Mother: My Life Changer – Part 3

Hi ISS readers. Thank you for reading the previous parts of my ///”>mom son incest story.  Here comes the ‘Erotic Sunday’ with mother and climax.

All the night actions were executed perfectly. I know on Sunday there will be more fun and if lucky, I will have sex. As usual, I got up late on Sunday as you know I ejaculated 2 times in the night which made me sleep more. Mom had already got up.

I can hear the vessel washing sound from the kitchen. I took a new lungi from the cupboard and wore it as I cannot find the old one. She must have taken it for washing. I entered the kitchen. She changed her new red nightie. She was wearing an old model nightie which also shows ample cleavage as yesterday.

I don’t know how she will react after yesterday’s drama.
Mom: Oh! You woke up, mischief. Where are you going?
Me: I am going to freshen up.

Mom: Okay. Come quickly, I’ll make tea for you. Oh, you got lungi from the cupboard. I thought you would come without wearing anything.
Me: (with a shy and confused face) You took and washed my lungi?
Mom: Hmmm, it is in the washing machine.

Me: Okay Amma. I’ll come quickly.
I went to the bathroom and completed my morning duties. I sat down on the dining chair. I didn’t take a  bath. Mother came with teacups and she also sat on the table. I know she wants to ask something about yesterday night.

I broke the silence.
Me: When you got up Amma?
Mom: I got up at 7. As it is Sunday and because we slept late at night. Okay! Did you wake up in the middle of the night?

Me: (She got me) No amma. As you know I did that(Masturbation). I slept deep and now only I woke up. Why mom what happened?
Mom: How many times you did that yesterday?
Me: Which one Amma you are talking about?

Mom: Hmm. Okay! I’ll directly come to the point. How many times you did masturbation yesterday?
Me: (with a shy smile) One time, Amma.
Instead of showing one finger, I showed two fingers to her. I think she got me.

Mom: (with an angry face and she twisted my ear)You rascal, yesterday you cummed and stained my red nightie. Then you removed my one side of the top and exposed my breast. Without any shame, you wet my nipple.
Me: Ahhh! Sorry, Amma! Please leave my ear. It’s hurting. I won’t do it again.

Mom: No! I won’t leave you. I am going to pull off your ear.
At that time, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what my mind thought at that time, I squeezed one of her boobs hard. She was shell shocked by my action and took her hands from my ear.

As I got the release, I ran from her into my bedroom.
Mom: You pervert! I am going to kill you.
Me: Ha Ha Ha! You can’t catch me.
I tried to close the bedroom before getting inside.

But it was too late. She pushed the door with full power which led me to fall on the bed. She followed and got on top of me, then playfully she tried to pinch my left and right nipples. As I have a fit body, she got hold of my nipples a few times. She was not stopping it and I didn’t know what to do.

Again I thought of doing the same action to her. I squeezed both her boobs with my hands and tried to push her. But she didn’t move a bit and instead she became too angry.
Mom: You are doing it again and again to me. You bloody hell!

By saying that she started to hit me.
Me: If you don’t stop hitting me, then I’ll do it again.
Mom: Oh! You will do it again. Come on you bugger.

By saying she raised her breast and started hitting me. I know she wants to get squeezed. Without thinking again, I started to squeeze her boobs hard with both hands and didn’t stop. She slowly stopped hitting me and started to get into the mood. She closed her eyes and was enjoying it.

As I was squeezing her boobs, my dick was getting hard and poking her anal area. She was not saying anything. Suddenly she got up and ran to the kitchen without saying anything. I really don’t want to miss this chance.

I followed her to the kitchen where she was standing with eyes closed, front position leaned to the gas stove slab. I stood behind her without touching.
Me: What happened Amma? Anything wrong?
Mom: I am feeling awkward. I feel like I am crossing the limits with you. But?

Me: But?
Mom: But it’s a new feeling and I am enjoying.

Me: Amma! Please tell me what you feel. I can take it whatever it is. You struggled a lot in life. Now we are in good condition because of you. I and sister are in a good job. I don’t care about anybody. Now my duty is to satisfy all your needs and make you happy. I will definitely take care of you, Amma.

I opened my heart to her and spoke whatever I thought to attain her. Aa result, my words pierced her heart. She turned and looked directly into my eyes,
Mom: Do you remember what I said yesterday while watching the ‘Taboo’ movie?
Me: Are you asking about the relationship between mother and son?

Mom: (Holding my hands) Tell me exactly what I told you?
Me: I think you said, “If it is a secret and both mutually agree on it, then it will be not a big deal.” You said it will not happen between us as you will not agree to have sex with me! Right?

Mom: (Shook her head to say yes) Now I agree. We can have sex.
Me: What?

Before completing the words, she kissed me on the lips. I thought it will be tough to get her because my mother’s naturally soft and she had an unsatisfied sex relationship with my father. Cutting the kiss.

Mom: You really made me horny. (Started kissing me, completing one sentence, kissing and again the same process and it went on)
Mom: Yesterday itself I would have given myself. (Kiss)
Mom: I almost lost myself after seeing your huge dick. (Kiss)

Mom: Your father doesn’t have that size. I need it inside me. Take my fruit.
I was not doing anything. She was sucking my lower, upper lips and we were fighting with our tongues. Almost we were kissing for about 15 minutes. She guided my hands to her boobs and asked me to squeeze harder.

She leaned to the kitchen wall and was squeezing her ripened boobs like hell. This total scene almost took about 25 minutes.
Me: (while squeezing her boobs)Have you taken a bath?
Mom: No!
Me: Come, let’s go to the bathroom.

Before entering the bathroom, I removed her nightie. She didn’t wear anything under her nightie. I slid my hands from her neck slowly to her naked and stiff boobs, gave it a nice gentle squeeze. Then slowly slid towards her pussy through her navel area, touched her pussy, held it and touched the wet spot.

She removed my tent lungi and banyan. She kneeled down and took my rock hard dick in her hands and gave a kiss on the tip. Her lips started shining with my precum. We entered the bathroom and started the shower and kissing. I was poking her pussy with my dick.

My left hand was busy with her ass and my right hand with her left boob. After 10 minutes, she stopped suddenly.
Mom: Please fuck me.

I guided my dick into her pussy. While doing that she inhaled and moaned. I started slowly and after 2 minutes. I started to bang her hard. Our legs started to pain as we were standing for about 45 minutes and enjoying. We laid in the bathroom floor with shower spraying on us.

Kissing, squeezing and fucking, everything is happening in the full flow.
Mom: Amma, I am going to cum.
Me: Please cum inside me and I want to feel your huge load of cum.

My speed of fucking made her cum twice. And at last, she cummed for the third time along with me. I filled her pussy with a huge load of cum. I stopped the shower and lay on her for 2 minutes. I saw her eyes. I don’t know whether she was crying or it’s just the shower drops.

Later she said it was her satisfied happy tears. We came out and cleaned ourselves. I told her not to do any household work today.
Me: Amma, I am going to order food from outside for this whole day and I am not yet finished with you.

Mom: Me too. I have just started. Now we are a new couple.

Saying that she kissed me passionately. We ate breakfast. We fucked on the sofa. We ate delicious lunch and had delightful sex on the bed. Slept hugging each other without wearing anything. Woke up in the evening, ate snacks which were playfully kept above her boobs and pussy.

She ate snacks along with dick which was placed on it. My dick was paining because it was hard from the morning and no rest is given. But I don’t want to miss the enjoyment. Later we ordered dinner. Ate together, placed the bed in the hall and fucked on it.

Till 12 we were enjoying each other. Her pussy also whacked too much. We enjoyed the whole Sunday. I went to the office on Monday, as I know to wait for increases the love, affection, enjoyment, and sex feeling for both. We fucked regularly.
We avoided doing it when my sister was at home. We tried to do one night when she was there. But she got up and went to the kitchen. So we don’t want to take a risk and get published. Later she was married to her colleague. It was a love marriage. Mom wanted to see only her children’s happiness.

But I don’t know what happened. After a few days, we fucked only once or twice a week. She started searching for a girl for me. Before 2 years I got married. Now my wife is pregnant and she went to her home for delivery. The day after sending my wife to her home, there was a thought of fucking my mother.

But I didn’t have the courage to do it. Because it can be done only by mutual agreeing. I was sleeping in my room. To my surprise, my mother came to my room and she started kissing me. I fucked her hard that night. After fucking, she was lying on my chest.

We were talking about our first fucking and enjoyment days.
Mom: Raj, How you got the idea of fucking your own mother? How you got the spark?
Me: Oh, that spark came from one website, which publishes sex stories about mom-son, father-daughter, and brother-sister, etc.

Mom: Really? Then why can’t you submit our story on that website?

Then only I wrote and published this story. You know while I was writing this story, I was regularly licking the precum. Such golden days of mine and my mother, Suhasini. This is my story and please forgive me if there are any spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Thank you for showing patience and reading my story. My email . Hot and naughty comments are welcome. Love you all.