My Coworker Girl’s ‘Other Business’

Hi, I am Rafat, 26 years old, living in Ahmedabad since 2016. Originally, I belong to Haryana. I work in the engineering sector and is happy with my life. This is my first ///”>Indian sex story which happened in my real life.

I came to Ahmedabad when I switched my company back in 2016. I was never a bright student, but my looks and confidence opened many opportunities for me and I had sex for a job, so stop judging me. It’s how the world is, they see a beautiful girl in the interview lineup, they say, “fuck knowledge, we will hire her”. So, looks matter.

I am 5 feet 5 inches in height, slim, and a fair girl with thick hair and body. I have always been ambitious and looked for higher-paying jobs so that I can enjoy my life to the fullest.

Anyway, I moved to Ahmedabad. I was having a good job and a good salary. I was living in a good house in a very good and posh society.

In October of 2016, a girl named Jalpa joined my team. She was not so good looking, she had freckles on her face and spoke in a very high pitched voice. But she was very friendly to everybody and carried herself very nicely.

Jalpa used to wear decent makeup, no skin lighteners or bleach, blue eyeliner, red lipstick and mostly wore leggings, kurti and sports shoes. My co-worker’s choice of colors was very good in her clothes. Her clothes were tailor-made, very good fit and decent, and nothing like see-through clothes.

I, on the other hand, used to wear pants and jeans with t-shirt and sneakers. I used to envy her, she was very soft-spoken and quickly learned everything in 2 months. Then she was put with me to complete projects. Soon we became good friends and used to hang out together.

On the first Sunday of December, we decided to go to ‘Ahmedabad One Mall’ for dinner and shopping. We decided to meet up at her house at 7 pm. I got ready wearing my usual jeans and t-shirt and jumped into my car and went to my colleague’s house. I reached at about 7:10 pm.

I went inside her house and I was shocked to see her. She was completely changed from the decent Japla I knew to a sassy Jalpa! She was wearing a black cotton skirt with a yellow top. Her ///” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>black bra was clearly visible through the top.

“What the fuck, Jalpa?! You look hot!” I said.

“Can’t be that kurti girl always”. She smiled and combed her hair and went out.

That was the first time I saw my co-worker so sassy. Her features were looking very good. I parked my car outside the mall and we walked inside. She was texting somebody and I was watching every guy who was looking at her with their open mouth.

We ate hummus and pita bread and drank some coffee shakes and went to lifestyle showroom for some clothes shopping. I bought some bras and tops. She bought a whole lot of things such as skirts, tops, nightgowns, etc. Her total bill was over 35,000! That was like our 15 days’ salary!

On the way back I asked, “So, all salary is gone, I won’t lend you money, lol”

She laughed and said, “I don’t need bitch, I have another business too.”

“What business?”, I asked.

“Will tell you next week”. My colleague winked and rolled the window down and lit a cigarette. We both smoked and jammed to the songs on the radio.

I dropped her at her home at 10 PM and came back to my flat.

The next whole week was same as usual. Then the weekend arrived. Jalpa called me and told me to come to her house at 6 pm sharp. I put on a middy skirt this time just to be on the same page with her. I reached her house and we drove to a society.

I parked my car in the building parking and we went up to the 6th floor to an amazing apartment where there were like 12-15 people inside.

The lights were dim and dance music was playing through some invisible speakers in the ceiling. A tall fair guy named Mayank came to greet us. He shook hands with us and warmly welcomed us to the party.

The party had snacks, drinks, weed, and groovy music. I was liking the atmosphere. 3 guys were sitting on a couch drinking whiskey and smoking cigarette. They all said hi to us and continued their business.

Jalpa walked to the kitchen and gulped 3 tequila shots. I drank 2 shots and was already feeling a little effect of the alcohol. My co-worker took my phone, car keys and purse and put them in a locked safe along with hers. “What if it gets stolen?”, I asked her.

“Not a chance, I will gift you a iPhone if our stuff even moves from here”, she said while putting her arm in my neck. I trusted and went on with her.

We went to the washroom where I peed and she fixed her hair and her bra. She was wearing denim shorts and red buttoned shirt on top. She popped opened 2 buttons of her shirt and her red bra was very much out in the open.

We came out and sat in one of the rooms and started talking to people. At around 9 pm, another girl named “Rhea” came. She was gorgeous, curvy, wore a blue gown and was dripping with beauty. She and Jalpa talked for a while in Gujarati, which I couldn’t understand.

“Hi, Rhea”, Rhea turned to me and handed over me a cigarette.
“Hi, cool party, han?” I asked, smoking.

“She is hotter than you told me”, Rhea said to Japla.
“I am glad you liked her”, Jalpa said with a laugh.

We continued talking about our lives and drank and smoked till 11 pm. I was very much liking the atmosphere, I needed this after a long week at work. One cannot find drinks without a license as Gujarat is a dry state.

At that time, Jalpa got up and went out through the hall. Rhea and I continued to talk. After a while, I was bored and tried to find my colleague Jalpa. I checked 3 rooms and she was not there. But there was some banging going on in some of the rooms.

There was another room at the other end of the apartment. I opened the door and was shocked to see what was happening there.

A guy was sitting in the chair and Jalpa was on her knees. She was sucking his dick and the guy was holding her hair with one hand and caressing her neck with the other.

“Jalpa, what are doing?!”, I shouted.

“What are YOU doing here? And who is she”, the guy suddenly got up and asked Jalpa.

Jalpa ran towards me and pulled me inside, and closed the door.

“Lower your voice, dumbass. I am sucking his dick, what do you think I am doing”, she said.

“But why?” I asked.

“This is my other business, I fuck people for money”, my colleague whispered in my ear.

I was about to faint after hearing this, why would she do that?

“Are you coming, Jalpa?”, the guy called.

Jalpa turned and went to the guy and started kissing him. The guy was enjoying her very much, there were moaning sounds.

Jalpa switched on the table lamp and now there was a little more light in the room. The guy looked at me and winked, “You want to join, baby?’, he asked.

“No, I am out of here”, I said and got out of the room.

I went to the kitchen for some more alcohol, but it was over. There were 4-5 people remaining in the apartment now including Rhea who was jumping on Mayank’s dick. Mayank had his head on Rhea’s breasts. It was all sex show, but I couldn’t leave without Jalpa and was pretty drunk.

After a few minutes, Jalpa came out and said, “It’s a good offer, you should listen.”

“I don’t want to listen to anything when are we leaving, you are driving”, I shouted.

“We are not leaving until I get paid. Come, just hear the guy out”. She held my hand and dragged me to the room.

“5000 Rs if you will give me boobjob”, the guy told me in a very low tone.

He was sitting in the bed with a bathrobe and was sipping his whiskey.

Jalpa looked at me and said, “You can make 5000 just to take his dick in your boobs, it won’t take long. Trust me, he will be quick.”

I started thinking and was looking at Jalpa for some support.

“Oh, come on!” my colleague said and zipped open my middy from the front. My middy fell down on the floor. Now I was standing there in the room in front of the guy in just a bra and pantie.

I was thinking about the 5000 Rs and was mildly tempted. The guy got up and walked towards me, he held me by my waist and kissed me on the lips.

I kinda enjoyed it. His kiss was strong but his hands were gentle. He opened his robe and my god, oh my god. His perfectly chiseled body was on display! His chest was smooth AF and his abs were so formed that you can fill water in them. I looked lower and his dick was already pointing towards me and was massive.

As I was admiring him, he kissed me again and pressed his dick against my stomach. Jalpa suddenly opened the knot of my bra and my boobs were hanging out in front of the guy. The guy gently held my right breasts and squeezed hard, I skipped a heartbeat, it felt amazing.

“25,000 for threesome”, Jalpa pushed the guy a little and said.

“What? Threesome? No threesome!”, I thought.

“I already paid for you bitch, 12,000 for threesome”, the guy told Jalpa.
“15,000 and no tips”, Jalpa said.


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