My Coworker Girl’s ‘Other Business’ – Part 2

I was standing there in front of my coworker Jalpa and the guy who was almost naked was bargaining with my Jalpa for my body and for hers too. I started feeling ashamed, I quickly picked up my dress and bra and left the room. I got dressed in the hallway, took my purse and phone from the safe and went out of the apartment and sat in my car.

I lit a cigarette and started thinking about what just happened and after a while, I drifted into sleep inside the car. I got up at around 5:15 am the next morning and was having a bad headache. I was drooling a little on my shoulder and was a mess.

I got out, drank some water and started the car. The noise of the diesel engine of my car felt very irritating due to the headache. I rolled up the windows and started the AC and sat there for a while.

I took out my phone and saw there were over 20 missed calls from Jalpa which I chose to ignore. I didn’t even check on her. I imagined she might be in bed with the guy with his dick up her ass.

I put the car in drive and hit the race pedal too hard. The car screeched and started moving. It was very difficult for me to drive the thing, so I slowed it down to 40 kmph. I reached my house at 7 am and went straight to bed. I slept till 1 pm.

I got up, called my boss in the afternoon to tell him that I will not be coming today and tomorrow. I needed some rest. Jalpa was still calling me, but still, I chose to ignore her.

At 3 in the afternoon, somebody rang the bell of my house, I opened and as expected, it was my colleague Jalpa.

She was in a mood, I could tell that from her face.

“You owe me 15000 rupees, you bitch.” She slapped my back and said.

“I don’t have to give you any money, Jalpa. You put me in that situation and I am not going out with you ever again.” I shouted at her and asked her to leave.

She didn’t move and started saying, “You know, you really had a chance to earn good money last night. That dub guy, he would have given us over 20K for a night and I know he would be all lost in 3-4 minutes.” She argued back, this time in a very calm voice.

“Look Jalpa, you might need that money, but I don’t need this kind of money. If I need to earn more, I could do a part-time job of teaching or writing blogs. There are a lot of sites for these freelancers these days,” I said

Jalpa got frustrated and got up, “You know what, tell me when you make 10K in 1 hour, and don’t fucking judge me for fucking the dudes. I like it and I get paid. And FYI, I made over 20K last night.” She showed gave me the middle finger and left my house in anger.

The only thing stuck with me was over 20K in one night, but that’s illegal and highly risky. What if the guy is a criminal or he has some disease? But you can vet your client before agreeing.

I started making stories in my own head, different scenarios that could happen if got caught or something else. That night I slept with a lot of questions in my mind, but eventually, I slept because I love sleep more than money.

Next day I couldn’t resist and called Jalpa to my house. She came after work at around 7 pm, still in her low-fashioned simple office clothes which was hilarious.

I started talking to her about the thing, how she started and how much risk it was and how much can she make, because somewhere I wanted to live her lifestyle.

She had her own car, I was driving a fucking rental.

She had really nice clothes, I was buying shirts from pantaloons on buy 2 get 2 free offers. She had a shoe rack in her home, I have 4 pair of shoes.

She was paying 2200 per month for the gym and was buying costly cosmetics. All I had was a little fat belly and cheap things, compared to her.

She told me her story and fortunately, she hadn’t been in any problem yet with anybody. She always carried a taser and pepper spray with her for protection.

I asked her, “Alright, let me try this once, but you will not tell to anybody.” She agreed and called Rhea and asked her for a client.

Rhea called back in a few minutes and texted an address and told me to wear something normal, not too flashy.

Jalpa made me wear a yellow t-shirt, black jeans, and my sneakers. She drove me to a lane which had big bungalows and drove into one of them. She rang the bell. A guy opened the door. Jalpa and the guy hugged and he shook my hand.

“Welcome ma’am, please be comfortable”, he said with a smile.

The house was fucking big, had good vibes, was very ambient and was kept very neat.

We sat and started chatting, eating snacks and were having little wine.

“Hi, Aakash, and you are?” He asked and refilled my wine glass.
“Umm Hi, hey I am Rafat, nice house”, I said nervously.

He smiled and took me to his backyard where there was a garden and we sat on lawn chairs. He was very generous and was talking and laughing. We talked till 1 am and finished some more wine. In the middle, I heard someone else came but I didn’t have the time to check that later.

“You are very cute, you must be busy with your thing”, he asked laughingly.

“Yea, you can say,” I lied just to tell him that I am not a rookie.

“I can assure you, nothing will happen to you. I am 100% disease-free and will keep things discrete” he said holding my hand.

I felt a slight tingling on my neck as he touched me. He leaned in and kissed. I didn’t react, he was kissing himself on my lips. I didn’t stop him or took any part.

He noticed my behavior, “I will be right back” he said and went inside.

“What the fuck, Rafat?! You want to blow this or want to do this?”, I asked myself.

He came back after a few minutes and was carrying some juice with him. He took a sip and kept the glass on the ground.

He held my hands, stood me up, and quickly pulled me towards himself. I landed in his lap, my hand on his shoulder and stomach. I could feel the muscles from over his t-shirt.

He pulled me closer and kissed me again, this time with passion and running his hand all over my body very softly.

I felt a little aroused and responded to his kissing. He took off my t-shirt and was eyeballing my boobs. He cupped them in his hands and squeezed them from gentle to hard. I was fucking high on sex already. He started kissing my neck continuing his squeezing practice on my boobs. I was moaning a little.

He opened my bra and let it slip down itself and quickly started eating my boobs while biting my nipples gently in between. It felt so great. He continued doing this until he had his fun with my boobs.

He then opened my hair, gathered them in his palm and kissed me one more time. I pushed him back and removed his shirt. I got a little wet after seeing his perfectly chiseled body, with veins popping from here and there. I felt lucky as I didn’t get any old fat dude, no offense.

I ran my hand over his body and pushed him backward, kissing his neck, chest, and abs. He held my hair in his hand and was enjoying whatever I was doing to him.

After a while, he got up, drank the whole juice and stood up. I could see his cock bulge on his lower. He laid me down on the lounge chair and removed my jeans and shoes. He quickly removed my panty and touched my pussy. I felt an electric shock in my brain, a good one.

“Someone is wet”, he said.

“Well, someone is making someone wet,” I said and smiled.

“Oh! Someone knows how their way around talking while being wet”, he said and put his lips on my pussy.

I was gone. I pushed my waist up to feel it more, eyes closed and was running my hand through his hair. He started pushing his tongue inside my pussy which made me more mad.

At this time, I just wanted to fuck him. He was literally playing with my body. His hands were pinning me to the lounge chair with my legs apart. I couldn’t even move which was making this whole thing sexier.

“Fuck, Akash, don’t stop doing this, ummhhh!”, I moaned.

He didn’t say anything and pushed 2 fingers inside my pussy. I screamed a little, my eyes opened wide and I got up a little to see him. He pressed me down on my boobs and starting squeezing the hard.

He was moving his fingers inside my vagina without pulling them out. This was the first time I was being fingered. Let me tell you guys, women really love to be fingered. So, be creative with it!

He squeezed in the 3 fingers inside and started sucking my boobs. It drove my mad. He was still inside my pussy which was getting wet like somebody watered it recently. I was about to have an orgasm.

I pushed his hand a little inside and said, “Don’t slow down, Akash. Keep going.”

He pushed my hand away and took out his fingers, “Not so fast lady, you will not cum until I say so.” He said sucking on my boobs.

He got up and removed his lower and underwear. His dick was now out there, in front of me. It looked about 7 inches and very thick.

He covered it with a condom and pulled me by my ass to the corner of the chair. He picked me up and told me to sit his on his cock. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it several times. It became a little more hard. “Quit jerking around, take it in bitch”, he said.

I got up and started sitting on his cock. He held the dick with one of his hand and I slowly took it in. His cock was touching all of the good areas inside my pussy and it felt like a hot meat just went inside me.

I put my hand on his chest and started moving up and down on his cock. It was sliding in and out very effectively. I closed my eyes in little pain and a lot of ///”>pleasure. He was squeezing my boobs in pleasure which was driving me really crazy. He told me to do it faster, I started humping his cock like a hungry lady.

He started slapping my butt which vibrated my whole inside and was taking me closer to orgasm. I was doing it so hard, I could feel his balls hitting my ass.

“Go faster, you bitch. Faster..fuck this big dick while you have it”, he said slapping my ass.

“Ahan! I am fucking you, dumbass, what do you think I am doing”, I said in passion.

“You call this fucking, a 40-year-old can do better than you”, he said and sucked my boobs hard.

I got kinda offended and stopped, “Oh! So you think you know better? You are the one called me”, I said in a teasing way.

“Let me show you how it is done. Get up”. He pushed me.

As soon as I put my weight on my feet, I felt I was a little unable to stand. My legs were shaking.

He made me put my one leg on the ground and one leg on the chair. He slapped my ass a couple of times, held my ass and pushed his dick inside my pussy.

“Motherfucker! Easy, you son of a bitch” I shouted.

“This is how it is done”, he whispered in my ear while pulling my hair and pushing his cock furthermore into me.

He started making deep waves of motion inside me with his speed increasing every thrust he made. I was on cloud nine, I never had this sexual experience ever. He let go of my hair, held my wait with his hands and was fucking me very very hard while he panted like a dog.

I was taking immense pleasure in the sex, goosebumps, sweaty body and was shouting at him.

“You like this bitch, you dirty whore?”, he said.
“Yes, fuck me, Akash. It is soooo good”, I said to him.

He kept on his speed for another 10-12 minutes when finally I pushed him back and fell down on the chair with my legs shaking and ejaculating all over his lawn.

He forced me up and started fucking me again until we both ejaculated and laid on the ground tired of the best sex which I ever had.

I sat and looked at my pussy, it was red and very puffed and was still dripping some fluids. He kissed me several times after that, gathered his clothes and went inside his house.

I was sitting there, still thinking good about the sex and bad about my decision of selling myself.

After a few minutes I got, wore my clothes and went inside to washup. I couldn’t walk properly, not that I was about to fall, but my thighs felt weak. I crossed the hall and went into the washroom, cleaned myself up and went to the kitchen to find something to drink.

I drank some water and some more wine and thought of looking for Akash. I climbed up the stairs in the hall and went upwards. I could see Akash sleeping on the sofa in one of the rooms, still naked. I stood there, admiring him.

Suddenly, Jalpa walked out of the other room, naked, her boobs hanging out. She was looking at the ground, tying her hair into a bun.

She looked and ran towards me, “So, wasn’t he good?”, she asked.

I shyly smiled, “He was amazing, best sex of my life”, I said.

She laughed, “Don’t tell me, I know, friend.” She winked and slapped my ass.

I felt a little pain as she slapped and twitched my eyes.

“Oh! He did the slap thing, nice. You had fun?” Jalpa smiled and asked.

“Shut up! You yourself seem busy.” I pointed towards her naked body and said.

“Yes, I was fucking his wife”, she said.

I was shocked to hear this. He was married? What the fuck!

“Alright, it is almost 4 am. Gather your stuff, we are leaving. My clothes are downstairs”, Jalpa said as she went down the stairs.

She got dressed and we left right after 4:30 am. Jalpa was driving and I was still thinking of my sexual encounter with still a little fire inside my pussy.

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