Motherly Lust – Part 2

Reshma rushed back to her room, wiping her wet hands which she just washed away. Just a few moments back, it was covered with her son’s cum all over it. She could still remember the warmth of her son’s cum which covered her skin.

Reshma was sweating with her heart beating fast and couldn’t help but again tried to smell the washed-away cum. She was still in the heat. Oh lord, she could feel so guilty doing such indecent acts in the absence of her husband. But she consoled herself that it was nothing but just helping her son.


Rohan was still in a mild shock of what happened that day. He could still remember how his mother’s warm soft hands were covered around his thick cock. His heart was still beating fast. Just thinking about it, he couldn’t help but could too feel the guilty pleasure just like his mother. It was like an unimaginable fantasy that even he didn’t know he had until that day.

Rohan and Reshma both were in their rooms. Their hearts were both beating, skin radiating and warmth. After a while, both went to sleep.

Another morning:-

Rohan was still on his bed. Maybe due to the sedative effects of medicines last night and also the activity with his mom, he woke up late and tired. He found breakfast on the side of his bed with his medicines and a bottle of water.

Rohan (thinking): Maa must have kept it. Maybe she felt weird about what happened last night and didn’t want to wake me up.

(Knocks, Reshma behind the door)

Reshma: Are you up, beta? Can I come in?

Rohan: Yes mom, you can. (Door opens) Mom, you don’t have to ask, you know. It’s fine. I am sorry about last night. It won’t happen again.

Reshma: It’s okay, beta. I know those painkillers and sedative effects. I just wanted to help you and that’s alright. Anyway, have your breakfast.

Rohan: Thank you, maa.

Reshma: And since you returned yesterday from the hospital, you haven’t showered. Umm, I know you can’t yourself, so I’ll help you clean up after breakfast.

Rohan didn’t want it to be weird. He just put all thoughts a little behind. Then he finished his breakfast and went to the shower. Reshma followed him back within a few minutes.

Rohan: Maa, thank you so much for helping me out.

Reshma: Shh now (Reshma helped Rohan with his t-shirt slowly up as he couldn’t with his broken wrists).

Reshma wearing a white kurti tied her dupatta on her waist. After removing her son’s t-shirt, she bent on her knees to remove now his shorts. Rohan watched his mom on her knees. Now, without even her dupatta on her, he could see his mother bent down and the cleavage was all visible. And it was also the time the medicines he took during breakfast started having their effect. The flashbacks from the handjob last night was also coming back to him. He almost started to feel a soft boner. But he held the thought so hardback. He was trying not to get a hard-on.

Reshma then pulled her son’s shorts down with his cock on display. A thick vein on it hung just a few inches away from her face. She couldn’t help but stare at it for a tiny second. And think about how her son’s cock was in her hands last night cumming all over it. Then she looked away in an instant at that moment.

Reshma: Turn back, I will start with your back.

Rohan could feel the softness of his mother’s hands on his skin again. He couldn’t help but could start getting a little hard, and feel a little horny with all this situation. It was not his fault, all this medicine and situation got the better of him. And it was just time when Reshma said –

Reshma: Turn around. I have to do your front too.

Rohan: Mom, umm maa, I am sorry, but I can’t turn around.

Reshma: It’s alright, son. I have raised you. I have seen you naked many times. And you don’t have to worry about last night, I told you.

Rohan: Umm, okay. (Rohan turned around and saw his mom on her knees covered with soapy hands with water splashed all around her white kurti, making her pink bra a little visible. He couldn’t help, but he was now all hard and his dick was twitching right in front of his mother’s face.)

Rohan: I am so sorry. Maa, I just cannot help it (Rohan was all flustered).

Reshma (a little surprised): It’s.. it’s fine beta. It’s not your fault, I know.

The cock which was just inches away was erect and hard now and and closer to her face. She ignored the big problem and started washing. Slowly, her hands were moving closer to her son’s cock.

Reshma: Son, I have to wash you here too. It has to be cleaned. You know it’s hygiene (Reshma with her soapy hands all over her son’s cock again).

Rohan nodded. His dick started to twitch as she was washing it.

Rohan: Mom..Mom..I am so sorry. Can you please help me like yesterday?

Reshma was a bit shocked, but she saw it cumming too. She nodded and again with her soapy hands, she started to stroke her son’s thick hard cock while looking in another direction. It was happening again! Reshma was stroking Rohan’s cock. The slippery soapy noises filled the shower room.

Rohan was now red and so horny and so was Reshma. He started staring at her mother’s cleavage as she was stroking her son’s cock. He could watch her see-through white kurti and pink bra. Her soft tits were jiggling to her strokes. He couldn’t help and in the heat, he asked –

Rohan: Mom, I am so sorry, but can you please get your top off? I am so sorry. I guess it would just help me finish faster. Please maa.

Reshma was shocked now. She didn’t know what was happening. She couldn’t say no now, and her top was getting ruined too. Then she thought for a moment without even looking at her son’s face and stared at her son’s cock for a second. She got her top off, exposing her milky white boobs covered in a baby pink bra, continuing to stroke her son’s cock again.

Rohan didn’t utter a word. He couldn’t believe what was happening right then. His mom was topless, half naked, and was jerking him off. Reshma was so horny now, and all spellbound just like Rohan.

Then Rohan said –

Rohan: I am about to cum, maa.

Reshma: Wait, you will mess yourself up again. Wait, umm, I’ll just (she was too wet and horny too) clean you up. Just let me handle this.

Reshma washed the little soap away with water. Then she slowly closed in with her supple lips. Rohan could not believe his eyes. His mom was leaning closer to his cock. In a moment, his mom’s juicy lips covered the tip of his dick, and she slowly closed her eyes and swallowed her son’s length further inside her mouth! Then she started to bob her head back and forth.

Her tits were shaking as she was bobbing her head back and forth. Her eyes were closed. With one broken wrist arm on her mom’s head, Rohan said –

Rohan: Mom..

Rohan cummed inside Reshma’s mouth. Reshma was holding his thighs closer with both hands and her eyes were now tightly closed. Her son’s cum was filled inside her mouth now. A little dripped by the side of her lips. She did swallow a little and the rest dripped down the floor.

Reshma: Rohan, I will wash you. We should hurry up. Your father will be calling us any second.

Without saying another word, the shower activity was then hurried so fast. She helped Rohan dress up later.

Reshma: I have to go to the market to get something for us to eat later. I will be back home soon.

Then Reshma left hurriedly in 20 minutes. Ohh how these 2 days back to back have turned up. Even Ashok (Rohan’s father), called them just before a few minutes Reshma left for the market. They both talked to him a little.

Ashok asked Rohan about his wellness and the fractures. Of course, this taboo was now both the mother and son’s secret. This was a heat that was just getting hotter with every second. The husband and father was unaware of this mother-son taboo.

How long will Rohan and Reshma go? Will they be able to control their desires about the fact of just helping and getting help? Find out more in another part. The Motherly Lust Part 3 (The Rainy Evening).

I hope you all liked the story.  Let me know if you like this part. Thank you for reading.