More Than Cousins – Part 1

Hi, my name is Arsh and this is my first story on Indian sex stories. This story is about how I and my cousin Madhvi started our romantic journey. I hope you all will like this story.

Madhvi is 20 years old and in her 2nd year of B Tech. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall with a brown dusky skin complexion. She has good curves. Her figure must be 30-28-36.

Madhvi has a small round face with big round eyes. She kind of looks like Radhika Apte (Indian actress).

Talking about me, I am 19 years old with a sharp jawline, 6 feet and 1 inch tall which makes our height difference quite noticeable. But who cares about that anyways? Also, I play football so I am in good shape.

It was some random day of summer when Madhvi called me to tell me something that would head start this journey of ours. And it’s not what you are thinking!

She: Hey Arsh, kaisa hai? (how are you doing?)

Me: Ek-dum badhiya (excellent).

She: Abhi free ho to ghar aayega? Kuch batana hai tujhe (Can you come to my house today? I want to tell you something).

Me: Haa aata hu thodi der mein (Will come by later).

She: Theek hai fir milte hai (Ok, will see you).

I was wondering what she was even gonna tell me that was worth calling me at her home. Then I went there anyways. There was something about her that never let me resist her or deny her requests. After a while, I went there straight to her room.

As I entered her room, I could see her smiling as if she had something good to tell me and was waiting to tell me. I asked her what was the reason for her smile.

She said (still smiling): Kyun, achi nahi dikhti main haste hue? (Why, don’t I look good smiling?)

Me (laughing): Arre aisa kuch nahi hai. Tu jaldi bata kya batana tha mujhe (Nothing like that. Tell me what you want to tell me?)

What she told me broke me. My cousin said she was dating my friend Shreyash (who’ll be introduced later in the story). It was an awkward silence in the room. She thought I would be happy to hear that my cousin was dating my friend.

I was sitting there nodding. Then she asked me if was I not happy about all that.

I said: I am happy for you.

Then I got out of her room without uttering a word more. She must have seen something in my eyes. Then she followed me to the terrace. She asked again kind of with sorrow in her voice –

Her: Hey, I didn’t know this would make you upset.

She continued: I..I am really..

Then I started kissing her out of nowhere and she pushed me away.

Her: Arsh, wtf! Why are you kissing me?!

Me: Why do you think I am kissing you? Because I love you Madhvi and I can’t see you with any other man.

Her (wide eyes): What?

Me: Yeah, you heard it right. I love you and I can’t.

She pulled my shirt to her level and started kissing me aggressively. I couldn’t resist her. I grabbed her neck with one hand and her face with the other. We were kissing so passionately that we forgot we were cousins. And the passion was as if two lovers meant to be together forever and were seeing each other for the last time!

I kept sucking my cousin’s upper lip and she kept moving her tongue more aggressively. It felt so right kissing each other knowing how wrong it was knowing how taboo it was. The taboo must have made it more intense!

All that heat of years was coming out through that kiss. Then I started moving my hands under her shorts. I could feel her wet pussy. It was hairy and so wet. I almost forgot everything and I couldn’t control myself. She resisted suddenly. I looked at her. She with her eyes told me people were around.

Her: Bhai, yaha nahi (not here, bro).

So I stopped. We went downstairs and I said –

Me: I am leaving. Bye, Madhvi.

She was smiling.

Then my aunt from the kitchen said: Aren’t you gonna stay for dinner, Arsh?

Me: Not today, aunty.

Her (smiling again): See ya.

Then I left. While I was walking back to home, I got a text.

Buzz, click.

Madhvi: Was that one of your manipulating tricks?


Me: If I had a trick like that, wouldn’t I use it earlier?

Her: (Side-eyes emoji)

Me: Haha.

I kept my phone. She wasn’t here, but on the walk home, I could only think about my cousin’s wet lips and her wet pussy which I wanted to make mine and only mine.

Soon, I reached home and masturbated thinking about her. I cleaned myself, ate, and went straight to bed. Then I opened my phone and saw a disappearing message from Madhvi. I asked her what it was.

She said: It is something you will love.

I opened it. I was shocked and kinda confused to see someone’s pussy on my phone.

I asked: Isn’t it yours right?

She said it was hers.

I said: But you weren’t shaved today. She said she just did.

Me: For me?!

Her: Aur kiske liye? (Who else?)

Me: Kyun, Shreyash? (What about Shreyansh?)

Her: Uske liye nahi hai (wink emoji) (Not for him).

Me: What? You just?

Her: Lol.

Me: It’s so confusing.

Her: No, it’s not, I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Her: See you tomorrow.

Me: But.

Her: Okay, the thing I told you about me and Shreyash. Well, it’s true

Me: Hmm.

Her: I can’t explain it here. Sleep, for now. I will tell you tomorrow.

Me: Goodnight.

Then I kept my phone confused. What did my cousin mean by all this? What was she trying to do? Was she cheating on Shreyash, or was she lying when she said they were dating? We will know that in the next chapter.

Stay tuned.