Mother And Daughter In Texas – Part 2

Hello ISS readers, thank you for reading my previous story, here is part 2/Day 2 of my experience.

Finally, I got to sleep at 5 am. The next morning, both Mistress Brie and Goddess Vanessa were up at 8 am, and I was sleeping on the floor cuffed to the bed. They came near me, took a cane and canned me with a hard stoke! I woke up in pain and as soon as I saw them all naked with huge boobs looking at me, I got a hard-on.

They slapped me hard a few times and squeezed my balls until I give in to their dominance and I behaved. It was morning time to worship them. They both went back to the bed and I was ordered to lick their feet and one hand fingering Goddess Vanessa’s pussy and the other hand fingering Mistress Brie.

Now I had to go further and lick their pussy one after the other till they came which was 45 minutes. While I was licking, the other one would kick my balls, luckily not that hard and played with my cock with their feet.

They uncuffed me and took me to the bathroom. Mistress Brie was sitting on the toilet seat and Vanessa was getting ready with a strap-on. I was made to lick mistress Brie’s pussy while Goddess Vanessa inserted the strap-on in my ass. It was painful but I could not do anything as I had agreed to all the rough femdom and BDSM experience.

This went on for good 30 minutes and finally, both the mother and daughter stepped into the bathtub for a shower. I had to apply soap on their bodies, bring them drinks, and just watch them.

After the shower, they collared me and took me to the living room and inserted a butt plug and asked me to clean the bathroom. I started cleaning as I was told.

I had to pee, so I asked for permission if I could pee, to which they got mad and grabbed my dick, made me lie on the floor and made me pee on myself. They asked me to clean the bathroom with my clothes and lick the toilet seat clean. I did that and then they asked me to cook for them.

By then, I knew that there was no escape. Then, both the mother and the daughter decided to take a break. I was sitting on the floor naked in the living room and both of them went out to get a few things.

I was scared as I was alone and was hoping they don’t plan anything again. They came back in an hour and as soon as they entered, they came with candles, cloth pins, ropes and a new maid’s dress.

I was given a dirty black lace panty and the maid dress to wear. I wore the dress and they put on fake hair and started doing my makeup to make me look like a maid. Once I was ready, I was made to do all their household chores like cleaning, cooking, laundry, taking trash, etc.

Once all was done, they stripped me naked and made me lie on my back on the dining table and tied my hands and legs so that I can’t move. I started to get hard but at the same time, I was scared.

Goddess Vanessa sat on my face with her ass in my mouth. I had to lick deep and continuously. Meanwhile, mistress Brie lighted up the candle and started pouring wax all over my body, dick and nipples. Every drop started to hurt a lot. In 10 minutes, I was covered in lots of wax. Vanessa on the other hand was pinching and squeezing my nipples.

Then Mistress Brie sat on my face and Vanessa started to stroke my cock. To be honest, I loved that feeling. When I got hard, Vanessa inserted my dick in her pussy and inserted a vibrating butt-plug in my ass at high speed. I was moaning hard. I was told not to cum without permission.

They kept on fucking me and I couldn’t control and I came inside her by mistake! I asked for forgiveness. But she took my dick out, slapped me. I said, “Please Goddess, I am very sorry, please forgive me.”

Vanessa – How the fuck did you dare to cum without permission? And who said you can cum inside me, you pathetic piece of shit, fucking whore, fat bitch.

Me – I am very sorry, I didn’t mean to, it just happened.

Mistress Brie stood up, took her largest dildo – about 9″ long and thick, inserted in my ass and fucked me really hard. Watching it, Vanessa started stroking my cock and got me hard. As soon as I got hard, they made me come again and made me swallow my cum from their hands.

Now I was not allowed to cum. So, they caged my dick using a chastity belt, all locked up.

It was almost 4 pm, I was tied to the dining table and left there.

At 6 pm, Mistress Brie came, and untied me and told me that they have a few friends coming over for dinner and I need to prepare for them.

I said, it was only supposed to be us, to which she said, “Yes, but now plans changed. You are our maid and the server. Be prepared. Make sure you give good service. You are our whore for the evening.”


I will share my next part and the final part in the next story. Just for hints, there were 4 friends of theirs and I was the server, maid and entertainer.

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