Mother And Daughter In Texas – Part 3

Hello ISS readers, thank you for reading my previous story. Here is part 3 – Day 2 of my experience.

It is 7 pm and me, Mistress Brie and Goddess Vanessa were sitting and watching tv. Mistress got a call that their guests were on the way and should be home in 30 minutes. Then Mistress asked me to get naked, then wear panties and a maid dress.

Then Goddess got a vibrating anal plugged and inserted it in my ass. If I made a mistake, then they would turn it on. I was to prepare some lemonade and prepare the table. 30 minutes passes by and the guests arrived.

There were about 2 ladies probably in their mid-40s. They were like BBW and milfs. Around 5’6″ in height, 38 or 40BB boobs, chubby and Irish. They were some hot milfs. They all sat on the couch and Mistress called me to serve them some lemonade.

As I came in, they all started laughing and started to call me fat, whore, pathetic, slave, pig, useless and worthless. Then one of them grabbed me and and asked to show my dick.

My dick was not hard and they started laughing looking at the size. They grabbed me by the balls and made me lie on the floor. After that, they put their feet on my face and asked me to lick them.

Goddess started the vibrator while I was licking. I did that for about 10 minutes and then the other lady did the same. Meanwhile, Mistress and Goddess gathered all their supplies.

Some 30 minutes passed by. Mistress undressed me completely naked and cuffed my hands. Soon, Mistress was spanking me and Goddess was squeezing my balls. One lady was sitting on my face and making me lick her ass and pussy, while the last one was preparing to pee on me.

After about 1 hour of them making me lick and squeeze my balls, they stopped. I was sweating, wet and dirty. But I was enjoying the hardcore femdom inside.

Now I was asked to clean the floor and get cleaned up. Once all was done, they asked me to lay on the dining table naked.

Then they put the food on my body and I was asked not to move. But unfortunately, I did spill some and I was fucked in the ass 3 times by 3 different people until I was sore and couldn’t take it anymore.

The other lady wore a strap on and stuffed my mouth with a strap-on, so I couldn’t make any sounds. Then Mistress brie said –

Mistress brie: You move one more time and we will fuck your ass to an extent that you won’t be able to sit for days.

I tried not to move. Now finally, all were eating and laughing and making fun of me. After they were done, Goddess brought a bowl and all of them put their leftover food and put it on the floor.

Then the 1st lady grabbed a collar and collared me. I was asked to get on my knees and eat the food like a dog, while Mistress would pee on my face and food. They didn’t allow me to spill any piss. And if I did that, they all would pee on me.

I licked all the pee from the floor and ate all the food thrown at me. I was liking this humiliating bdsm action.

After I did all, they made me to vacuum the house and mop the floor and then clean the bathroom.

When I did all this, Mistress and Goddess ordered me to clean all the dishes naked. Then I was to please the guests by doing whatever I was told.

Then 1st lady started and said: Come here pig and lick my feet.

5 minutes later she said: You filthy pig, lick my armpit, lick my pussy and clean my ass.

And I did all that. Almost 30 minutes passed by. Then the 2nd lady said –

2nd lady: Lick my feet (I did it for 5 minutes). Now lick my ass. (And I did it). Now jerk off, but don’t cum.

She gamed me a denial like 5 times. And then she put on the dildo and asked me to lick it and lube it with my saliva. After that, she fucked my ass again and made me lick the strap-on. After this, they all made me rub their pussies and released their cum.

Then, they all left. I was alone with the Mistress and Goddess.

Now they tied me and got a cane and started to stroke me and made me beg to give them more. After this, they asked me to go and clean up. Finally, I was all cleaned up and had more than I was expecting or needed.

Now finally it was time for my freedom. Mistress Brie and Goddess Vanessa came to me, kissed me on my lips, started to rub my dick nicely and got me hard all over again.

For a moment, she scared me, but it went in a good direction. Mistress started to lick my dick and gave me a hard-on. And Goddess Vanessa let me finger her and she was fingering my ass with her 1 hand and fingering her mom with her other hand.

Once l was all hard, I started to fuck Mistress while Vanessa was rubbing Mistress’s pussy and fingering my ass. This went on for some time. Then she asked me to cum in Goddess’s mouth. Then Goddess spat the cum in my mouth. When I swallowed the cum, they set me free.

ISS Readers, this story is about 90% real and about 10% fiction. I hope you all loved it. If you all liked my experiences, then please do let me know if you will like me to write a new story.

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