Motherly Lust – Part 1

It was a pleasant warm Saturday evening when Rohan was walking home. He was thinking about how he could submit his monthly assignment. He had messed up all his time on silly video games, excessive workouts, etc. Just when he was walking, he took the daily route back his home from the gym, and suddenly there was a blackout in front of eyes.

He woke up in a hospital, nothing major but when he looked around, he found his wrists wrapped around in bandages and a fracture casting. He freaked out. He also found his phone broken due to which the hospital couldn’t contact his home.

Rohan returned home on that Saturday evening and as soon as he entered the house, one look of his parents at him and they both were shocked to the spine.

Rohan’s mother, Reshma a 40-year-old housewife was mopping the house with a rag, bent down on the floor with her cleavage all visible. The sweat was running down between her supple white cleavage and onto her voluptuous curves. As soon as she saw Rohan, she ran toward him, his dad Ashok also reached the door helping his son to the sofa of their living room.

Ashok: Wh–haat happened??! Beta?

Reshma: Beta, what happened? Baap re! (her eyes start to water.)

It was then Rohan sat down, had a glass of water which his mom brought him and told them about his tragic incident.

Ashok: Ohh, what timing. I have to leave for the airport for Delhi in a while. I am so worried now.

It was then Rohan who calmed them down and told them that it was nothing serious. It was just a small fracture in his wrists and he reflexed it when he was falling and convinced his dad to leave for his work.

It was then that everyone calmed down. Reshma was hugging her son closer to her chest. Rohan was lying his head down on his mother’s soft squeezed breasts. He could smell the sweat and this was the first time he felt a little weird, lying down like that. He couldn’t help but look down at his mother’s cleavage. He suddenly felt a soft boner down his pants but he evaded his thoughts. As his dad was leaving for work, it would be noticeable if he continued. Nevermore, it would be weird.

Rohan’s dad reluctantly left for work, and wouldn’t be back now for a week. Later that night, both mother and son went to sleep.

Next morning:

Rohan woke up from bed.

Rohan: I guess I will go to the washroom, I need to pee.

As Rohan walked to the washroom, he noticed the shower running down the common washroom in the hall. Rohan’s heart started beating fast, remembering about last night’s small incident when he hugged his mom.

He out of curiosity tried to get closer and tried to peep from between the hinge gap of the bathroom door. And it was then the shower door opened. And Reshma, Rohan’s mom covered in a towel, her hair all wet noticed Rohan closer to the door. But she didn’t suspect anything.

Rohan: I wanted to use the washroom. Can I? If you are done mom?

Reshma: Haa use, son. I am done (gives a smile).

Rohan walked towards the toilet seat and tried to unzip his pants. It was then in a second his mom returned as she forgot her hair clip near the basin.

Reshma looked at Rohan struggling to unzip his pants. Rohan shrieked looking that he forgot to close the door. But he wasn’t ashamed as he wasn’t naked. But seeing his mother in that towel still had a soft effect on his length down there.

Reshma: Rohan, let me help you. I know it will be hard for you.

Rohan was all embarrassed but it was no other way he could. He just nodded his head. Reshma walked closer to her son and bent down to unzip his son’s pants. As she bent down, her still-wet cleavage was seen. Rohan could even notice his mom’s areolas slightly.

Reshma unzipped Rohan’s pants and looked the other way as she was a little embarrassed too. And she helped him pull down his underwear.

Rohan’s thick bulge with a soft boner, a 7 inches veiny dick popped out of his pants. His heart was racing. He couldn’t help but still manage to control his boner a little.
Reshma noticed it and turned around and said –

Reshma: Do it fast.

Rohan: Ok, mom.

Due to his soft boner, he couldn’t make it right between the toilet and was splashing his pee. His mom noticed the splatters.

She then looked around and softly with her fingertips gave a direction to her son’s cock. Rohan was all flushed red. Maybe due to his painkillers and medicines, he felt a little more horny than usual. And he couldn’t help but lose his control. He got a hard boner just from his mother’s soft touch. Reshma could feel the boner pulsating with just her fingertips.

As soon as Rohan finished, she helped him put back his pants. And she hurriedly left from the washroom back to her room.

Rohan’s boner kept getting stiffer remembering his mother’s soft touch. He walked down to his room. Till late evening, Rohan was thinking about his mom and their small washroom incident and he got hard again. This time, he couldn’t resist and somehow pulled his pants down and started to jerk with both his fractured hands. But he couldn’t with all the pain and just slept half-naked on his bed. With his boner pulsating so hard, he could just cum without anything now.

Reshma walked to Rohan’s room and just when she pushed the door, she watches Rohan’s dick all on display.

Rohan: Momm..

Reshma covered her eyes. “I am so sorry, beta. I didn’t see anything. I came to call you for dinner.”

Rohan: humm. (tries to hide his boner with his hands hurriedly and while hiding, both his hands collide against each other) Ahh..

Reshma: Whatt happened?!

She removed her hands as she heard her son screaming and rushed to him. “Do it slowly.”

At this moment and due to her motherly love, she forgot that her son was lying down half-naked with a full hard dick on display.

Rohan: Sorry maa. I am so embarrassed. I am so sorry that you had to see me like this.

Reshma: That’s ok, beta. I am always there for you. I think you should take care of it.

Reshma was a well-educated and open-minded lady. And she understood how hard it could be for guys at her son’s age.

Reshma: It’s fine. It’s normal in this age for this to get hormones all up.

Rohan: I..I know maa. But I can’t. My hands.

Reshma: Oh. Hmm. Control for some days.

Rohan: I am trying, mom. But I think the medicines are having an adverse effect and it is hurting.

Reshma was in her nightgown having this discussion with his son while his dick was full-on display. Rohan now started to notice his mom’s nightgown and her curvy slim tight body with voluptuous breasts and her ass cheeks slightly spread down the bed as she sat beside him.

Reshma: A-achaa.

Rohan: I am. So so..

Reshma: It’s fine, beta. Let..Let me..Help you. Maybe. Somehow.

Rohan: What? But how?

Reshma: Hmm.

Reshma hesitantly moved her hand while looking in the other direction and slowly touched his hard cock and grabbed it after a few seconds.

Rohan: Ahh mom..

Reshma: It’s fine, beta. Just focus there now.

Reshma slowly started to stroke her son’s cock back and forth. Rohan was hard all day and his dick was covered in the precum. Now his face was all flushed red. His mom was stroking his dick. Her tits were slightly shaking due to her hand thrusts.

It didn’t take any long and..

Rohan: Ahh mom..

It didn’t take any long and Rohan cummed all over his mom’s hands. Reshma couldn’t help but look at her son’s thick cock and she even felt a little weird down her pants at that time. Her son was still cumming gallons on her hands. Her face was all red. Her nipples all were hard and visible through her nightgown now.

Rohan: T-thank you, mom. I am sorry.

Reshma held her hands with her son’s cum all over it.

Reshma: It is okay, beta. You go to sleep. Just clean up. And don’t tell your father about this. I just wanted to help you.

Reshma ran toward the washroom after helping Rohan put his pants on. And before washing her hands, she couldn’t help but smell it. She could feel a high with the smell of her son’s cum. Such a taboo happened tonight! She washed her hands. and returned to her room.

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