Mom’s Audition Rehearsals – Part 4

At around 7, Amit returned from the office. As usual, Amit opened the door with his keys. As he entered, he must have seen our clothes all over the drawing room. I’m sure he must have heard my big moaning sounds as well. Out of curiosity or anxiety, he rushed to the room.

With the door sound, I turned around. Amit was completely shocked to see both Ashmit and I were topless. I was sitting on his crotch. There was a blanket covering my ass and his legs. He was holding my boobs tightly. I was moving my ass up and down as if I was riding his cock.

I was eager to see Amit’s reaction. I thought he would get mad. He would yell at us. But instead, he looked excited.

Amit (To me): You horny slut. (to Ashmit) and you motherfucker, wait for me.

And he started to take off his clothes. I was closely watching him. Soon, he was fully naked. I threw the blanket that was covering our lower part to reveal that we both were wearing shorts and not having sex. Amit was completely shocked and in total disbelief.

On seeing his expression, I couldn’t control my laugh. Even Ashmit was laughing out loud. While laughing, I got up and gave Amit a nice hug and a small kiss on his lips.

Me: What did you think? This horny slut was having sex with her motherfucker son? (I was still laughing)

Amit (Disgusted): I am so sorry, dear. But what was that?

Me: Nothing, just a prank.

Amit: Or you wanted to see how I would react if I came to know that you are fucking with your son?

Me: If that happens, I will tell you directly rather than waiting for you to find out about it.

Amit: So you haven’t been fucked since I left in the morning?

Me (With a sad face): No.

Amit: Alright.

And then, with one jerk, he pulled down my shorts and my panties underneath it. Amit looked pleased to see my bald-shaved pussy.  He gently rolled his fingers over the soft, hairless area of my crotch.

Amit: Wow! Thank you, Ashmit. I finally got what I wished for over 20 years.

He quickly sat down and started to kiss my pussy area. He lifted my leg and put it on the bed, and clutched his mouth to my pussy. After licking my pussy for some time, he got up.

Amit: Ashmit, you deserve a good blowjob from this horny bitch for your good work.

Ashmit: But how can you be so sure that I have done that?

Amit: Arre, I have known her for so long. I know how clumsily she shaves her bush.

And he pressed me on my back and made me bend forward. Ashmit didn’t move. But Amit swiftly put his tool inside my pussy. Aah. I moaned. Though I had squirted thrice earlier today, the pleasure of having a dick was unparalleled. Amit started to screw me from behind.

He was kneading my boobs like dough with one hand and fingering my clit with the other. He was gently spanking my ass in between. After screwing me from behind for some time, he made me lie down on the bed. He started to screw me in the missionary position.

I glanced at Ashmit. Like last night, his shorts had disappeared, and he was wanking his cock while watching a live sex show. After a few minutes, Amit changed his position again. Now he was lying on the bed, and I was riding his cock.

Just then, Ashmit got up and came close to me, and stuffed his cock into my mouth.

Amit: Fantastic. Welcome to the party, my son.

Though I had sucked his cock earlier for a brief time. This time, it felt sensational. For the first time in my life, I was having a threesome. I was riding my husband’s cock while sucking my son’s cock. I was finding it difficult to do both things in tandem.

Ashmit: Dad, make her a doggy style.

Amit readily agreed to the idea. I was standing on my four.

Amit: Son, wanna come to the backside?

Ashmit shook his head negatively. So Amit started to screw me from the back. Amit came in front of me and again stuffed his cock into my mouth. I was in that position for another 10 minutes. After that, Amit finally cum inside me and retired to the bed.

But I was far from my orgasm, and I wanted Amit to continue. But he didn’t seem to be interested. From Ashmit’s body language, he didn’t seem to be even near his climax. I was tired of being on my four. So I left Ashmit’s dick and lay down on the bed with my legs spread apart.

Honestly, all I wanted at that point was for Ashmit to mount on me and screw me hard. But Ashmit sat down on his knees near my head and put his dick in my mouth, and bent forward to lick my pussy.

We were in a 69 position. Like in the afternoon, he was teasing my clit with his tongue. His body was crushing my boobs. Amit was watching this for some time. He stood up.

Amit: Ashmit, this bitch needs something more than this type of gentle teasing.

He came near my legs and put his index and middle finger deep into pussy, and touched the G-spot straightaway. As I opened my mouth to moan, Ashmit’s dick slipped deep into my throat.

Now his entire dick (Almost 9 inches long) was inside my mouth. He was pressing my clit with his fingers. Amit was finger fucking me. Now, that was making me excited. I somehow managed to get that monstrous cock out of my mouth.

Me: Amit, let him lick.

Amit took off his fingers, and Ashmit started licking my pussy opening. He stepped aside and lay beside me, and I started stroking his cock. Now Amit took his place and stuffed his cock into my mouth. Now I was sucking Amit’s cock, jerking Ashmit’s cock.

Ashmit was licking my pussy while Amit was tormenting my boobs with squeezing and pinching. It was too much for me, and I reached my orgasm. And one more time, I showered Ashmit’s face with my cum.

Amit: Wow! I didn’t know you can squirt like whores.

Amit took off his cock from my mouth and moved towards my feet again. While I was still recovering from that orgasm, he turned me around. I was on my stomach now. Amit lifted my ass and poured some oil on my asshole.

I knew what was coming my way. I almost screamed, “No.” But Amit was in no mood to listen to me.

Amit: Ashmit, shut her mouth.

Ashmit obediently got up. Helped me get on my four again and inserted his cock deep into my mouth. Just around that time, Amit inserted his middle finger deep into my asshole. I moaned again loudly. He started finger fucking my ass.

First, with the middle finger only and then with the middle finger and index finger of one hand in the asshole. The same fingers of the other hand in the pussy. On a normal day, I would have been annoyed with Amit for doing this. But today, like a submissive slave, I was letting him inflict pain on me.

Honestly, I was enjoying being a submissive slave to my husband and my son on that day. While both my holes were getting a finger fuck, the speed of Ashmit’s mouth fucking increased. In one final thrust, he put his dick deep into my throat and released a big cumload into my throat.

Ashmit was lying beside me, watching closely, getting his Mom assfucked. After fingerfucking for some time, Amit lubricated his cock well. Then he stuffed a handkerchief into my mouth and placed his dickhead right on top of my asshole. I closed my eyes tightly.

Then he slowly slid it a little inside. The dick was barely an inch into my asshole, and I felt like screaming out loud. But I couldn’t, as Amit had already closed my mouth. He took it out. Again poured a lot of oil on my asshole and also inside the asshole and then again.

This time, he pushed it much deeper inside. He was literally tearing my ass apart. After fucking my ass for 5 mins, he finally switched to my pussy and screwed me hard. I was completely exhausted. I was like dead meat. He was fucking me hard and hard.

Finally, after another 10 minutes of drilling my pussy, my misery ended with Amit releasing a cumload into my pussy. I just collapsed on the bed. I was completely out of breath. Both the pussy and the ass were paining terribly. I don’t know when and how I fell asleep there.

After some time, I woke up. I was sleeping properly on the pillow. I had a blanket on me. I could still feel some pain in both pussy and asshole. It was complete darkness in the room. I somehow managed to reach the night lamp and turned it on. It was 8.30 pm. I could hear the TV sound from the drawing room.

I came out to the drawing room. Both Amit and Ashmit were properly dressed and were watching TV. On seeing me, Amit rushed to me and hugged me gently.

Amit: Are you okay, sweetheart? I am sorry I got carried away in the heat of the moment, and I…

Before he could finish the sentence, I put my hand on his lips.

Me: Shhh. That’s okay, dear—no need to explain. Let me wear something and cook something.

This time, Amit closed my lips with his finger.

Amit: I guess both things are not needed. We’ll order something.

Me. Hmmm. Okay.

I sat down on the couch. Ashmit called someone and was busy giving the order.

Amit: I saw your recordings with Ashmit earlier today. I must say you were phenomenal. The chemistry you two showed on screen was mind-blowing. But Asha, will you be able to perform with that ease and intensity with a lesser-known guy and in front of others?

I was a little confused about what Amit was saying.

Me: Why do you have such doubts?

Amit: See, you have been rehearsing with your people, either your husband or your son. So, automatically, the comfort level is altogether different, right?

Me: Doing it with my son wasn’t that easy.

Amit: True. But in hardly 24 hours, you are sitting naked with him without any inhibitions. Can you achieve that kind of comfort level with the actor?

I was lost in my thoughts. Amit had a valid point.

Amit: What about a pizza delivery dare while taking food delivery now?

Me: Now, what’s pizza delivery dare?

Rather than explaining to me what it was, he showed me a video of a pizza delivery dare. I was baffled by the video that was shown to me.

Me (Angrily): You mean I should go naked in front of an unknown delivery guy?

Amit: If you are not okay with going naked, you can at least try being scantily clad. Can’t you?

Me (in a calmer tone): Yeah. Well, that depends on your definition of “scantily clad”.

In the meantime, Ashmit was done with ordering, etc., and he joined the discussion.

Ashmit: Pizza delivery dare! That’s interesting. I can think of a costume for this. Let me show you.

Ashmit went inside and came out with a set of shorts and a matching halter-neck bralette. It was made of black semi-transparent lace material. The top had a lace strap.  I was shocked that Ashmit knew about it. I had never worn it outside our room. Never even as an undergarment. I wore it only rarely to seduce Amit.

Me: How the fuck do you know about it?

Ashmit: That’s not important. Tell me, will you wear this?

Me: Only this?

Ashmit: Yes. But tell me, will you ask your director so many questions when he asks you to strip down to your undergarments?

Me: Alright. I’ll wear that. But what about this?

I raised both my hands and showed them my hairy armpits.

Ashmit: No problem. Your personal hair trimmer is at your service, ma’am!

We went into the bathroom. Like in the afternoon, he swiftly shaved my armpits and washed them with bathing soap. He gently rolled his fingers on the clean armpit. I had a tingling sensation. So, I tried to take my hands down. But instead, he pinned me to the bathroom wall.

He raised both my hands and held them tightly together at the wrists with one hand. He kissed my underarms gently. He then started licking my armpits. He was caressing my boobs slowly and softly. He released both of my hands and started to roll his fingers on my boobs while continuing to lick my armpits.

His fingers were very delicately touching my boobs. He was quite deliberately avoiding touching my nipples. Just some faint touches on the areolas.
I was feeling horny again. I closed my eyes. He came to the other armpit without leaving my breast held in his hand.

I was feeling wet in my pussy. But at the same time, my pussy wasn’t recovered from the onslaught of Amit just an hour ago. But he continued to tease my nipples without touching them. I was moaning softly. My nipples were hard and erect.

They wanted a touch or, rather, some wild squeezing, pinching and kneading. But he was denying me all that. Unknowingly,  I started to finger myself gently. Just then, the bell rang. I saw Amit standing at the bathroom door.

Ashmit was standing beside me. My finger was inside my pussy.  I blushed and hid my face with my hand, though the other hand was still on my pussy.

Amit: We will have the rest of the session later.

He winked and gave me the shorts and bralette. He showed me his phone. He had already set a video call from my mobile, which was strategically placed to see the door. I wore the costume quickly and stood at the door. The bell rang again a couple of times in quick succession.

I took a deep breath and opened the door. To my surprise, a delivery girl was standing with a large carry bag in her hand. She was gorgeous and had a sexy figure. She was wearing a low-cut cropped top showing her tummy and navel and a low-waist denim mini skirt.

She, too looked stunned to see me standing semi-naked in front of her. Her eyes were fixed on my nipples and pussy, which were visible through that fabric. But she somehow maintained her composure.

The girl: Sorry, ma’am, for being so impatient. But since it was my last delivery of the day, I was in a hurry to finish it off quickly.

Me: That’s okay. But honestly, for the first time, I am seeing a delivery girl!

Girl: Yeah. Actually, I do it part-time to earn some extra pocket money.

Me: That’s great.

Girl: This is your parcel and your bill of Rs. 1460.

All this time, she was staring at my body and especially my boobs and my pussy. In fact, I noticed her biting her lips gently. A new plan hatched into my brain, and I thought of teasing the two men a little more. I was already feeling quite horny and wet.

So I wanted to tease both Amit and Ashmit a little and make them also horny. So, I started to speak in a whispering tone.

Me: Can you please come a little closer to me?

The girl looked absolutely stunned. Girl: What are you talking about, ma’am?

Me: Don’t worry, I won’t even touch you without your permission.

She moved a couple of steps forward and stood very close to me. Being an actress, I knew how to bring tears to the eyes without glycerine. I made a tearful face and spoke in a melancholy tone.

Me: See, please don’t misunderstand me. But right now, I am standing here half-naked in front of you because my perverted husband has given me the pizza delivery dare task. I was supposed to kiss the delivery boy as a tip. But I couldn’t do it twice.

Me: So I got my jeans and Tees removed, and he ordered again from a different place. Now if I don’t do it, he will continue to order till I’m stark naked and then afterwards. (with a pause and holding back my tears) I don’t know what will happen to my pussy and asshole.

Then I swiftly wiped my eyes as if I were wiping my tears. I was eager to see her reactions. But she stood there stunned. I guess my acting wasn’t convincing enough. So I just took the bill and the parcel from her hand.

Me: I’ll bring the money went inside to bring the money.

As I went inside my bedroom, it was totally dark there. Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone grabbed my boob from behind. As I was lost in my thoughts, with such a sudden attack on my boobs, I screamed, “Ouch.” and a reflex action, I slapped hard 2-3 times on that hand.

In the total silence in the room, the slapping made some big sounds. Amit came forward.

Amit (in a whispering sound): Ouch. Chill, it’s me. What are you talking to her in such a low voice?

Me: Wait. I’ll be back.

I took my purse once again, making a tearful and sad face. This time, I took a few seconds and made sure that tears actually rolled down my cheeks and went out. The girl was already inside the flat, and she had closed the door.

Girl: Ma’am, are you alright?

I didn’t answer that question. I opened the purse and gave her 1500 rs.

Me: Keep the change. Thank you.

I went towards the door to open it. She held my hand, pulled me near her and planted a kiss on my lips. Wow! Yet another first in 24 hours. I had done so many things for the first time in the last 24 hours.

First, I stood naked in front of my son, then had sex with my husband in his presence. Then squirting, pissing on another person, a threesome with son and husband. And now a kiss by a girl. That was the most sensational kiss in my entire life.

Somehow I never liked lesbian porn, or I never liked movies which had LGBT references. Maybe that was due to my conservative upbringing. But now I was locking my lips with an unknown girl, and honestly, I was enjoying it thoroughly. I wanted to see Amit and Ashmit’s reaction to this.

Whether they are enjoying this scene or whether they will perceive me as a nymphomaniac.  I just threw myself into that kiss without giving it much thought. I loved the soft touch of lips on mine. I loved the feeling of her soft melons pressing against mine.

I loved the way she was rolling her tender fingers on my bare back. I wanted more of her. In the flow, one hand moved downwards and got hold of her boob. I always wondered why men are so obsessed with boobs. Why do they love so much to squeeze them?

But now I understood why. It was just an awesome feeling to hold and gently squeeze that soft and tender piece of meat. Just then, she broke the kiss. Is that all? After all, I had asked for just a kiss, and she had obliged. She looked deep into my eyes. I tried to have a thankful expression on my face.

I don’t know how much I succeeded in it.

Me: I don’t know how I should thank you.

Girl: Please, Ma’am. I didn’t do this because you asked me to do it. I did it because I wanted to do it.