Mom’s Audition Rehearsals – Part 2

Now Amit was in his underwear while I was in my bra only. I laid Amit on the bed and almost jumped on him. I sat on his crotch, and I started to kiss him passionately. The scene was supposed to end there. But I was done with the rehearsals, and now I desperately wanted a cock inside my pussy.

So I continued kissing Amit. In a flash, I unhooked my bra and threw it away. Now, one more time, I was stark naked in front of my son and, this time, having sex with his dad. Amit, too, held my boobs tightly and started squeezing them. I was rubbing my pussy on Amit’s cock over the underwear.

It was dripping wet now. I pulled down Amit’s underwear, and his cock sprang from it. But when I glanced at Ashmit, he was sitting on a chair. The mobile was placed on a table nearby. His shorts and underwear were lying near his ankle on the floor, and his big thick dick was out in the open.

It was much bigger and thicker than that of Amit, and he was stroking it freely. He noticed that I was looking at him. But that didn’t deter him, and he continued to stroke his dick. Looking right into his eyes, I slid down towards Amit’s knees. Now Amit’s fully erect cock was open in the air.

Keeping eye contact with Ashmit, I slowly put that dick into my mouth. Ashmit was jerking faster now. I continued to suck his cock. In between, I was looking at Ashmit, and he was still jerking. After 5-6 minutes of sucking, from Amit’s body movement, it was evident that he was about to cum.

So I held his balls tight and started to stroke his dick while sucking the tip of the dick. In barely 1-2 minutes, Amit screamed, “Fuck!” and he released a huge cumload into my mouth. After he was done with his discharge, I looked back at Ashmit again.

To my surprise, he was still jerking. His big cock was as hard as an iron rod. Like those pornstars, I pulled my tongue covered with Amit’s cum out and ate all the cum. While a little cum spilt from my mouth. I wiped it with my finger and sucked that finger, too.

I then again opened my mouth to show all the cum was eaten. I knew Amit’s stamina. So I knew he wasn’t done yet. His cock, too, was still stiff. I got up and sat on his dick, guiding his dick right into my pussy. I started riding Amit’s cock in a reverse cowboy position.

Actually, I am not a big fan of that position. But I chose that one because it helped me to keep eye contact with Ashmit. I was riding Amit’s cock wildly and moaning quite freely now. I was blabbering in a filthy language as well. After 7-8 minutes of riding Amit’s cock, my legs started to feel weak.

I was feeling exhausted. Surprisingly, Ashmit’s cock was still rock hard, and he was still striking it. Just around that time, from his body language, I felt he was about to cum. I desperately wanted to have his cock in my mouth. So, finally, I gave up waiting for him to take the initiative.

I gestured to him to come to me with my middle finger. He finally got up from the chair and threw away his tee. Now, all three were stark naked in the room. He slowly started to walk towards me. He was still jerking simultaneously as he was walking towards me.

He climbed up the bed and stood near me. I tried to bend forward to take his dick into my mouth, but he moved a step backwards.

Me: Come on, Amit, screw me hard, you sonofabitch. Fuck me harder.

Now rather than me moving up and down, Amit was moving his waist and fucking me while I was trying to get hold of Ashmit’s dick. Ashmit again came a step forward. This time, I deliberately didn’t try to get hold of his cock. But he came even closer and released a big cumload on my face.

One big spring, followed by two-three smaller springs, and my entire face was covered with his cum. Ashmit has again moved back. Though his cock, too, was still pretty hard. He just picked up his clothes and left the room. After that, I cleaned my face with a towel.

Amit continued to screw me in different positions for the next half an hour. He released one more cumshot into my pussy and retired to the bed. I was also physically exhausted. But the scene of Ashmit stroking his massive cock in front of me was still lingering in my mind.

Amit: You were on fire today. You wanted Ashmit to fuck you or at least let you suck his cock, right?

Amit had caught me. But somehow, I didn’t dare to accept it. So, I preferred to keep mum.

Amit: Come on, admit it, and don’t worry. I won’t get angry with you for that. I finally gathered some courage.

Me: Yes, you are right. His massive cock,.

Amit: I can understand. But don’t behave like a slut with him when I won’t be around tomorrow morning. Take it slow and as per his wishes. Don’t make him think of his sweet loving Mom as a nymphomaniac slut.

Amit had a valid point. For a long time, I was thinking about what had happened after dinner yesterday. It made me wet again. But Amit was fast asleep and snoring. I walked naked to Ashmit’s room and opened the door. He, too, was asleep. So, disappointed, I went back to bed and slept naked.

The next morning, my alarm rang at 5 a.m., as usual. For a second, I felt all that happened last night was a big dream. But then, I found myself completely naked and realised it wasn’t a dream. But I decided to stay naked and went to the washroom.

After that, I headed straight to the kitchen and started preparing tea. I was lost in my thoughts. I couldn’t believe my slutty behaviour last night. Just then, a man completely naked hugged me from behind. I was a little startled and turned around to see who the person was.

As I turned my head towards him, Amit quickly pressed his lips against mine. Honestly, I was a little disappointed to see Amit. Somewhere back of my mind, I wished it was Ashmit. I guess Amit, too, noticed that.

Amit: So sad, na, the same old guy.

He winked with a wicked smile on his face. But before I could say anything, he started to kiss me again. Without wasting any further time, he bent me forward towards the kitchen platform. He put his dick inside my pussy and started to fuck me.

Me: Mr. Amit Joshi, if you waste my time in this way, you will have to go to the office without the tiffin.

Amit: No problems. I’ll eat something in the canteen today. But I won’t waste the opportunity of screwing you in the kitchen. I want to enjoy and encash every moment of your slutty mood.

Me: And why do you think that I am in a slutty mood today?

Amit: Because you didn’t bother to wear clothes before coming out of our room today.

Me: That’s because my husband ordered me to stay naked till the maid arrives in the morning.

Amit: Oh, I didn’t know, you are such an obedient submissive bitch.

And he spanked really hard on my ass. “Aah,” I moaned. That followed a few more spanks. Generally, I never liked the pain caused by spanking. So Amit never spanked me. But today, I loved it. Amit stopped spanking and focussed back on fucking me.

After almost 15 minutes of fucking in a standing position, my legs started to pain. So I stopped Amit and lay down on the kitchen floor, and Amit gleefully mounted me. After another 7-8 minutes of missionary fuck, he finally cummed inside my pussy. I cleaned up myself and finally finished tea-making.

While I was still naked, Amit wore his shorts. Then Amit got ready for his office and left at his usual time of 7.30. As soon as he left, I peeped again into Ashmit’s room. He was still sleeping. As our maid servant used to come at around 8-8.30, I wanted him to see me roaming naked in the house.

I wanted to wake him up. But then I remembered Amit’s words to go slow. So I decided to wait for him to wake up. But as usual, he woke up after the maid came, and he found me properly dressed up as usual. But he didn’t seem to be as usual since morning.

I could feel that he was trying to avoid any eye contact with me. Rather than having his morning tea at leisure along with the newspaper, he hurriedly finished the tea and went back to his room.

Was he annoyed for being so sleazy in front of him yesterday? I needed to know what was wrong with him. So I went to his room.

Ashmit: Yes, Mom.

Me: Is everything alright, beta?

Ashmit (without looking at me): Yes, Mom.

Me: Look into my eyes and tell me.

Ashmit turned around me, but still, he was avoiding eye contact. He was looking at the floor.

Ashmit: Actually, Mom, I am quite ashamed of what I did yesterday. I am feeling very guilty about that. I guess he was talking about covering my face with his cum. But I was not sure. But to make things a little easier and more friendly, I held his face near his cheeks and moved it upwards towards me.

Me: I am not getting what you are talking about. I am not at all interested in knowing what you are talking about. I think you didn’t do anything for which you should be ashamed or guilty.

I pulled his face towards me, in face very close to my lips. When I was about to kiss him, he somehow freed himself and moved a step back. But before I could say anything, I saw our maid near Ashmit’s room doing some cleaning. So, I ended the discussions.

Then Ashmit got ready and went to his friend. The maid had also completed her work and left. I knew Ashmit was upset about last night. I wanted to get him out of it. I got ready to welcome him with a deep-cut blouse showing a lot of cleavage covered by a thin transparent saree.

After some time, he came back with a tripod stand. He looked a little surprised to see me like that. I sat on the couch while Ashmit was standing next to me.

Me: So, should we start with the rehearsals? Or do you wish to say something before that?

Ashmit: Mom, I said I am sorry for what happened yesterday. What more can I say now?

Me: And I also told you that you haven’t done anything for which you should be sorry. Yes. I didn’t like that you covered my face with your cum. I would have loved it had you filled my mouth with your cum.

Ashmit looked absolutely shocked when I said that. I don’t know whether he was shocked to see me speaking about last night so openly or he was shocked at what I said. But I felt like teasing him a little more. So I continued to speak.

Me: In fact, if you wish, you can rectify yesterday’s mistake right now.

And I threw my saree pallu on the floor, exposing my deep cleavage. Ashmit looked more shocked now. So basically, he was not going to do anything with me right now. So, to make things a little lighter, I started to giggle, and it became an uncontrollable laugh.

While laughing, I collected my pallu and put it back on my shoulder. But it was clubbed together between the two boobs, still showing some good parts of my melons.

Me (trying to control my laugh): Relax, dear. I was pulling your leg, dear.

While saying this, I pulled him near me, holding his hand. As he was lost in his thoughts, he just fell on my lap. I put my hands on his shoulder and held him near his neck.

Me: On a serious note, I still don’t think you did anything wrong. Perhaps, I acted in a rather slutty manner. But to be honest with you, I can’t express how much I enjoyed getting naked and having sex in front of you. And seeing you wank your big tool made me even hornier.

Me: Yes, I would have loved had you deep-throated me rather than giving me a facial. But your suggestion to expose it has opened a whole new world to me. I care a fuck whether it is appropriate or not.

Ashmit looked much more comfortable and relaxed now. Still holding his head in my hands, I came close to his lips.

Me: Thank you, sweetheart.

I pressed my lips against his. Unlike the morning, he didn’t try to free himself and escape from the kiss. Instead, he, too, started kissing me passionately, just like last evening. After a couple of minutes of liplock, he broke the kiss, hugged me and whispered in my ears.

Ashmit: You know, Mom, I am feeling so relieved. I was so tense and upset over what happened last night. I know you peeped into my room sometime after I left your room.

Ashmit: I was literally petrified that you would scold me very badly for what I did. I still don’t know if what I did was proper or not, and that question won’t wither out easily. But for your happiness and pleasure, I can do anything and everything.

When he hugged me, his manly chest was pressing against my soft boobs. That gave me a strange tingling sensation. He has hugged me on countless occasions in the past. But never had such a sensation. I started to feel a little horny.

But I remembered Amit’s advice to go slow. So I controlled myself, and I broke the hug.

Me: So, should we rehearse now?

Ashmit: Yeah, sure, I think we should rehearse both scenes in the bedroom so that we don’t need to adjust the camera again and again.

Me: Okay, No problems.

We went to the bedroom. Ashmit fixed the camera on the tripod, and we started.
As per the scene, I first said the long dialogue. Then I started to kiss Ashmit, first on his lips and then all over his face. Then Ashmit was supposed to kiss me back.

But rather than stopping to kiss and let him kiss me back, I just continued kissing him, and while doing so, I threw my pallu on the floor. Ashmit struggled a bit and freed himself from my onslaught.

Ashmit: Wait, wait, wait, Mom, I guess you are missing out on the soft and sensuous feeling of the scene. Do it slowly and softly.

To prove his point, he showed me the recording of the same. I got his point. We did the scene again. This time, I showed some restraint and did very softly and slowly. As per the script, first, I kissed him. Then he kissed me. Then I threw the pallu, and now he was supposed to kiss my cleavage.

But he continued to kiss my cheeks and neck. I could sense some hesitance in his actions. So I slowly pushed his head downwards towards my cleavage. I saw him staring at my cleavage from a few centimetres. So I again pushed his head onto my cleavage.

He finally kissed my cleavage, and once again, I experienced an electric current throughout my body. But the very next moment, he again switched towards my neck. Realising his consciousness, I asked him to stop.

Me: Should we try again?

We started again. But again, this time, Ashmit got conscious when it came to kissing my cleavage and on the boobs over the blouse. We did try 2-3 times more. But now Ashmit was having some problems.

Ashmit: Mom, if you don’t mind, can we do it slightly differently?

Me (A little puzzled): Okay, So how do you intend to do that?

Ashmit: I’ll show you. You don’t throw your pallu. I’ll take it down.

Me: Okay.

So this time, we started directly with kissing. I kissed him on his lips, forehead, cheeks, and chin. Then he kissed me back on my lips. But then he turned me around with my back facing him. He slowly kissed me behind my right ear, then again behind the ear at a different spot, then on the right ear.

He gently bit my ear. Then he slowly removed my earring and kissed on earlobe. Again, he bit my right earlobe. He kissed me right in the middle of the ear. He opened his mouth and brought out his tongue a little, and licked on the ear canal as if he was licking my pussy.

He then licked the back of my ear. While his mouth was busy with my ear, I didn’t realise when he slid my pallu down. I realised it when he rolled his fingers over my belly and put his index finger into my navel. While he was tormenting my ears with his mouth, his hands roamed on my belly and navel.

Just then, he slowly moved towards my neck, lifted my hair and kissed my neck. He continued kissing downwards, and he started on the open back. It was just too terrible for me. My pussy was oozing with fluids, and my pussy was wet. He then just held me near my navel and hugged me tightly from behind.

His hard tool was now pricking on my ass. I was breathing heavily. My protruding globes were moving with every breath I took. I knew a few more minutes in this way. It will be impossible for me to control. I was lost in my thoughts.

Me (in my thoughts): Is he doing this deliberately to arouse me? Does he really think that this is the way of doing this scene? Even if, in that case, it doesn’t matter what he thinks. After all, I’ll have to perform as per the scene given to me and what if he is trying to arouse me so that I should take the initiative and indulge in hard sex?

Just when I was lost in my thoughts, he gently squeezed both my boobs from behind. A soft moan escaped from my mouth. My thoughts were broken, and I interrupted him. I turned around, facing him.

Me: I am sorry to interrupt you, beta. I know how you imagine this scene is too awesome and too erotic. But don’t you think we should rather stick to the script provided to me?

Before I could speak anything more, he put his lips onto mine and started kissing me. But this time, this didn’t seem to be a spontaneous one. Instead, he was doing as described in the script. He kissed my lips, cheeks, and ears and moved slowly towards my neck, then towards my cleavage.

He kissed my cleavage and boobs over the blouse. He also squeezed the boobs a few times in the process. Most importantly, he didn’t seem to be awkward or hesitant this time. Then he just got up and stopped recording.

Ashmit: Is that perfect, Mom? Let’s see.

And he connected the phone to his laptop, and we started to see the recording. Seeing all those again on the laptop screen made me even more horny. My panties were so drenching wet. I could feel the fluids overflowing from the panties and flowing down my inner thighs.

I could also see a huge bulge in his pants. From his reactions, Ashmit seemed to be happy with the scene.

Ashmit: Should we proceed to the next scene?

Honestly, I was petrified at this question, as in the next scene. I was supposed to undress myself and to him to our inners only. My panties were already soaking wet. I didn’t know what to do now.

Me: Wait a minute. Let me wear a panty before we proceed to the next scene.

I winked as if I wasn’t wearing any. I opened my cupboard, and the panties I found immediately were a small thong. I tried to search for something better. But I couldn’t find any. I was taking too much time.

Ashmit: C’mon, Mom, do it quick or even if you aren’t wearing anything, it doesn’t matter. I have seen everything.

Me: Shut up and wait!

I took the thong and went to the washroom. As expected, my panties were so wet, as if I peed in them. I removed them, cleaned myself, wore the small thong, and came back. We started the scene. As per the script, I first unbuttoned my blouse and took it off completely.

Then I moved closer to Ashmit and took off his tees. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. But as he was wearing tight pants, it didn’t fall off immediately. So I sat on my knees right in front of his crotch. I tried to pull it down with some force.

In that process, I accidentally pulled his underwear along with his pants down up to his thighs. His hard and erect cock freed from the cage and sprang out, and its tip touched my lips.