hard-on by watching mom and shagging.

I looked out of the window. Mom was sitting on a small stool and washing the utensils. She was wearing her sexiest nightie and it was knee-high now. This nightie had a plunging neckline. I could see her cleavage well and her mangalsutra embedded in it.

My dick became hard and I started to rub my penis. Suddenly I realized some movement near mom. It was our neighborhood boy Aziz who was our family friend for several generations. He was my elder sister Anitha’s boyfriend and had visited our home many times.

I was pretty sure that Anitha had lost virginity to him. Aziz was a slim guy and was wearing a t-shirt and a lungi. He put on a small stool and squatted in front of mom. As he had folded his lungi, his upper thighs were now visible. Mom’s nightie had also gone up to her thigh level now.

Now I realized that mom could have raised it a bit to give a show to Aziz. I could not hear what they were talking about. But it was fishy that Aziz was here in our backyard so early in the morning. She raised her arms to tie up her loose bun, and I could see her bosom heave upwards.

Aziz noticed it too and slightly parted his legs. Now I could see that mom’s eyes were fixated on his lungi. To my surprise, I noticed that his cock started to spring out of his lungi. My God! Such a long and thick cock on such a slim boy? Mom was licking her lips now in thirst.

Aziz realized this and got up and walked towards Ratna. He stood close to my sitting mom. Now his cock was out mere millimeters from Ratna’s beautiful face. How can a lonely woman like my mom resist such a thick cock?
Aziz started caressing his circumcised cock on my mom’s cheeks now.

Mom was a little bashful and she was blushing. Slowly the cock moved to her lips. With an orgasmic sigh, mom started tasting Aziz’s penis head. My cock was so hard that I was going to cum any second by watching this spectacle. While mom started sucking Aziz, he slowly unbuttoned her nightie.

It was no surprise that mom was not wearing a bra. She never wears undies at home. Her huge milk jugs sprang out and were now in Aziz’s hands. Now Aziz started squeezing Ratna’s round and heavy boobs very well. Although I was angry mom was doing this, I was also happy that she is sexually pleased now.

After, tasting Aziz’s thick cock for a while, Ratna got up. Now they were ready for another position. Aziz started burying his face into my mom’s ample bust. He started sucking her nipples. Mom was so excited and I could see the pleasure on her facial reactions.

Now Aziz pulled up mom’s nightie. In a second mom was completely nude standing in front of a younger guy. I was going dizzy by seeing her huge ass. My cock was about to burst. Aziz made mom bend over the well’s wall and check out her ass. He split open her butt cheeks and checked what’s in there.

It was surprising to see mom was completely shaved down there. After ensuring it was clean, he started licking mom’s pussy. Now I could hear her moans on the second floor. How bold she was doing this in the backyard. Aziz did tongue action on Ratna for 5 minutes and now she was wet enough.

Now I knew what they were going to do next. Mom sat on the well’s wall facing Aziz. He placed his circumcised cock head on Ratna’s hairless pussy opening. With a slight push, the cock was a couple of inches in. Mom was already moaning hard. Gradually Aziz increased his thrust.

I estimated that cock would be at least 9 inches and was wondering how much mom could take. After a few strokes, Aziz’s cock was only halfway through. But mom was already on the verge of cumming. Now it was time for the final push.

With slight effort, Aziz pushed his entire cock into Ratna’s mature but tight pussy. Ratna had opened her mouth fully and closed her eyes due to amazement and intense pleasure. Now Aziz started the pounding. Ratna’s hips were gyrating.

After a couple of minutes, mom gave a shriek and her legs were shaking due to multiple orgasms. Mom pushed away Aziz after experiencing multiple orgasms. Now I realized that mom didn’t want him to cum in her pussy because she was still fertile. But the job was only half-finished.

Ratna had cummed many times, but Aziz was still hard. So she squatted in front of him and took his cock in her mouth. As Aziz was so tense, he started pounding Ratna’s mouth. She could not withstand the assault on her throat and stood up in protest.

Now they agreed that the cumming would be in the only hole which is unexplored, her asshole! Mom was on all fours like a bitch in heat. Aziz split open her ass and check her asshole. He licked his finger and inserted in her asshole. Mom gave a moan.

Aziz leaned over and spit into Ratna’s asshole and placed his cock head on her hole. He started pushing in. I thought it would be painful for mom, but from her reactions, I realized that it was a mix of pain and pleasure. Mercifully, Aziz put only half of his cock into Ratna’s ass. But he pounded her hard.

Because of the tightness of her asshole, Aziz cummed in a couple of minutes and both of them lied down exhausted. My cock had also exploded with jizz in the bathroom. I felt ashamed and moved away.

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